Easy in Japan Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Easy Girls

Hammering, ear deafening techno beats filled the air, cascades of blue and red spotlights flashed through the disco, a humming machine spit out huge clouds of fog bathing an ecstatically moving crowd in an obscure atmosphere.

High above all this Ryuchi Hasagawa observed the wild dancing people closely through a wall-high mirrored window that took one whole side of his personal lounge. The square room was small, furnished with only two huge leather couches and a small low table. The man was slim, around 50 years old with greying hair. Looking into his face made clear that he was a guy who knew what he wanted and that he was not the easy kind to mess with. In fact he was not only the owner of this club but also a high-ranking member of the local Yakuza. There was a reason he stood at the window and observed the dancing people. Finally he seemed to have found something that got his interest because he lifted a pair of small binoculars in front of his eyes. Observing closely his lips formed a cold smile. A knock on the door interrupted what ever he had just thought. Lowering the binoculars to his chest he turned around.

“Come in!”

A young slant eyed woman wearing a maid costume carrying a tray with just one glass, filled to the brim with some alcohol entered. Hasagawa moved closer to the waitress who offered him the drink. After he’d taken the glass she bowed deeply and turned around to leave. The Japanese club owner patted her small buttocks before the girl could escape through the door. Sipping on his drink he took out a slim mobile phone and dialled a number. The call didn’t need long he just gave a few dry orders to whoever was on the other side then he returned to the window and kept staring down every few moments picking up his binoculars and stare closely. After a while he nodded and sat down on the couch taking another sip from his drink.

Thick clouds of blue smoke hung in the air, some soft tunes were playing in the background. At several round tables sat numerous men, some alone some in small groups and some in the company of a kind of hostess that everybody would immediately describe as complete slut and that not just because of the flimsy little outfits they were all wearing. Some customers were talking in a whispering tone but most of them watched a small circular platform in the centre of the room. A still young looking, completely naked woman kneeled on all fours on the tiny stage arching her back, butt high in the air, her knees far apart so that even the last one could see the bare folds of her glistening pussy. The stripper held her eyes closed aware that everybody was staring at her most sacred, yet often so fully public spot. With ease she shoved a pen-sized dildo into her puckered ass that seemed to make her body shake in ecstasy the other hand slowly glided between her parted legs spreading her cuntlips even more apart. In that state her tits were mashed onto the ground her head resting sideways on the floor mouth wide open shrilly crying out her lust.

A few minutes later the strippers show was over and she cramped her toys and lingerie together and climbed down the stage heading towards the dressing room when a hand waved at her. She looked over at the guest, sighed almost non-visibly and turned towards him. When canlı bahis şirketleri she had reached the table and bent down to the sitting older gentleman his hand playfully attacked one of the girl’s bare breasts and groped it roughly.

“No need to change, hon. You are just as I want you. Why don’t you go down and give my little boy here a nice treatment with your hot tongue?”

The stripper knew that she wasn’t allowed to argue with the guests so she put down her stuff and crawled under the table. While unzipping his fly her thoughts drifted off to the warm shower she was about to take and her comfortable bed that wouldn’t possibly see her tonight depending on the amount of men she still would have to serve after this one. The young woman parted her lips and noisily slurped on the piece of meat the guest had given to her.

The two rather teenage looking girls inspected the room curiously but also a little bit scared. Ryuchi Hasagawa could smell their angst. They had accepted his offer and they partly were aware of why they had been invited into his VIP-lounge. The bully who had brought them in closed the door after leaving the three alone. Ryuchi pointed at the couch opposite to him and offered the two women a drink. A strong drink that would loosen them up – the aging men was experienced in these things.

The girls sat down, one crossed her legs and both really tried to pull their short miniskirts further down at the same time to hide their cream-white thighs from naughty views. The club owner invisibly chuckled at their useless efforts. The skirts were too short and it was obvious that he could have seen their panties when they would have parted their legs just a little bit. Ryuchi Hasagawa took his time to finally have a closer look at these two beauties. It was clear for him from the moment he’d seen them first down on the dance-floor bending their flexible bodies to the rhythm of the furious beats that those two were hot, young sluts — just maybe they weren’t really aware of it, yet.

One of his newly arrived guests had the creamy white complexion of the so adored traditional Japanese geisha. She was wearing a light blue one-piece party dress with spaghetti straps that clung to her slim body like a second skin. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, two dots marking the peaks of two perky apples visibly outlined by the thin dress poked very clearly through the stretched material.

The second girl was quite the opposite her skin was well tanned shimmering bronze-like. She wore an ultra short, skin-tight black miniskirt who’s top started at a point that not only her hipbones were exposed but also her complete abdomen left free and ended just three fingers wide underneath her crotch. She also wore a white tank top that left the middle of her body uncovered, revealing a pierced belly button at the centre of one hell of an athletic body. This girl certainly was a fitness fanatic but her most prominent assets were the two, full round globes that seemed to burst her small top into pieces any moment. Those juggs certainly get a lot of male attention, Ryuchi thought. Both girls had in common that they had very cute, innocent faces with big round eyes and high cheekbones that looked a bit unusual for somebody who originally was Asian. Also their straight canlı kaçak iddaa hair was jet-black and reached down to their waists.

‘They are perfect and would make a fine addition to my staff.’ Ryuchi Hasagawa cleared his throat and looked into the faces of his two treasured guests who stared naively back at him.

