Dianne and William Ch. 02

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Cameron was surprised to find her friends not in the library when she came back to see how they were doing. It was then that she noticed Alex across the room and wondered how long he had been sitting there.

“Hey Alex, since when did you start coming here?”

“Ever since Di moved out, did you know they had a whole erotic section back around the paleontology section?”

“They do?” She looked surprised and then craned her neck back towards the section and saw quite a few guys huddled around something. It must be true. She wondered how she hadn’t noticed it before.

“Yeah, and if you’re looking for her, she left with that guy.” She looked back at him when he said that. He looked completely devastated. She felt guilty in knowing that he watched them together.

“Alex-” she wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. “I’m sorry you saw them.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine. I knew what we had wasn’t great, I knew it would eventually come. I just didn’t think she would bounce back so quickly. Did she break up with me for him?” He looked at her, exploring her face for the first sign that she was lying to him.

Cam sighed before she spoke and knelt down in front of him, “No, I think she did it more for herself. It was time she admitted to me later, she said she would of done it earlier but was afraid you would take it badly. I guess she just didn’t want to hurt your feelings, yet she did in the end.”

He just nodded then went back to reading his book. Cam just looked at him with open eyes; she was seeing a completely different side of him. One day he was the jock with no feeling, the next he was the scarred boy that had his heart ripped out.

“I’m sorry.” It was all she could say. He just nodded again, and then watched her get a chair and bring it next to him. It was nice having her around, made it easier knowing he wasn’t alone.


When Dianne when back to Cameron’s place, she was happy to find that Cam wasn’t there. That was the last thing she needed right now. She had just finished having sex with Will and needed to evaluate everything.

She gave herself to him without even asking any questions first. It was strange to feel that way about someone she hardly knew, it was even stranger how the effect he had on her developed so quickly. Maybe this is what she should have been feeling all along with all her ex’s in the past but never did. It may have been strange but it was the best feeling she had ever had. The best experience with a man she could have ever asked for.

She went to the room that Cam gave her and laid down on the bed, letting the experience wrap around her. Taking her mind into sleep.


When she left that afternoon to go home, he felt a sense of dread wash over him. He wanted her to stay the night but knew he couldn’t ask it. Instead if just laid there dreaming of her and all the things he wanted to do to her. Her touch was electric and he fully wanted to explore it more.

He sat there analyzing the events that led up to the point when she kissed him. He couldn’t believe he didn’t see the desire and lust in her eyes that first day they saw each other. He had just put it down to being a curiosity on who he was but it was far from it. To think he had almost left Brockwell’s class a few minutes before she walked in the door.

Something had stalled him. Some feeling that he had stalled him into finishing his current project instead of putting it off for an hour or two.

When he heard footsteps approaching, he thought it was Brockwell, instead it was her. She looked like an angel just standing there, the light from the windows outlined her frame that just made her seem to glow. It wasn’t until she had stepped into the classroom when he was able to see her face. He was just as speechless as her.

Looking at the clock and seeing the time he got up and made himself some dinner then went back to his bed and started to masturbate thinking of her body, naked.


When Dianne woke in the morning she was surprised to see Cameron there. “Here, I brought you a cup of coffee. Luckily its still hot.”

“Thanks, what are you doing in here?”

“Wondering how your afternoon went with Will, since I came back and a certain two people weren’t there.” She smiled then and tilted her head in a way to suggest something.

Dianne blushed and smiled, “Okay, I slept with him.” then she threw her head back into the pillow.

Cameron just gasped and shook her head in wonderment. Thinking how in the world her prudish friend slept with someone after only knowing each other for a few minutes.

As if sensing her thoughts, Dianne looked up and said, “Hey! I’m not a prude!”

Cam laughed and sat on the edge of the bed, shaking her head even more. “Was it at least good?”

Dianne just looked up at Cam and smiled bigger then normal, “It was Amazing!” She laughed and fell back onto the bed. “I’ve never had an orgasm before yesterday.”

