Desire Fulfilled Ch. 03

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For continuity purposes, I would suggest reading the first two chapters of ‘Desire Fulfilled’ before proceeding on with this latest chapter.

Gathering their glasses and the bowl of fruit, Sam and Erin sauntered to the stairs. “After you,” Erin giggled, motioning for Sam to lead the way.

As Sam made her way up the stairs, her hips gently swayed from side to side. She grinned to herself as she pictured Erin behind her, watching her ass wiggling. She then slowed her pace, and glanced over her shoulder at Erin, flashing her a mischievous smile.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Sam blushed when she remembered the piles of clothes on the floor of her bedroom. “Oh damn…Umm, please excuse the mess. I haven’t had a chance to pickup my room. There are piles of things laying all over the place. I usually don’t keep my room like this.”

“That’s OK Baby,” Erin replied. “It happens. And besides, I am not here to look at your room…” Her words trailed off as she stepped closer to Sam, gently cupping her breast, giving her nipple a rub through her bra, kissing her gently on the lips. “There are only a few things I want to see in your room,” Erin replied with a wink. Letting her hand slide downwards, Erin slipped her fingers between Sam’s smooth wet folds. Their mouths once again locked in a passionate kiss, their tongues probing and tasting one another. Desperate to feel more, Sam angled her hips forward, pushing against Erin’s fingers. Feeling the added pressure on her clit, Sam moaned appreciatively. Pulling away, Erin smiled as she saw the look of pleasure on Sam’s face. “Let’s go,” Erin whispered, “I have to feel you again.”

Beaming a smile at Erin, Sam quickly made her way down the hall, pushing the bedroom door open with her foot. Placing her drink and the bowl of fruit on the nightstand, Sam nervously sat on the edge of the bed. This was the first time anyone other than her and her other half had been alone in their bedroom for the purpose of sex. Stepping through the doorway, Erin paused for a few seconds, taking in her surroundings. The bedroom was very large and spacious, with a king size bed, matching nightstands and a dresser with an oval shaped mirror, a large cushioned chair and an upright free-standing mirror in the corner. Stepping in a little further, Erin could see the adjoining bathroom’s large sunken bathtub and glass block shower enclosure, and dual sinks. “Very nice,” she complimented as she walked towards the bed, also putting her glass on the nightstand. “Very nice indeed. We can have a lot of fun in here.” Erin grinned, contemplating and knowing what pleasures the next couple of hours would bring for them. Slowly pivoting, Erin took one last thorough look around the room then stood at the edge of the bed in front of Sam.

“Thank you,” Sam shyly replied. “We really tried to…”

Before she could finish, Erin leaned over abruptly putting and end to Sam’s words. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed Erin’s now very familiar kiss. Erin’s tongue gently probed Sam’s mouth, their tongues flicking back and forth, gently wrestling with one another. Resting her hands on Sam’s shoulders, Erin slipped two fingers under the strap of Sam’s bra, sliding them down. Sam reached back and unhooked her bra, freeing her large tits, her nipples already hard with excitement. With their mouths still locked in a long passionate kiss, Erin climbed onto the bed, pressing her body against Sam. Having no choice but to lay back on the bed and sliding back on the covers, Sam eagerly spread her legs as she felt a hand moving down her body. Erin’s touch was magic, the light sensuality of it was electrifying, causing chills to sweep over Sam’s body. Her nipples ached and she moaned as Erin’s fingers circled her still very sensitive clit. Erin pulled back from their kiss to watch Sam’s expression as her fingers expertly toyed and manipulated her clit. Sam writhed from the tender touch, her hips rising and falling subtly.

Erin’s fingers stroked and caressed Sam’s clit, circling it, sliding up and down, pinching it as it swelled. Sliding downwards, Erin trailed the tip of her tongue over Sam’s flesh. She couldn’t help but grin as she heard Sam’s moans get louder from the anticipation. Pausing for a moment, Erin watched the hard nipples only inches from her mouth rise and fall with Sam’s deep and rapid breathing. With a firm squeeze on her clit, Sam abruptly arched her back, one nipple grazing against Erin’s waiting lips.

