Delicious Thoughts Ch. 02

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My unreserved thanks to Ella for her small additions that enlivened my drab text, and to Kayla for letting me use some of her words. Kayla is a very gifted writer, and I am trying to convince her to publish in her own right. I hope she does soon.


Claire dressed in a daze, just pulling on her outerwear and stuffing her bra and panties into her gym bag. Her mind had just about registered the masseuse’s name from the tag she had worn on her lab coat. “Kayla,” she rolled the name around in her mind as she walked out of the gym, her legs tottering, her whole body shaking, her mind in a maelstrom. “How could I have let this happen?” she pondered as she wound her weary way to the bus stop. While she had been in Kayla’s arms, all was right with her world, but the moment she was let up to go home, her entire being was suddenly shaken. “Was it from the loss of her warmth that I feel cold? Or is it because I have been ordered to return, and that thought terrifies me?” she thought, struggling with the alien feelings stirring inside her.

The entire journey was spent tossing these questions back and forth. She could not decide whether she anticipated going back, or dreaded it. She hurried into her apartment, dumped her bag in the hallway and started to strip off her top and trousers as she headed straight for the shower, to try and cleanse the feelings that were fogging her mind.

The shower on full blast, pelting her with hot water, seemed to ease the cold from her body, but her mind was still numb. Mechanically, she scrubbed her body, subconsciously trying to wipe the memory of the massage. The memory would not go, especially when her soapy hands reached her breasts. On the contrary, that only served to reinforce how Kayla had massaged her breasts. Without thinking, Claire started to imitate the motions Kayla had made on her breasts, cupping them, pulling on them from chest to tip, shaping them into a cone. Her nipples hardened once again, just as they had on the massage table.

The cleaning forgotten, Claire continued to caress her breasts, harder than Kayla had done, pulling on her nipples, twisting them until she moaned in the ecstasy of pain. She stopped suddenly. “What am I doing?” she berated herself. “I’m not a slave to my body. I will not give in to this .. this .. feeling.” Yet, while she thought, her hands somehow resumed their caress on her breasts, softly this time, tenderly easing the ache in her nipples. The gentle touch on her nipples reminded her of another area that was looking for a similar caress, as the tingle in her nipples translated into a matching tingle that was growing between her legs.

She looked down, in disbelief, at herself. Her clitoris, red and erect, beckoned her, while her nether lips looked swollen and engorged. Absentmindedly, as if to shelve responsibility for her action, her hands gravitated to her core. Both hands petted her lips, as if trying to ask for forgiveness for the harsh treatment they had received at the gym.

The hot water from the shower could not disguise the heat of the liquid emanating from her, still, over an hour after her mind shattering climax. She recalled the taste of Kayla’s as she had been nearly suffocated by the dank, exotic, musky taste of the nectar she had been forced to extract, then swallow. The taste seemed to be stuck in her mouth, every gasp of breath giving her another reminder of Kayla’s scent.

One hand, doused in her own juices, went absentmindedly to her mouth, her tongue reaching out to it well before the hand reached her lips. She licked off all her own juices from her hand, another first for her. She felt so sexual, so wanton, so naughty as she lapped greedily at her fingers. The forbidden taste sent yet another shockwave through her, and her other hand clenched itself between her legs, her middle finger unerringly finding its way inside her.

Claire slumped down to her knees, finding her legs no longer able to support her, as she continued to hammer her finger in and out of herself in a frenzy of lust, trying to replicate Kayla’s fingers when she had finally entered her. Another finger joined in as she recalled Kayla had also used two. Stiffening her fingers, she rooted inside herself, looking for that elusive something that would trigger the same ecstasy that Kayla had given her.

Her hand dropped from her mouth to join the other between her legs, this one heading for the nubbin standing erect. She rotated one finger around it, not touching it directly, delaying that magic moment when her clitoris would provide the sensation she craved. Harder and harder, her two fingers inside her delved deeper, then withdrew, only to slide back in forcefully, again to retreat, until she felt the beginnings of what she knew signalled the final stage of her journey.

Only now did Claire touch her finger directly to her clitoris. It was as if a shock wave had run through her, and she clamped her thighs together as best as she could in her kneeling position, trying to trap her hands between casino oyna them, to trap the orgasm threatening to burst out any moment.

