Dinner For Two: The Long Sigh

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To follow this story, the first
of the series should be read first. Enjoy!


Jen listened to the last of the water, as it finished its cycle after she’d flushed the toilet. The sound of the door’s hinge was faintly heard followed by a swish. She leaned forward with one eye, peering through the gap in the stall door. Denna’s date had left the ladies room.

Jen unlocked the door to her stall. She stepped out and walked toward the oval mirror, her legs heavy with desire. Supported by the counter, she pressed her hips against the edge of the sink, as she spotted the redness in her face and neck. Like a sun burn, she was hot.

Her fingers went to the first few buttons on her white blouse. The material pulled open, she glanced down between her breasts from the mirrors point of view, trying recall having such a reaction from the sounds of sex. The steady beat of bells chimed, as her cell phone made her jump, the ringer hadn’t been set to vibrate.

“Hey! Yea, let’s have drinks at Goivanni’s…” Jen listened for a moment, “…The bar isn’t busy and there’s a hot guy working behind it…” Jen laughed. “…Okay, see you guys in a few.” and then she closed her cell phone, dropping it back into her purse. She buttoned her blouse, collected herself, and then left the ladies room, headed back to the bar.

The bartender stood, moving his arm in circular motion, as he wiped down the counter. He took a couple of empty glasses and set them inside the moving glass cleaner which was at the end of the bar. Jen gripped the edge of the counter and slid up onto the leather stool.

“I wasn’t sure if you were coming back. Would you like another glass of water?” he said with a wink.

“I’ll take an Amaretto in a brandy snifter, not heated.” Jen winked back.

The bartender stood about six feet tall or more. His dark, brown hair was buzzed, almost down to the quick. The coarse hair of his Go-T was neatly trimmed around his lips and chin. He wore a tight fitting, black, t-shirt that was tucked inside the white apron that he’d tied around his waist. Jen looked into his warm hazel eyes, as he turned dropping a coaster in front of her, pouring the Amaretto into the glass.

“Thank you” Jen smiled, picking up her glass taking a slow, tasting sip. “Just start a tab.” He smiled and then turned away, as he placed clean glasses on the shelf.

Jen turned in her stool, looking in Denna’s direction. They’d begun to eat their dinner, as conversation was seen in between each bite of food. Denna lifted her fork which had coils of creamed noodles hanging from it. Slowly putting a sample to his waiting mouth, he smiled savoring the taste. He then leaned into Denna, thanking her for the bite with a kiss.

He dragged some food from his plate with what appeared to be a large sauce-covered shrimp. He dangled it in front of Denna’s mouth as her tongue came out, waiting for a chance to bite it.

“I’ve got to meet you, mystery man.” Jen sighed heavily, talking under her breath, recalling the last thing he said to her in the ladies room, as she hid behind the door to the stall.

“Maybe next time, you’ll join us.” His words sent chills all the way down her body.

Jen took a mouth-filling drink from her glass. She watched them intently, as they looked into each others eyes. The heat between them could be spotted from where she sat or anyone else that happen to look in their direction. Jen felt a nudge to her shoulder and then looked to see Kristi and Amy standing with widened smiles.

“Hey girlfriend!” Kristi said, in her let’s party voice. “Great place, I couldn’t have picked it better myself.” Amy added, happy with the choice, as Jen swiveled around to face them.

“Hey, glad you girls made it!” Jen said, wondering how long they’d been standing there.

Kristi slid into a bar stool as Amy dropped down into hers. The bartender walked from the end of the bar and then leaned into it with both hands placed at the edge of the counter.

“Well, now. Looks like we need two more waters.” The bartender chuckled.

“Waters? Who’s he kidding?” Kristi laughed, elbowing Amy and then looked back at Jen.

Jen rolled her eyes and laughed, giving Kristi a raised eyebrow.

“Hey sexy, why don’t you reach back there and make me a Long Sigh.” Kristi replied with a sarcastic but, sexy smile.

Jen felt a stab of heat, as it spiked the edge of her nipples. It shot straight down into her wet folds, remembering the long sigh Denna released before she spoke-

“I want you inside me.” Jen bit at her lip, hearing the deep moan in her head that soon followed Denna’s demand.

The bartender took a step back, instantly making contact with Kristi. “How many sighs would you like?” he asked, wetting his lips with the edge of his tongue, as he pressed them together waiting for Kristi to answer.

