Dinner Date Ch. 2

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Marci sat on the toilet, staring at the door, her feet bouncing up and down in anticipation. A small trickle of juice had begun to ooze from her pussy, making her panties stick to her increasingly warm crotch. She lifted up her skirt and rubbed the palm of her hand against the silk pink panties. Slowly and deliberately she brushed against it, building her excitement and priming herself for Gwen’s cock.

The cock. Marci closed her eyes and thought about the rigidity of the beautiful thing, how it had felt as Gwen grinded against her. She brought her hand up to her face, smelling her pussy juice on her fingers. She licked her finger, feeling the tartness move past her lips and into her mouth.

Marci had unbuttoned her blouse, then pulled her breasts with the spike-hard nipples out of her bra, the material still cutting into her skin. She put her head down, licking the top of her breasts. She was getting warm, and the air conditioning was weak in the bathroom. Sweat ran down her neck, on to her chest.

She stifled a moan. Looked at the door, down at the white tile floor where her saliva, sweat and pussy juice had begun to collect in a small pool. She pulled her foot out of her high heeled shoe and dipped one of her small pink toes in the delicious mix, streaking as it glided against the ground.


The door swung open violently. It was Gwen, her tall black frame silhouetted by the light above the sink behind her. Her lips curled up in a snarl, her beautiful eyes narrowed and focused on Marci, a heaving pile of pussy dying to be fucked.

“Fucking whore”, she said, closing the door behind her. The click of the door echoed against the walls of the empty restroom.

“You like to fucking touch yourself in nasty bathrooms, whipping your tits out like a cheap little whore?”

Excited at seeing her pissed off girlfriend, Marci had begun rubbing herself harder, her lips parting as she ran her tongue against her pearly white teeth.

“Answer me!”

Gwen bent down, grabbing Marci’s breast and tweaking casino siteleri the nipple with her long red nails. She pushed her face into Marci’s, mashing their lips together. Her tongue rolled around in Marci’s mouth, and she moved in and out creating a seal of saliva between the two of them. Gwen closed her eyes, brimming with excitement that she was finally going to fuck. She’d been thinking about this all day, and her pussy was bristling against the base of her rubber cock. She reached under her skirt and pulled it out, feeling its weight as it bounced up and down. She continued to move in and out against Marci’s mouth as she pulled her panties and skirt down, leaving them as a heap on the floor.

The cock brushed against Marci’s knee, its dark brown color standing in contrast to the pink color of her long muscular leg as she opened her eyes. She moaned again, pulled her hand away from her breast and began stroking the cock.

Gwen pulled away from her, causing a long stream of spit to trail between the two of them, which snapped and trailed down from Marci’s lip to the floor. Gwen grabbed the base of the cock, pulling it out of Marci’s hand.

She leaned against the door of the stall, Marci took her in. Tall and black, the big plastic cock protruding from her crotch, the small hairs of her pussy poking out behind it. She zipped down the bustier, her brown tits round and perfect as they rode high on her chest. Marci noticed the scar under her eye, and made plans to put ice on it later. Right now it just made her hotter, because she knew Gwen was extra rough after a tussle.

“You like that?” Gwen asked. “Uh huh” Marci replied, her hand now inside her panties, fingers probing the walls of her pussy, thrusting in and out.

Gwen stroked the cock, licked her fingers and made the cock wet and slippery enough that it shone in the light of the bathroom. Marci had completely slipped out of the shoes, her delicate toes arched against the floor as her ass streaked against the porcelain toilet bowl.

“Say it” Gwen growled, slot oyna feeling her nipples brush against the bustier, causing electricity to rub up and down her spine. Her thick black ass was sweaty and smooth as she pushed it harder against the stall door. She took a deep intake of breath, her chest moving up and down as she looked down at Gwen, now furiously rubbing herself. Gwen arched herself off the toilet, her pussy pushed towards Marci.

“Say it, say you want to suck it” “I…” “Say it, bitch!”

A strong slap across her face caused Marci to groan, sit back down on the toilet as her feet came down in the pool of fuck juice underneath her. She repositioned herself and continued rubbing her pussy, panties pulled aside as her snatch began to turn red.

“I want to suck your big black cock. I want you to fuck my face, fuck till I choke.”

Gwen responded by grabbing the back of Marci’s head, making a fist full of the blonde hair. She pulled, making Marci’s face move right up against the cock. Gwen rocked back and forth, causing the veins of the penis to push against Marci’s soft cheek.

Marci opened her mouth, a loud moan escaped. Her crotch was now soaked, sweat and cum covered her legs and dripped on to the toilet and down to the floor.

The cock pushed against her lips, the head passed across her tongue and bumped against the back of her throat. She looked up, her eyes meeting Gwen’s. Gwen grabbed the sides of her head, violently pulling Marci in towards her, pumping her face with her cock.

Gwen was so turned on, watching herself fuck Marci’s pretty model face with her big black cock. She thrust harder and harder, her pussy dribbled down her leg, ass pounding against the door as she pushed in and out.

She pulled out, the cock now covered in saliva. Marci stuck her tongue out, trying to get the cock she was so hungry for back inside her. Letting one hand go, Gwen gave the cock a good long stroke, the spit that coated it oozing through her fingers. She reached behind her and pulled her ass cheek, rubbing canlı casino siteleri the saliva in. Her crotch bucked wildly as a wave of pleasure rode through her. Mindlessly she shoved the cock back in Marci’s mouth. Still totally unaware of what she was doing she pushed the cock deeper, grabbing on to Marci’s sloppy wet tits as she closed her eyes and bucked deeper and deeper.

Marci felt the cock go all the way down her throat, as it clenched in reflex. She grabbed Gwen’s nice black ass and slathered the saliva in against the skin. She moaned as she came again, breathing through her nostrils, staring at the veins of the member going in and out of her before her eyes.

Gwen pulled out, leaning against the wall, panting to recover. Marci quivered and moaned, her legs spread out, the floor now covered in sweat, cum, and spit. Her toes sticking to the floor as the mixture squeezed between them.

Gwen smiled, licked her lips as she saw Marci’s light pink lipstick rubbed out against the cock. She breathed heavily, stroking the cock in her hand.

“You like that honey? You like getting fucked by my big black cock?” “Uh-huh”, Marci whined. She still ached, rubbing her entire body against the toilet, not aware or caring where she was. She wanted to fuck, she wanted to cum more. Seeing Gwen stroke that big cock, she wanted it inside.

“You want more sweetie? Huh, you whore? You want my cock. Say it.” “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Gwen grabbed Marci’s hair again, pulling her up off the toilet to a standing position. Gwen kissed her, rubbing her tongue all over her mouth. Pulled out and licked her sweat covered face. The cock brushed against Marci’s pussy, which responded by throbbing again.

Grabbing her arm, Gwen spun Marci around. Pushed her head down towards the toilet, Marci’s knee resting against the rim of the toilet. Gwen grabbed ahold of her cock again, giving it several quick strokes as she slathered it with spit and Marci’s pussy juice. Her own muscular legs were covered in sweat, the high heels constricting her feet and causing the muscles to quiver and shake with each motion.

Gwen rubbed the cock between Marci’s ass cheeks, bent over and whispered in her ear.

“Now I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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