Executive Platinum Ch. 05

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For the reader;

Many thanks for some editing and technical suggestions from Gary. He also suggest that I point out, in case you haven’t picked up on it, another story, Déjà Vu, is an earlier story about some of the same characters.



It was after the fourth ring when she answered, I had been about to hang up and call her cell figuring she wasn’t home. We’d been talking on the phone a couple of times per week, I’d about learned her schedule, when she’d be home — when not. She preferred the house phone when she was home.

“Hey Babe. Tickle yer clit with my tongue?” Our conversations always turned to sex, even if they didn’t start that way. We’d masturbated together while talking over the phone, there was little doubt we were in lust for each other.

“Excuse me?”

Oh, so that’s how it was going to be — playing that she didn’t know me?

“Did you go without panties at work today?” Gloria had confided to me that after the weekend she spent with me in San Diego that she hadn’t gotten any laundry done. One day she got up to go to work, and realized she had no clean underwear, and on a whim — just didn’t wear any. She said it had really given her a naughty thrill; being in staff meetings, talking with co-workers and bosses — the whole time thinking “if they only knew.” She told me she’d gotten where she didn’t wear undies on days where she knew she’d be tied up in long boring meetings, the little thrill helped keep her awake.

“Is this Jim?”

“Of course. Does anyone else talk to you this way?” I suddenly realized alarm bells were going off in the back of my mind. They’d begun with “excuse me” but hadn’t really registered until now and suddenly a cold shiver ran down my spine.

Gloria laughed on the other end, but yet — it wasn’t quite her laugh. “Actually I don’t think anyone talks to me this way, but I can see why Mom likes you.”

Mom? Oh shit.

“Melissa? Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” Her laughter was all I got in response. My cold shiver turned into heat of embarrassment on my cheeks and ears.

“I, uh, don’t normally speak to people I’ve never met that way,” I confessed.

“If that’s the way you talk to her all the time, I can see why she’s so enamored with you. She told me everything about your weekend together; she can’t quit talking about it.”

“Everything?” I queried, wondering just exactly how much of “everything” she’d really told.

“Probably not everything, but I’m betting she’s told me a whole lot more than you thought she would have.” Hmmm. Interesting.

“We had a lot of fun.”

“Sounded to me like it was just flat out ‘hot’. I’m really glad you met her, you’ve made such a change in her life.”

I heard some noise in the background and a “Who’re you talking to?”

“Jim.” Apparently, she handed the phone to Gloria as a moment later I heard, “Hello?”

“Is this Gloria this time?”

“Of course. Why?”

“I didn’t realize your daughter sounded so much like you, and I, um, well — I offered to tickle her clit with my tongue.” Gloria erupted in laughter.

“You didn’t!” Apparently, she again turned to her daughter, “Did he offer to…” She never finished the sentence; I could tell by her increased laughter that Melissa had confirmed it.

“I can’t believe it. You’re hitting on my daughter and you haven’t even met?”

“Well, we have now. If she looks as good as you, maybe I should hit on her.”


“You got it.” I grinned to myself. “Speaking of perverted, what have you got going next week?”

“What have you got in mind?”

“Can you fly to Palm Springs say, Wednesday evening? I’ve got a job that should be finished then and I figured if you could fly out?”

She was quiet, for a moment. “Gee, Jim, I’d love to. It sounds like fun, but, uh, I’ll have to check and see if I can afford the trip right now.”

“The trip’s on me Gloria, I’ve got so many miles I’ll get you a ticket — all you need to do is get the time off.” ~ I stood in the terminal, watching the plane taxi in, the early evening shadows of the San Jacinto Mountains already extending over the field. Like most small terminals, there are still windows that non-passengers can view the field through. I waited outside the restricted area, spotting her headed toward me.

She slipped right into my arms; planting a hug and a kiss on me as her greeting. I barely kept my hands from stroking her body; there would be enough of that soon enough. I took her carry on and we started toward baggage claim. I’d told her to pack lightly, just a few things for going out at night — but I didn’t even believe she would travel with just a carry on like I do. Sure enough, she indicated she had a bag. As we stood waiting for the bags to come out, my hand around her waist slipped onto her bottom, a friendly lover’s touch.

She leaned in to me and whispered, “Do you know what I did on the plane?”

