Elizabeth Ch. 07: Victorious

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Vincent unlocked Darcie’s wrists, and she reflexively clenched her asshole and twisted her shoulders back-and-forth. She was so cramped and uncomfortable hanging there.

Elizabeth extended her free hand with queenly grace and stuck her thumb into Darcie’s mouth. Darcie opened her eyes wide and fluttered her eyelashes at Elizabeth, wrapping her tongue around Elizabeth’s sour thumb, sucking on it like it was a pacifier.

“That’s a good girl, you know what I like.”

Elizabeth withdrew her hand from Darcie’s mouth with a “pop!” She sauntered into the bedroom. Vincent marched Darcie in front of him, like the queen’s loyal guard.

The candles burned on either side of Darcie and Vincent’s king size bed, backed by a huge headboard. Elizabeth crawled right to the center, set back against the headboard, and gripped it. She spread her legs.

“Vincent, bring Darcie up on the bed, and then put her face in me.”

Vincent pushed Darcie up on the bed, and she pushed back with her shoulder. “All right, you don’t have to push me so much!” Darcie made her way to Elizabeth and knelt before her. “OK, can I just say one thing, before you make me eat your pussy?”

Elizabeth nodded, raising her eyebrows derisively.

“Do you know what I see when I see you and your family? I see my whole life. It’s like that stupid Staind song from when we were kids. “I’m on the outside, I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colors, because inside you’re ugly, ugly like me …” she trailed off.

“I’ve always had something in me that just didn’t click with normal husband and wife vanilla sex. And yeah, I get off on power casino oyna games. It looks like you do too! You’re enjoying this a whole lot! I think I gave you permission to do it!”

Elizabeth leaned forward, and gently brushed your finger from Darcie’s cheek to her lips to her tit, down her belly, to her hairy pussy. “I’m sure you’re right, you fucking bitch. Now I want you to eat my motherfucking pussy and suck all your husband’s cum out of it. Don’t swallow it though, keep it in your mouth.”

Elizabeth leaned back and shoved Darcie’s head roughly into her crotch. Darcie squirmed, feeling like everything was too close, like she was on public transit with somebody’s hair in her face. She stuck her tongue out, and started moving her lips up and down Elizabeth engorged and gooey cunt. She took a deep breath, and decided she was going to quit fighting and enjoy what was happening. She had always wanted to see Elizabeth stand up for herself. She just didn’t know being on the receiving end would feel like this.

“Oh Vincent!” Elizabeth called out. Darcie’s husband was sitting on a chair by the bed, stroking his thickening cock, watching his wife’s ass as she worked on Elizabeth’s pussy. “You should get up here and fuck Darcie like she deserves. You’ve been a good boy, and she is listening much better.”

Vincent grinned. “You don’t gotta tell me twice!” He scampered down to the bed, and arranged himself doggy style over his wife, quickly thrusting himself into her cunt, wide open from behind as she crouched.

Darcie arched her back, spread out her shoulders and pushed up a little bit. “Finally,” she thought. “I swear slot oyna this hole in me is bigger than the grand fucking canyon.”

Elizabeth’s rage didn’t interfere with her enjoyment of Darcie’s ministrations. As Darcie doggedly sucked and licked Elizabeth’s clit and labia, pulling all of Vincent’s cum into her cheek. She pushed one finger deep inside Elizabeth’s vagina, putting pressure right on the front wall. Elizabeth started to buck, as Darcie worked that G spot, torquing her shoulders rhythmically in time to Vince’s thrusts. Darcie slid her now slick index finger out of the pussy, down the taint, and put pressure right on Elizabeth’s puckered, virgin asshole.

Elizabeth flexed and twisted her powerful legs and hips. She moved her ass greedily to engulf Darcie’s digit. Darcie breathed through her nose, keeping up the strokes with her tongue from her neck, always with Vincent’s cum in her cheek.

Vincent would’ve easily come by now, if he hadn’t been drained sober recently. He grabbed onto Darcie’s ample buttocks and hips, squeezing, stroking her thighs. He found watching his wife eating their neighbor’s pussy exhilarating. He chuckled to himself, thinking “oh, it’s kind of funny that I’m fucking her doggy style, and it’s like how Elizabeth is treating me like a dog! We’re all kind of like dogs in a row right now!” He kept this gem to himself. He knew this wasn’t the time.

Elizabeth came in shrieks and shouts, torquing her hips into Darcie’s mouth, pushing the dark-haired woman’s head tighter into her cunt. Darcie smiled, despite her self. It was fun to have them all together. She pushed her hips back onto Vincent’s canlı casino siteleri cock in time with Elizabeth’s pulses.

As the wave of Elizabeth’s orgasm broke, her body relaxed. She waved to Vincent, “hey Vince, hey boy, slow it down, take a break.”

Vincent slowed down and stopped. He was sweating and getting tired. He wasn’t used to fucking for this song. He wished he had coffee and he wanted to take a nap.

Elizabeth sat back up on the headboard, and drew up Darcie to her mouth, Darcie’s face glistening with her juices. “You still got what I want baby? You did what I told you?”

Darcie giggled, trying not to snort the cum up into her nose. She locked lips with Elizabeth, and their tongues played back-and-forth. She spit that come into Elizabeth’s mouth, who swished it, and sent it back to Darcie. She didn’t dare swallow.

“OK Darcie, we’re square now. Swallow the come and I’ll swallow mine. Now, don’t get it twisted, you’re still mine, and I still own you. But I’m not mad at you anymore. We’re still friends, and I can come over here and fuck you or your husband in any combination that I want at any time. You have to take down that porn of me, and you’re going to quit making porn. In fact, no having sex with anyone without my consent. I’ll allow you and Vince to fuck each other when I’m happy with you, and you can fuck each other now if you want to.”

Darcie nodded her head, grateful to be friends with Elizabeth again and to have some measure of forgiveness. She had earned what happened to her. Maybe it’s what she always wanted.

Elizabeth got off the bed and walked over to where she had left her sundress. She stank of sex and sweat, but she didn’t care. She felt good; she felt alive. She turned back to Vincent and Darcie. “I’m going to go. Vincent, get your ass back in there and finish fucking her. If you don’t, I’ll hear about it.”

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