She realised it was a vain attempt. Nothing, but nothing, could stop the deluge that was ready to flood out of her, like a slowly building wave rising, cresting, ready to smash everything in its path as it shattered. She curled her fingers inside herself, crooking them, dragging them across the roof of her vagina, pulling out the orgasm that seemed trapped inside.

That last motion of her fingers triggered her release, an explosive electric energy, surging and igniting every nerve ending, a brilliant explosion of light and fury. A slow fog began to descend, across her brain, down her body, and she found herself prostrate in the shower, head to the ground, bottom in the air, gasping for breath, her fingers driven back inside herself, as liquid emotion burst out of her, mixing with the now tepid shower water to gurgle down the drain.


She woke from a fitful sleep, unable to place the sound that had roused her. The buzzing continued as she stared at her clock, then realised it was her mobile phone ringing. “Who can be calling me this early?” she thought, irritated at whomever had disturbed her. The number calling her was unknown, without a caller identification, so it was not someone on her list. Puzzled, she picked up the phone and mumbled “Hello?”

“Claire?” the voice on the other end asked, but there was no tentativeness in the tone. It was a tone of authority, even though it was couched as a question. “Yes,” she replied, instantly awake. She knew that voice. She had last heard it when she was told to reappear the following week. Still, unbelieving, she sought confirmation. “Kayla?” she asked, “how did you get my number?”

“From the office,” Kayla said, “you gave it when you enrolled. I just ‘borrowed’ it.”

“Why did you call me, Kayla?”

“To tell you that the plans have changed. I cannot wait until next week to see you again.”

“But, Kayla, I am not due for my session until Friday.”

“I know, my pet, but as I said, I do not want to wait. Meet me at the library at 1 p.m. Don’t be late.”

“But … but … Kayla, I have things to do…”

Kayla cut her off, “I don’t care. Get them done this morning. One o’clock, library, be there, if you want to continue having massages like yesterday.”

Claire caved in, the memory of the massage, together with Kayla’s tone brooking no argument, overriding all common sense. “As you wish, Kayla,” she confirmed.

“Oh, and there are a couple of things I want you to do before you get there. You will wear a skirt, not trousers. You will wear panties, and you will go shopping before you get to me. In fact, the thing on my list is the first item you will buy.”

Alarm bells tinkled in Claire’s brain. “Skirt, for easy access? But then, why the panties? And what was she supposed to buy?” Before she articulate these questions, Kayla spoke again.

“You will buy a pair of babies’ pacifiers at your first stop. You will take these into the ladies. There, you will pull the leg bands of your panties into a ribbon strip. You will pull the ribbon between your lips, and pull your lips out to dangle in the breeze.”

“Ohhh …,” Claire could not help exclaiming.

“Don’t interrupt me,” the admonishment was quick. “You will insert one of the pacifiers in your pussy, the other in your anus, and hold them in place with the ribbon. You will meet me with those in place.”

The connection was cut. All Claire received in response to her mumbles was silence.


Claire went through her morning routine, bathroom, breakfast, make the bed, then went to her cupboard. She thought for a moment of defiance that she would wear trousers. “Do I comply, and be slave to her wishes forever? Or do I ignore her, and be my own woman? But if I ignore her, she will never see me again. She will never massage me again. But if I give in, what will she make me do in future?”

Her thoughts jumbled, she reached for trousers. Her hand actually touched the trousers to take them off the hanger when her defiance evaporated. She just could not bear the thought of not seeing Kayla again. Claire quickly pulled a skirt and blouse off the hangers, grabbed a pair of panties and a bra and went for a quick shower.

Dry, she started to dress. For a moment, she was tempted to try the “ribbon” that Kayla wanted her to do, just to see what it would feel like. She pulled the panties up her legs, and fitted the waist, straightening the elastic. Her hand went down to the leg band, then stopped, in surprise. Despite her shower, her pussy was hot, and smelled damp. She looked at herself in the mirror. There was already a visible wet spot on her panties. “Should I change?” she asked herself, then shook her head at her own silliness. “No matter what I wear, they will get damp again. I might as well leave these on.”

