Desire Ch. 02

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The day seemed to stretch on forever and all I could think about was Laura’s message to me. By mid-afternoon, everyone had returned to the villa and once again, screams and shouts could be heard from the pool area. The heat was stifling and I reluctantly left my room to join the others. I wore a new black bikini that barely covered my voluptuous breasts but I was past caring what anyone thought.

The glare of the sun was dazzling as I emerged from the villa and at first I was temporarily blinded. Shielding my eyes, I could see my parents lying on loungers while Peter, Eve and Greg were messing around in the pool, the beautiful azure of the water an open invitation. I felt unbearably hot and dumping my sarong and flip flops onto a lounger, I sat on the edge of the pool and watched the three of them play-fighting, hating how sad I felt as I envied them their fun. Peter looked over as I sat there and smiled, his eyes lighting up at the sight of me.

“Come in!” he shouted and grinned. “It’s fantastic!”

I couldn’t help smiling and lowered myself gingerly into the water. It was cold but the contrast of my hot skin and the silky water was delicious. I looked down and noticed how hard my nipples were, how rounded my breasts looked under the thin fabric. I would have loved to have removed my top, but couldn’t quite face the looks that I knew Greg and Peter would give me.

Trying not to think about what had happened in the kitchen this morning, I glanced over at Greg but he was ignoring me and concentrating on Eve who lapped up the attention like a thirsty man in the dessert. She was wearing a skimpy bikini as well, but her figure was scrawny and her tan leathery under the unforgiving glare of the sun. I wondered whether my mother still hoped for an Autumn wedding…

“Penny for them?”

I looked at Peter who was watching me. “Sorry?”

“You looked deep in thought…everything OK?”

I nodded. “Yes. Just wondering what the plans for the rest of the day are.”

“Your parents mentioned something about dinner in town tonight. Will you be coming as well?”

I shrugged. “I suppose so. Got nothing else better to do.” I swam to the far end of the pool, enjoying the feeling of the cool water on my limbs. It could have been heaven, I thought, if things had been different. But I refused to give into despair. I would not give anyone the satisfaction of knowing just how sad and lonely I was now feeling.

I stayed in the pool for another half hour and even chatted to Peter who seemed genuinely concerned about my mood. Greg and Eve retired to their sun-loungers and made a big show about rubbing suntan lotion into each other’s bodies. I couldn’t help watching as Eve massaged Greg’s back while he lay on the lounger, his eyes resting on me for the first time that afternoon. His smooth tanned back glistened in the afternoon sun and I felt that familiar sharp twist of desire as I imagined him lying over me, his hard cock thrusting away deeply inside me…

He could have been mine this morning, I thought, but instead I pushed him away. And for what? I thought I was being faithful to my boyfriend but instead he was…

Tears rushed to my eyes and I turned away in case Greg saw how upset I was. I climbed out of the pool and dried myself, aware that he was still watching me despite the eager ministrations of Eve.

Dragging my sun bed over to the shade of a tree, I lay down and closed my eyes. Laura’s text message had been devastating to say the least, her words cutting me like a knife. Jake hadn’t wasted much time in finding someone new, she had written, and as I suspected it was the sweet and pretty Alicia who had snared him, almost before the plane had landed in Ibiza. Laura had caught them making love by the pool but had waited to tell me in case it was a drunken fumble that would never be repeated. Sadly, for me, they were now a well established pair and Laura had felt it was only right to give me the bad news.

My head felt like it was going to explode with thoughts of Jake and Alicia together. I knew I’d been attracted to Greg, but a word from Jake would have had me running to his side in Ibiza and now I realised that I would never know what it felt like to make love with him. Tears gathered again as I thought back to how happy we’d been in the weeks leading up to the holiday and how close we’d come to consummating our friendship.

But obviously Alicia had been more pliable than me. She certainly hadn’t waited for the right moment and I imagined them screwing each other on one of the sun beds, her legs spread wide for him as he pumped away at her…

I glanced over at Greg, almost as if he could read my thoughts. Despite his charm, he came over as old-fashioned and I wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of his love making. I’d already experienced his lips on my breasts and I had to admit, he was good. Passionate yet gentle. Thinking back to this morning I couldn’t quell the flame of arousal that flared inside me. Could I güvenilir bahis get revenge on Jake with Greg?


