Eating at His Desk

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I met John on line a couple of weeks before this event. We exchanged erotic messages constantly, arousing each other and having fun. We had a bit of trouble staying in touch when he took a long weekend fishing trip to western North Carolina. Internet access was iffy. Talking about that led to a mention of his company’s private computer and local area network. That led to the idea to use that computer to seduce a woman in his office. We hatched a plot to have some fun. We agreed that I would write a sexy note to him, but instead of sending it to his Yahoo address, I would send it to his company’s office computer. It could not be retrieved remotely; someone had to read it in the office, on the LAN.

I wrote a lewd and provocative note, with emphasis on how much I loved the way he ate my cunt, and how much he seemed to enjoy doing it. I praised his technique and told him he was the best muff diver I had ever had. In my opening remarks I apologized for sending the note to his office (wink, wink), but told him Yahoo seemed to be having indigestion problems.

Early Monday morning John called his office and asked Terry to check his email. He told her to call him on his cell phone if there was anything important that couldn’t wait for him to return to the office the next day. Then he went back to his last day of fishing. The lure for Terry was now in the water.

John, a single man and an important one in this business, figured the worst that would happen if she read the email, or someone else did, was that his reputation as a sexy guy would sky rocket.

When John returned to the office he sent me a message to tell me that the effort had bourn fruit. He sent me a short note to confirm that, and said he would soon send a more detailed account of what happened afterwards. What follows are those two messages.


Terry, the girl who opened your email, came into my office and told me she had read it. She apologized, saying she didn’t realize what it was until she was well into it. And then she could not stop. She smiled a little and announced a Chamber of Commerce after-hours get-together tonight, asked if I was going, and said she would like to go, too, if that was ok. I said fine, and she started to leave my office.

At the door, she stopped, turned, and said this was not really any of her business, but asked if I really enjoyed going down on a woman as much as it sounded. When I told her yes, I did, she said her husband wouldn’t do that for her and she hadn’t been eaten in nearly five years. She then left my office. I’ll see her at the Chamber happy-hour beşiktaş masöz escort and see what happens.

I’ll keep you updated. Hope all is well with you. John


Susan, I’m sorry I have taken so long to get the details to you, but this has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had since I took this job.

Terry went with me to the Chamber event Tuesday evening. We had a couple of glasses of wine and then left the event for a real drink in the hotel bar. She seemed fairly loose and more comfortable than she normally is around me; I guess she is usually more guarded since she works for me. Anyway, after a bunch of small talk she brought up the subject of the emails and said you certainly seemed to appreciate my talents. I told her that you seem to enjoy our times together. She asked again if I really enjoyed eating pussy as much as it appeared, and I told her yes, I do. She said her husband refuses to do that for her, even though he expects blow jobs from her. I pointed out that he seems to be selfish and told her how much I enjoy making a woman cum with my tongue.

We danced around the subject for a while and I knew she wanted to say something but was afraid to, so I finally said that if she ever wanted to try my oral skills she should wear a skirt or dress without panties and have a seat on my desk in front of me. I didn’t give her a chance to respond; I just said that I needed to get home, told her I enjoyed our time together, and left.

Wednesday she came into my office mid-morning to bring me some reports. She wore a light, button-down-the-front, sleeveless dress. After she told me about the reports she turned and started to leave. She stopped at the door and asked me if I was serious about what I had said the night before. I said yes, and if she was interested to close and lock the door. She did. She stood there quietly as we looked into each other’s eyes.

I rolled my chair back and told her to come over to my desk, patting the top in front of me. She came over and stood in front of where I sat, her buttocks touching the front edge of my desk. I told her to have a seat on the desk and to lie back. Wordlessly, she shimmied up onto the edge of the desk and lowered herself back onto her elbows. She stared silently at me as I put my hands on her knees and ran them up over her thighs, pushing her dress up off her legs and onto her belly. As instructed, she was naked under the dress. Susan, Terry has a beautiful, well trimmed pussy. I began to salivate as I looked at it.

Terry continued to stare beşiktaş otele gelen escort silently as I began to unbutton her dress. When I reached her waist she sighed and lay back flat on the desktop. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing as my fingers worked the decorative buttons loose. She sighed again, more deeply, and closed her eyes when I pulled the sides of her dress apart and exposed her whole body to my view. I could hear her breathing then, and could swear I smelled her arousal.