“One for now but, if I need more, I’ll let you know.” And with that she gave him a wink.

“Would you like that Long Sigh heated sarıyer escort or room temperature?” he asked, still in a stance against the bar, as Amy snickered, nudging Kristi’s leg under the table.

“Heated of course.” Kristi pressed her lips together, giving him an air-blown kiss, teasing him with her playful eyes.

Amy looked at the name tag on his shirt. Tim was his name and Kristi was relentlessly flirting with him. She nudged her again teasingly, “Wonder how tiny Tim is.” Amy whispered in her ear. They both laughed as he turned and began to make her drink.

“Make that two.” Jen added, pushing her empty glass across the counter. And with a small shift, he looked back at her with a nod.

“I’ll have a Chocolate Martini.” Amy requested. Tim’s face flushed with color, realizing he hadn’t taken Amy’s order. “I’ll take mine melted.” She bit the edge of her lip, grinning wildly. He turned only taking in her reaction for a second as he set Kristi’s glass down in front of her.

Jen glanced over at Denna’s table. Licking at the edge of her spoon, Denna enjoyed the desert between them. She placed her elbow up on the table, as he wrapped an arm around her. Embracing Denna tightly against him, his finger tip lightly caressed her bare shoulder. She shrugged and then shivered from his touch, as she sucked at the edge of her spoon, smiling back at him.

“Mmm… so tasty.” Kristi cooed, licking her lips. “I just love raspberry liqueur.” she added, as Jen turned to lift her glass.

Jen took a small sip, gazing back in Denna’s direction. Denna now sitting alone, Jen set her glass on the bar, quickly reaching for her purse to grab her cell phone.

“What’s up?” Kristi asked, curiously.

“I’ll explain in a minute.” Jen answered, distracted by her thoughts.

Jen finished keying in the message and then looked up in Denna’s direction. She watched Denna looked down at her purse, grabbing for her phone. She held it up in front of her reading the message and then looked up toward the bar with a shocked look, covering her face. Jen waved and then the girls turned in there stools, looking off in the same direction, lifting their hands.

“Oh wow, Denna’s here!” Kristi said. “Yea, this must have been the restaurant she spoke of.” Amy added.

“Yeah, I guess it was but, where’s her date?” Denna pretended to be curious.

Denna looked down at her phone. Just then, Jen’s cell jiggled with bells.

“Fancy meeting you here.” Denna’s message said, as Jen looked up, Denna’s smile got larger by the minute.

Denna looked away as her date appeared, sliding in beside her. Jen watch her say a few words to him. He peered through the restaurant, looking in Jen’s direction. The whites of his teeth shined with an incredible smile as he lifted his hand and waved at them.

“Well, now. That explains why she didn’t go out with us.” Kristi said, still waving, looking at them intently. “I would’ve had dinner in!” Amy chuckled, wickedly.

Jen began to type another message. “Yea, such timing! Who’s your date? You said you’d tell me later.” She pressed send, looking back up in their direction.

Denna looked down as Jen watched her date laugh next to her. He grabbed Denna’s phone, as it moved in his hand. Appearing to send a message, he handed the phone back to her.

Jen’s phone sounded with bells once again. “Nice to meet you Jen, Kristi and Amy, I’m John.” His text message read.

Amy laughed and waved again as she moved her lips, mouthing the words. “Hi, John.” Jen set her phone to vibrate and dropped it back into her purse.

Denna and John both held their glasses up and smiled as they took a drink. The girls grabbed their glasses, following the toast as they raised their glass, admiring the two of them sitting closely together.

Jen recalled John’s hot words that spilled between them, as she quietly listened in the enclosed stall next to them. Jen loved the sound of his voice. It was seductive, torturing, and so insatiably hungry. She could almost feel the touch of John’s hands, as he pressed Denna’s body aggressively against the flexible stall. Jen’s back bucked against it, as the sounds of pulled flesh were heard while John wrestled with Denna’s clothes. The soft moans and whimpers came from Denna with each movement. The thought made Jen’s nipples tighten in her bra once again, crippling her body with need. She shook at the thought and finally rose her glass with a smile.

Jen turned in her stool, facing the bar as she looked at Kristi and Amy. “Hey, you alright? You seem distracted.” Kristi looked at her with wonder.

“Oh, yeah. I’m great! It’s kinda of funny that we all bumped into them huh?” Jen said, brushing off any suspicion.