As Peter had said, a meal had been arranged at a restaurant in the nearby town of Pollensa. I dressed carefully in a red short dress with a plunging neckline. The dress fitted my curves perfectly and had a pretty flared skirt. With my long dark hair up in an elegant chignon, I felt desirable and sexy. Nobody could have guessed that the pretty girl I gazed at in the mirror had been curled up in bed crying this afternoon.

Everyone was gathered in the large living room of the villa, savouring the last blasts of air-conditioned cool before venturing out into the heat of the evening. Greg was standing next to the fireplace, a glass of wine in one hand, chatting to my father. He looked gorgeous in an understated way, navy trousers and a lighter blue shirt bringing out the colour of his eyes. He looked me up and down as I entered the room and I felt that frisson of desire shoot through me once again.

Eve and my mother were also chatting while Peter stood alone looking out of the window at the view. His eyes lit up when I approached and he gestured towards an open bottle of wine.

“Would you like one?” he asked, his eyes fixed on my cleavage.

I nodded and stole a glance at Greg who was deep in conversation with my father before turning my attention back to Peter who looked like he had just won the lottery.

“You…er…look lovely,” he stammered, taking a large gulp of his wine. “This restaurant we’re going to – it’s one of the best in the area.”

“Great,” I said, my glance falling on Greg once again.

“Um…I can recommend the fish. It’s their speciality…”

I smiled but my mind was full of how I could ensure that I was seated next to Greg. I knew that Eve would try and worm her way to his side, but for my plan to work, I had to be near him tonight. The worst case scenario would be if I ended up next to Peter…

“Shall we go?” my mother announced, glancing at her watch. “I booked the table for eight.”

“Who’s driving?” Greg asked, draining the last of his wine. “I’ve only had one glass, I don’t mind.”

“Well, I volunteered, but I can’t take six,” my father said. “If you take one other, Greg, we can manage.”

I looked up in dismay as Eve sidled up to Greg, her face alight. “Can I ride with you?” she murmured suggestively and linked her arm through his. He dropped a kiss on her head and without even a glance in my direction escorted her out to the waiting cars.

All the way to the restaurant I fumed as my mother clucked on about what a good match they were, how she must try and dig out her hat as there was bound to be a wedding and how cosy we all were in the car together. Peter kept trying to press his knee against mine and by the time we reached the town, I was almost falling out of the car door in an attempt to avoid him.

The restaurant looked beautiful in the evening light, the windows thrown open to catch the cooling night breezes and the sound of lively conversation coming from within. My worst fears were realised when my mother organised us all, causing a minor disturbance as she insisted we all sit where she wanted us to sit. Other diners looked up as we manoeuvred our way around the table until eventually, we were seated.

To try and distract myself from Peter next to me, I picked up the menu and studied it, trying to ignore Greg and Eve who were feeding each other olives, her giggles reverberating around the restaurant.

“The cod,” murmured Peter in my ear. “It’s very good.” He smelled of alcohol and a faint tang of cigarettes which surprised me as I had never seen him smoke. I could see his hands trembling slightly as he perused the menu and a sudden image of him kissing me came, uninvited, into my mind. I shivered and my mother noticed.

“You can’t be cold, Lorna, dear. Surely?”

“I’m fine,” I muttered, pulling the strap of my dress higher onto my shoulder.

“It’s no wonder, with that dress on!” My father guffawed loudly and Greg looked at me in amusement. Instead of feeling sexy and desirable I now felt stupid, like an over-dressed Christmas decoration, out of place in the elegant surroundings of the restaurant. Even Eve, I noticed, was surprisingly conservative tonight.

The night dragged on and despite the restaurant being famous for its fish, I could have been eating cardboard. Peter monopolised my attention for the whole evening and I felt like screaming with frustration and disappointment. Eventually though, the coffees arrived and I felt myself relax slightly, my mind imagining my cool bed and a night of blissful, dreamless sleep…

I slipped off to the lavatories and examined my face in the mirror. The sun had given my skin a slight glow and despite the traumas of the evening I looked better than I expected. I ran my fingers through my hair and smoothed out my dress before heading back into the restaurant.

However, at the table everyone türkçe bahis had gone. I stood there stupidly wondering what on earth had happened when I saw a waiter approach.