I thought for a moment, came up with nothing. “Haven’t şişli grup yapan escort got a clue,” I acknowledged, shrugging my shoulders.

“What am I wearing?” she asked impishly, a tantalizing whisper of a smile crossing her lips.

I glanced sideways at her; as I’d seen before – her clothing was business casual, skirt and a blouse, stylish, better than the average traveler anymore. She’d come straight from work, about what I would have expected. It dawned on me where she was going with this.

“Are you being naughty?”


“Were you naughty on the plane?”

“Uh-huh.” My cock twitched in my pants.

“Hmmm. We’re you really naughty?

“No, not really naughty, just a little.”

“Oh, I don’t know …Did you flash the flight attendant?”

“Noooo. I doubt that he would have liked it, but I’ll bet the guy next to me would have.”

“Ok, I can guess, but just tell me, what did you do?”

She leaned in to whisper so others around us wouldn’t hear, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

“Ooh. Do tell, my naughty lady.” I refrained from rubbing her bottom to check for myself, my peripheral vision told me we were in someone’s direct view. I turned slightly, checking it out without being totally obvious. A family; a young teenage daughter quickly looked guiltily away. I reluctantly kept my hand on Gloria’s waist.

“Did you have them on when you left?”

“Uh-huh.” Her responses told me she was really enjoying this.

“And how long have you not been wearing them?”

“Oh, about 2 hours.” 2 hours, let’s see, that would have put her — somewhere over New Mexico?

“And just what were you doing 2 hours ago that made you take your panties off over New Mexico?”

“You surprised me, I wasn’t expecting a first class ticket. They offered us dinner, but all I had was a glass of wine or two. Maybe three.” She giggled. “I was sitting there wishing we were at your place so we could get naked, thinking how delicious it was when we were. This guy sitting next to me, I saw him check me out a couple of times… I thought to myself “If you only knew what I’m doing this weekend and how I like being naked, and how I like feeling naughty…”

“And?” I prompted when she left me hanging. “I get the feeling I’m going to like where this is going.”

“I had to use the restroom, and while I was in there, I just took off my panties and put them in my purse.” She opened her purse as she said this, surreptitiously removed a cloth object and then put her hand in mine. She continued “I went back to my seat and I kept thinking about how that guy next to me would be turned on if he only knew, and how you would be if you only knew.” She paused and then without my saying anything continued, “Oh my god, I can’t believe what a rush I got just from not having any panties on!”

“Finding out you have a naughty side even without me?”

“Oh my God, yes.”

“Then I think you’re going to enjoy this little trip.”

“Why is that?” she questioned as she spotted her bag, one of the first ones that came out (being first class — that wasn’t by chance).

“You’ll see.” We grabbed her bag and headed out to the car, the heat of Palm Springs hitting us in the face. Even though it was late in the year, and most places were already cooling off, it was still hot in the California desert.

After dinner we headed to the hotel, seemingly just a few short blocks. It was just past sundown when we pulled up to the Terra Cotta Inn. I grabbed her bag (I’d already checked in) and we entered the front door. I nodded at the girl at the front desk as we walked by, headed for our room.

We’d just about reached our room when the door next to ours opened and a couple, probably mid 30’s and nice looking, stepped out carrying towels, obviously headed to the pool and spa. A nod, “hello’s” in passing; Gloria didn’t even flinch at their complete nudity. She did look around a bit more at our surroundings however.

“Am I to assume this is a nudist hotel?”

“Clothing optional,” I answered as I opened the door. She stepped inside and I pushed the door shut, setting her bag down. “You can wear clothes, or go naked — it’s your choice. Of course some people choose to go semi-naked like not wearing underwear…” I was interrupted by Gloria pushing me backward onto the bed and straddling me, fumbling with my belt and pants.

She fumbled with my pants, I fumbled with her breasts. I began unbuttoning her blouse, but she’d already gotten my pants opened and my cock fished out. She slid out of reach dropping off the bed where she took my cock into her mouth, not saying another word. She took my semi hardness to full rigidity and then climbed back on top, raising her skirt, gripping my cock and guiding it into her warm and inviting tunnel.

