Ellora’s Heart Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: I’ve never written anything like this before, so all constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome! I really hope you enjoy it! This series will branch into different categories (straight sex, threesomes, etc.), so stay tuned for more!




A cool breeze brushed against my cheek, waking me gently. My hair tickled my neck and shoulders as I turned my face to the open window. The sun was just above the horizon and the air wasn’t warm yet. It wasn’t unbearably cold, as spring was starting, but it was chilly enough to make me snuggle closer to my bed partner. Merissa was sound asleep beside me. She rarely woke up first, and convincing her to get out of bed was more difficult and more dangerous than taking a Servi bear’s cubs. If anyone else tried to wake her before she was ready, the entire castle would hear about it. But I was an exception. I considered allowing her to sleep for a bit longer, but we had some important guests arriving soon—including the king she was meant to marry. Their parents had arranged their betrothal when they were young; they had met before when they were children, yet my mistress didn’t seem to remember the event. Merissa assured me that her marriage would not affect our relationship in the slightest, and I tried to trust her, but I couldn’t completely get rid of the apprehension that made my heart pound. Losing her would change everything, turn everything upside down. I shook my head to banish all unwelcome thoughts and focused on my mistress.

Careful so as not to disturb her, I slid under the soft white sheet and found my way between her legs. I parted her thighs gently, settling between them, bringing my face close to her hot core. My tongue traveled from her clit to her entrance and back up again. I pulled apart her lips with my thumbs, revealing her lovely pink center. Gently, my tongue pushed into her folds. She was sweet, like always. It was enough to make me drunk. A hushed moan escaped my throat as I tasted her. I sucked lightly on her soft flesh, and she began to stir. Her body rotated a bit, pushing her hips towards my face. It was clear she was fully awake when I heard her chuckle quietly. The sheet was lifted, exposing me to her sight for the first time this morning. She smiled at me and my heart leapt in my chest. Her icy blue eyes cut through me.

“Good morning to you, too, Ellora,” she muttered, gasping softly when I pushed a finger into her. One of her hands tangled itself in my dark curls and pressed my face further into her velvety cunt. Soft mumbles urged me to continue.

She always told me she loved feeling my tongue reach inside her, so I stretched my tongue into her as far as it could go. My fingers teased and circled her clit, forcing delicate moans out of her. Her back arched off the bed, and I licked at her faster, wanting nothing more than to please her. She always seemed to cum sooner when she had just woken up, so it wasn’t long before she was shaking and crying out to the gods. Her sweet juices coated my tongue and I lapped at her hungrily even after her release had passed. We were both panting when I eventually managed to pull my face away from her.

“Such a good girl,” Merissa purred. She tugged my hair, pulling me up her body until our lips met. Her tongue pushed its way between my lips, and my mouth tongue welcomed the intrusion. Our tongues wrestled as our hands touched whatever they could reach—breasts, hips, shoulders. She pinched my thigh and laughed when I yelped.

My small pout tugged at the corners of my mouth casino siteleri for just a moment before I rolled onto my back beside her. It was impossible for me to be upset with her. A smile forced its way across my face and I said, “Good morning, mistress. How did you sleep?”

“Wonderfully, of course,” she told me. “Every night next to you is perfect. Thank you for joining me.”

She adjusted so she was lying on her side, her head propped up by her left hand. A bird trilled outside and a breeze lifted the sheer canopy that surrounded the bed. Neither of us spoke for a moment.

“When do you think they’ll arrive?” I asked softly, reaching out my hand to stroke her hip.

“Around noon, based on King Selvin’s last correspondence. We’ll meet them in the throne room,” she explained. “We should prepare.”

“Yes, mistress.”

She slid out of the bed and through the part in the canopy, exposing her naked figure to the morning air. Standing in front of the window, she stretched her arms high above her head. Her pale skin was almost glowing in the light. Her golden hair shone as bright as the sun itself. My mouth watered at the thought of touching her again, but I stopped my hands from reaching out and rolled out of bed. Merissa pulled a short robe over her body before crossing the room to pull a string by the door. We couldn’t hear the bell on the other end, but a maid appeared within two minutes.

