Donna’s Destitute Cuckold

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Donna’s destitute cuckold…by cuckytoher and tinykuckold


Dinner was over, and there was the usual pile of dishes to be washed, dried and put away. My wife Donna used to help, but since I lost my job and she is the sole breadwinner, however as a high-powered attorney she makes plenty to support both of us. She said since I’m out of work, the least I could do was the cooking, shopping and cleaning. I guess she’s right. I stood there my hands in the soapy water, wearing a pair of gray yoga pants and a tank top. Donna says she finds the yoga pants sexy on me so as a small concession and in hopes of getting more attention from her I always wear them around the house.

The theme from Jeopardy played on her cell phone indicating she was getting a text.

Her phone was going off like crazy. I really hate her text tone, but I never complain. It’s usually related to her job. But at this time of night I knew that wasn’t the case.

She was stretched out on the couch looking so sexy in her yoga pants with no underwear and tank top sans bra. Her curvaceous body made me drool. Long red hair cascaded down over her shoulders covering her big 38DD tits. Those big thighs stretched the limits of her yoga pants and I had gotten instantly hard earlier as I watched her walk away from the dinner table with her big ass tightly ensconced in them. My tiny cock raged to its full three inches erect, not that she noticed. Her freshly pedicured bare feet encouraging me to finish dishes in a hurry so I can go give her a foot massage while she drinks wine and watches her shows.

I finished and took my place at her feet and she managed to acknowledge my presence and stretched her feet over the ottoman without a word. Her reality show was on, but she wasn’t paying much attention to it. She was fixated on her phone

“Timmy, what’s the name of that hotel you took me to for our anniversary babe?” She asked me as I continued massaging her feet.

“Parkmont?” I answered, halfway asking why she was asking. I hate when she calls me Timmy, makes me sound and feel like a kid.

She didn’t acknowledge again.

I continued massaging and kissing her feet which I’ll admit is more a turn on for me than her, but she’s never told me not too.

She giggled softly and exhaled. Her toes curled up in front of my face as she continued texting her mystery person. I didn’t want to impose but it was driving me crazy.

“Work texting you?”

“No,” she said, not bothering to tell me who it was.

“Is it your sister?”

“No, it’s Mike,” Donna said.

“Mike your old boyfriend?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Hmm?.. yeah… He’s talking about…”

She trailed off and never finished. A few minutes went by and she asked me to draw her a bath.

I filled the tub with water and bubbles like she likes as she continued texting with Mike. She set her phone down as she slipped off her yoga pants and tank top revealing her beautiful voluptuous body. A new text message popped up on the screen and I saw it was from Mike with a picture of his erect cock. I gasped but didn’t say anything pretending to cough.

Donna moved here to San Diego a couple of years ago after her relationship with Mike ended. She doesn’t talk about him much. At least she didn’t until recently. From what I gathered she wanted to marry him, he ended up leaving her for someone else, she was heartbroken and moved out here from Massachusetts. We met at her office where I serviced the copier. I noticed her curvaceous figure and the low-cut tops she would always wear and the way she always seemed to be flirting with guys in the office. One day after having to go back to her office twice to service the damn copier she told me she thought I should buy her dinner to make up for my incompetence. I was shocked and excited at the same time and quickly agreed. I’m not the most attractive guy in the world, pushing 40 with a bit of a paunch, bald, pale white skin, and I’m not well endowed in the cock department.

That first dinner led to many more with me always footing the bill. Soon she was expecting presents and then for me to run errands for her which I gladly did. One night she wore a very revealing white top with no bra, kissed me and let me play with her tits! I was in heaven. She gave me a quick rub of my cock outside my pants and I came embarrassingly and apologized. She laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal, but I could make up for it by cleaning her apartment and detailing her car which I did. Our courtship lasted six months and one night she proposed we get married. Donna confessed she like a man who tended to her every need and was attentive the way most men weren’t. I was flattered and smitten! I immediately accepted and we were married soon after. Now, out of nowhere this guy decides he wants to start talking to her again.

I could hear her washing and lathering in the tub from the other room, wishing I was in there to see her long sexy legs and beautiful breasts covered güvenilir bahis in the soapy water as she bathed.

