Desiree at the Lake – Prom Night

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At the end of May, Desiree and I went to the prom together. The school was in a small town, so it was held in the nearest “big” city at the VFW hall. A committee from school had done their best to decorate, but it was still a cold, cavernous space. The music bounced relentlessly off the high ceiling, and the food was nothing spectacular. We had some fun, though–Desiree loved to dance, and she looked amazing in a flowing, swirling satin dress. The eight of us who were friends made the best of it and we even managed to smoke a joint by sneaking out through the kitchen entrance.

As soon as we were allowed to go, though, we got out of there and went to a restaurant a few blocks away. We had some nachos, then finalized our plan. Jack’s family had a lake house nearby, and we planned to finish the night there. His parents knew that we were going there and why, but they figured that we were all over 18 and it was better we were drinking somewhere safe rather than driving around.

With that plan in place, we pooled our money. Desiree and I agreed to get the drinks on our way to the lake and drove off with $80. At the far end of town was a little development well-known for being “helpful” to those of us who were underage. We drove through slowly, and sure enough, a man came to the curb and asked what we were after. We told him, he haggled over the price, and then he went back to his car. Minutes later, we were driving away (carefully doing the speed limit) with two cases of beer, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a case of hard seltzer.

At the house, we changed out of our prom clothes and into more casual attire. Then we all congregated in the kitchen. After a few shots and a beer, though, the couples drifted off. There were several bedrooms, a deck with privacy fencing overlooking the lake, and a hot tub on a patio below the deck–endless possibilities!

Desiree, of course, wanted to be outside, and I was right there with her. We shed our clothes and grabbed enormous beach towels as we ran for the hot tub. With just the underwater lights on, we let the jets tumble us around. Our feet tangled together, and Des rubbed her foot up and down my leg. When she scooted over to my side, she sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing softly all over my face and neck. I contented myself with stroking every inch of her body and occasionally capturing a nipple with my teeth. We were both getting really horny, and Des finally turned to face me, straddling my thighs.

“I want to fuck,” she said in her usual blunt way, “but this water isn’t good for that.”

My hard cock was nestled along her pussy, bathed in the heat of her core. She had kept herself shaved smooth all month. It felt great, but I knew what she meant–pool water has a way of washing away lubrication.

“What are you thinking?” I asked her.

“Let’s get in the lake and decide,” she said with a smile.

Standing up, she stepped over the rim of the tub and wrapped her towel around her shoulders. I tied mine more modestly around my waist and followed her across the grass. The night was still warm, and when we looked around, the neighbors’ houses were dark. Looking back toward the house, no one was one the deck, so we headed downhill to the water’s edge. Des looked both natural and sexy with just a towel across her shoulders, and I trailed along in a daze, enchanted by the rolling motion of her bare ass in the moonlight. She walked out the narrow floating dock set between pilings, and when she reached the end, she sat down on her towel with her feet in the water.

She turned to look at me, and as I approached, she impishly reached up and tugged yabancı escort my towel off. My cock sprang out at full attention to slap against my stomach. Des giggled happily and grabbed it, pulling me closer and angling the tip down so she could reach it.

“Someone’s eager!” she said with a laugh.

One thing I loved about Desiree was that she was always eager as well. As if to demonstrate, she lunged upward and took my cock deep in her mouth, cradling my balls while her tongue lashed the underside of my shaft. I groaned and held onto a piling for balance.

Once my cock was slick with her saliva, Des began to stroke me with her other hand. Her lips formed a tight seal and slid up and down in time, all the while letting her tongue work its magic. Looking down at her naked form, I thought about how amazingly lucky I was to have found her. My heart was full, and her oral skills were driving me closer and closer to the brink of explosion. I began to thrust gently into her mouth each time she descended, and she easily swallowed more of my cock each time.

Just when things were getting critical, though, she stopped. For a few moments, she sucked hard on the head, nursing repeatedly and tonguing the underside. My cock swelled even more, and she was rewarded with a rush of precum as I got ready to unload into her voracious mouth. Suddenly, she pulled off me and looked up.

“It’s not time to cum yet!” she said with a smirk.

