Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 05

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Erika’s learning about the art of love making was increasing at pace. She was a willing learner. New readers are encouraged to read first of all the other chapters in sequence. They will make more sense that way. In particular, read the first chapter, “Erika…Part 1”


My wife left for a visit to her sister in the country on the Friday, so I was on my own for a week. The temptation to spend nights together was great, but we decided that the best thing was for Erika to come to my house on the Friday night, so I would be at home when Sara inevitably rang to check in after her journey. On the Saturday, I would wait until Sara had called me, then leave to spend the night at Erika’s.

Erika sent me a text message on the Friday asking me to prepare for the night by getting two pairs on handcuffs, a blindfold and a feather. This request was not as unexpected as it sounds. I knew that the temptation to have a peek at the X-rated DVDs I had left with her would be too great. She had obviously watched the DVD “Captivated” on the Thursday night. I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I had not seen that DVD myself, so I did not have any more idea of its plot than could be gleaned from a few saucy pictures and the blurb on its jacket. So I was not sure what was expected of me.

When she arrived, Erika was flustered from school. She had a had a hard day’s teaching, and had bought her things with her. I kissed her,but she was not responsive immediately, so I thought it best to give her space to have a shower and freshen up. I explained that we would be using the guest bedroom that night. She looked relieved. No doubt she had been worried about usurping Sara’s place in my bed for the night, and maybe also about Sara detecting her perfume on the sheets — or whatever women do with her refined detective skills!

I was also conscious that Erika would never have spent a night with a man, never had breakfast with a lover, never slept with a guy all night – and that when she had been in this house before, it had really been as the daughter of old friends. The whole picture had been upturned since then. Now she was the lover of her parent’s good friend, and an adulteress A few weeks ago she had been a virgin, relatively naïve. Now she was learning to be an experienced lover with a man twice her age.

As Erika showered, I prepared a simple meal. I had one candle (not scented — that would be tempting Sara/s acute sense of smell when she got back) and put on some pleasant music. When she had showered, Erika looked much more relaxed. She had obviously used her time alone to think her way through her situation. She came back wearing a top and slacks, smiling. I kissed her again, told her how pretty she looked, and said, “I love you.” I knew this would be challenging,but since she had declared her love last week, I knew I needed to reciprocate, even though in my house, another woman’s house.

She smiled “I love you too, darling. Sorry I was a bit off before. This is all knew to me, and I did have a bad day at school.”

I encouraged her to talk about her teaching day, as we had some wine and I finished cooking. By the time we sat to eat, she had got the bad day out of her system and was ready to focus on other things.

” By the way,” I said. I got the special supplies that madam asked for. I gather you have been watching one naughty DVD.”

“Mmm,” She said. ” I just thought it might be interesting to see what she got out of all that. Have you done it like that?”

“Well, I must warn you, Erika, that I have not seen that DVD, so I don’t really know what they get up to in it,” I said

“But I am sure that you can guess, dear,” She was teasing me.

“Maybe — are you giving any hints?”

“Nope. You are going to have to work it out. As a man of the world, I am sure you can do that.” She continued in this vein throughout the meal, whenever I bought up the subject,so I knew I was on my own.

After more wine and some joking around, Erika had visibly relaxed. I could see that she was over her guilt about being in Sara’s house with Sara’s man, and I kept touching her and squeezing her hand to reassure her.

We cleaned up the meal, had a coffee, then I suggested we retire early for the night. Erika accepted, but she had tightened up, no doubt at the thought of the unexpected that lay ahead. This was another exercise in trust, her needing to trust me.

We went up to the guest bedroom and I asked her if I could undress her. She kicked off her sandals. Keeping my own clothing on, I blindfolded her first.

“From now on, madam, no talking. If you are uncomfortable with something, let me know, but now you are in my power.” I said the last bit almost menacingly, and she shivered and giggled nervously. But I could see that I was playing it right. She had watched the bondage DVD and was obviously expecting me to play the mysterious stranger who takes control of the woman’s body.