“Well, I for one think he’s hot.” Amy stated with an admiring smile, looking back at them once again. “I second that.” Kristi added.

“You have no idea how hot.” Jen muffled into the rim of her glass. “I need one of those long sighs myself.” Jen took the last drink sefaköy escort out of her glass.

“What idea?…” Kristi questioned her, hearing the last of what she said. “…You want another Long Sigh?” Kristi asked.

“No, I’m good.” She quickly said, skipping over the question.

Jen turned in her stool once again. John looked up in their direction as they moved out of the booth. John bumped Denna’s arm, pointing just past her shoulder. Jen waved, “Their leaving.” Jen turned her head toward the girls but, not her eyes. The girls turned looking over their shoulders and then waved.

Jen watched them for a long moment as they reached the front desk, waiting for their cab. Almost out of sight, Jen looked at her purse, grasping it in her hand. Tempted to text her again, Jen’s purse began to buzz. The girls were chatting away as she secretly opened the zipper to her purse. Flipping her phone open, she held it along side the bar stool.

“Come to my place tomorrow for lunch, I want you to meet John in person.” Jen closed her phone and sucked in a breath. How will she eat, let alone be in the same room with them, knowing what they shared?

* * *

The curbs edge glimmered with dome lights, each cab waited in a long line for restaurant goers to leave the building. John and Denna stood just outside Giovanni’s, clutched together, as couples pasted by them unnoticed.

Denna broke away from the warmth of John’s lips as she looked up into his green eyes, still at the tips of her toes. Releasing the hold to his neck, Denna slid her fingers down his shoulders as the palms of her hands laid flat to his beating heart. His grip loosened, relaxing his hands at her hips.

Denna settled her ankles back down into her high heels. The cool air now began to flow between them as she noticed the last two cabs, waiting at the curb. Under her eyes, she returned the deepened stare, a fixed, heated gaze that left John’s mouth ajar. She took a step back, pulling away. One step and then another, putting more and more distance between them.

“Tell me you want me with your body and your eyes as you walk away from me.” John took a breath inside himself, as Denna opened the cab door, slipped into the backseat, and then closed the door behind her.

His eyes locked with hers through the glass window. Her bright and lingering smile tightened his chest, wanting to do anything to stop her from leaving. The yellow cab in front of hers began to leave. Hers was the last one left. He was frozen, feeling the pull of desire between them.

The cabs engine started, suddenly the door opened. The pale skin of her knees glowed in the street lights that streamed down into the back seat of the cab. Her hand went to the side of her dress. One pull and then another, the warm flesh of her thigh now lay uncovered against the bench seat of the cab. Denna set her palm at the empty space next to her, patting it repeatedly.

John walked briskly to the cab, his hunger pushed him along as more and more of her legs began to show. He grabbed the edge of the cab door and pushed it open further. Peering down into the cab, Denna sat waiting. Her lips still red, swollen from their last kiss.

“Take me home John.” Denna whispered seductively, tapping the seat once again.

John slid into the seat next to her, shutting the door behind him. He rapped his knuckle against the glass window, “3911 Maple Drive.” John instructed the waiting cabby. And with no word or backward glance, the cab quickly sliced out into traffic.

John returned to Denna’s sultry eyes. His stare dropped to float down the slope of her body. The soft, shape of her breasts lay just beneath the red halter top she wore, moving against it with each deep breath she took. His gliding gaze moved down her stomach. She quivered with every inch, his eyes felt, liked she’d been touched.

“Mmmm, shaking for me already…” The thought began to trip around in his head. Reaching her bunched up skirt, the tops of her thighs shimmered under the black, laced stockings, as she parted her legs further. “…Mmm, more…I want to taste you so bad.” his cock flinched as his mouth watered.

Slowly but, purposely Denna moved her hand from the cold pad of the seat, to her open thigh. The tips of her fingernails sank into the lace of her stocking, lifting and running it along the inside of the lace. John gave a prolonged intense look, the sight made Denna lick the edge of her lips. Pulling her fingers free, she left the lace unmoved. Denna teasingly took the pads of her fingers, slid down into the junction of her thighs, laying them against the wet folds John once felt.

“Show me” John growled under his breath.

Denna peered into the cabby’s mirror. She studied his shifting eyes, his sights set on the street before him. Sank down into her seat, Denna lifted her foot and pressed the spike of her heel against hard barrier that separated them from the cabby. John went silivri escort to the edge of the seat, as he dropped one knee down onto the floor.

