Doctor Makes it All Better

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(Not a True Story)

A visit to the gynecologist is not most women’s idea of a great time. For most women it brings on a sense of anxiousness and fear. Most women don’t enjoy being poked at and prodded at by a stranger with strange objects. That’s an acquired taste. But there are some doctor’s out there that help make a girl’s first exam comfortable.

I sat nervously in the waiting room of my doctor’s office, glancing at the photos on the wall and trying not to show my fear. The nurse called me back; she seemed like a normal woman, middle-aged and sweet. She walked me back to the examination room and took all the normal vitals that doctor’s offices usually do and then handed me a paper gown and said, “Please remove all your clothes and put this on, the doctor will be with you shortly.” With that she left me in the room alone.

I stripped down and put on the gown, sitting down on the cold hard table. It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door and the doctor entered. Much to my surprise it was a man. The shock must have been apparent on my face because he said, “If I make you uncomfortable we can reschedule you with another doctor.”

Not wanting to have to go through the agony of having to wait again I simply muttered, “No, thank you.” He examined my chart and the nurse reentered the room, pushing a tray with swabs and vials on it. I nervously made sure to tell him that I was still a virgin. He nodded and didn’t say a word.

My pulse quickened when his hands slid beneath the paper gown and found first one breast, and then the other. It was the first best breast exam a doctor had ever canlı bahis şirketleri given me. He cupped them, and then squeezed gently yet firmly, pulling lightly at my hard nipples as I suppressed a moan. I was becoming increasingly hot and was getting embarrassed at the heat I could feel forming between my legs.

He asked me to lie down and after scooting my butt to the very end of the table, lifted my feet into the stirrups, locking them into place. My face was shocked; I didn’t think this was supposed to be happening. He saw my face and said, “Relax, it’s just to make sure you don’t fall off of the table or anything.” This didn’t really calm my fears, but I relaxed anyways. He ran his gloved hands over my pelvis, checking for problems, after not finding anything wrong he turned to his nurse.

She opened up a tube of jelly and squeezed some into his hand which he then pushed into my wetness which made me gasp. “You must be liking this, you’re very wet,” he said. I could only nod slowly. He entered another finger in and turned to his nurse, “I think we need to make her first trip memorable.” She nodded at him and moved around to the side of the table.

He continued to finger me, and out of nowhere I could feel his tongue on my clit. I held in my moan, and arched my back while he licked me feverishly. He stopped licking and stood up, still fucking me with his fingers. He tore off the paper gown and ran his free hand over my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I moaned loudly. “There we go dear, enjoy it,” he said and stopped his actions. He gave the nurse canlı kaçak iddaa a look and he left the room.

I was not only confused, but very horny and couldn’t believe he had left me like this. I pulled against the stirrups, but they wouldn’t budge. I tried to talk to the nurse but she only stroked my head and hushed me. She began to caress my body and my nipples, making them rock hard yet again. “The doctor will be right back, just try to relax.” “He’s getting ready for the last part of the exam; he wants it to be special for you.”

A few minutes later the doctor returned, wearing nothing but a paper gown. He pulled it off, revealing his big hard cock to me. “What are you going to do with that,” I asked. The nurse answered me, “He’s going to penetrate you, he thought it would be best that your first time be something real, rather than a cold hard metal object.”

He walked up to the table, “Just relax, this is going to hurt a little but I promise to be gentle.” The nurse hands him a condom and more jelly, which he puts on quickly. The nurse returns to my side where she starts to suck and lick my nipples yet again.

He stood in front of me, rubbing his cock along my slit and pushed gently against me, making me moan. He slowly pushed into me a little ways, creating a great pressure. I bit my lower lip, overcome by the pleasure my breasts were receiving and the pain he was causing below.

He slowly allowed his penis to move into me further moaning, “I remember now why I love virgins. You are so fucking tight.” Soon he’s all the way into me, and the pain is residing. He begins to thrust canlı kaçak bahis himself in and out of my tight wet pussy. It wasn’t long before I was matching his thrusts with my hips. The nurse is still assaulting my breasts and nipples, and I’m moaning in pleasure.

He begins to thrust harder and faster, grinding his pelvis against my clit, making me scream out in ecstasy. “Fuck me doctor, o yes fuck me hard!” This encouraged him to move faster and I feel us both getting close to climax. I rocked back against him harder and felt the nurse bite down on my nipple. I arched my back, curling my toes and felt myself squeezing his cock inside of me. I began to breathe harder, shuddering and milking his cock. He thrust deep inside of me, holding himself in place and we both climaxed together.

He stepped back with his legs wobbling, sliding himself gently out of me with a wet, “Pop.” He undid my stirrups, and gently helped me sit up. “Well, miss I haven’t found any problems today. I hope your first trip to the doctor wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be.” With that he pulled a paper gown over him and hurried out of the room to get dressed.

I sat on the table in shock and disbelief. I was so turned on by my doctor; he had just fucked me in the examining room. I caught my breath and a smile formed on my lips. The nurse handed me a box of tissues, “Clean yourself up, and get dressed. You are free to go.” I followed her directions, and her eyes never left me as I did. “Now what do I do,” I asked. She motioned me to follow her.

I followed her out to the receptionist desk. “Now usually the time period for exams is once a year,” she said. “But you are a special case, and the doctor would like to see you every three months.” I smiled to myself, eager for the next appointment. “Tell him I’ll see him soon then,” I said and started out towards my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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