I looked down at her, puzzled and somewhat frustrated. Letting go of the post, I reached for her head, but she anticipated my desire to hold her in place and finish. With a sudden twist of her body, she pulled me off balance and I toppled gracelessly into the lake!

Sputtering, mad, and laughing all at the same time, I found my feet and stood up on the sandy bottom. The water came almost to my shoulders, and my feet were tangled in lake weed. Shaking my head, I wiped my eyes clear and looked up to see Des laughing at me from the dock. Lucky for her, the laughter was infectious and I had to join in. Stepping over in front of her, I rested my arms on her thighs and chuckled at my predicament. The water had definitely cooled my jets, and although I was incredibly turned on, my cock had shrunk in the cooler water and the urgency I had been feeling had passed.

“That was obnoxious!” I finally managed to say.

“It worked!” was her response.

“True,” I said. “But it was still an evil thing to do!”

Des wrapped her heels around my back and her hands around my head.

“Sorry, then. I want you to last!”

“I get it. I was so close, though!”

She giggled and apologized again.

I turned my head and kissed each thigh, then graciously told her she was forgiven. When my hands wrapped around to grab her ass, Des scooted forward a bit. I let the water take my weight then and lowered myself, kissing a trail down from her belly, over the inviting curve of her mound, and then to the top of her lips. Above me, Des hummed happily as my lips approached her clit.

My chin was almost on the towel as I began to lap Desiree’s sweet pussy there in the moonlight. She settled back on her elbows and watched me through half-closed eyes, a sexy smile on her lips. Because of our earlier action, she was already slick and wet, so I let my tongue travel all over, tasting her sweet nectar and opening her up for my enjoyment.

At one point, my nose bumped against her clit and I heard a gasp. Desiree’s thighs closed on my spasmodically, and I knew she wanted to cum as badly as I had a few minutes before. The idea of pulling her into the water flickered yeni escort across my mind, but payback is never as satisfying as you imagine. That thought developed, however, and a sudden inspiration occurred.

“Des,” I said. “I want to make you cum, but I want you here in the water with me. Slide off that dock and float, will you?”


“Trust me.”

She did trust me, and as I kept her legs over my shoulder, she eased herself down onto the surface carefully. When she was clear of the edge, I turned us around so that she was parallel to the shore. My hands supported her ass, and like the true nature girl that she was, Desiree relaxed into the pose and floated easily, her arms sculling gently at her sides. One at a time, I used my hands to flip water up onto her belly and breasts, and I grinned when she protested. The cool air hitting her nipples made them crinkle into tight little nubs, though, and Des moaned approvingly.

She moaned again when my tongue returned to her pussy. This time, I focused my attention on her stiff little clit, tracing circles around and around it. Des arched her back in pleasure and I saw her full breasts emerge from the water, dripping silver.

“Oh, God…please make me cum!” she begged.

Knowing what would follow, I put my mind to my task immediately. My lips encircled her sensitive button and I began to suck steadily, punctuating each intake with a flickering tongue. Her hands came down and grabbed the sides of my head–a sure sign that she was close. Removing one hand from her butt, I moved it up between her legs and circled her opening with the broad pad of my thumb, not penetrating her but stimulating everything I could reach.

“Oh, God…oh, God…Oh, fuck yes!” was her response.

I sucked extra hard then and drove my tongue directly onto her clit, grinding it in circles to push her over the edge. That was all it took. A wordless cry of pleasure echoed across the lake. Desiree’s body lurched, nearly pushing me under water before I braced myself. Her pussy throbbed wildly under my thumb, and I felt the pulsations in her clit as well as the tiny pleasure center contracted over and over. Holding her up with one hand, I kept still as her entire frame shuddered. Ripples sped in all directions forming rings of silver white around us on the lake.

Slowly, haltingly, Desiree’s body relaxed. She let go of my head and uncrossed her heels from behind me. She remained floating, however, lying back on the cushion of water and breathing deeply as she recovered. Always the Nature Girl, Des looked supremely at ease in the water.

“That,” she said quietly after a long time, “was uh-mazing!”