Then slowly, without touching her güvenilir bahis skin where possible, I removed her top and her bra, followed by her slacks and panties. She was naked in my house, and we had the whole night ahead of us. I suddenly became more nervous,almost shaking with anticipation. Calm down, boy, I thought. Luckily, she could not see me. Unlike the controlling stranger in the DVD, I was almost ready to explode with tension.

I led Erika to the bed, and got her to lie down on her back. Then I brought out the handcuffs. She gasped when I grabbed her left hand and cuffed her. Her breathing immediately became tense. I grabbed her right arm, and looked for a place to cuff her on the bedhead which would not put too much stress on her. I didn’t want her to be in pain, just restrained. She was looking very tense now, her body tight. Now that she was restrained, I had my first opportunity to really examine my young lover’s body. Since she could not see me, I could perve to my heart’s delight. I looked her over, appraising her.

Erika was very blonde, from German/Dutch background. Her hair was mid-length, straight and fine. As a child, she always wanted it to be wavy. Her lips were full, very kissable I had discovered. Her complexion was of that sort of fairness that is prone to pink blushes — much like a woman from one of the Flemish or Dutch masters. But unlike those women, she would not have been plump enough for the times.

She had slim limbs, smooth and fair. I did not yet know if she shaved much, but her limbs were certainly smooth of any hair. Her shoulders were neat, her neck well-proportioned. Because of her restraints, her cleavage was more pronounced than usual. Her breasts were small but nicely formed, able to be cupped in my hand. Her nipples and aureoles were pink, both on the small side. Her stomach was flat and firm and her belly button very tidy. The mound was pronounced, a bulge under her slacks when she had them on. It was covered in its lower half by straight soft silky blonde-brown hair. The lips could not be seen in this pose. Her thighs and calves were also in proportion, neither long nor short. There were a few small scars on her shins that I had never really noticed before. Her ankles were neat, her feet long and narrow. I am not a foot man really, so that detail was not important to me.

I sat on the edge of the bed staring at her body for some time. She was no doubt thinking that I was building in the tension, but to be truthful I was not. I was almost dispassionate in measuring up her body for the first time. While she was not beautiful in any classical sense, I found the whole package quite enchanting. And for a guy my age it was like Christmas all over to have her in my bed.

I decided that I had better get into this act, and as soon as I did, my penis came to life. I got the feather ( which I had procured from an old feather and down cover) and began teasing her so softly that she could almost feel it. But my first contact with her was like an electric shock. I brought the feather close to her left nipple, and slowly tickled the nipple. Erika jumped as much as her cuffs allowed, gasped and twisted all at once. She was truly in some sort of ecstasy of anticipation. I used the feather then on her cheek and her neck. She jumped again, although a little less. I ran it down her front between her breasts, with minimal pressure, to her flat belly, then to her mound. When I got to her mound, she twisted as if to stop me going further. Her legs were clamped shut, the pussy mound more pronounced because of that.

I ran the feather around her lips and forehead. When I used it on her ear, she jumped, which surprised me, but then ears can be very sensitive. Back to her nipples and then to her thighs. I ran it up and down her thighs and calves. The lower down I took it, the more deliciously sensitive she seemed. So I thought I would do some tickling, knowing that she would stop me if it was not what she wanted.

I used the feather to tickle under one foot. She yelped, and drew up her legs to as close as she could get to a foetal position, given that her arms were cuffed. But she did not stop me. So despite the fact that she had curled her feet tight, I used the feather on her other foot. Again, she jolted her legs away, but again she would not stop me. Her mouth was tense, holding in a giggle or a gasp, I was not sure what.

Then I moved to her very vulnerable under-arm area. Because of the cuffs, she could do very little to stop this attack. Her under-arms were clean shaved, possibly freshly so (had she done this in the shower tonight? I thought maybe so). I moved the feather back and forth there, and she was soon in paroxysms, twisting her body, half-laughing, half-gasping, breathless with anticipation or dread. I used it then on her other arm, and tried her rib cage, which seemed to be exquisitely sensitive. She was gasping and breathless.

I continued this for a while, then decided to use my türkçe bahis fingers and hands. I ran my finger over her nipple and it came to attention. I ran around the nipple and she arched her back and groaned. I ran down her arms and then down her thighs. Her legs were still tightly closed as I ran the back of my hand over her belly and her mound. Then down her right hip.

