Exploring Apart

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Bill and Marie Part 3- Exploring Apart

She hung up the phone.

Marie shuddered after the call with Andrea. Andrea had been one of the women at the hot spring over the weekend and they now had a dinner date to get to know each other. She only had to work that afternoon with the project she was involved with, so it would make things a little more fun.

With Bill having to leave on a business trip for the week, she wanted to explore where her thoughts were going. For so long, she’d held back out of fear of judging herself. Nothing was in her way now and she wouldn’t let it stop her.

Going to their room, Marie found her new dildo.

Her clothes were on the floor in a pile as she began fingering herself. Marie’s cum was already coating her fingers, which made it even hotter and enjoyable. The sensation flowed through her clit where it energized the rest of her body in an electric glow which made her even hornier.

Imagining everything from the last few days and what she wanted to have happen wasn’t hard. But she needed even more.

Marie’s pussy was wet enough, but to be safe she put some lube on to be safe.

It was hard to believe, but the sensation was even more satisfying while equally more electrifying as she slid it into both of parts of her body. The nerve endings in her butt almost seemed to help pull it in as it went slow. Every inch was clear to her on both sides as the low vibration stimulated her even further. Nothing else had ever driven her wild like this and satisfied her outside of what Bill had done for her. This was entirely different and new, but no less exciting than being fulfilled by her husband.

Flipping the switch, the dildo vibrated against every part of her.

She moaned loudly in ecstasy as the waves of pleasure turned her on even more. The orgasm didn’t last long, but she was even more turned on. Pulling her dildo out was as exciting as having it in her. Nerves on all sides were firing and only made her feel more alive before cleaning up to rush to work.

The afternoon seemed to drag on with the little bit of work she needed to do today.

Time also went very fast once she was able to wrap things up.

Marie wanted to enjoy her time with Andrea and explore where things could lead. Her hope with going for a run was to calm down, but it only made her hot and sweaty again. But it also gave her some ideas for that evening. Stripping out of her workout clothes made her feel even sexier.

Warm water cascaded over her soft skin, feeling it rush over her nipples and along the lines in her abdomen. It snaked further down between her legs, continuing down her knees to her bare feet. Everything made her feel alive.

She made sure her pussy was cleanly shaved and as smooth as it could be. Her body felt even better for having done it. Nothing was left, which she loved to see her naked body looking so clean.

Now was the time to begin getting ready for dinner

Marie’s way of feeling sexy on this was to be comfortable. Her running clothes made her realize what that would be for the evening. She chose a pair of light blue running shorts made out of a stretchy material that felt good without underwear on. The seam ran right between her legs, which provided enough contrast between what her clit and the surrounding skin felt to keep her turned on.

Seeing it in the mirror, the fabric clung to her hips, clearly defining them.

With the cool, soft, stretchy material sitting so close it sat perfectly showing the lines where her legs and pelvis came together. Those lines traced down to where her lips began. Marie’s lips were perfectly covered by the fabric to where the seam made it a perfect view of the lips and her pussy with the cloth looking like it was merely body paint. Thankfully it was thick enough fabric because she was wet again.

Her skin was pink and slightly flush from the warm shower and being turned on.

A teal camisole that was tight enough on her skin meant no bra, which felt good against her nipples. It was just as tight as her shorts, displaying her abdomen and breasts perfectly as her hard nipples printed through. She felt safely dressed, but comfortable and free.

To be acceptable for dinner, she put on sarıyer escort a one piece dress that showed her collar bone and a little of the top of her chest. But it ran down to just past her knees. It was thick enough that her nipples weren’t showing through even with being hornier than she had been that morning. Accentuating her beautiful breasts, she put on a leather belt to help define them.

Simple sandals let her show off her feet. It was clean and modest, but she felt sexy and relaxed.

Andrea was dressed in beige hot pants that looked painted on. A hint of a g-string caught Marie’s eye as they met for dinner. Being warm out, Marie’s date wore a camisole as well that showed off her shoulders, chest, and back which Marie honestly enjoyed the view of.

Andrea wasn’t minding the view either.

Both had simple dinners, but they indulged in a bottle of wine. It didn’t take long for them to start flirting even before the wine took effect. Marie let herself just enjoy the moment and not think too much of it. She wanted to let it take its natural course with where she hoped for it to go. Feeling the seam of her shorts as she adjusted in her seat, it grazed across her clit. She felt herself get wet as her lips tingled.

Marie didn’t want to rush it though, even with the wine.

They went for ice cream. Being a warm evening, they decided to take a walk and keep talking. Marie was happy to be making a new friend who was giving her a lot of ideas. Someone new to go shopping with as well as someone she felt like she wanted to be more intimate with. But she also wanted to share this with Bill, giving her some new ideas and thoughts.