Erin gently sucked it, flicking her tongue over the tip of Sam’s nipple, holding it between her teeth. Dropping her hand further down, Erin’s fingers slipped effortlessly into Sam’s wet waiting pussy. Rotating her hand, Erin made sure to coat her fingers completely with the abundant nectar beginning to trickle from Sam’s pussy. “Oooh, you’re so fucking wet Baby,” Erin whispered. “I love how wet you get for me.”

Sam’s only response was an even louder moan as she pushed her hips against Erin’s hand. Removing her fingers from Sam’s pussy, Erin gently pinched Sam’s nipples, coating them with the juices casino oyna that coated her fingers. Replacing her fingers in Sam’s pussy, Erin flattened her tongue, licking the juices from both nipples, now rock hard like little bullets. Fingering her soaking pussy, Erin’s knuckles slapped harder against the swelling smooth pussy lips, the abundant wetness making as much noise as Sam’s moans.

Licking Sam’s nipples clean of her sweet juices, Erin very slowly slithered down Sam’s body, moving closer to her soaking wet pussy, her tongue licking and tasting the soft skin beneath it. Spreading her legs, Sam knew it was only going to be seconds until Erin was again feasting upon her. In between the almost constant moans, Sam uttered and pleaded, “Oh yes, eat my pussy…please make me cum for you…please.” Reaching down, she pulled back her clitoral hood, arching her back and lifting her hips up towards Erin’s outstretched tongue. Feeling the heat of Erin’s mouth sent shivers all over Sam’s tingling skin. “Oh God, please don’t make me wait…I need to cum,” she whimpered.

“Mmmm, it’s so beautiful,” Erin whispered as she looked at Sam’s pussy. She marveled at her clit, a much darker hue of pink than that of her pussy. She loved the appearance of an aroused pussy, the engorged swollen lips, the perky clit, and adding to it a droplet of Sam’s creamy juices that had accumulated at the base of her wet opening. Looking up at Sam, Erin extended her tongue and languorously licked the insides of Sam’s thighs while her entire body was trembling in anticipation. She knew that with just a little teasing and clit sucking from Erin, she would cum so very quickly. Sucking Sam’s smooth folds into her mouth, Erin could already taste her creamy juices. Sam moaned loudly while Erin sucked every inch of exposed pussy laying spread out in front of her. Erin could feel her own pussy getting wetter the more she devoured Sam, her chin and cheeks covered with the stickiness that coated Sam’s pussy. She wanted to hold off from devouring this beautiful moist pussy which lay before her, but there was no point in prolonging the inevitable.

Unable to hold back her own enthusiasm any longer, Erin lunged forward, her tongue delving deep into Sam’s pussy, her nose pressing against her clit. The tongue fucking felt exquisite, and Sam pushed firmly against Erin’s face in perfect rhythm to the tongue probing her. With her tongue coated with Sam’s juices, Erin pulled it out, swallowing the taste, savoring it, and replacing her tongue with two fingers. Immediately she curled them upwards, massaging Sam’s g-spot. This only caused Sam to grind harder towards Erin, her moans of ecstasy becoming louder.

“Mmmmm, you taste incredible,” Erin whispered. “And you’re so wet baby…”

“Yesss, Ohhhh, yesssss!” Sam moaned. She was already feeling so close to cuming. “Oh fuck yes!” Sam cried out.