I stood between her splayed knees and drank in the beauty of this young woman spread before me. She wore a skimpy black bra which contrasted with the pale white of her skin. I unhooked the front clasp of her bra and let it fall aside, baring her breasts to me. She has lovely breasts, not large but firm, with small pointy nipples. When I took them in my hands she inhaled sharply and arched her back slightly, as though offering them to me. As I caressed them her nipples hardened and darkened. My cock did the same thing, tenting my pants. I continued to fondle her breasts for a few minutes, tweaking her nipples and pulling on them. Her eyes remained closed but her breathing and sighs signaled her growing arousal.

I then ran my hands down her body to her thighs, open in front of me. Susan, she has the second prettiest pussy I think I have seen — perfectly formed with nice full lips, just right for parting with my tongue and sucking into my mouth. So that is what I did.

I sat in my chair and pulled up close to her. She jumped a bit when my tongue touched her damp flesh. I ran my tongue up the valley between her lips to her clit, but eased up when I ran it back down and into her already wet vagina. I began to work her with my lips and tongue, with my mouth buried between her legs. I grasped the cheeks of her ass and pushed her thighs up and back. Her knees bent and splayed outward and her feet settled on the desk, presenting her whole sex to me. I continued to lick and suck at her lips and clit. I would guess it took her just two to three minutes to cum. She tasted delicious, and her orgasm intensified my own arousal. I was painfully hard, uncomfortably so in the cramped space of my pants.

I eased up with my tongue because I knew she would be very sensitive after her orgasm, but I still kept licking gently around her vaginal opening and sucking on her lips. All this time she was saying how good this felt and how she had forgotten how wonderful it was to have her clit licked.

It took a few minutes but I felt her clit swelling again, beşiktaş rus escort so I started using my fingers on her labia and inside her vagina, right behind her clit. As she got closer to another orgasm I started playing with her tightly puckered anus, putting gentle pressure on it as if to penetrate her. She squirmed away at first but seemed to forget about it as she got closer to her climax. Just when she started to cum I slipped the finger into her anus and felt her contractions as she erupted.

When she recovered she said nothing had ever been in her ass before, but that it was the strongest orgasm she had ever had. I stood and started to unbuckle my pants but she stopped me. She said she had not fucked another man since she had gotten married and was not ready just yet.

She got off the desk, shucking her clothes as she turned me around. She then knelt in front of me as I leaned against the desk and gave me a great blow job. I stood there, almost fully dressed, surrounded by the formality of a business office, while this beautiful, naked woman knelt submissively before me, my cock buried in her mouth. The whole scene excited me immensely, and I was soon erupting with my own orgasm. She gently squeezed my balls as I ejaculated into her mouth. To my delight she swallowed all my cum, milking the last oozings from me and sucking gently to ensure she didn’t miss a drop, She kept me in her mouth until my cock wilted and then gently tucked it away for me. As I zipped up, she smiled up at me and licked her lips, smacking them unnecessarily but sexily.

She was in no hurry to dress. Instead she stood, sat back up on my desk naked, and we chatted. She talked to me a good bit about her sex life at home, or lack of it. Her husband is a selfish bastard who is (I think) just using her mouth and vagina to masturbate into, not taking time to please her. He wants his cock sucked but won’t return the favor. She is not ready to fuck around on him yet, but she is close. She told me she is an anal virgin but loved the feeling of my finger in her ass. She asked if there could be a repeat of what we had done, and I told her all she has to do is wear a dress/skirt and have a seat on my desk.

She came back for an encore Friday! All this fun thanks to her being nosy and reading your raunchy email. I really look forward to slipping my cock between the beautiful lips of her pussy, if this is not going to be like giving up her cherry again. Office sex can be fun but it can not get too emotional.

Susan, I have a hard-on from just thinking about this as I write it to you!! Thanks, girl.



Terry and John have continued their fun, and not just in his office. And the finger in her ass – and her response to it – was a foreshadowing of things to come. Or cum. More about that soon. And about the second woman to join the fun.

Susan James

PS Please vote and leave a comment, or write a message to me, to share with John.

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