“Your friend…he wait for you outside.” He gestured towards the road and my heart sank. Surely I wouldn’t be travelling back to the villa with Peter? Not on my own?

With a sinking feeling I made my way outside but instead of seeing Peter waiting by the car I saw Greg leaning against the bonnet of his Audi, a grin plastered on his face.

“What happened?” I asked looking around. “Where is everyone?”

“Eve,” Greg stated. “She took a turn for the worse and your parents have taken her home. Peter went with them and I must say your mother wasn’t very happy.”

A sensation of pure pleasure shot through me as I gazed at him. No words were spoken but he opened the door of the car for me and as I settled into the deep leather seat, I had a feeling that tonight was going to work out after all.

“You in a rush to get back?” he asked as he fired the engine up.

“No, definitely not,” I replied. “I’ve done nothing but sleep today.”

Greg laughed. “I noticed! Fancy a detour to see the views?”

I nodded happily and before long we had arrived at the port where Greg took a right onto the coast road. It was a beautiful night with a full heavy moon that hung over the bay like a diamond.

“It’s beautiful,” I breathed as I gazed out at the silvery sea, the mountains on the other side of the bay just visible by the light of the moon.

“May I say, you looked beautiful tonight as well,” Greg said, glancing over at me. “Your father was out of order with his remark.”

“I thought you agreed with him.”

“No. I’m sorry you thought that.”

Silence followed as Greg steered the car off the road beneath a small clump of trees. It was late now, past midnight and I watched as he came around and opened the car door for me.

“You’re such a gentleman!” I laughed as he took my hand. “How come you’re divorced?”

“Long story.” He grimaced and I could have kicked myself, but within seconds he had recovered his composure. “I’ll tell you some time if you’re interested.”

We stood together, leaning against the bonnet of the car and I felt suddenly calm and at peace. All the stress of the previous days melted away as we stood and gazed at the view. I wanted this moment to last forever.

“Look, this morning…it was a mistake and I’m sorry for taking advantage like that.” He looked at me and brushed a stray hair out of my eyes.. “Your boyfriend must be pretty special.”

“That’s just it, he’s not. He’s a bastard.”

Greg winced as I spoke and again I felt sorry for my outburst. “What happened?”

I briefly told him what had happened but, curiously, I didn’t feel the sharp pang of hurt that had assailed me earlier in the day.

“How long were you with him?”

“About a month,” I replied. “But I thought he was the one.”

Greg laughed. “How old are you, Lorna?”

“Twenty,” I replied defensively, “and I know what you’re going to say. I can’t possibly be in love at my age.”

He turned to me then and took my face in his hands. “You’re so young. You have your whole life ahead of you. You’re just starting out and the man you marry will be totally different to the man you think you’re in love with now. Believe me.”

I gazed at him, loving the feeling of his hands on my face. “I hear what you’re saying, but I just thought he was special.”

“What did your parents think of him?”

I frowned. “They didn’t. They want me to pair up with Peter.”

Greg burst out laughing. “Never. I just cannot see him and you together!”

I relaxed and Greg gathered me close. “Don’t feel used by Jake. He’s just young. Put it down to experience and move on.”

“That’s just it. We never did anything and part of me wishes we had.”

Greg pulled away and looked hard at me. “You never…?”

I shook my head. “I haven’t at all. I’ve been waiting for the right man. I know it sounds stupid, but that’s me.”

He whistled. “You never had sex with Jake, yet you say you love him. How can you know that?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Greg pulled me close again but this time he kissed me hard. He gently probed my lips apart and our tongues met as we shared a passionate embrace that I never wanted to end. Our bodies were moulded together and I could feel the heat emanating from him. The kiss went on forever, his hands stroking my back and making me tingle inside.

“You know I want you so badly, Lorna,” he groaned, his hands cupping my breasts, his thumb kneading my right nipple. “You’ve driven me mad these past few days and when I first arrived, I…” He stopped and I felt my heart thud. “I saw you…God help me, I’m sorry and I never meant to pry, but I came round the corner and there you were. You looked so beautiful like that…”

I looked down and felt myself blush. Part of me was ashamed but another part felt a huge güvenilir bahis siteleri thrill at being watched like that. “Touch me,” I murmured as I guided his hand beneath my skirt. My knickers were damp with arousal and he pulled them to one side before gently stroking the outer folds of my pussy. I groaned and pulled him closer, willing him to bring me to orgasm there and then. He seemed to know what I wanted because his fingers probed deeper, his thumb rhythmically stroking my clitoris until I felt like screaming. While his hands worked their magic, he kissed me again, his tongue mirroring his fingers and taking me to the heights of pleasure.

