Deployment Games

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“Let’s play a game,” she said.

They had met only a week before but the dynamic of a military deployment will build relationships quickly. They talked and played cat and mouse daily. At this point she had been in theatre for only a few weeks and was recently moved out to a base to help with logistics. He had moved to the base after his previous one was blown up not two weeks prior. Now he was tasked with the destruction of this base within two weeks time. His deployment was supposed to last a few months longer but with the aggravated environment their government decided it was time to leave. Now here they were, their first meeting only a week ago when she introduced herself as her team’s lead. A female in this community was rare, but a competent, confident woman was even more rare and he definitely took notice.

Eventually she decided she had enough and was going to eat from the table that was set for her. She likely could have any one of the men on this base but he was the one she had her eyes on.

“What kinda game?” He asked.

“We enjoy each others company until one or the other says, no or stop. Trust me, you want to play with me. I have a pretty high tolerance and I will do everything and anything I can to keep you wanting more, but,” she emphasized, “you have to do the same for me, can’t have me getting bored and wanting to stop now can we.”

As she spoke she never broke eye contact and wrapped her hand around his waist and slowly brushed upward as she said that last part. His body quaked at her touch. Tending his muscles his pants began to bulge. He was finally going to get his time with her. He was in.

“So, anything is on the table?”

“You. Can do. Anything.”

She emphasized and added with a wink, “as long as I don’t stop you, so I hope you don’t bore me or push too far”.

“Come with me,” he said.

For the past few weeks she had been “handling herself”, so to speak. Normally she was a very vocal sexual participant but in these tents and plywood buildings she had to be careful of too much movement or sound. Being one of the only women on the compound meant it would be obvious who the womanly moans of pleasure were coming from.

He lead her to his building with 7 other bunk mates. Luckily most of them were out on mission. He had a small plywood room with walls that only went up 3/4 of the way just like her room but at least it was privacy.

“What do you like,” He asked.

“Uh uh,” she whispered lifting her mouth towards his ear, “make me want to say anything but no”. As she said this she traced her hand down his chest and ran a finger through the middle of his abs, locking eyes with him as she reached his belt and brought her hand under his shirt. Touching his skin for the second time she felt him tense. She ran her hand up his backside enjoying the feel of his muscles under her fingers. As she did this she brought the other hand to his face. She debated whether or not to just go straight for the belt but she wanted to see what he would do.

“Anything. But. No.” She repeated slowly.

He wrapped a hand behind the small of her back and pulled her in and up slightly as his height was far reaching hers. They stayed there for only a second, eyes locked. She tensed with anticipation. The game was about to begin.

He kissed her softly, then harder. Leading her mouth open with his so he could kiss her more deeply. His other hand sınırsız escort at first wrapped around her back with the other moved to her neck and then down to her breast. She seized with pleasure and he felt it. Through her bra he caressed her nipple and she involuntary moaned.

“Shhh,” he smiled and looked over toward a wall shared with a roommate.

She smiled back and coyly said, “is that a no?”

His grin widened and pressed her hips deep into his. Feeling his bulging member her vagina ached with desire. She was wet the moment he agreed to her game but now she was soaked and wanted him to know it. She pressed her whole self closer to him as they kissed, pushing him into the wall. He picked her up and turned her around quietly pushing her against the wall and driving his hardened clothed cock between her legs. She began a grinding motion wanting more. With her pinned he steadied her with his legs spread and pulled her top first over her head then her bra followed.

She pulled his top over his head and let out an audible, “ohhhh yessss”, as she took in his chiseled body. Of all the men here she knew she picked the right one for her.

She reached for his belt as he did hers. She was aching to see his cock undressed. He moved her to the bed and threw her down a bit rough.

As he did she said, “good, I was hoping you didn’t think I was some fragile butterfly”. He grinned and ripped her loosened pants off her along with her 9mm pistol.

“Fuck yes,” she said as he grabbed for her panties. “Sorry, it’s a little messy down there.”

“I like natural”, he said, “it’s beautiful”.

“Let me see if you ‘re natural then,” she said as she quickly crawled to her knees and reached for the buttons on his pants. She ripped them to the ground with his boxer briefs in one motion, his member almost hitting her in the face.

“Now I’m sorry,” he smirked.

“Mmm, don’t be,” she moaned licking the underside of his hardened dick. Blood surged and made it all the more hard. She took her teeth and dragged them over 3 inches of his magnificently swollen member. Oh God, he thought as he groaned and looked upwards, placing his hands behind his head. The image of her on his bed, bent over, with her mouth wrapped tightly around his dick was almost too much. It had been months since his body had felt the touch of a woman and now this! It was enough to send him over board. She glanced up to see him enjoying her tongue dancing around his most sensitive organ as she sucked tightly on the tip of it. She moved her right hand up his body and placed her left hand on his balls. With the right she pulled down on his arm and placed his hand on the back of her head. Encouraging him to control the movement.

She pulled off slightly and hummed “make me make you cum”.

“Noooo,” he moaned, not wanting to finish too quickly.

She stopped abruptly. Shit he thought, please don’t let this be it.

“No?” She said, smiling the mischievous smile yet again.

“I just don’t want this to end,” he said.

“Oh honey”, she scoffed, “you’ll definitely be cumming more than once if I have anything to say about it. So what do you say? Wanna take back that ‘No’?”

Without answering he smiled and guided her head back to his waning cock. Damn, it tasted so good. Salty but sweet with the drips of cum she was coaxing out. They had reached a nice rhythm for taksim escort less than a minute when he came.

“Shit,” he said, “sorry, it just felt so good”.

“Please don’t apologize, it makes me feel good when I can make a man cum. Even a little wet,” she said with that grin of hers.