I could hear her humming softly and my tiny cock was at full attention. It’s been weeks since we’ve had sex and then it consists of me licking her to orgasm after orgasm and sometimes even having to lick her ass until she comes. Then I’m rewarded with a quick hand job while she drifts off to sleep.

DING! {Jeopardy them}

She’s still texting him in there…


Was that?..

I swear that sounded like her phone taking a picture…

I’m being crazy, Donna isn’t like that. I shake my head literally trying to shake myself out of these crazy thoughts I’ve been having. It just seems like she’s talking to Mike a lot lately and her affection for me seems to be going in the other direction, almost as if she is taking me for granted since I’ve lost my job.

I pulled two warm bath towels one for her body and one for her hair and her big fluffy terry cloth robe from the dryer and headed to the bathroom. Maybe a nice warm towel and robe after her shower will soften her up.

As I walk back upstairs I can hear her humming has turned to moaning. I quietly listen and stiffen immediately. She’s playing with herself in the tub. I can hear a soft splashing sound that I can only imagine is her hand moving rapidly in sync with more moaning and panting. I wonder if she’s still on the phone, is she texting, FaceTime? Finally, a loud gasp and she’s done…I guess that’s gonna be a “no” tonight for me. Maybe I can talk her into a hand job. Big surprise.

I can hear her draining the tub and I knock softly offering her a warm towels and robe.

“Aw, thank you sweetie,” she kisses my cheek and hands me her empty wine glass.

When I come back to the bedroom she’s sitting on the bed in her towel, still fixated on her phone. She hands me her bottle of lotion as I kneel in front of her. It didn’t take long for this little nightly ritual to happen without any words spoken. I told her I love rubbing her legs and feet so in her mind she’s doing me a favor. Normally that would be true but tonight it’s just torture. I want her so badly I could explode.

“I don’t know if you saw that picture Mike sent babe but, I just want to let you know I didn’t ask him to send it, he was just being nasty, that’s his sense of humor! But I want you to see I nipped that in the bud right away.” She motions to show me her phone conversation.

Mike: what you mean this? Mike: cock picture Donna: Mike! I’m engaged! You can’t send me stuff like that (blush emoji) Mike: Is your fiancé going to beat me up? laughing emoji

“Oh yeah I saw it, I was gonna ask what that was all about…”

“Oh yeah? Why didn’t you?” She challenged.

“I just um…”

“I’m just teasing you babe,” she said touching her big toe to my nose in a flirty way.

“Um…. Donna….Why did you ask about the Parkmont?”


“Well, I was going to wait to tell you, but Mike is actually planning a trip out here”


“He’s going to moving his business out here and wanted to know a good place to stay.”

“Oh yeah? The Parkmont is pretty pricey…”

“He’s pretty well-off babe…” She said. Then she noticed me lower my head. “Awe babe don’t feel bad because you’re unemployed and Mike’s rich. I didn’t mean it that way.” She got up and dropped her robe to the ground showing her voluptuous body before slipping into her sheer nightie and hopping into bed.

For most of the next few weeks Donna’s text message with Mike became more and more frequent. Sometimes she would check to see if I was sleeping and get up and take her phone into the bathroom in the middle of the night and spend quite a bit of time in there. My days became more and more like those of a housewife; cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork, shopping. It got to the point that when Donna finally came home from her hard day at work I would have a chilled glass of wine, candles lit, dinner cooking, house cleaned, mail ready for her and the foot lotion on hand to give her poor tired feet a massage.


Last Friday I was doing my normal errand running when I spotted Donna’s red Mercedes pulling up in front of the Parkmont as I was coming out of the cleaners with her dresses. I stood in stunned silence as I watched her get out of the car in a different outfit than she had left the house in that morning. She was dressed in a sheer chiffon white blouse cut very low showing off not only big tits, but her beautiful cleavage. She wore a tight black leather mini skirt accentuating her big hips and bubble butt and black stockings and heels. She handed the valet the keys and went into the hotel. My heart leapt to my throat. What was she doing there dressed like that? Could it be she was meeting Mike? I pushed that thought away, hopped in my tiny ten-year-old beat up car and headed home.