Cameron just casino siteleri spun around and looked at her then, “Never? Not even with Alex?”

“Nope, Alex never could. He always took care of his own needs instead of mine.”

“Ohmygosh…” It was all Cameron could say. This new revelation about her friend and her ex’s and now Will was a little unsettling.

“Don’t tell Alex I faked my way through sex.” Dianne looked at Cam beseechingly, realizing what it would do to his self-esteem problems if he found out.

“Oh, believe me, that’s something I never want to tell him.”

“Thanks, so since you brought me coffee…I’m assuming there are muffins in a bag around here isn’t there?” Dianne looked at Cam with an eyebrow raised.

Cam giggled and pointed to the chair.


That afternoon Dianne was running late to meet Will. They had decided yesterday that he would indeed take her to dinner and a movie. By the time she got dressed and out the door she was thirty minutes late.

He was sitting on a bench outside the theater when she arrived. “Hey, sorry I’m late.”

“Don’t worry about it, I have another idea for what we can do.”

“What’s that?”

He just smiled, “It’s a surprise.”

Dianne looked at him a little horrified, did Cam not tell him she hated surprises? “Umm…okay.” She said a little hesitantly.

He looked at her, saw her expression and laughed. “Your face is extremely expressive. Has anyone told you that yet? Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.”

She just blushed, knowing he had read her like the back of his hand.

She let him take her by the hand and lead her away from the theater. “Don’t worry about your car, we’ll come back for it.” She stopped when he said that, and looked at him suspiciously. He looked at her and laughed again, “You really do have the most adorable expressions.” He let go of her hand and cupped her face, “Don’t worry, I believe you’ll like the surprise.” He kissed her then and reminded both of them of the overpowering electric feeling that passed through them.

She drew away breathless and nodded. She knew in that moment that no matter where he took her, she’d feel safer with him than any other place alone or in a crowd. It was a shocking revelation. How is it that this one man, that she’s barely known for a day could affect her life in this way.

It was at that moment she let him take her hand and guide her along to his truck. He opened the door for her and helped her in. He was indeed the perfect gentleman. She sensed he would be.

He took her for a drive, not even speaking about where they were going. She started to notice the time after awhile, the sun was going to set soon. She really wondered where they were going now.

He finally turned off the road into a driveway. Or at least she hoped it was a drive way, since it was gravel. She couldn’t see on either side of the road because the trees blocked her view. About a half mile into the road he stopped and looked at her.

“Were you planning on driving me all the way out here to stop in the middle of a driveway so you could have sex with me or something?” She asked.

He laughed, that was one thing he liked about her. That sarcastic sense of humor. “No, I’m stopping you so you have a small idea of what to expect. Right around the corner is my house.”

She was curious about why he would take her here. It was then that the driveway curved and a clearing opened up showing a fairly nice sized house with an even better sized yard. He pulled into the garage. “I’ll get your door.”

And he did. Then he led her outside behind the house. She just gasped at what she saw. Next she felt three little dogs come running up to her. “Aw, they’re so cute!”

“Hello children,” and he reached down and rubbed their heads, “I own a these three, but I have quite a few more over there.” He pointed in the direction of a barn looking place. “I shelter and help train abused and foster dogs.” He smiled at her.

She just looked at him in awe; this was one of her dreams, to be able to do something just like this. How in the world did she end up with this guy?

For the rest of the afternoon they spent time playing with his dogs. By the time the sun fell they were making their way back up to the house. “You’re living one of my dreams.” She finally admitted. “Ever since I was aware of the abuse these animals have, its all I’ve wanted to do. To take all of them home and just take care of them.”

“Really?” He was surprised by her confession.

“Yeah. That and to become a best-selling author.”

He nodded and set himself deep in thought. It was indeed interesting how they connected on this issue. He decided to let the issue go and change the subject. “I rented a movie this morning that Cam said was your favorite.”

Today was becoming something else indeed. A drive, day with dogs, and now her favorite movie, what was going to come next?