“That’s it…cum for me, Baby…cum for me.” Sam’s body shuddered uncontrollably, her moans turning to gasps for air. Erin’s fingers were massaging Sam into a frenzy as her orgasm took over her entire being. Gripping handfuls of blankets, Sam suddenly felt something she had never experienced before. The sensations were almost overwhelming, but Sam wasn’t about to let go of them so quickly. She wanted to make this orgasm last as long as she could. Feeling Sam’s pussy clamping down around her fingers, Erin leaned forward, flicking her tongue over her throbbing clit. Nibbling on it gently, Sam squealed with delight.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!…Oh God!” Sam’s body became rigid, her legs quickly closing around Erin’s head and hand, trapping her fingers deep inside her pussy, her mouth held firmly on her clit. Sam felt a sudden flood of wetness…nothing she had ever encountered before. “Ohhhh…oh God no!” Sam muttered to herself. Sam’s body collapsed down onto the bed, her legs trembling and weak.

Pushing her legs open, Erin lapped at Sam’s soaked thighs and pussy. The wet spot on the bed evident of Sam’s orgasm. “Ooooh Baby!” Erin cooed. “You squirted!” Embarrassed at the abundance of wetness she felt beneath her, Sam didn’t answer. “Did you hear me Honey? You squirted all over my hand!” Erin asked.

“Really? I squirted?” Sam replied, obviously surprised about it. “Oh my God!” Sam wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or excited. It is something she had seen in online videos, even tried repeatedly to make happen for herself. She wanted to learn to do it for so long, and now it had happened. A sense of relief swept over her, and she began to laugh nervously.

“Oh yeah you did Baby. God it was fantastic!” Erin replied, smiling up at Sam. She giggled as she leaned forward and gently sucked Sam’s swollen clit only inches from her face. Letting it slip from between her lips, Erin continued on, “you didn’t know, did you? You thought it was something else.”

With reddened cheeks, Sam let out another loud sigh of relief. “Oh, thank God. I was so embarrassed thinking…” her words trailed off, not needing to be finished.

Placing a gently kiss on Sam’s clit, Erin withdrew her slot oyna fingers out of her drenched pussy. Resisting the urge to suck them clean herself, Erin climbed atop Sam, straddling her. Resting one hand on the bed, Erin leaned down closer to Sam, their bodies pressing against one another. Tracing the outline of Sam’s mouth with her cum coated fingertips, Erin smiled as she felt Sam’s hands slowly gliding up her thighs.

“Here…taste,” Erin whispered, slipping her fingers into Sam’s mouth. Sam closed her eyes, savoring her cum which coated Erin’s fingers. “Mmmmmm.” She had always enjoyed her own taste, and having someone feed it to her in this manner was always so erotic. Laying down onto Sam, Erin kissed her, their mouths sharing the last droplets of cum, their tongues probing and flicking, tasting the sweet nectar. Sam’s hands roamed freely over Erin’s soft skin, caressing her ass, gently squeezing it.

Rubbing their bodies back and forth, they caressed and stroked each other. Quiet moans coming from each of them. The sensuality of the moment sweeping over both Erin and Sam. “Mmmm, I want to taste you now,” Sam murmured. “I want to eat your pussy…to make you cum…to devour you.”

A wide-eyed grin was Erin’s only reply as she rolled to one side and onto her back. Sam quickly sat up and reached for the bowl of fresh fruit she had placed on the nightstand. “Now it’s my turn,” she said turning to face Erin, gently nudging her legs apart. Setting the bowl within easy reach, Sam knelt between Erin’s legs, slowly caressing her wet and slippery pussy lips. “Mmmm, you’re soaking wet too. I love how puffy your pussy lips are too…all shiny and slick.” Resting her hand on Erin’s stomach, she placed her thumb on her clit, gently rubbing the hard little nub in circles, her other hand still teasing Erin’s pussy. Slipping two fingers inside, Sam immediately felt Erin’s pussy tighten around her fingers. Curling upwards in the same way Erin did, Sam manipulated her g-spot, with light pressure, then firm…light then firm.

Erin squirmed and wriggled as Sam teased her more and more. Erin’s hips lifted up and down, her body occasionally shuddering. Leaning down, Sam sucked Erin’s clit into her mouth, her hand moving up Erin’s body, her fingers locking onto a rock hard nipple. Erin gasped when she felt a hard pinch on her nipple and some intensely powerful suction on her clit at the same time.