“Greg…Oh God,” I moaned as his lips moved from my mouth to a breast. With expert knowledge, he nibbled on my rosy nipples, his tongue flicking over my skin and making me cry out with need.

“Come for me, Lorna,” he gasped and my fingers joined his as I hurtled towards my climax. It took only a few circular motions for me to experience an orgasm that seemed to make me lose all consciousness. The black sky overhead, the sound of the sea lapping at the shore all faded as I plunged into intense pleasure.

My breathing was fast and furious and I could feel my heart hammering in my chest. I opened my eyes and smiled as Greg looked down at me. “You OK? Was that good?”

I nodded and cuddled into him, his arms around me and holding me close. I wanted to stay like that forever, but he was already jangling his car keys.

“Let’s go,” he said, opening the car door for me.

I re-arranged my clothing and got back into the car. Driving back to the villa I felt the weight of tension and wondered whether he was regretting what we’d done. Was he afraid of me falling in love with him?

When we arrived back the house was in darkness. The heavy front door creaked as we opened it, but nobody stirred and I stood in the hall unsure of what to do.


I nodded and made my way into the living room, sinking down onto the sofa with a sigh. Had I fallen out of the frying pan into the fire?

“You look worried.”

I glanced up as Greg handed me a tumbler of whisky. “Do I?”

“Mmm…what’s up?”

“Nothing,” I replied tucking my legs underneath me.

“God, you look so bloody young,” Greg said, putting his drink down. “Come here.”

I rose and went over to him and he kissed me again, his fingers stroking my hair. “I’m not sure whether this is a good thing to do, Lorna. Your parents are good friends of mine and you’re so damn young. This is madness.”

I pulled away, a hurt expression on my face. “I’ll go to bed then, shall I?”

“Lorna…don’t be silly. Just listen to me…I’m 42 for God’s sake!”

I sat back and watched as he ran his fingers through his hair. “So? Jake was 22 and look where that got me…”

He smiled. “You’re right. Come here again…”

This time he pulled my dress off completely and removed my knickers, holding my hips and kissing my pussy as I stood naked in front of him. His lips were just as I imagined, his soft tongue probing my depths as my arousal built again. I groaned with pleasure as he feasted on me, the pleasure surging through my veins as his tongue slid deeper inside me. I could feel myself coming again and pushed him away. This time I wanted him inside me, to feel that union that I’d dreamed of.

“Take your clothes off, ” I urged, desperate to feel him beneath my fingers. He did as I asked and we stood close and hugged, skin touching skin. He felt so warm and solid next to me, his body hard and tanned from the summer sun. His erection was strong and hard and I stroked him gently at first, our eyes meeting in a smile, and then I knelt in front of him and kissed the tip of his penis, enjoying the salty tang. He groaned and I ran my fingers up and down the shaft, cupping his balls and feeling how heavy they were.

He tasted delicious and I greedily took as much of him into my mouth as I could, loving the velvety hardness of him. His hands were entwined in my hair, pulling me closer into him and I could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat.

“Oh God, Lorna,” he groaned. “Carry on doing that for much longer and I’m going to come…”

I looked up at him and smiled. “OK. Can I sit on your lap?”

“Gladly…but just one thing…are you OK for…”

I put my fingers to his lips. “I’m prepared. Remember Jake?” I smiled, the pain of his betrayal having finally disappeared.

“Yes…of course.” He sat down on the sofa and I straddled him, wanting to prolong the moment before he entered me completely. We kissed and I moved the entrance of my pussy lightly over his cock; I was dripping with juices and the scent of my arousal filled the air.

“You really are so beautiful,” he murmured, stroking my breasts. “When I saw you the other morning I couldn’t tear myself away, even though I knew it was wrong.”

I kissed him. “I love the feeling that you were watching me…” I lowered myself onto his cock and gasped as he filled me up. The sensation was every bit as good as I’d imagined, as I’d dreamed it would be. Our eyes met. “Do you know what I really wanted when I was doing it?”

“No,” he groaned as I moved slowly up and down.

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