After he put the movie in the DVD player, he into the kitchen slot oyna and pulled out the food he had stored earlier. He was happy that he had called Cam that morning getting all the information about the likes and dislikes of Dianne. He smiled to himself realizing this was indeed the best date he’s ever had.

That night they feasted on Chicken Alfredo Fettuccini and watched the movie Kate and Leopold.

She fell asleep in his lap in the middle of the movie, he took her to his room and laid her on the bed.

That night she slept more soundly then ever.

In the morning, she found herself in his arms. Instead of getting up she just laid there, waiting for him to feel her shuffle around and wake up.

He did within seconds. “Morning.”

It was strange waking up with him, but it was also very relaxing. “Hi.”

“Cam had an idea you might fall asleep on me so she made sure she packed a bag for you.”

“Did you conspire with her for this entire night?”

There was a soft mumble of laughter in his chest, “Yes.”

She looked up at him, “So, where’s my bag then?”

“At the foot of the bed.”

She got up and found her way to the bathroom, “Mind if I take a shower?” she called out to him.



She stripped her clothes and turned the water on. She took a few moments to wash, before she heard him step inside with her. She turned around and found him standing there naked. “I hope you don’t mind me joining you.”

She just smiled, “Nope, none at all.”

He turned and operated the other shower head on the opposite side of the wall. After a few moments he felt her hands around his waist. “Do I have to initiate everything?”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to or not.”

She looked down at him already hard, “Why would I not want to?”

He smiled and turned around and faced her. When he placed his arms around her, he pulled back realizing she was cold. It was then that he noticed that the water was intentionally set on cold. He raised an eyebrow to her and smiled, “Cold shower?”

She blushed and giggled, “They feel good.”

It was then that he pushed her up against the tile and pulled her legs up around his waist as he trust himself into her. Feeling the water run down over his back, feeling her nipples harden even more against his chest. She wrapped her arms around him tighter and sought his lips on hers.

The feeling of having him inside her again was like a dream come true. He thrust himself inside her again and again and again, until she felt her body growing weak. She was on the verge of having another orgasm.

He felt her coming and stopped pushing. He wasn’t about to let her come yet. He pulled himself out of her and let her legs fall to the floor. She just looked at him as if he were nuts.

He just smiled at her, then turned and cut the water off on both ends. She just stood there, wondering what was going through his mind.

He picked her up and took her back to his bed. He laid her down, and commenced fingering her clit. She nearly bucked in orgasm as he touched her, she was incredibly close and yet he backed off. He waited for her to calm down, to let her breathing return to normal.

“Why did you do that for? I was so close?”

“I didn’t want you to come yet. That’s all.”

She decided he was nuts for not letting her. She closed her eyes and just laid there on the bed with her legs spread wide open for him.

When she opened her eyes she was a little shocked to find that he wasn’t there.

She closed her eyes again, and then heard his footsteps enter the room. “You left me!”

He laughed, “Keep your eyes closed.”

She stole a little peek just enough to see he was holding something. “What did you go get?”

“Didn’t I tell you to keep your eyes closed?”


“Good.” He had gone to get a few ice cubes. Apparently she liked the sensation of being cold. So he was going to give her cold. He grabbed on in each hand, “Don’t move.” then steadily, he placed each on her nipples.

She flung her eyes open and gasped as she felt the ice on her nipples. She moaned when she felt his hands press the ice on them again.

Happy that it got such a reaction out of her, he lifted the ice off her nipples and then leaned down and blew on them. Again she moaned. They were ice hard. He sucked on them and flicked his tongue on the soft little mounds of pink. He took a moment to look at them before sucking on them again. Her areolas were big and round and her skin as soft as snow. He could look at them for hours if he could, but he knew she wouldn’t have that.

He leaned down again and started to suck on them, every so often taking the ice and touching it to the nipple as he leaned up a little more and kissed her neck and sucked on her collar bone. He could feel her getting wet against his cock as he leaned over her.