She put on her bra, the blouse and the skirt. Black, slot oyna the skirt contrasted perfectly with her white blouse and also with her tanned legs. A brush through her hair and a final look in the mirror. She looked the perfect executive.

Handbag, keys, car keys, all gathered, Claire went shopping. Her first stop was at the supermarket where she bought all her needs. She was still hesitant about the pacifiers, but finally plucked up the courage to add those to her basket too. She realised that she would not be able to do as Kayla wanted her to do, in the supermarket, as she had not paid for the pacifiers. She checked out, stowed her groceries in the car, then went back into the mall.

Entering the public restrooms, she found an empty stall. For some reason, she felt the need to pee, perhaps a nervous reaction to what she was about to do, because she had certainly been in the morning and had had only a cup of coffee since then.

As she took her panties down, she noticed they were more than the damp she had seen at home. Subconsciously, she had been oozing slowly into her panties. She emptied her bladder, cleaned herself with a wet tissue, then unwrapped one of the pacifiers. The teat was long, about an inch, and had a guard to avoid babies swallowing them.

With shaking hands, she inserted the pacifier into her vagina, only to find it slipping out. She caught it quickly before she lost it in the bowl. Standing up, she lowered the toilet seat lid, then sat down on it. Once more, she inserted the pacifier, and once more, it fell out.

“What am I going to do?” she thought in frustration. “If I don’t have it in, Kayla will be upset with me. I don’t want to upset her.” She tried again, and once more, the dummy slipped out.

Tears of frustration built up, threatening to well out from her brimming eyes. “This will not do, Claire”, she berated herself, “Get a grip.” An idea came to her. She stood up, bent forward, and inserted her hand between her legs, the pacifier in her grip. It was well lubricated by now, having been in and out of her three times already. It only took two attempts for her to find her anus with the tip of the pacifier. Bearing down a little, she managed to open herself enough to allow the pacifier’s teat to slip in. Even the soft rubber felt hard enough to her, unused to having anything in her anus. She clamped her rectal muscles on to the teat, holding it in place.

Having achieved one goal, Claire sat down, unthinkingly, onto the toilet lid. A loud gasp flew from her throat, as the pacifier was forced further into her anus by her weight pressing down on the lid.

It was not long enough, or hard enough, to cause pain, but it drove home to her that she was doing bizarre things, abnormal things, something she would never even have dreamt of before, all at the behest of a woman who before yesterday was a stranger to her. “Not only that, she gave me the strongest orgasm I have ever had in my life,” Claire continued musing, “A total stranger. I had never even thought of her in a sexual vein before. What is happening to me? What is Kayla doing to me?”

She shook her head, as if to shake off the thoughts that might make her rebel against Kayla. She firmed up her resolve to see the rendezvous through before deciding whether to carry on with Kayla or not. Claire unwrapped the second pacifier, and deftly inserted it into her vagina. “After all, I’ve had enough practice with the three previous attempts,” she thought with a rueful grin, able to see some humour in the situation.

Holding the front pacifier in place with one hand, Claire deftly pulled her panties up with the other. She lined up the gusset to hold the pacifier in place, then removed her hand and replaced it outside the panties, holding both panties and pacifier together. She then clenched her rectum, lifted her bottom a little, and pulled the panties into place in the back.

Sitting back down, she started to pull the leg band of her panties inwards, towards her pussy. The panties started to feel tighter, but she continued to pull, until one side was ensconced into her. She did the same on the other side. The panties now pulled really tight, and it took a little more effort, but she managed to do the same on the other side. She looked at herself, and despite no one being around to see, she blushed.

Her lips, slippery from her secretions, slightly swollen from her feelings and her actions, stood out boldly, like two flaps, trying to curl back to their natural position but blocked by the leg bands from doing so. In between, the panties were now a strip of cloth, rising from under her to her waist, through her vagina, pressing on her clit.

Claire stood up, and gasped with wonder at the feelings she suddenly got. Her standing up had caused the ribbon to caress her clit, and to push the pacifier further into her pussy. In the back, the panties did nothing to hold the pacifier in place, and she had to clench her anus to stop it falling out. She decided to improve on Kayla’s canlı casino siteleri instructions, and made a ribbon out of the back of the panties, much like a thong running up the divide between the cheeks of her bottom.