Glancing out the window at the city lights, the cab jerked making a sharp, unexpected turn. John braced his hand against the back of the seat as Denna began to move. The delicate touch of her fingers grazed the pink diamond that appeared and then disappeared in the flickering light of the cab. Her head tilted back into the seat, as her eyes drifted shut.

John watched the movement of her beautiful body and the slow, occasional flex of her arm and thigh. A rough, scraping sound beneath her heel was heard, sliding against the hard glass barrier. Light aroma of her excitement, intoxicated his body. Her breasts rose and fell, as her nipples appeared underneath the soft, red color of her top.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to have you again.” John quietly thought, feeling the wet essence seep from the tip of his crown, strained behind his boxers.

Denna opened her heavy eyes, sitting forward. Freeing her fingers from the gripping, wet heat she created.

“We have all night.” She purred, licking her painted fingers, as she placed them into her open mouth.

“Ohh” John exhaled roughly, folding his hand into hers and then pulled them away from her mouth to sink his teeth into the one she missed.

The cab suddenly slowed, coming to a halt. John sat still clutching her wet fingers in his hand. “We’re here.” she winked, breaking his stare.

John released her hand and watched as she slid over, pulling the handle for the door. He followed, stepping out onto the curb, pulling a large bill from his pocket too pay the cabby.

“Thanks Man” the cabby looked down, taking a second look.

Denna walked in a slow stride, headed for the front door with John only a step behind. A cord dangled from her fingers as her purse hit the back of her knees with a light bounce. The scuff of her high heels crackled against the concrete path, the only sound heard. Approaching the steps, Denna dug out her keys to unlock the door.

John stood behind her, his warm breath at the base of her neck, just waiting to pass the threshold of the door. Nibbling at the edge of her neck, John nuzzled his nose behind her ear. The sweet scent of her perfume filled his nose, making his hardness flinch again suddenly.

“Ohh, you smell so good.” He breathed, tightly pressed up behind her.

The lock popped and the door swung open as Denna stepped inside, leaving only inches between them.

“Would you like a night cap?” Denna asked, before turning around.

“No.” John growled, turning her quickly, grabbing the back of her neck.

John pulled roughly, pressing her tightly up against his body. He bit at the edge of her lip, cradling her neck in his hand as the other aggressively wrapped around the small of her back. His breath came in short, hurried gasps. He kissed her hard, quickly, and sucked at the edge of her tongue, as her lips folded in and out of his.

The sudden loss of her breath made his hips press forward, rubbing against the material of her dress. She gripped his chest with a tight squeeze, pushing him back.

“Now, now…” she paused, taking her lips away.

“…Be a good boy…” making a fist, waving her pointed finger back and forth in front of him.

“…And have a night cap with the lady.” She hissed wickedly, pressing her scented finger against his lips.

“Grrrr…you’re killing me.” He thought, as she pulled away and then turned, walking seductively toward the kitchen. “And just what kind of night cap are we talking about?” John chuckled, following her. He watched the smooth curves of her ass slide against the black dress, as it danced against her thighs.

“Hmmm, another glass of wine? Or maybe you’d like a brandy?” she asked, looking into the cupboard.

“Wine.” He answered, “But, that’s not what I’m thirsty for.” He said, under a held breath.

“Wine, it is.” and then she reached into the cabinet, pulled out two glasses and placed them on the counter.

John leaned against the counter, giving her body a slow, heat-inspiring perusal. Her tight calves flexed underneath her silk stockings, as she stood on the tips of her toes. She causally walked over to the wine cooler, bent down and grabbed a bottle. A pressurize bottle opener appeared in her hand, as she pulled the wrapper from the neck of the bottle. Denna sank the sharp silver spike down into the cork, driving it in until it was flush. One push to the air cylinder and it forced air into the bottle.

“Remind me never to piss you off…” John chuckled, looking at her hand as it turned white with pressure from holding the bottle steady, tightly grasped in her fingers. “… Don’t you have a regular bottle opener?” he added, watching with amazement.

The cork popped as she ripped it from the silver spike, setting it on the counter. “Who likes to be regular?” she turned to face him with a clever grin.

She held the glasses in one hand, hanging from her finger tips and the bottle in the other, walking toward him. “Going to do the honors?”

“Yes. And you’re far from regular.” He added, taking a quick glance and her reddened breasts. He lifted the bottle and one glass from her finger tips, filling the glass only half full.

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