It was then that he started to work his way back down to her breasts, taking a moment to suck on them again before canlı casino siteleri moving back down to the sweet spot between her legs. For a moment he just looked at it, it was the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen. Her lips didn’t sag down from being fucked too much, not to mention she was completely bare. Not a single hair in sight. He ran a finger down the edge of her lips.

She moaned again. She was happy now that he decided to wait to make her have an orgasm. She realized that as soon as he finally let her come, it would be far better then the previous ones. As soon as she felt his finger she wished it was his cock or at least his tongue.

Slowly she felt him tease her with his finger, she felt his breath on her clit. She sat up on her elbows and looked at him. He was close to clit, but noticing her moving he looked up at her.

She was pleading him with her eyes. He complied; slowly he flicked his tongue against her clit tasting the sweet juices that flowed from her. He listened to her moan in pleasure as he continued to lick her clit. He stuck one finger in getting it covered, then taking it and letting a drip fall onto each nipple. He slowly rubbed her juices on her nipples, until they dried.

Again, he placed a finger inside her clit, moving it around until he found that certain spot. She let out an extremely loud moan as he started to rub it. He continued to lick her clit as he rubbed it, then taking his finger out and placing his tongue in instead he sucked her clit like there was no tomorrow. He fucked her pussy with his tongue, going in and out in rapid movements, flicking the tip on every little spot on her lips he could find.

She pushed his head further into her clit, making him work harder and faster. As she felt herself start to orgasm, he pulled away again.

This time, she sat up on the bed, took his face in her hands and asked, “Why do you keep doing that? I was so freaking damn close!”

He just smiled that little sheepish smile of his, “I know.”

She let go of him and dropped herself back on the bed in frustration. He just crawled on top of her and kissed her cheek. “You have no idea how much I need a freaking orgasm!”

“I know sweetheart, I just don’t want you to have one yet.”

“And why not?”

“I know this will sound cheesy but I just want us to come together again.” He blushed as he said it. He couldn’t help it; he was a romantic at heart. It turned him on even more the other day when they came together.

She just looked at him as he said that. It was indeed cheesy but it was a good, cute kind of cheesy. She pulled herself up on the bed and beckoned him to follow, which he did quite willingly. She pointed for him to lie down so she could start to suck him off.

As he hoisted himself up on the pillows, she sat there before him, waiting for him to be comfortable so she start. Not one second before he stopped moving did he feel a small pressure on his shaft, right above his balls. Her finger tip was slightly teasing him, making extremely small movements.

She heard him moan as she just barely touched him. Slowly she started to stroke him even more. Adding just enough pressure at certain points to make him melt into her hand. When she saw a little dribble appear at the head of his cock she leaned down and took a lick of his sweet nectar. She loved how it tasted. Within moments she placed her mouth on his head and leisurely took him into her mouth. Making sure to back off and then open, back off again and then open her mouth to start sucking him. This was a form of payback for what he had done to her.

Finally having enough of being teased, he reached down and pulled her head off of him and with a gentle touch of his finger under her chin; he brought her face to his. He kissed her, slowly letting his tongue slide in and out of her mouth, letting her follow his. Tracing her body with his hands, he guided her to sit on him and take him.

She obeyed his touch and guided him into her clit, slowly making small movements on top of him. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, hearing him moan as she did this was nearly enough to make her orgasm. Instead she decided to wait for him.

Once her movements started to become more rapid, and took up and down motions on his cock, he placed his hands on her hips and helped her. Making sure every now and then to reach up and play with her nipples again. She moaned every time he did that, and so many other times without him even touching her.

For some reason she climbed off of him then and rolled over, thinking that she wanted him on top he starts to roll over with him. She put a hand on his chest to stop him, she shook her head and told him to sit up and take his rightful place behind her.

So he did, she moved up on the pillows and he spread her legs from behind, then slowly slid himself into her. He thrust himself in and out of her, reaching down and around to play with her breasts and rub her clit. He even kissed her back down its spine as he did. Still thrusting himself into her, each time listening to her moan in excitement. He could feel her body constricting itself against him. She was on the verge of having an orgasm and this time he was going to let her have it.

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