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Lola is just walked into the house to catch the phone ringing just before it went into voice-mail. There was not an opportunity to say a proper greeting or set down her keys and purse. “Do not change your clothes but remove your panties, do not ask questions nor speak, be in the den in under ten minutes blindfold yourself and wait,” and the call was ended. Her husband has never done this before and he must be heading home for lunch. A little frightened but she will have to admit, she was immediately turned on and ready for this game. She checked the voice-mail and moved quickly to the den. Looking around frantically for a blindfold, and spotted his tie hanging from the hook by the door. Quickly securing the tie over her eyes thinking whatever has gotten into him she is nervous and excited at the same time.

She waited for what seemed like an eternity and the sound at the front door that snapped her out of her silent thoughts. A rustle of clothing brought her attention of what she sensed was the entry. He is in the room removing his clothing. A gentle tug at her arm indicated she was to stand. Once standing her wrists became bound behind her back and her blouse was being unbuttoned. He smoothed a hand over her exposed bra, and quickly tucked inside to lift her right breast out of its cup. There was precision with this process she noticed as he did the same to the left. He wanted them exposed as quickly as possible. Just as she was wandering what he was going to do next, he was tugging at her skirt. She tried to step out of her heals but thought better due to the grip of protest at her foot, and şişhane escort the shoe was slipped back onto her foot. As the skirt continued to rise up slowly to her hips, he was trailing kisses in its wake. He knows exactly what he wants and he is not hesitating to take it.

He stops and inhales deep at her exposed sex. Undoubtedly he can smell her dampness, she is more than ready. With both hands on her hips he eases her bottom to rest on the edge of the desk and settles between her legs. She wishes she could see him posed there. One lick, two licks, and he dives in and begins his ministrations. Her whimpering stops him and leaves her at a loss. He places a finger across her lips for absolute silence then continues at his task at hand. Oh the feeling is rocking her world as he is letting her rise close to climax and easing off. Then he inserts two fingers and circles the sweet spot while lapping at the button. She wants to hold his head, pull his hair. The rise of the climax came so fast and exploded throughout her body, before she realized it, she lost her legs and he caught her holding her up. She has never had an orgasm so intense.

Once her legs stopped shaking, he gently he placed his hands on her hips turned her around so her back is to him. He nudges her feet apart a little more than shoulder length and leaves her standing there. She noticed a sound of a foil condom being opened, and thinking this must be part of the play he has in mind. Returning to her, and kneading one breast and nipple, taking her quickly back to the height she was when he was between şişli anal yapan escort her legs. His other hand is between her slit from behind, testing her readiness. Feeling the tip of him at her entrance he slowly enters her. She can’t remember when he was ever so hard. He begins to move and fondling her breasts, pinching one nipple at a time. With her hands still bound, she cannot lean forward. He senses this and holds her arms back and nudges her forward. This position is exquisite as he starts to become relentless inside of her. The slight bend and the hold on her arms have giving him leverage and a deeper advantage. The climax begins to build within her again and he stops abruptly, he too is close to losing control. Straightening her he holds her to his chest and inhales the smell of her hair, then lingers at her shoulder with his lips. She can feel his hot shaky breath on her skin as he is regaining his control. Sliding his hands down her arms he bends her forward and begins to rock inside of her. She is so close, the warmth inside her stomach is building and she can’t help but moan. She can’t remember ever feeling this wanton, and he just might do her in with this pleasure. No longer able to hold back, she releases the flame of her orgasm as a hand covers her whimpering mouth. Just then a barely audible moan and hitch of breathe escapes him as he too is overcome with pleasure.

Regaining balance, he gently carries her to the sofa and wipes her clean. She can hear him dressing, and he reaches her side again and gently rolls her to her stomach şişli bdsm escort to release the bindings at her one. Loving hands rub the tender wrists, checking for marks, then a soft kiss at the insides of each wrist. He reached up and retied the blindfold at her eyes a little more secure and disappeared. Once she heard the front door, she realized he has left. Reaching and untying the tie to see in fact she was alone, and stands to put her clothes back together.

She has to cook a grand dinner tonight for this escapade he has staged. Thoroughly and deliciously sore in all the right places, she heads to the kitchen. Once there she noticed the time and realized that her took a lunch hour and did this, and it was a fabulous lunch hour for sure. Heading to the freezer she passes the phone and noticed the voice-mail light was on. She didn’t recall the phone ringing. She played it back and it was her husband, letting her know he would be late tonight, to eat without him. He must have taken too long of a lunch with her. She decided to call him and let him know how much she enjoyed his lunch visit.

She reached his secretary, which claimed he has been in meetings all day, and is in another meeting now. Panic started to set in, and she asked if she has seen him personally at the office all day. The secretary replied that he has not even left for lunch, which she had to order out for him. At this point she sensed something and asked if she was okay? Lola quickly replied to just let him know that she got his message and to call later.

Sliding to the floor in shock trying to wrap her head around what just happened. What will people think of her? She didn’t struggle, but she thought this man was her husband. He didn’t hurt her, as a matter of fact; it was very much the opposite. Staring down at the hardwood floor, she thought that life indeed is stranger than fiction and secretly hoping he will return again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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