Andrea and Marie had both wanted to drink that evening, so they had come in cabs. Because of the direction, they were able to share a cab home. Pulling up to their home, Marie decided to take a chance, leaning in to kiss Andrea softly. It was subtle, hot, and sweet.

But she wanted to make sure before going any further.

Andrea smiled as they parted and the cab headed off.

Marie headed into the house and called Bill, telling him what had happened. He reassured her that he would support her and any exploring she wanted with this. It was especially hot when she suggested he watch on video chat if Andrea agreed. In talking, she decided that she wanted to see if Andrea was available that night. She didn’t want to give her husband a show without making sure it was good first.

Reiterating his love and support for her sexual exploration, Bill smiled as he hung up the phone to go imagine what would happen.

Andrea smiled with the invite back. A few minutes later she was parked for a nightcap.

Marie pulled her in and as the door latched, pressed Andrea into the door with a passionate kiss.

After welcoming Andrea to her home, they headed to the living room where a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses stood ready. Kicking off shoes, they settled in to the wine and flirting with each other with a romantic comedy playing in the background. Both of them needed it to ease the tension with such a new and sudden experience. But it didn’t take long for hands to begin exploring while they moved closer together with each kiss.

Marie pulled Andrea up to the bedroom and pressed her into the door one more time as she slid Andrea’s top off. Not to be left behind, Andrea undid the belt of Marie’s dress and slid the dress over Marie’s head.

Andrea grew hot seeing the simple, contrasting beauty of Marie’s skin with the skin tight clothes she’d been hiding as well as the passionate love making that was beginning. She undid her own pants, leaving Andrea in a g-string and see-through lace bra that only just covered above her hard nipples.

And she couldn’t hold back.

Marie gave in as Andrea pushed her onto the bed and began stroking her. Her fingers felt good as they explored the waist band of her shorts. Kissing turned into mouthing and licking along Marie’s camisole. Marie undid Andrea’s bra as Andrea moved to tease her nipples through the camisole fabric. The g-string didn’t take long either having a small ring on each side to hold the strings together.

It didn’t take Marie long to have her first orgasm silivri escort as she felt Andrea’s fingers trace down her pelvic outline and massage her lips through the fabric. Heat and passion drove the other to explore further.

Andrea slid off the shorts with one hand and the camisole with the other leaving both of them entirely naked with Andrea laying on top of Marie. Skin on skin felt amazing, especially as Andrea began sucking and pleasing Marie’s nipples. A hand was between Marie’s legs, massaging her soft shaven lips. The sensual pleasure of it drove her over the edge with several waves of an orgasm from head to toe. Bill was unbeatable. But this was an entirely new and different experience with another woman.

Andrea kissed her way down the center line of Marie’s body to give her another new experience.

Her lips touched the edge of Marie’s hip, driving yet another orgasm from the highly aroused woman. She traced kisses down the sexy crease to Marie’s pussy. Without waiting, she dove in.

Marie had never felt anything like the orgasm that exploded when Andrea’s tongue touched her clit perfectly. It was pure ecstasy and in that moment Marie lost any idea of regret or uncertainty that might have been left.

With a breath, Marie told Andrea to move around and they started a classic 69 to pleasure each other.

She didn’t think it was possible, but the smell and taste of Andrea’s pussy turned her on even more. Using her imagination, it felt perfectly natural as she explored. It didn’t take long for Andrea to orgasm hard from Marie’s participation. Her cum was a new taste to Marie, but she enjoyed it.

Both seemed to collapse together and cuddle. Marie gently traced and explored Andrea’s body, learning the new experience to remember every bit of it.

It seemed short, but they fell asleep softly cuddling like this.

The next morning, they woke up cuddling still not having moved an inch.

Neither had much work that day, so they decided to stay in bed before going to have some fun together that afternoon outside of exploring. First though, Marie explored Andrea’s large breasts, learning how to lick them and play with them in a way different from her own. After a time of that, she explored down to Andrea’s pussy to repay the night before. As a fast student, Marie didn’t take long to bring her girlfriend to a massively sensual orgasm using her fingers and tongue to please.

Marie texted Bill that they would be talking on video chat that night. He couldn’t wait.

In the mean time, the girls went for a massage, manicure, and pedicure. While they were shopping and having just a great time without any cares, they decided for something new at the toy store for that night.

It didn’t take long for them to settle on a double ended dildo.

They got back to Marie’s with enough time to set up for Bill. Both were excited to keep exploring, but to also start including him. Since they each needed to work the next day, they wanted to make it amazing.