“Oh Fuck, I’ve been needing this.” She was doing all the work, slowly rising and falling, her hands resting on my chest, my cock sliding out şişli masöz escort to the limit and then she’d slowly lower herself back down again. I continued unbuttoning her blouse, releasing the front snap on her bra, exposing her tits to my hands and eyes. Her nipples were already hard; I twisted and pulled them until she told me to suck on them. Raising my head and pulling her to me, she arched her back to force her breasts towards my eager mouth. Eventually I pushed her bra and blouse off so she had only her skirt left on.

She pushed my head away from her nipples and leaned further forward, kissing me. I sucked her tongue from her mouth which she readily relinquished, forcing it deeper into my mouth, practically swabbing my tonsils. Her up and down motion stilled, she was twisting her crotch against mine, forcing pressure against her clit and pubic bone. “God I love fucking with you.”

“Ummm” I answered, rotating my hips and my cock inside her. She sat up, and pulled off.

“Sit still,” she said, taking her legs and swapping them into a reverse cowgirl. Taking my cock, holding it up a little, she slid back into place and then leaned back onto her arms which she put backwards onto the bed next to my shoulders. Reaching around I filled my hands with her breasts, kneading them, rubbing her nipples in my palms, rolling them with my fingers. Although her juices were copious, the pressure of my cock was just right and I could feel the friction on the head of my cock as it rubbed that wonderful spot on the inside of her vagina. “Oh yes!” she hissed, moving her pelvis in quick short motions, concentrating the sensations to where they did the most good.

“God, I need you to suck my clit right now. I want you to tongue me. Oh……It’s so good, I’m so close. I’m almost…….” I pinched her nipples hard, and raising myself, was able to kiss just behind her ear. She turned her head towards me, and I sucked her earlobe. I slipped a hand down, my finger finding her clit. She gasped, her body spasming, her pussy clinching my cock. She stilled her motions as her orgasm subsided, her body turning into melting butter against me. I tried to take over the motion as she slowed but with her pinning my hips I couldn’t move much. I sat still and just held her.

She lay back against my chest, her head above and beside mine. I kissed her other ear.

“God I love that. I never realized how much my ears are an erotic zone for me.”

Lying there on top of me, relaxing now, I continued to fondle her body. I took her breasts, pushing from either side, enjoying the feel of them. “They aren’t really big, but if you want we can titty fuck sometime.

“I want to do everything with you sometime.”

She sighed in response. A moment later she twisted her hips a little, still feeling my hard cock inside her. “Did you cum?”

“Not that time.”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry.” She started trying to rise off me. I put my arms further around her to hold her in place. “I can get you off, we don’t have to quit yet.”

“I’m fine Gloria — it’s just nice to be in you.”

“Do you want me to suck you off?” she wiggled her hips, gyrating on my cock.

I kissed her ear again. “I’m fine. I imagine I’ll get off plenty in the next few days. For now,” I raised my hips forcing my cock into her a little more, “I’m just happy having you ride me.”

She raised her arm and reached back, cuddling my head to hers. With a sigh she said, “How did I ever stay with my ex for so long? God look what I’ve been missing.” We lay there a couple of more minutes, my cock never softening much, but when I began to lose the sensation a few slides in and out and I was immediately hard again. She asked me to let her go, and sat up, this time keeping me inside her as she swung her legs back over so she was again sitting on me cowgirl. She leaned forward onto her forearms which she rested on my chest, her boobs hanging free above my chest. She saw me looking, and wiggled her shoulders in turn making her boobs wobble before my eyes. I reached up to take them in hand again, tweaking her nipples. Her eyes closed, she arched her back.

“God that feels so good.” She raised her hips, pulling away so my cock slipped out of her pussy, then she slid a little lower, pressing and rubbing her clit against my pussy juice covered cock, her “umm” accenting the mutual pleasure. She kissed my lips, then my chin, and began a downward journey on my body. As she moved not just her mouth but her entire body lower, my cock hung up on her skirt, which she moved with her hand.

“I brought us a present,” she said between kisses on my body.

“You brought us a present? Really?”


“Where is it?”

“You’ll have to find it. You’ll know it when you do.”

“Umm. Is it hidden?”

“You’ll just have to find it.” With that she had moved far enough down that her face was at my cock. Sticking out her tongue she began to caress my cock with her tongue. şişli otele gelen escort Licking up and down the shaft, around the head, eventually she raised it upright, taking the head into her mouth, gradually sinking lower onto the shaft. She pulled off, holding my dick upright and giggled.