I was a wreck all afternoon thinking and fantasizing about my wife türkçe bahis and another man. Especially if that other man was Mike. I was downtrodden. She hadn’t talked about him much when we first met, but lately she’s been gushing on and on about Mike and all the things they did together. What a jock he was and how he was a man’s man, an Alpha male. It all made me feel weaker and more emasculated, but at the same time turned me on deep down inside. I heard Donna’s Mercedes pull into the garage and rushed to meet her. To my shock and surprise, she was wearing the same clothes she had left for work in that morning! Had I been dreaming? Was I seeing things?

I handed her the traditional glass of wine and meekly followed her into the living room where she kicked off her heels and plopped down on the couch engrossed in her cell phone.

“How was work dear?”

“Work was work. It’s always work. Nothing ever changes,” she said. Then leaned back and stretched still typing on her phone.

“I picked up your dresses today at the dry cleaner. You know the one across the street from the Parkmont,” I said, hoping to get a response.

“What?” She looked up distracted. “I’m sorry babe, what did you say?”

“I said I picked up your dresses at the dry cleaner today the one across from the Parkmont. Boy they’re doing a lot of work to that place.”

“Yea, actually I was there today too.”

“You were?”

“Yes, honey I forgot to tell you Mike flew in on whim to check out some local business firms and we met for lunch.”

“Oh how is he?”

“Oh he’s fine. Mike hasn’t changed a bit! And you know what? He said the same thing about me! I was so flattered! That Mike always could turn a girl’s head and knew exactly what to say to the make the ladies swoon!”

She put her phone on the coffee table, drained her wine glass and said, “Honey I’m gonna take a short nap before dinner, wake me when it’s time to eat.”

Ok so I guess if she’s being honest with me I have nothing to worry about…

I just don’t understand why she had to dress up so sexy to meet up with him. If I’m being crazy she did it because she’s cheating but I’m sure there’s a logical reason. I’ll just ask her during dinner later.

I tried to wake her a couple of hours later but she was obviously really tired so I decided I’d just let her sleep and get takeout. I must have passed out on the couch watching tv after dinner because the next thing I knew she was standing in front of me in her robe drinking a glass of wine.

I jumped up to offer her some Chinese food I had ordered.

“No thanks babe I’m trying to watch my weight, I noticed my leather mini skirt doesn’t fit quite like it used to.”

I guess she’s opening up the floor for me to ask. She never wears that skirt anymore so she must know that I saw her in it.

“I have a confession to make. When I was picking up your dry cleaning, I saw you going into the Parkmont. You looked absolutely beautiful and I noticed you were wearing it when you met up with you friend Mike, why did you change?”

She chuckled, “my friend..” she said under her breath.

“Well mr. Nosey…, I changed because the Parkmont is kind of a high-end place and if you MUST know, it was kind of a business meeting”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Mike is trying to get his office cleaning business moved out here and he wanted my help getting him set up.”

“Oh, so…you were just giving him some tips and stuff?”

“Yeah babe, just some business stuff. Speaking of which, have you heard anything back from anywhere you applied?”

“No babe not yet,” I said, defeated.

“It’s going to be tough with just a high school education, you’re not really qualified for anything at all, hun. Mike says he used to tell his old HR team to not even look at an application unless the person had at a minimum a bachelor’s degree. Well, maybe you’ll have to stop being so picky, or maybe prideful is the right word but I’m sure something will come along…”.


Over the next few months Donna and Mike met weekly at the Parkmont to discuss him moving his business here and Donna assured me she was only providing legal advice. My self-esteem plummeted during this time and I was in such angst wondering what days she was meeting with Mike (she didn’t always tell me about it, sometimes mentioning if offhandedly a week later) and what she was wearing and what they were doing. In the bedroom I became more submissive and subservient to her. She ran the show and I went along. Most nights after her foot massage she would have me lick her to orgasm. Kneeling on the floor looking up at her curvaceous, Rubenesque body all I could picture was Mike fucking her. It drove me wild and when I was alone during the day I constantly masturbated to these thoughts. It got so bad I could only get an erection when I imagined the two of them together.