I changed to my mouth, nibbling at her neck, then her shoulder. I placed delicate kisses all over her, and she was shaking like jelly. But at no time did she tell me to stop. I kissed her belly, her thighs, her calves, her feet. Then I kissed her toes and she giggled. I used that to hold her feet and move her legs apart. Then I began to kiss up her right leg, slowly slowly to her pussy. She kept her legs open.

I made my decision and kissed her pussy, freshly washed. It smelt musky already. I licked her pussy lips through those silky little hairs and she opened like a flower. I soon discovered why her pussy smelt of sex. She was as wet as rain on a toadstool. Her sex knob was easy to find, pronounced and slippery already. I could hear her groans and decided that eating time was nigh. Her legs were open to my attack, as she welcomed me into her. My tongue worked on her clit. I licked it back and forth, around and nipped it with my mouth and tongue together. I reached up with the feather to tease her nipples again, and she twisted under me, but my mouth kept its place.

Very soon she was humping up into my mouth, giving her clit to my tongue in insistent rhythm, puffing and groaning. She was about to cum, but that was not what I had in mind. I stopped and she opened her legs wide and thrust up her pussy, arching her back off the bed, an almost obscene image of woman’s body begging to be licked to completion.

Instead, I stood up and took off my clothes. I had to tell myself to do it slowly so that I did not fumble. Soon I was standing by the bed, naked. My cock was pointing almost to the ceiling, red and purple at once, with some precum at its tip. I grabbed hold of it, and moved to her tit, touching the tip of my penis to her nipple. She jumped again and groaned. Then, holding the cock in one hand, I ran it down her body, along her arm, along her belly, over thigh and hip and down the outside of one leg. She opened her legs wide, inviting me in.

I kept up my penis-massage for a minute or two to her groans and moans, and then I got above her, positioned myself and slowly moved the penis to the opening of her pussy. When she felt it touch there, Erika tried to have it in her, pushing her pussy at it. That of course merely pushed it away. I placed the cock at the entrance again and pushed it slightly in, then withdrew. I kept this up for as long as I could, probably a minute or two, alternately entering her pussy about one inch then withdrawing. She was moaning and pushing her pussy at me, her arms pinned.

I lowered my face to Erika’s and nibbled her lips so that she could smell her own sex. She did not pull away as I thought she might. Then I pushed my penis all the way in and held it there. Erika went wild, thrusting her hips up , wanting me deep in her. I started pushing in rhythm and she opened her legs wide, then brought one leg up the back of mine, to my bum, holding me in with her foot on my cheek. This must have been a manoeuvre she had picked up from watching the DVD the previous night: a lovely bit of homework.

I knew I would not last long, but she was soon almost screaming, without words, moaning and grunting in more urgent pattern till she came violently and in spasm, which of course set off my own orgasm. We were both almost unconscious with release there, and soon panting, me prone on top of her restrained body.

As we came to, I kept in character and said to her “Was that what madam ordered?”

“Oh, master, that was better than the DVD. Oooh, you are such a thoughtful lover. You are my lovemaster! You can fuck me like that any time, master.”

I played with her a little, then took off her blindfold. As her eyes were adjusting to the light, I undid the cuffs and she exercised her arms to remove stiffness. We kissed deeply, she not seeming to mind the taste of her own sex on my tongue. I thought for the first time but not the last that the blindfold had been a useful device for removing her sense of where she was. Instead of being in Brian and Sara’s house, of Sara’s spare bed, she was in a castle somewhere, being ravaged by a stranger. Perhaps Erika had planned it that way. After that, there was less sense of guilt.

That night was spent in more traditional lovemaking and cuddling, followed by a shared breakfast and another knee-trembler in the shower, when Erika told me that she loved shower sex as much as anything I had taught her so far. I think, as a clean and tidy girl, she loved the idea of being “dirty” and then being able to clean up straight away.

She went off home to do her weekend chores and I did my own. After güvenilir bahis siteleri Sara had rung in that evening, I went over to Erika’s, reckoning that my phone would not ring again that night, it being Saturday. If it did ring and word got back to Sara that I had not answered it, I would need an excuse.