“Wet huh?” He grabbed the backside of her legs and flipped her backward so her back was on the bed and her legs were in his hands. “I wanna taste that,” he growled as he dove tongue first into her soaked pussy. With her legs over his shoulders and his arms wrapped around them he played with her clit as he searched for her g-spot. Now it was her turn to groan and look away. She could feel her juices mixed with his saliva dripping from between her legs and he was lapping up every drop.

Damn, that taste, he thought. He wanted to eat her all night but she had other plans. She grabbed one of his hands and brought it to her bare breast.

“My nipples,” she begged, “play with them”.

As he did he felt more juices flow from her. Like a damn faucet, she was so turned on by him tweaking her nipples. When she lay alone at night she would play with her nipples until she couldn’t take it any more then she would fill her pussy with her fingers and rub her clit to satisfaction.

She could lay here all night getting her pussy sucked and her nipples twerked but the longer he did it the more she needed to be filled by that hard cock of his. He had become hard again the moment he tasted her juices but was constantly in fear of her saying no. He wanted to climb on top of her and bury his hardened penis deep inside of her. He decided to go for it.

As he got up to climb on top of her she evaded and mounted him. “Oh it’s not gonna be that easy,” she said lifting her rounded hips to settle her dripping vagina over his swollen cock. She took one hand and wrapped it around the base and rubbed it on her clit and around her hole, splitting her lips with the tip and teasing him.

“You’re such a tease,” he said.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked. “You know what to say.”

He thought about calling her bluff but was afraid she really would walk out.

He lifted his head off the bed grabbed her by the hips and playfully said “No,” all at once pulling her down onto him. He tight pussy barely able to envelope his engorged member. She let out an audible moan of pain and ecstasy.

“Fuuuuuuck me,” she groaned as she sat there in shock for a split second, then she raised her hips and began grinding on him.

“Oh yesssss,” he said as she moved on his dick less up and down and more forward, back and side to side. Which he admitted he was not expecting but was no doubt enjoying. As she moved he lifted into her in rhythm with his hands on her hips. With each turn of hers he inched his hands up her smooth torso to her breasts. The anticipation of her breasts and nipples being played with excited her further. He knew now this is what he craved. Grabbing each he pinned her nipples between his spread fingers and squeezed them in rhythm.

Listening to her moan quietly and take in gasps of pleasure he almost couldn’t believe she was allowing this to go this far. He thought she would have began to say no before their clothes were fully off and for sure before he began licking her vagina. She must have wanted this as much as him. Then suddenly she stopped. Fuck, here it comes tesettürlü escort he thought.

“I want you to give it to me hard from behind. Can you do that,” she asked. As he began to sit up and lift her up she resisted and added “but you can’t take it out,” with a wink.

He smiled and turned her around, enjoying her groans as she felt every pulsing vein and ridge on his cock. Likewise he was enjoying the pleasure of her tight pussy twisting on his cock. Then he sat and stood, careful not to pull out he held a hip close with one hand and gave her nipple one more twerk before reaching down to close her legs together. Fuck, she was tight or he was huge, both of them had their own thoughts on the matter. Slowly he began to pump.

“No, harder,” she said as she pushed back into him.

Now it was his turn. “No?” He asked. “Should I stop then?”

“No, that’s not what I meant and…”.

“Oh but it’s what you said,” he cut her off, “if you want me to keep going, you’re gonna have to ask real nicely”.

“You mean, like, beg”, She asked looking up and back.

“If that’s what you think will work,” he shrugged. He was enjoying playing with her.

No problem she thought, there’s no fuckin way im stopping now. Though it would be fun just to fuck with him.

“Please fuck me. I’m sorry I said no, it won’t happen again”, she pleaded, “I just want your fucking dick so deep inside me so bad. It felt so good to suck on it and now I need to feel you put it in me as deep as you can and as hard as you can, please? I promise, only yes’ as you bare down and bury that fucking beast of a cock inside me.”

He grinned and slowly pulled out to the mushroomed tip of his spear and thrust it deep into her. She let out a loud moan and quickly grabbed for his pillow to stifle her screams as he rapidly pulled from deep within her and rammed her again. As she let loose into his pillow he reached down and twisted her nipples between his fingers, pulling them from her breasts. Lifting her head she moaned with so much pleasure she thought her knees might buckle. Between the sensation of her nipples being handled in the best of ways and her pussy being rammed she was becoming wetter with each pump and he could feel it getting more and more soaked, making it harder to hold his load.

“Where do you want it?” He asked hurriedly.

“Mmmm, guess.” She moaned, looking back with that damn mischievous smile.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “inside you?”

“No,” she said.

Hell of time to start using that word, he thought.

“Your back?”

His Pumps getting shorter. She sensed this and began pushing back on him in motion as she said, “nope”.

“Your mouth?” He asked, knowing he was reaching with that request.

“Uh, no,” she smirked.

“Fuuuuuuck, I’m cumming,” he moaned desperately.

She pulled away, flipped over and caught most of it on her stomach and breasts. Smiling at him she said, “now let me have a taste”, as she grabbed his hand and made him scoop some up with two fingers so she could suck his cum off his fingers. Mmmm salty and sweet, just like his dick she thought as she suckled the cum from his calloused fingers.

“Dammit woman,” he said standing there panting.

“Want to go again?” She asked with a wink, then added, “if you do, rub the rest of your cum over my breasts and nipples”.

Without skipping a beat he began rubbing. “It feels so good I don’t think I’m ready to say no or stop” she revealed.

“My next shift isn’t until morning,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her.

“I’m down to listen again,” said a voice from another room.

They both looked at each other in shock and shouted back, “deal!”

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