Encounter with Avere

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.



“Well, well, well…”

Stepping back, I gulped, although the blood roaring in my ears, pouring to a very different part of my anatomy, speaks a different tale entirely. She was hot and, well, that is quite the reason that I hired her, even though the slaves in my collection were coming along nicely too. Avere, however, was a feline with a different kind of need to my lustful slaves coursing through her, driving up through the pit of her being as she flashed me a devastatingly gorgeous smile. Her grey fur was short and tinted with the faintest hint of purple, the eye not being quite tuned enough to tell where one shade started and the other began, although the pink of her hair, draping down to her ears, made one want to run their fingers through it over and over again.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” she purred breathily, her tail swishing back and forth as if she was actively trying to draw my eye downwards. “And I thought you’d never come to see me, so caught up were you with all of your many slaves here…”

Avere tossed her axes to the side and sashayed up to me, her look spellbinding. Her armour barely seemed to cover anything at all, the red, hardened leather worn from hard use, but she was demure enough to act as a guard without distracting me too much. The rings in her ears showed that she was not afraid of pain but I knew the scars that lay beneath too would show far more, my fingers twitching to her as she leaned far forward, a wicked smirk pulling at her neat, small lips.


“Hush, master,” she purred, shaking her hips as she turned about, putting on a show for me with the fullness of her backside rising to my face as I sat there, waiting. “Let a kitty take care of you this time.”

Of course, Avere was not my slave but that did not stop me from watching with bated breath as her clothes were removed, armour slipping to the floor with such ease that it was as if the striptease itself was practised. Her ‘skirt’ should have been more armour for her role, although, truly, it was not as if I had had her do anything all that dangerous since coming into my employ, the metal slices rattling lightly as they clattered to the floor. Her undergarments barely covered anything but that was just where my eyes went as she lifted her tail sensually, shaking her buttocks as if she was, in fact, one of my slaves dancing for me, all in the name of showing off just what she had to offer.

After all, Avere was not just a cat and neither was she just a female illegal bahis but a hermaphrodite with all the equipment to go with it. Her cock throbbed and pulsed into her paw as she arched her back and put on a show, drawing my eye even as my own cock rose thick and full and hard.

“Now…” She purred, rocking her hips as if to shift her weight, although it was solely for my benefit and attention, need rising and rising more and more with every sordid second that sought to pass. “What can you possibly do with me?”

I was not her master but I had a cock to match hers and she rasped a moan as she bucked and gyrated her hips, although I should have known even then, nude and ready for her, that a guard such as she had far more to offer than a mere slave.

So there was never any point in treating her like a slave.

“What can you not do with your slaves then, sir?” She chuckled, a sharp glint prickling in the corner of her eyes. “I think I have something for you that a strong, brave man like you won’t forget…”

And then her eyes changed, narrowing sharply, fangs bared and a yowl breaking the barrier of her lips as if she had been merely waiting on the very moment to unleash her true self. My heart leapt, pounding uncontrollably. Now, this… This was interesting!

“Get over!” She snarled, her words lashing out like the crack of a whip, cock throbbing with a pearly drop of pre-cum as if her lust simply could not be contained. “The chair!”

Any sense of her calling me master was, right then and there, wiped from our play but I was okay with that, a part of me simply curious in my smile to see how far she would be willing to go. My hand closed around my cock as I did what she asked – no, it was rather an order. And that very order made me shiver, the lure of new experience and lust fresh in my mind.

Something different…

Something very different!

“That’s better…”

She crooned and purred as she ran her paws over my body, the flick of her tail catching my thigh as she yanked me further over the chair, hands braced on the floor on the other side. My bare backside was raised, my blood up and pumping, each and every breath raking its way through my lungs by way of crude passage. But there was nothing as crude as the slap she gave the flesh of my arse, a moan rising up from the back of my throat. Sharp and loud, it seemed to echo and reverberate through the room, filling it before disappearing, once again, into the silence as something thick and dripping teased up over my backside.


“You want this,” she said, stating the obvious even as my cock throbbed and pulsed, twitching under its own desire and accord quite visibly. “Your body betrays you…”

Whether or not that was true was not my concern as I braced myself, her finger teasing up illegal bahis siteleri into my backside, my most forbidden and never before penetrated of holes, as if it had any right to be there. And, yet, it felt right somehow, pleasure overruling any sense of embarrassment that may have, otherwise, reared its ugly head. Panting heavily, I rocked back into her thrusting digit, only hissing more desperately still through my teeth as she added a second, well-lubricated as if it had been in her mouth only a moment before. I could not tell that, however, her paw on the back of my neck dominantly holding my head down as my heart pounded for everything she had to give me and more.