“Prepare a hot bath. Oh, and we’ll be taking our meal in the north dining room,” Merissa explained to the young woman who scurried off to carry out her orders.

My mistress then crossed the room to her clothing chest. I joined her as she scrutinized each dress within. The purple one was too stiff. Brown made her look boring. She simply didn’t feel like wearing yellow. She eventually decided on a silk crimson gown that draped lazily over her body. It showed off her curves without being restrictive. Long sleeves. Low-cut chest. Regal and queenly but enticing. For me, she chose a gold dress of the same fabric as hers. Unlike her dress, though, mine was short. It didn’t reach much lower than my mid-thigh, and there were slits running from the bottom hem to my hips on both sides. Showing off my breasts made my heart beat fast and my cheeks turn pink, but Merissa said it would be a shame to hide them from the world. The fabric of the gold dress was enough to cover them, but bending over too far was definitely a dangerous game.

The maid returned to announce the bath was ready. I laid the two dresses on the bed and followed my mistress to the bathing room down the hall. While I was still naked, I didn’t have to hide my body because the maid had departed and no one was allowed near Queen Merissa’s chambers unless invited or in the case of an emergency. We were completely alone here.

Steam filled the bathing room and made everything damp. The stone floor still felt cool to my feet, sending small shivers up through me. My mistress dropped her robe and stepped down into the sunken tub. Her skin adopted a light pink tinge as the water warmed her. I crossed the room to gather a few cleansing oils and cloths from a standing shelf before joining her. Slowly, I lowered myself into the water.

“Use that rose oil from the priests. They told me it would attract blessings from the gods,” Merissa sighed as she sank up to her neck. I pulled the translucent red bottle from my small collection and sat on my knees beside her. I used a soft cloth to clean her and rubbed the fragrant oil into her skin. She stood so I could get to her slot oyna legs and waist easier. Her eyes watched me intently as I knelt in front of her, and sitting under her gaze brought a familiar heat to the space between my legs.

Soon it was my turn. My mistress said she would be washing me. It wasn’t a request. She massaged the oil into me, adding a soft sheen to my tan skin. Her hands moved with a deliberate slowness when they found my breasts. She squeezed and pulled, watching the soft tissue swell between her fingers. I leaned my back against the edge of the tub, arching, trying to get her to touch them more. One hand dropped down and cupped my hairless mound. I made sure to stay completely hairless, just the way my mistress preferred. Watching my face closely, she slipped one finger into me. A sly smile crossed her face when my lips parted for a silent gasp. Another finger quickly followed the first, and the moan that emerged from me was broken into several as she began to move her hand.

She leaned in close, whispering directly in my ear. “I heard King Selvin’s first guard is Draveian. They say the men are particularly wild. But you’ve never been with a man before, have you?”

“No, mistress,” I moaned, my head falling back against the edge of the tub. Her fingers pumped faster in and out of me. Her thumb rubbed my sensitive bead. The water lapped at our bodies and splashed over the edge of the tub.

“I’ve sheltered you for so long. Imagine it. I bet he’s huge, all Draveians are. Think of the size of his cock.”

I cried out louder and writhed below her. I could feel every curl, every twist of her fingers. The pressure inside me was begging to be released. And she knew it. She loved it.

“Do you want to know what it feels like to be taken by a real man, my love?” she panted, excited by her own words, probably imagining me underneath a Draveian, a true savage.

“Yes, mistress, I—oh—” My sentence went unfinished as her fingers hit that spot inside me. I was already lightheaded from the heat of the room, and the fuzzy feeling only grew stronger as she brought me closer to the edge.

“Soon,” she said, her voice husky, “but for now, cum for me. Just for me.”

Her command was all I needed. A moan mixed with a loud whimper forced itself from my throat, and my body felt like it was on fire. My hips bucked forward, as if they were trying to force my mistress’s hand deeper into my pulsing heat, and I clutched at her shoulders blindly, searching for something to ground myself. I mumbled incoherently while she whispered soft praises into my ear.