When I got to Erika’s she said:

“Oh darling, I got my period today, so I am afraid we can’t do anything tonight.”

“Well,” I said, “that’s not actually true, honey. We could have sex. There are some things that would be too messy, but straight sex is OK, and shower sex. In fact, some women actually prefer sex at that time of the month.”

“Mmm” she said with a look of some doubt on her face “I’m not convinced. Isn’t it dirty?”

“Well, there may be some blood,” I said. “But it won’t hurt, and there isn’t any physical reason to not do it.”

She still looked doubtful, but she was obviously still horny, even after all our activity the previous night. She had obviously been looking forward to having me in her bed for the whole night, with all that that meant. We kissed hungrily and she was more than willing to let me play with her boobs and massage her mound from outside her shorts.

We were just getting worked up, when two shadows passed over the lounge window, and the doorbell rang.

“Oh no,” Erika said, “My folks!” she was alarmed, but only as alarmed as I. If her parents, two of our oldest friends, caught me with her, that would be the end of life as we all knew it. This was not good. The only way out was the front door. The back door led to a small garden, completely fenced.

“You’ll have to hide outside,” she said. “Mum will be snooping into everything, and dad is just as bad: he will be looking for little jobs he can do. You can’t even hide in the wardrobe. Oh, Brian, this could be disastrous!”

Unfortunately, I knew she was right on all counts. There was nothing for it but to hide in the yard and hope and pray they didn’t come outside. I took myself out there while Erika raced around the flat replacing any incriminating extra glasses etc. so they would not guess that she not been alone.

Suddenly, I was standing in the half-light in a strange yard, only a door between me and major disaster. I looked around. The yard was only about five metres square. There was a clothesline, a patch of lawn, and some bushes around the perimeter. The yard had been built for utility and privacy. There was a high fence all around, and I quickly calculated that it was beyond my capacity to scale it. There was no gate. There was also no tool shed to hide in or behind, and one of the bushes offered protection. Erika had bought some garden furniture, but even the table had a frosted top, so I couldn’t hide under it. I pushed myself up against the wall of the flat and hoped. I can tell you, my erection subsided very quickly indeed. Here I was in imminent danger of being discovered by old friends in their daughter’s back yard on a Saturday night with my wife away in the country, and there was no excuse I could think of to explain what the hell I was doing there!

I breathed hard for a couple of minutes. I could hear their voices, occasional laughter, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I heard the loo flush, so one of them must have been to the toilet. I heard doors open and shut, as Kim no doubt checked out all the carpentry, as he would. I hoped he didn’t decide that the back door needed fixing!

I waited in dread, hearing occasional noises. I was hoping that they wouldn’t become too settled, or ask themselves to tea. The light was getting darker, but that didn’t really help my cause, because a street line was coming on nearby, throwing plenty of light into Erika’s yard.

Then, the door suddenly opened! What happened next was too fast to register at the time. I heard Kim’s voice saying, “Well, what have you got out the back, then?” followed by a rustling noise and Erika’s urgent voice saying, “Dad! I’ve told you before I don’t have a tool shed, there’s nothing out -” and the door was banged shut. I prayed that Kim would get the message and not try to open it again, dear old mate!

Anyway, I soon heard the front door shut and could hear Erika’s voice over the roof, calling goodbye. I took a deep breath. More doors shutting, and then the back door opened and Erika was standing there, relieved and almost on the point of collapse.

“My God, I’m not used to this! It was so hard to stop them going over every square foot of the place. When Dad opened that door, I nearly had kittens.”

I grabbed her and held her, realising she was shaking with the adrenalin release. I kissed her cheek. “Oh, baby, well done, I don’t know what I could have said to him to explain what I was doing in your backyard at this time! Thank you, baby.”

We laughed a little, but we were both unsettled by the event. Erika prepared a light meal (about the extent of her culinary skills) and we ate partly in silence. Then Erika said,

“Brian, if you’d rather not stay the night, I will understand. There is no way I want to destroy your marriage. I have always loved you and Sara both, and I don’t want to be the one to come between you.”

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