“Ooooh, that’s good Baby,” Erin whispered. “Oh God, yes.” Erin raised and lowered her hips as Sam continued to devour her; her tongue flicking, tasting, and probing Erin’s pussy. Slowly withdrawing her fingers, Sam sucked them into her mouth, tasting the juices that covered them. Smiling at Erin as she swallowed, Sam reached towards the bowl. Taking a small piece of fruit, she traced it over Erin’s smooth skin, her tongue following closely behind. Almost immediately, Erin’s moans became louder, the combination coolness of the fruit followed by the heat of Sam’s tongue. “Mmmmmm, that feels heavenly Baby,” Erin mumbled.

“I’m glad you like it,” Sam replied as she gently shoved the piece of fruit into Erin’s pussy, slowly working it deeper and deeper inside her. Erin gasped as she felt the cold intrusion. Sam knew exactly what Erin was feeling and giggled to herself, remembering a time when her husband gave her the same treatment. Taking another piece of fruit, Sam slipped that one inside Erin’s pussy also. Piece after piece of fruit began to fill Erin’s pussy, the combination of pussy juice and the fruits slowly trickling from her.

Resting her hands on Erin’s thighs, Sam rolled her backwards, her knees almost by her ears, with Erin’s pussy and ass now completely exposed. Sam watched as the juices trickled down to Erin’s puckered asshole. “Mmmmm, I’ve been dying to do this to you,” Sam said with a grin. Extending her tongue, Sam traced the tip of it from Erin’s pussy down to her tight rosebud. With a tongue flicking back and forth over her tingling ass, Erin squirmed and writhed with ecstasy. “Oh yeah Baby, tighten that ass up for me,” Sam whispered, pushing her tongue into Erin.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh,” Erin moaned loudly. “Oh, Fuck!”

Moving a couple of inches away, Sam felt Erin trembling. “Mmmm, you like that, don’t you? You want more, don’t you?” She teased.

“Yesssss! Oh fuck yessss!” Erin gasped. “Ohhhhh, please do that again!”

“Are you gonna cum for me?” Sam replied, gently touching her tongue to Erin’s puckered hole, teasing her some more.

“Yessss! Oh God, Yes! Please!” Erin pleaded.

“Good girl.” Sam smiled proudly to herself. Hearing Erin’s pleas made her chuckle. Sam never imagined she would be in a situation like this, let alone having a gorgeous and sensual woman begging her to make her cum, and she especially loved how Erin’s body jolted and quivered as her tongue flicked back and forth. Kissing Erin’s inner thighs, Sam slowly and tantalizingly trailed her tongue up and down over her ass and pussy. Erin’s moans quickly turned to quiet whimpers. Placing her thumb over Erin’s clit, Sam gently massaged canlı casino siteleri it, sending Erin into sporadic convulsions. Covering her dripping opening with her mouth, Sam’s tongue probed Erin’s pussy, sliding in a tiny bit, then pulling it out; pushing it in further then pulling it out again.

Erin pleaded louder, “Oh God! More…more! Please make me cum…please!!”

Sam wanted so desperately to make Erin cum, but also wanted to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible. Sucking hard on Erin’s pussy, Sam felt her respond, her body tensing. Much to Sam’s delight, a piece of fruit pop into her mouth. Opening her lips, Sam bit into the fruit, allowing the juices to drip onto Erin’s clit and trickle down over her wet opening to her ass. Erin quivered with delight, her body still trembling all over.

“That tickles,” Erin said with a giggle. “But, it feels sooo good. Do it again, Baby….please?”

Slipping a finger into Erin’s pussy, Sam pulled another piece of fruit out. Coated with pussy juice, it made for a delicious combination of flavors. “Mmmmm, you taste heavenly,” Sam said with a smile. Gently fingering Erin’s pussy with only her finger tip, Sam felt any further intrusion blocked by the fruit. Pushing it inside a little harder, Sam withdrew another piece of fruit. Looking up at Erin, she bit into it, again letting the juices drip down onto her pussy. The expression on Erin’s face was of complete and total ecstasy. Lapping the trickling juices, Sam took her time getting every drop she could find of the intoxicating concoction.

