Egyptian Princess Of New Egypt Ch. 05

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“No. I am not here to overthrow you Isis. Contrary to what you may think you know about me, I am not an evil person.” chuckled Lena as she and the Queen lounged around the dining table. The pair ate duck and vegetables.

“But you are a goddess, no?” Isis raised an eyebrow as she plucked her goblet of wine from where it sat on the table. Her guest nodded while she finished chewing her bite of duck.

“I am here to become a citizen of your kingdom. As I have shown you, my bloodline is pure going back to Marcus himself.” Lena answered.

“But what status do you wish to gain? Surely you do not wish to continue to conceal your lineage? My historian’s will compare your family’s scroll to my records to see if you are who you say.” Isis murmured, her eyes watching the other woman’s every move. She had a air of grace and tranquility, but her eyes spoke of her strong will and level head; a quality that not many could manage. Isis wondered what Andreas would think of her.

“Name me your second, and heir to the thrown.” Lena said as she popped a cube of cheese into her mouth and them cradled her wine in the palm of her hand, sipping it. The sweet tang of the wine mixed with the musky taste of the cheese created a little disco flavor party in her mouth.

I eyed the Queen genuinely, she was gorgeous, just as I had heard. A picture of old egyptian royalty in the flesh. She seemed to care much for her people and their future in this land. The food was excellent, I took another swig of my wine enjoying the sweet texture after miles of having nothing. I smiled at Isis, she was beautiful no wonder Andreas was in love with her.

“Where is Andreas?” I questioned glancing around curiously.

“He is away on a mission to retrieve my young sister from my Father’s kingdom.” Isis submitted carefully. My smile deepened as something flickered in her eyes.

“How do you know Andreas?” she came softly. I recognized a royal shiver as it traveled up her spine, she didn’t like my manners and heir.

“His mother, was my mother’s elder cousin. Your historian’s should show you that as well.” I said.

“You are cousins?” Isis seemed startled out of her prior assumptions, her hazel blue eyes blinked rather slowly as she processed this new information. So, Andreas was more directly related to Marcus then even her own family tree. Isis had never been educated in the more personal affairs that were of Marcus Stills life, the fact that he may have had a mistress or several female lovers outside of his greatest achievement, New Egypt itself; was a completely new idea to the Queen.

But how in the name of the gods was that even possible! While her own family line was descent of numerous kings and queens of New Egypt… this lone stranger claimed to be Andreas cousin, and the great great great grandchild of Marcus himself! Isis nearly swooned at the mere prospect of this realization. Isis was a grandchild of Marcus as well, but the bloodline had been passed down on the male genes, while Lena’s had been passed down by the female genes. If all of this were to be true… Lena would be just as eligible to rule over all of New Egypt; the same as Ra 11!

I watched Isis’ facial expressions shift from awe to fear to a giddy shock, as her step by step realizations struck her to the core. Her sudden outburst of laughing nearly made me start to chuckle as well, but I remained still allowing her bask in her mirth. She came down from her laughing high, taking a sip of her wine to calm herself once more.

“Yes Isis, Andreas is my second cousin. I remember he and I use to play together every now and again, as youngsters. Until his mother died and his father took him away.” I said.

“You are the True goddess of New Egypt, Hehet.” Isis raised her glass in a salute to me. I gave a nod and raised my glass as well.

“An female heir to Memphis.” breathed Isis.

Two months bostancı escort later….

Andreas and Amunet thundered into Taweret during the dead of night. Andreas helped her to her room and immediately headed to his Queen’s chambers. He was crossing the many grand halls when someone whispered his name.

“Andreas….” He followed the familiar tone to the thrown room. The pale moon’s rays cascaded down through the mighty limestone pillars, casting shadowing phantoms and an erie feel to the massive room. His eyes spotted a figure lounging on the thrown, instantly he assumed it was Isis so he rushed closer. With a cry he stopped abruptly once his eyes told him that it wasn’t his lover, but a stranger! She was laying across the arms of the thrown chair, her body nearly nude. She appeared to be shorter then Isis but just as lovely. Her body was lush and draped with an intricate strand of gold coins. Her right ankle sported a smooth stainless steel band, it was clasped together with a small lock, it was too polished and bright to be the ankle clasp of a servant, but just the same she wore it proudly. Andreas felt himself grow hard, he hadn’t had any sex in so long, and the thought of this strange vixen being his slave made him ache with passion. He took a few steps closer still and the moon’s light brought her into a clearer view, he gasped as his dick leapt, straining so hard against his pants. Her body held a few tattoos, a small silhouette Arabian horse head was on the outside of her left ankle, a metallic green portrait of a leopard gryphon looked as if it were climbing it’s way up her body from her right knee to the top of her hip; and Andreas could hardly see it but she seemed to have another tattoo on her back but the room was too dim to be positive. He knew that she wasn’t from this part of the world, not at all. Her eyes were closed as he moved nearer, almost on top of her.