My wife not only noticed my submissiveness growing more and more with each passing day, güvenilir bahis siteleri she began to assert more and more dominance over me. She began requiring me to do more and more chores such as yesterday when she had me detailing her Mercedes while she lay on the couch on the phone reminiscing with Mike. When I was finished I came in and stood before her like a maid whose finished a task and is awaiting the next command. She was still on the phone with Mike.

“Yea that would be fun! I’ve never done a pontoon boat ride and I’d love to! Yea well you always were into water sports!” She laughed and looked at me with a questioning stare.

“Um I’m all done with your car it came out beautiful if you’d like to come look at it.”

“Not now, I’m busy,” Donna said, waving me away with a dismissive hand.

I hung my head and skulked away.

“Wait,” she said. I turned on my heels my heart in my throat thinking she had reconsidered.

She held up a finger and then spoke into the phone. “Mike I just had thee best idea. My hubby just finished detailing my Mercedes and I remembered you said how bad your Escalade needed a good detailing. Why don’t you bring it over here and my hubby can detail your Escalade while we talk about your business expansion? Really? Great! See you in a bit.” She pushed a button on the phone and looked at me. My face was flushed.

“Donna, do you really want me to do that? To detail his car?”

“Well I just thought you’d like to please me. You’re always going on about how you want to make me happy. Well this would make me happy! You know honey since Mike and I have reconnected, he’s become a very special person in my life. I mean we were almost married at one point.”

“I know….it’s just that…”

“Just that what? You aren’t working, you’re bringing in nothing to keep this household afloat and I ask you to do this one thing and you don’t want to? Fine! I’ll pay someone to detail his Escalade!” She got up and stormed into the bedroom.

I meekly followed like a child who had misbehaved. Donna had stripped off her clothes and was in the shower. I stood and spoke to her through the fogged-up glass door where I could see the outline of her gorgeous body.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I know what you said is true. It’s just sometimes I think of you and Mike and I get jealous and it drives me wild with jealousy. I know you knew him before you knew me and you two were almost married and it just drives me wild. I apologize I know you’ve got a lot on your mind and you are bringing in everything for household. Please accept my apology.”

I watched as she lathered up her breasts and washed her hair. She didn’t speak to me and I stood there waiting. Finally, when she was finished she opened the door standing there naked, her body glistening wet and looking so beautiful. I handed her a towel and said, “Donna, please forgive me?”

“You know what I think Tim? I think the thought of me, and Mike makes you more than jealous, I think it excites you sexually to think of me with another man, a virile, successful man! I know all about your submissive tendencies. So if we are going to be honest with each other we need to start right now because communication is the key to a successful relationship. Now answer me, does the thought of Mike and I being together sexually, excite you?”

There it was. She had dropped the bomb. She hadn’t admitted to anything, but I knew this was the time to fish or cut bait as they say. I took a deep breath.

“Yes. There I’ve said it! It does excite me.” I hung my head expecting the worst, instead Donna approached me and kissed me intimately.

“That’s what I thought. You know honey it’s not a fault to admit you’re submissive. The world is full of Alpha males and beta males and the ones who know their true calling are always happier. Mike is an Alpha male always has been always will be and you’re a beta male always have been always will be, agreed?”

I stood there my tiny cock not only growing in my tan shorts but betraying me by leaking a big stain of pre-cum on them.

“I see by your shorts you agree,” Donna said and walked to the bedroom. She put on a white tank top with no bra and a pair of black yoga pants. She sat on the bed and patted a spot next to her for me to sit.

“You see honey when Mike and I were involved before he was very much into the whole dominant submissive thing and I just wasn’t into being submissive to him. But things change, and life changes and well now that you and I have a relationship where you’re submissive to me I think I could begin to become more submissive to Mike, because I like having a dominant role with you. You know there’s an old saying: the craft of a dominant is not imposing dominance, but winning submission. And you see, I think I’ve won your submission haven’t I Tim?” She lay back on the bed, peeled off her yoga pants and spread her thick thighs exposing her shaved pussy.

“Why don’t you call Mike while I lick you and tell him to bring his Escalade over and I’ll detail it and make you proud.” I said, as she lay back and dialed Mike’s number. Unfortunately, he was already on the road and said he’d be glad to drop by another time to have me detail the Escalade.

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