Before they were going to start, they decided to get going just a little early by showering together. Soaping up gave them a chance to really explore the other’s body in a new way. The touch and feeling was incredible. They couldn’t help but finger each other while doing this, getting them both hot for the other. Exploring nipples with mouths and tongues in a tangle of fun made both of them sensitive.

Andrea put on the g-string and bra from the night before. She had a bathrobe from shopping that day.

Marie went simply with the shorts and camisole from the night before knowing it would drive Bill crazy.

He was on right when she told him to be, naked on his end too so he could enjoy it as fully as possible by video. Andrea realized how much more fun this could be beyond just this short fling, especially when she saw him naked on screen again.

It didn’t take long before they were kissing on camera for Bill and beginning to explore again.

They would all trade off watching on camera at first, which was hot as Bill stroked his cock. The voyeur element of it added that much more intrigue to the experience for all of them. He couldn’t believe how sensual and amazing it was watching şirinevler escort as his wife laid back and Andrea stripped Marie back the way they had the night before. Same with how great it was as Marie slipped Andrea’s clothes off.

He noticed how they both enjoyed it and the immense pleasure it brought to Marie and was glad to see her enjoying the exploration so much.

Things got even more interesting as the double ended dildo got introduced. Bill had heard of things like that, but had never seen it. He couldn’t wait to see it for himself one day soon, hopefully in person with a threesome.

Marie felt amazing as Andrea slid it into her inch by inch, staring straight into the camera for Bill. What surprised Marie was suddenly feeling Andrea’s pussy against hers with the dildo entirely. The pressure wasn’t as good as with Bill inside of her, but it was balanced by the equally smooth feeling of Andrea’s lips against hers as well as their clits connecting. It was an electric feeling as they began pushing back and forth. Both stared at each other and into the camera for Bill. But they were both focused on the pleasure of their love making.

The energy picked up as they both turned the other on and the idea of doing it for Bill made it incredibly amazing. Each inch of it was clear to both women having it inside of them. Passion and energy helped as the waves of orgasms pulsed through them. Marie had only every felt this close to Bill, and it was incredible for both women as the endorphins slowed.

Marie said goodnight to Bill as he still had a few days of work. Andrea was spending the night, so it wasn’t long before they were cuddling again.

Both fell asleep softly and with smiles. Soft, naked bodies of two very beautiful women wrapped up.

Work was tedious for everyone after that the rest of the week.

Both women had to be up early and due to work, wouldn’t be able to see each other again for a few days. So they planned for Saturday evening after they were done with their respective work requirements. Luckily it coincided with Bill getting back and even more time off. Marie’s husband wouldn’t be home until late and she wanted to get going early.

For dinner that evening, she wore hip hugger jeans, no underwear, and a top that was just solid enough to keep from being sheer. With her perky breasts, a bra wasn’t needed either.

Andrea wore a skin tight dress with large side openings that showed her off well. The bottom had some sheer material that would let a little light through to give just a hint of what was there. With the stress of work, both women were ready for this weekend.

It didn’t take long after dinner and a couple bottles of wine for them to head back to the house. Both were naked within moments.

Andie’s dress melted off of her revealing nothing under and a fresh wax. The cooler air made her tingle in anticipation, which made her pussy glint in the low light Marie had on.

Similarly, Marie’s clothes disappeared as she revealed herself yet again to her delicate lover. She also revealed a heart shaped patch of pubic hair that pointed to where she wanted to feel Andie (and hopefully soon her husband’s cock) against her body.

Marie pulled Andrea up the stair to the room and pushed her back onto the bed.

In the stillness of the silence, all that could be heard was the start of the passionate breathing. Marie climbed softly over Andrea and lowered herself first to a waiting kiss. Their hard nipples and soft, warm breasts met next. This was followed as leg intertwined to let feet graze together.

Andie pulled her even tighter against herself.

The kissing didn’t take long before both were filled with lust. Hands began to roam freely alternating between scratching and gentle caressing by finger tips.

Amazingly, it was almost effortless as Andrea flipped them over. Marie moved up on the bed as her lover kissed slowly down from her lips to chest, teasing the sensation on her bronzed skin while ignoring her breasts. From there it led quickly to kisses until Andrea reached Marie’s pussy.

Marie had a small orgasm shoot through her in anticipation with the first kiss on her bare lips.

Surprisingly, Bill walked into the room early and saw Andrea with her face buried between his wife’s legs making her moan. He’d watched, now it was his turn to play as his cock stiffened. Unbuckling his belt and pants, he was naked in an instant, which turned Marie on even more. With a wink and a nod from her, he joined the party…

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