“Who are you?” he whispered, he was so close that he had to looked down at her small form.

She gave no reply but merely placed her hands on the bulge in his pants, Andreas nearly growled with delight, her smirk as he did made her seem so alluring; as if she knew what she was doing.

I rubbed his stiff cock, loving how his eyes gleamed while he looked down at me. I moved to a sitting position on Isis thrown, his hands buried themselves in my curls as I undid his pants, his eager dick sprang forth from beneath the fabric and I made a mewing moan at the sight of him.

“Suck me.” he panted, his fingers gripping my hair tightly as if to emphasize what he wanted. I made a noise of willing delight as my hand wrapped around his thick girth, my pink lips drawing his velvety crown into my hot wet mouth. Moaning deeply I began to suckle, my tongue taking swipes of his underside, swirling and tasting his flesh. He was at least 8 inches maybe more and he tasted so delicious as I sucked harder and harder, my grasp pumping him from root to where my lips were sealed around his head. My pussy began to drip as I worked, little mewling groans came from my throat as his eyes were glued on my face. I glanced up into his eyes as my tongue lapped lovingly at his underside, Andreas gave a heartfelt “ohhhh” as his passions grew.

“I can smell you.” he breathed softly, his nostrils flared as he inhaled deeply, drinking in my scent. The scent of this strange woman was so sweet and musky, it was driving him mad with lust. I moaned in approval withdrawing his pulsating cock I gazed at it in wonder, it glistened in the moonlight with my saliva, my tongue couldn’t help but run licks at his very tip as if he were a piece of candy. I growled as I earned a drop of his pre-cum, his taste nearly had me cumming at that moment, my pussy was soaking wet and I ached; painfully. It had been a few years since I had had a lover, and my body longed for him.

“Do you wish me to take you?” çeliktepe escort Andreas voice was strained with desire, husky with passion, and crazy with the need to fuck this woman. I shivered violently at his words, I was so turned on as I stood up, my face only coming to his chest. Andreas eyes were sharp with need as he gently maneuvered the little wench into the thrown, tossing her legs wide, dangling over the sides of the armrest. Andreas knelt, covering her gushing slit with his hot mouth, his tongue lapping up her juices in eager reciprocation of her divine ministrations on his rigid tool. I gave a gasping sigh as his warm tongue tasted me, his rough palms braced against my inner thighs as he devoured my labia and vagina.

“Oh my lord! oh my lord!” I panted aloud, my body was so sensitive and eager, he growled his approval as my fingers slipped into his hair to tug and pull. I nearly screamed as his bulky tongue pushed into my aching slit, but his right hand slammed over my mouth to muffle my cry. His eyes looked straight into mine as his tongued my weeping pussy. My eyes rolled and I moaned deeply with such desire as his stunning eyes watched my reactions. Once I had calmed down just enough to cease my louder sounds he stood up in a crouch, his dick large and throbbing. His palm pressed back onto my mouth while his eyes locked with mine, his other hand guided the tip of his member to touch my cum soaked lips, teasingly he rubbed it up and down a bit wetting his crown with my cum. Then he thrust up into me. My muffled scream told him that he had hit home, his big cock then began to pump me, his thrusts were eager and quick, and oh how I wanted it fast. My body wiggled and trembled as he pumped harder and harder, my mewling groaning cries only encouraged his antics. My head thrashed about with passion, his other hand was wrapped tightly around my ankle that had the lock and shackle… I knew he would like that. I began to keen as my orgasms broke over me in waves that never seemed to end… suddenly his groaned and shoved deeply releasing his loads of cum into my womb. We shuttered together as our climaxes shook us.

His eyes watched me as we parted, without a word Andreas left me sitting there on Isis thrown, legs spread eagle and dripping with his copious amount of cum. I smiled to myself, wishing that he hadn’t fallen for it but at the same time adoring that he had been a willing participant.