“You know why you’re here?” He addressed them.

“Because you watched us dancing from up here!?” The one with the two mighty advantages had spoken up.

“Correct! I saw you and was very impressed. You two are so very beautiful and also damn sexy.” At this words the girls became red, giggled and stared down at their feet avoiding Mr. Hasagawas glance.

“And I’m very happy that you’ve accepted my invitation and joined me here. This really means a lot to me.” The aging man continued and added without hesitation:

“Do you mind telling me your names?”

“I’m Tomoko” the buxom one said and then nodding at her shy friend: “She’s Haruka.”

“You may call me Mr. Hasagawa. It’s a pleasure to meet you Tomoko and Haruka.”

“Thank you sir,” both girls let out in unison.

“And may I ask how old you are?”

There was a short silence when both girls looked at each other. Finally Tomoko declared:

“We are both 21, sir. We go to a college close by.”

It was obvious for Ryuchi Hasagawa that they were lying. Despite their already well developed bodies he could tell that they were merely out of high-school, both certainly over 18 but not in their 20s. But the little lie also meant that both girls were game. They probably had earned some extra money at the phone clubs and even if not, he was sure they knew how to please a guy. He would go easy on them at first, anyways.

“Tomoko-chan, please come over and sit next to me. I really start to like you girls and I think we should get to know each other a little bit closer.” He smiled at them mischievously.

Tomoko slowly rose to her feet and seated herself very close next to her older host who then offered them another drink. The trio cheered at each other and everybody took a big gulp. After putting the glasses back on the table Ryuchi stretched out his right arm behind Tomoko and placed it over her shoulder.

“You know you girls could earn a lot of money working for me.” Before anyone could interrupt him he continued: “I can take care of all your needs and you can have an easy life spending buckets full of money on clothes, make-up or whatever you may fancy.” Mr. Hasagawa made a dramatic pause looking mindfully from one girl to the other so it was Tomoko who spoke again: “Well, that sounds very promising but you wouldn’t do this for nothing, would you?”

Ryuchi let out a playful laugh. He loved this game, the girls were playing innocent to make them look unexperienced, virgin-like and with that more expensive but they were interested else they would have already left. Like absent minded his hand brushed down over one of Tomoko’s tits. Then he looked at her: “You would just have to do me or one of my friends a favour once in a while,” his broad, false smirk was back on.

In their insides both Tomoko and Haruka shivered. They didn’t like to make out with these old and greasy ‘assholes’ but they also needed the money to get the clothes and goods all girls canlı kaçak bahis needed to be accepted in their peer-group. To be popular means to always wear the newest fashion. They knew it wasn’t right to take money from elderly men for letting them touch their young bodies but they also had no time to find a job of any kind because they had to go to school. At first it been really bad, both Tomoko and Haruka who were friends since kindergarten had secretly cried into their cushions at night but that was years ago. Know they were used to it and they didn’t really felt ashamed.

They both had boyfriends around their age but it never came to their minds that what they did could be considered as cheating. They knew that almost a quarter of the girls in their class and even their school did the same. The others who didn’t were either lucky enough to have rich parents or too modest or ugly to earn money this way and the latter two groups certainly were the outsiders nobody wanted to be with. Society can be a mean and nasty place to be part of but neither Tomoko nor Haruka had really thought about another way.

They knew it was common for girls to be watched from hidden parlors in the discos while dancing and get invitations to join the male inhabitants for a drink or also more. They had tried out several clubs the last couple of nights and in some also got an invitation but all they made was around 15,000 Yen for a couple of blowjobs. Going out to dance certainly was a lot more fun than walking the streets at night picking up some flyers and call strangers who waited at a phone-club for a date. That was also the main reason why they haven’t given up the hope, yet to meet some guys who were willing to spend a little bit more on them. And Ryuchi Hasagawa looked like he was willing to just do that, even though it already had dawned the two girls that their salesman type host was more then just a horny old bastard who wanted a quick fuck.

Tomoko snuggled closer against Ryuchi, giggling she took another sip from her third drink. The booze was strong and she felt already a bit dizzy but she knew that this was all part of the game and the alcohol would make it more easy for her, too to do the unavoidably thing she had to do. Her friend felt the same way. Haruka had stretched out her legs besides the table with the result that her skirt had ridden up quite a little bit. Her face was already glowing and the alcohol certainly had taken its toll from the small girl. Mr. Hasagawa openly pawed Tomoko’s huge globes through her tank top. The girls had told him that they would consider his offer if he were willing to pay them good. They weren’t so fond about it when he told them that they only would have to work for him but on the other hand he told them that they could quit anytime in case they didn’t want to meet with a certain ‘date’.

It was a job offer that would get them the security of having their own pimp and a good cash flow. When Ryuchi Hasakawa’s hand reached under Tomoko’s top and pawed her firm flesh it suddenly appeared to the girl that she was now a hooker and that she had lost her innocence already a long time ago. The feeling immediately vanished when her top was pulled over the ripe girls head, her enormous boobs sprang free and were soon massaged by her new boss – owner? — who now used both of his hands kneading her full globes. There was no time for doubts when his fingers gently squeezed her erect, pointy nipples. There was just time for fun, enjoying life and making good money. Tomoko closed her eyes and lay her head back.

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