Ecstasy in the Shower

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Stepping away from the computer, after reading a very steamy e-mail from you, I quickly walk toward the bathroom. My clothes drop piece by piece as thoughts of the pleasure I will enjoy almost swamp me with desire. I open the crystal clear shower door to start the water, then step in as the steam begins to fill the shower enclosure. A sigh escapes my mouth as I move under the water, feeling it sliding over my body, over my breasts, my stomach and finally my legs. I look downward, seeing little beads of water in the small patch of curls between my thighs. And I think of how wonderful it would feel to have your fingers slowly opening my lips to explore my sensitive and throbbing clit with your tongue.

Changing positions under the water with the spray to my back, I let my hands begin to slip and slide over my body in a delightfully teasing manner. My fingers find my breasts with fully erect nipples and circle, then pinch, them until I can’t hold back the moan that seems to have come from deep inside of me. As I continue with one hand on my left nipple, the other moves down my stomach, as the muscles there quiver, then toward the vee at the juncture of my thighs. My fingers part the aroused flesh of my lips to find my clit, sensually rubbing it back and forth as I feel the rush of my juices leaking unto my upper thighs. I lift one foot to the rim of the tub to give more room for my fingers to explore.

Having heard my moan as you pass the bathroom toward the bedroom, you quietly open the door to find me there with my fingers between my thighs. Hearing the little sighs of pleasure that is coming from me, beşiktaş türbanlı escort you step into the room to watch me through the clear glass of the shower door. You take your shorts off, leaving on your undershorts, and you also remove your shirt before sitting on the nearby chair. As you watch, my fingers circle my swollen clit a few times before diving into the recesses of my hot and very wet pussy to find my g-spot, teasing it for a few minutes. Soon my fingers begin moving within me, sliding almost pulling completely out, before thrusting deeply back in, over and over again.

The soft moans and sighs of pleasure have now been replaced by louder moans and groans and you know I’m on the verge of cumming hard. Driven crazy from watching me, you stand up to open the shower door, quietly so as not to disturb me. You step up behind me to capture my neck and forcefully push my head and body down, thrusting your cock deep inside of me just in time to feel the orgasm that I’d been striving for. You can feel the clenching and unclenching of my vaginal walls around you, bringing forth a wonderful groan of pleasure.

As you release me, sliding from my body, I turn in your arms to kiss you gently upon the lips. I whisper, “Thank you, love,” before moving down to kiss your chin, then move toward your neck and chest. Stopping but a moment or two to ravish your nipples with my nipping teeth and hot tongue before going lower, I seek the hardness that still stands straight up between your legs. And, as I sink to my knees, I kiss your stomach. My hands cup you, beşiktaş ucuz escort then caress you, causing a deep and passionate moan.

“God, I love hearing you moan, baby,” I say as I look up at you.

You smile and reply, “And, you know what hearing yours does to me, too, darling,” as you remember mine.

I see your already hard cock twitch then harden even more in my hand. “Yes, I can tell, very well,” I say with a bit of laughter. Then, no longer wanting to just tease you with my hands, I let my lips find your rock hard and slick cock, kissing up and down the length.

“Taste me, sweetheart,” you say, “I need to feel your tongue dancing on my skin.”

I moan very softly with the thoughts of it before my tongue finds the head of your cock to encircle it a time or two before sliding down the shaft and back up. My efforts have been greatly rewarded as I find you are leaking gracious amounts of pre-cum. Flattening my tongue, I rake it across the head, capturing it, letting it roll on my tongue before closing my mouth to savor the wonderful taste of you.

Wrapping my lips around your girth, I move lower, taking you as deep inside of my mouth as possible. I feel your fingers bury themselves in my hair, wanting to hold me close and I can’t help but think to myself of how much I love it when you do that. My mouth moves upon you for several minutes before I feel you pulling me away, reluctantly. I look up, my eyes on your face with a questioning look.

You say, “No, baby. I wanna cum deep inside that hot little pussy of yours.”

Smiling, beşiktaş üniversiteli escort I say, “Mmmmm, I thought you’d never ask, sweetheart.”

Being the gentleman that you are, you take my hand and help me from my knees to stand before you. Our lips meet for a deep, sensual, soul shattering kiss that feels like it lasts a lifetime. Lifting me into your arms, you wrap my legs around your waist and move us toward the wall of the shower, pressing my back against it. I feel the length of you sinking into my yearning pussy. Moaning deeply into your mouth as we still kiss, I tighten my muscles around you and begin to move up and down.

Then, breaking our kiss, I arch my back to bring my pert nipples almost level with your mouth, knowing you can’t resist such temptation. I can feel your tongue flicking the tip of one then the other nipple, just teasing me and you can see a smile playing on my lips as I enjoy it. I feel your teeth begin to nibble, then suck hard and I can’t hold back the moan of immense pleasure it brings me.

We begin to move faster in our thrusting, as I take you deeper and deeper inside of me. I can feel the tightening of my body. And I can sense that you, knowing my body as well as I, also know that I’m about to have an explosion. I feel you thrust even faster to urge me on until I cry out your name as my pussy clenches around your cock again and again, bringing about your own orgasm that sprays my cervix with thick, rich cum.

Slowly, we come down from the high of our shared bliss, my legs sliding down yours to the tub floor to test their strength. Standing on my toes, I lift up to kiss you, tell you “I love you” and thank you for joining me in the shower this evening, before we step back under the now warm water of the shower to wash each other playfully. Then drying off, we stretch out on our bed to drift off in each other’s arms, knowing we have a little bit of heaven right here on earth … in each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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