There would never, of course, have been any sense in not taking what one of my guards – hand-picked by myself – had in store for me and it was the desire for the pleasure that she could give that had me pushing back even as her fingers slipped free. Heaving and panting and grunting like a wild animal, I begged without words for it, eyes rolling back into my skull as my cock throbbed and throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. I could not have put to words just how much I wanted her, the hidden, reverent pleasure, but I, fortunately, did not have to as her shaft pressed up between my rear cheeks, promising to deliver.

“Do it…”

Was that voice really mine? Power that had always, truly, been mine seared through at the very moment that her slightly slickened shaft probed for entrance that I gladly granted. It teased in, just the right size for me, and throbbed up against a bundle of nerves inside my anal passage that I had never before thought to test and pleasure. But that was just why I had such a guard there for me as Avere stretched out over me in a luxuriously feline fashion, breasts teasingly and wickedly brushing my back. Hard nipples coaxed bare skin to a prickling rise, every little hair on my body standing on end as I twisted my head back and forth and suppressed a howl that may have sounded more appropriate coming from canine lips.

“Cute,” she breathed, raking her claws down my back without actually breaking skin, a delicious slice of pain that faded swiftly to pleasure. “This is what a master like you needs.”

And yet there was never any sense that I could not get away if I truly wanted to – not that I could have, honestly, have said so with how I rocked back into her thrusts, forcing myself up onto my toes as my calves and thighs screamed from bracing. But I could not, would not, slacken off as she reared up and gripped my hips, the herm cat crying out her pleasure in a lustful yowl.


No one else could hiss quite like that but it was only something that I would come to know as she pounded me, working up the rhythm of her hips into a driving pulse to a beat that only she knew. Avere growled above canlı bahis siteleri me and I groaned, trying to roll my hips back into her thrusts but she pounded me so furiously that she drove my hips down into the chair, well and truly pinning me in place.

But that was okay. It was all about the experience and what the hermaphrodite guard could deliver, breasts bouncing lustfully and head thrown back in sheer ecstasy. There was no denying either just how my cock throbbed and ached for her, needing what she had to offer and delivered in spades, stretching my sore hole with each and every thrust. I may not have been prepared adequately to take her but there was nothing that could have stopped me from craving her, hair flying wildly about her muzzle as she fucked me like a creature that had truly, in the heat of the moment, been possessed by a demonic figure of lust itself.

Avere… It was impossible not to drift away, panting and groaning, loins tightening as orgasm threatened to overpower me, her cock milking me in one continuous stream. I needed it and I did not want to hold back either as I let her drive me over the edge into a toe-curling climax, twisting and grunting and trying to writhe beneath her, even as her claws pricked into me and held me down. For she was not done with me yet, the scent of sex filling the room along with a hint of lustful musk, leaning far over and bracing herself so that she could truly derive every last drop of pleasure she could possibly glean from me.


Her claws dug into my shoulder, holding my body still as she yowled.


I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, cock spilling a load onto the floor beneath the chair, a mess that I would surely have to have one of the slaves clean up later.


And then she was there, a howling mess of dominant fur as she drove into me, sending my orgasm on into another stream of milking, my body hers, at least for the moment, to do with what she willed in the realm of ecstasy. It was a mutual understanding, even though I was very much the one on the bottom for the moment, sweat dripping as she heaved over me, breasts pressed to my back, every last inch that she could get of her cock driven up into my rump.

Panting heavily, we came down from our collective highs, my head spinning as she luxuriously moaned, her tone finally colouring with a feminine lilt.

“I’ll be happy to serve you anytime, master…”

The purr rolled sinuously from her lips as she pulled out, a splurge of cum splattered my rear cheeks, dripping lightly down the backs of my thighs even as I struggled to come back to myself, to once again seat myself in the waking world of reality. But one session did not mean that we were done for good and I was quite keen to see just what more the sexy herm could do for me.

I grinned, unable to stop my smirk from widening into a beam. Maybe I’d chosen the best guard for the job – right along with her delicious ‘additional’ assets – after all!

“Same time tomorrow night, Avere? But don’t slack on your guard duties.”

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