“Do you know why a dog licks his dick?”

“What?” I asked, then realizing what she’d asked, answered “No, why?”

“Because he can.” She licked the shaft of my cock, sucked the end into her mouth again, the whole time watching my face. I groaned in appreciation; she popped it back out of her mouth.

“Do you know why men can’t lick their own dicks?


“Because if they could, then they wouldn’t need women!” She laughed.

“I swear if I could suck my own clit I would. I love the taste of my pussy on your cock.”

She took my cock in her mouth, giving full attention to it, making love to it. I reached down, running my fingers through her hair as she did so. She pulled off and raised up, climbing my body until her tits were cock level. Taking her hands she pushed her boobs around my cock and began stroking me with them. She wasn’t as large as my wife had been however there was still plenty of flesh to nearly envelop me. I took over the motion, allowing her to stay still, holding her luscious breasts around my cock. At the top of each stroke, my cock nearly touching her chin, her tongue flicked out to lick the head.

“Suck me?” I asked, stopping my motions.

“Ummm.” She answered, needed no more urging. She slid down, once again taking my cock into her mouth, this time to get me off. I watched her making love to my cock, feeling the need to explode increasing, yet tried to refrain from pumping my cock into her mouth. Gripping the bed with my hands to hold myself in place, the tension rose until there was no holding back.

“Gloria…I’m…” She pulled me out of her mouth just as I erupted. My cock head held against her lips I saw my cum spurt onto them, onto her face and chin, her hand gently stroking the last drops of cum from my cock. When it quit pulsing, her tongue once again extended, licking the last drop from my cock head. With a smile, she rose and walked over to the sink where she rinsed her mouth.

“I think you should walk around topless all the time.” I commented about her still wearing her skirt as I watched her return from the sink.

“You think so?” She stopped and performed a dancer’s curtsey before climbing onto the bed beside me. “Don’t think it might be a little underdressed for most places?”

I pulled her to me in response; kissing her, running my hands over her naked breasts, and down her back side, slipping under the back of her skirt onto her naked bottom.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Me too.” We kissed, hard, tongues dueling for position. With a sigh I pulled away.

“I need a few minutes before I’ll be ready again — let’s go take a swim.”


“You saw our neighbors — you don’t have to but that’s the way most do here.” She looked a bit apprehensive. “It’s just like at my house or the beach…”

“Yeah, but at the beach I knew there wasn’t anyone that I was ever going to see again.” I shrugged and smiled, I already knew what she was going to do. I got off the bed, kicking my pants off from around my ankles and went to the sink to wash the remaining cum from my abdomen. Gloria stepped into the bathroom to pee.

A moment later she stepped back out of the bath with a pool towel wrapped around her body. Partially covering her breasts, it was just long enough to barely cover her bottom. She tossed me a second towel, and dropped her skirt onto the bed. “Ok, let’s go.”

Gloria opened the door and then stopped, sheepishly sticking her head out and looking both ways. I don’t know what she was going do if she saw someone, but she was obviously still a little bashful. Now completely naked, I just stepped by her into the patio area of the building. Reaching out my hand, she took it, the door closing behind her.

The area was well lit, both from the pool light and the patio lighting. I saw a couple in the pool when we got there, the spa empty. That made sense; the air temperature was still nearly 100 degrees, despite being nearly 11 pm. The heat made the pool sound much more palatable than the spa. Two other couples were sitting at a table sharing a bottle of wine. At first glance, they all appeared naked, but as I moved around the pool a glance showed one of the women was wearing a bikini bottom. They nodded, acknowledging our presence, I nodded in response. We moved toward the shallow area where I dropped my towel on a lounge, waiting for Gloria. She looked at me nervously, bit her lip, and then reached for her towel, dropping it onto the lounge beside mine. She immediately turned and stepped into the pool. I followed suit.

The two in the pool appeared to be a young couple, I’d guess early 20’s, and were off to themselves. We ignored them, swimming back and forth a bit before settling against the side of the pool at a depth where I could easily stand. Gloria slid up where I was holding her in my arms and put her arm around my neck.

“I don’t know why I was so nervous this time. I sure liked being naked at your house — but this is, this ….” she said quietly. She never finished it.

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