She reached for me then, and I let her legs slip off my shoulders. She couldn’t quite touch bottom, though, so she wrapped them around my hips and her arms around my neck. Her breasts pressed against my chest as she kissed me softly, our tongues teasing each other.

I could have stayed like that forever, but my cock was rising again, and it nudged impatiently against Desiree’s ass. She giggled and squirmed in response, arching her eyebrows at me.

“You DO still owe me one!” I reminded her.

“I know I do. I think I owe you two after what you just did, though.” Always fair-minded, she was.

“Where should we go?” I inquired.

“I have an idea,” she said eagerly, releasing me from arms and legs and swimming away from me.

I followed, eager to see what she had in mind. As she passed the dock, Des grabbed her towel and quickly wiped her face and hair. Then she continued toward the shore beside the pilings. With quick yenibosna escort hands, she folded the towel twice and rolled it into a tight cylinder. That she set on the narrow strip of sand between the water and the grass. Then she turned back toward me.

Some sights are burned in your mind forever, and for me, that is one I will treasure forever. Naked, dripping wet, flushed with pleasure, eyes gleaming with lust, and standing proudly in the moonlight beside a quiet lake, Desiree was a vision beyond any high-schooler’s imagination. As I walked toward her in the shallows, I tried to find the words to express all that.

“Des…” I began, “you are so…”

“Horny!” she interjected with a wicked grin. “Come here and lie down!”

Following her finger, I stepped past her and lay on my back, my head on the pillow she had thoughtfully created. My shoulders were in just a few inches of shallow water. My butt rested on the sand, but the water sloshed across the tops of my thighs. My feet were floating. Desiree stepped over me then, towering above me. She knelt down straddling me, cupping her breasts like an offering.

As she toyed with her nipples, she looked directly into my eyes. “I’m going to fuck you right here and right now” she said in a lust-filled voice.

“Good plan!” I croaked.

“Let’s see if you’re as ready as I am…” she mused. Her hands found my cock and stood it upright. A few quick strokes brought droplets of precum to the tip, and she spread them all along my shaft.

“Yup…you’re ready!” she said happily. Then she adjusted her position slightly and sank down, trapping the head of my cock between her slick labia. Another quick circling to spread our natural lubricants, and then Desiree sank down onto me completely in one long move.

“Oh, fuck!” we both groaned at the same time.

Des giggled. Then she toppled forward until her hands were resting beside my head. Her hair hung down, framing her face. Her breasts hovered just below my chin, and I craned my neck to capture a nipple and suck on it. She pulled it away and switched me to the other one. Meanwhile, I could feel her inner muscles grasping and releasing my rigid shaft as it filled her.

I continued to suck and nibble on her breasts as Des began to move up and down. Keeping her nipples within reach meant that she couldn’t go all the way down on my cock, but feeling her tight pussy gliding up and down the top half was perfectly fine with me, and she seemed to like it, too. She bit her lip in concentration, intent on giving me the pleasure I had given her.

Faster and faster she drove herself, and the water near us splashed and splattered as our bodies moved. The cool air on my wet skin, the heat and friction of her pussy, and the sensuous weight of her breasts as I fondled and sucked them were a perfect combination. Soon my heels dug into the sand and I was arching my hips, pushing myself deeper into her with every stroke.

“Fuck, Des…I’m going to cum soon!”

“Do it..” she said breathlessly, “do it! Fuck me…and cum in me…whenever you want!”

“Oh, God Des!” I cried. My cock swelled to its fullest extent and I pulled her hips down hard onto my lap, burying myself against her womb as I began to cum. Pulse after pulse sent jets of cum into her, and she ground down against me, relishing the gush of liquid that was making a slippery inferno of her pussy.

“Yes…yes…” she moaned encouragingly. “Give it to me!”

As my contractions slowed and stopped, my body relaxed. Des groaned one last time and leaned forward, kissing me once before laying her head on my chest and letting her weight settle onto me. I held her lovingly in my arms while my heartbeat slowed. The surface of the water returned to its silvery smoothness, and the night air caressed our bodies as we lay in the shallows.

“Happy Prom Night,” I murmured next to her ear.

“You, too!” she giggled in response.

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