Thus fortified, Claire pulled her skirt back on, gathered herself and her thoughts, took a deep breath, and walked out of the stall. It took her just the ten steps from the stall to the door to realise that she would not make it to the library like this. Every step she took was a sensory overload; the pacifier in her anus imparting magical sensations never felt before, while the one in her pussy was not only caressing her inner walls, but the protective guard was rubbing on her clit with every step.

“I shall be strong. I shall overcome this. I shall not succumb.” Claire started the litany in her head, trying to concentrate on her words and not on the sensations down below. “Oh Lord in Heaven, let me make it to the car,” was her next anguished thought as she walked out of the ladies’ room.

Step by excruciating step, she tottered out of the mall. A few curious looks came her way, a couple of sympathetic ones too, and one young boy actually came and asked if she needed any help. She managed a wan smile at the boy, gritting her teeth, as she thanked him for his concern and politely refused him.

She had taken but a few steps more, when out of nowhere her orgasm sneaked up on her and burst through her entire being. She teetered on legs suddenly weak, and grabbed onto a nearby pillar for support, holding herself up as she breathed deeply, panting almost, trying to keep her internal contortions showing on her face.

The young boy once again rushed to her, put his arms around her shoulder, and calmly held her until she seemed a little more composed. “I think you should sit down, Miss,” he suggested, but Claire once again shook her head. “In that case, let me help you to your car or bus,” he insisted. This time Kayla nodded, gratefully, and managed to whisper “Car.”

The boy held her by the shoulders, and walked her to where she had pointed out her car to be. What he did not know was that his normal walking pace was decidedly too fast for Claire, and twice she managed to control yet another peak by sheer will power alone.

When they reached the car, Claire managed to get the door open, then turned to the young boy, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. She got into the car, seeing the boy watching until she was settled. A wan smile, a small wave, and the boy had gone. Claire shut the door, put her head on the steering wheel, and lost it again.

There, in the warmth of the car heated by the sunshine, head down, legs splayed, the two pacifiers still digging into her fore and aft, Claire started to wheeze, pant, gripped the wheel tight, and came for the second time within minutes.

Pausing long enough to compose herself, Claire started the car, and drove off gingerly. Each movement of her leg on the accelerator and brake set off shock in her anus as the pacifier moved. She drove for a fair bit in one gear only, wary of pressing the clutch with her left foot, fearing further aftershocks after the earthquake a few minutes ago.

Thankfully, she made it to the library without incident, but as she parked the car, nervous reaction set in and she started to shake. Again. Doubts crept into her mind once more as she thought “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?”

Her hand reached to the key to start the car once more to head home. As she clasped the key, she depressed the clutch before starting the car. The sensation that zoomed through her anus, and then through her whole body, reminded her why she was there. Instead of starting the car, she withdrew the key, took a deep breath and opened the door.

On shaky legs, she walked up to the library. She realised that she had actually made it with five minutes to spare. As she walked in, looking for Kayla, the librarian called to her, “May I help you, Miss?”

Claire turned to her, and found herself looking at yet another beautiful black woman. “Are all black women so beautiful and sexy, or is it just me beginning to find beauty in them?” was the unbidden thought that flashed through her head. She blushed, and managed to stammer out a reply, “No thank you, I am supposed to be meeting someone here.”

“We close in about five minutes. Whom were you meeting? There is only one other person in the building right now,” the librarian informed her. “Her name is Kayla,” replied Claire. “Kayla what?” enquired the librarian. Claire was stunned into silence. She did not know. She had been turned inside out yesterday, and was following all sorts of erotic instructions today, by a woman she didn’t even know except by first name. How depraved was that?

“I don’t know,” she managed to mumble, turning for the door, wanting nothing more than to run away, run from this beautiful librarian who was no doubt laughing at her inwardly, run from the beautiful Kayla who had turned her world upside down in less than a day, just run, run, run. She had taken but two steps when two things stopped her, the fact that she realised that she could not run from herself, and that the librarian had said to her in a soft, barely audible voice, “Wait.”

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