The very next morning I sat beside Isis at the morning dining table, eating sweet bread and fruit. Isis was dressed in a silky emerald robe, matching drop earrings hung from her ears made of real green polished rocks. Her hair was spun up in a circle braid that wrapped about her head. She was discussing politics with several members of her court advisors that were seated at the table as well. I merely listened to their chatter, not really paying attention until approaching footsteps drew my sharp eyes upwards from my plate. There standing in the entrance a very shocked Andreas, his eyes were instantly drawn to me as he realized the implications of where I sat; at the left hand of the Queen. He blinked, I could see him desperately trying to hold his composer. Isis’ delighted gasp broke the utter disbelief of the General.

“Andreas! You have returned!” exclaimed Isis as she saw him.

“I have my Queen.” he replied with a low bow.

“Where is Amunet my sister?”

“She will be joining us at present, I passed by her bedchamber on my way here and her maid informed me that she was just getting out of bed.” Andreas spoke in a very formal, almost too direct way. Isis couldn’t place what was wrong with her lover, but she smiled deeply at him and motioned for him to be seated next to Hehet. His answering wide eyes were just a odd to the Queen but he did do as she suggested, stiffly taking a seat next to the woman. He tried not to look at cihangir escort her directly, avoided her gaze but his nostrils flared. Isis noticed his reaction and frowned, did he recognized his cousin at all? Why was he acting so strangely towards her? Once he had taken his seat those that had been speaking when he had entered, resumed their conversations easily. I ventured a glance at Andreas, he was trembling slightly but he attempted to suppress it as he reached for some food.

“Andreas what is wrong?” Isis asked in a hushed voice as she leaned towards the General.

“I’m not sure my great Queen, the journey was long and exhausting, I may not have gotten enough rest.” he lied.

“Do you know who you sit beside?” Isis glanced at me. Andreas turned his face to me and our eyes met for the first time in the light of day. His breath caught and he paused suddenly. I wasn’t sure if he knew or if he was shocked at how beautiful he had only barely perceived me to be last night. Shaking his head slightly.

“This is Lena, also known as Hehet. She came to me two months ago from America. Andreas she is your mother’s cousin.” Isis informed him. A sharp clattering jolted the room into silence. Andreas had dropped his knife onto his plate at this news, his eyes darted back to mine and his face had a look of mixed emotions. Suddenly Amunet entered the room and Isis leapt up to greet her with hugs and kisses of sisterly love and affection. Andreas shot upright and stormed from the dining hall, using a separate doorway. I was right at his heels, meanwhile Isis and Amunet looked about the table in great surprise to discover what the even bigger outburst had been. Isis found Andreas and Hehet had left suddenly together.

“You!” Andreas spat once we had marched out of earshot of the dining hall, he spun around and grabbed me. His iron grip on my shoulders made me wince but I still met his sharp fiery eyes. He was angry and hurt, pain and surprise were plain in his face.

“It’s true Andreas. I am Lena Stills. Amy was my mother.” I said, my voice trembled, sure he was my second cousin but I had always loved him. At this his anger turned to near molten rage, he snarled swinging me around he shoved me against the closest pillar. Gasping I tried to inhale as my lungs burned in protest, he had knocked the air clean out of me.

“Why did you seduce me!” he nearly yelled, his voice pitched as his other emotions began to weigh on him, he had betrayed Isis, he had been weak; unworthy.

“I… I…”

“Tell me!” his voice turned deadly as his fingers wrapped around my neck.

Andreas?… Hehet?” Isis voice carried as they heard the Queen walking in their direction from the dining hall. Andreas eyes burned into me, I saw his rage, but then beneath it I saw something deeper; something more intense then I had ever dreamed of to be true.

“I have loved you since before your father took you away from me.” I said simply, honestly.

“But we are cousins.” he whispered in return, his face showing his uncertainty and tender unknown emotions of his own.

“I love you just as you love Isis.” I locked my eyes with his to emphasize my sincerity.

“Hehet?” Isis was getting closer with every step.

“Fuck. You confuse me so Lena.” murmured Andreas as he stepped closer, pressing his body suggestively into me kissing my lips fiercely before breaking away. He turned just in time to greet Isis around the corner.

“What’s going on?” Isis asked, she was truly concerned.

“Lena wanted to speak to me in private for a moment, but now I am here.” Andreas said.

Isis raised a questioning eyebrow at him, as I composed myself and stepped from behind Andreas and the pillar smiling.

“Yes I wanted to reassure him that I am his relative.” I backed him up.

“I see.” Isis accepted what they said as she turned back towards the dining hall.

“Come Hehet you must meet my little sister.” Isis took my hand and gave a glance to Andreas that told him it would be wise to follow.

Andreas followed the two women, hanging back to admire them from behind. His cock leapt as he glanced at Lena’s right ankle…. she still wore the lock and shackle!

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