“My perfect Ellora,” she cooed, a wave crashing over me when she said my name. The shaking in my legs continued for at least a minute after she had pulled her fingers from inside me. When I could finally see straight, I saw her smiling brightly at me.

“Good thing we’re already in the bath,” she giggled.

The morning meal was calm, which means it was boring. Different advisors and coordinators stopped by to make sure plans were in order for the day, as everyone was eager to impress the king and his entourage. Queen Merissa responded to all comments and questions politely while she ate her meal of bread, fruit, and cheese. I also ate but remained ready to assist my mistress, right beside her, should she require my assistance. Everything was going well until a certain advisor appeared. Claro let himself into the dining room before an attendant could even announce his presence.

“I hope your morning has been a pleasant one, my queen,” he said with a canlı casino siteleri low bow.

The smile on his face would have appeared friendly to anyone else, but it only worked to set my mistress on edge. Claro became an advisor shortly before Queen Merissa’s father succumbed to a violent illness. She had trusted him at first, unsure of her new identity as queen, as she was only twenty when she was crowned. But she quickly realized that his advice tended to contradict the advice given to her by others. And everything he suggested to her would directly benefit him. She made sure that I was never alone with him. Even now, I kept my gaze averted as much as possible without appearing rude.

“It has been,” she responded, setting down the slice of bread she had just picked up. “State your business.”

Advisor Claro took his time walking to the opposite side of the table where he sat directly across from my mistress. He leaned forward, folded his hands, and infused his voice with a concerned tone.

“Your Majesty, I approach you with the utmost respect, and I only want what is best for you and your kingdom,” he began.

Merissa folded her arms across her chest and stared blankly at him.

He continued. “I want you to reconsider our earlier conversation. If you do as I suggested, you could adjust the marriage agreement to favor your rule.”

“Ellora,” Merissa said suddenly.

“Yes, mistress?” I replied, looking up at her.

“I am irritated.”

She shifted in her seat, glaring at the man across from her. I slid off my chair to my knees and crawled forward, careful not to hit my head on the underside of the table. The rug burned my knees slightly, but I was too focused on the task at hand to care. Her knees were spread wide. She had already pulled up her dress. I sat between her legs and got to work. With me sucking on her clit, my mistress continued speaking.

“I will act how I please, Advisor Claro,” Merissa stated, reaching down to stroke my hair. “We’ve already spoken about this matter with the council. The contract will be honored completely. I will not act differently in order to fool and take advantage of my future husband.”

“I am worried about you losing influence to your husband. Your kingdom’s power will be reduced,” Claro told her. In truth, he cared about losing his influence.

“My power will not be lost. Any infringement on my rule would result in the nullification of our union. Ellora, faster.”

Her command sent a jolt through my body and I complied. My tongued pumped in and out of her folds, swirling around her sweet nectar. She pushed her hips forward to adjust the angle and moaned when she found a good one.

“At the very least, try not to…startle him with your antics,” the man muttered. I wasn’t sure why he came here in the first place. Queen Merissa wasn’t known for bending to the whims of others.

“As I said before, I will do as I please.” Her grip tightened on my head. “You may go, Advisor Claro.”

Part of me wished I could see his reaction, but the rest of me wanted to relieve my mistress. I heard his chair scrape across the floor, and the door opened and shut a few seconds later. Merissa gave in completely once we were alone.

“Ellora,” she whimpered, “make your queen feel better.”

My tongue ached, trying to reach every part of my mistress’s warm cavern, but her cries encouraged me. Her thighs tightened around my head. She was close. I suckled on her pearl and her legs shook. She held me in place as she rode out her climax. Eventually, she released me, and I made my way back to my chair. Short pants escaped her as she offered me a napkin to clean my face. She gazed at me with soft eyes.

After a calm minute she spoke. “We should prepare to meet our guests.”

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