Erin was so close to cuming and it was making her shudder uncontrollably. She was so desperate for the release she craved, that she pushed Sam’s hand away, rubbing her clit hard and fast. “Ohhhh God, I’m so close,” she cried out. Wanting to feel it too, Sam moved her hand down, rubbing Erin’s asshole with her finger, and lowered her mouth onto her pussy again, tongue fucking her.

“Yes! Stick it in me! Fuck my ass too Baby!”

Without hesitation Sam slipped her fingertip into Erin’s very tight ass. Almost instantaneously, Erin’s entire body shook, shuddered and convulsed wildly. Her hand moved so quickly over her clit, it was literally a blur. Sam took every effort to keep her mouth firmly latched onto Erin’s pussy while she writhed and squirmed from the tongue and finger fuck she was receiving.

“I’m cumming!” Erin exclaimed. “Ohhhh fuck, here it comes!” Sam’s mouth was filled with juices as Erin’s pussy squeezed and compressed the fruit inside her. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

Sam probed Erin’s pussy with her tongue until the abundance of juices ceased flowing. Erin’s gasps for air and still trembling body made it virtually impossible for her to say anything. “I just…Oh God…I…fuck.” Sam gave Erin’s throbbing clit a gentle kiss, making her shudder again. “Ohhhh…” Erin moaned.

“Mmmmm, that was intense Baby,” Sam whispered, slowly slipping her finger out of Erin’s ass. Erin lay on the bed, her breathing deep and fast. Kneeling between her legs, Sam slowly caressed Erin’s thighs, stroking her stomach. Looking down, Sam saw a steady stream of juices trickling from Erin, forming another large wet spot on the bed. “Are we going to leave that fruit in you for later Honey? Or do you want me to take it out now?”

“Whatever you like Baby. I am so spent…I haven’t had an orgasm like that in ages…Oh God…” Erin’s words trailed off as she swallowed hard, still trying to catch her breath. Sam slipped one finger inside, feeling the pulpy remnants of the fruit. Pulling some fruit out, a large pool of juices followed it. Scooting backwards, Sam leaned down, scooping Erin’s ass into her hands, sucking at the juices that easily flowed from her. Erin just moaned. Over and over again, Sam slowly worked the squishy fruit from Erin’s pussy. Taking her time. Making sure to get every piece, and to drink every drop.

“You sure know how to eat pussy Baby,” Erin complimented. “God, its like…its like you’ve been doing it your whole life.”

Giggling at Erin’s statement, Sam replied, “Well, I don’t know about that…but I am not lying to you…you’re my first Baby.”

Moving along side Erin, Sam layed down, resting her head on her arm, her other hand slowly caressing Erin’s stomach. Letting her hand move freely, Sam occasionally grazed over Erin’s nipples, eliciting quiet moans. Taking a deep breath, Erin turned to Sam, “I sure hope you have some toys…I would love to fuck you with a dildo…and use whatever other delightful playthings you have.”

Blushing at Erin’s statement, Sam shyly smiled at her. “Yes, I do have some toys…and I would love for you to fuck me with a couple of them.”

“Them?” Erin exclaimed. “Did you say, them? Oh Baby, we are in for one hell of a fun night…and hopefully on into tomorrow too.” Sitting up she took both drinks from the nightstand, handing Sam hers. Holding up the glass for a toast, Erin mischievously smile at Sam, “here’s to…” Erin paused for a moment, the continued, “here’s to new beginnings…to your new beginning.” Clinking their glasses together, Sam and Erin gulped down their drinks as fast as they could. Taking Sam’s empty glass, Erin returned them to the nightstand. “Now…show me those toys you were trying to be so coy about.”

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