Fantasies 05

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It was only when I noticed the sun had gone down that I realised how long we’d been driving for, at least a couple of hours! We’d left my car in town and headed onto the motorway, driving with no destination in mind. You were supposed to be at work but your shift had been cancelled, some scheduling issue again and my flatmates mother had come down from Somerset so we couldn’t go back to mine, frustrating was not the word!

The traffic had gradually thinned out and now, apart from the odd vehicle on the other side of the road, we were alone. I’d been on my best behaviour so far, not wanting to distract you whilst you were driving, but now the roads were quiet I reached out and placed my right hand gently on your leg, stroking my fingers up and down. You dropped your left hand down to quickly squeeze mine and then returned to driving, staring ahead and focusing on the road.

Gradually I edged my hand up, feeling the tip of your cock pressing against your trousers as I stroked higher, until my fingers were playing around the waistband of your trousers, pulling at the button impatiently and sliding underneath to touch your skin.

You reached down and pulled out my hand, saying “Naughty” and I pouted slightly, before turning completely in my seat to look at you and running my fingers up and down your leg.

You looked at me quickly and said “What?” as my fingers moved higher again and you had to remove them once more, giving my hand a little slap this time.

“I was just thinking…” I replied.

“What were you thinking?” you asked, guessing where my mind was going and getting harder at the thought.

“I was wondering how far you’d be able to drive with my mouth around your cock before you got too distracted,” I answered with a smirk.

“Not very far,” you said, still looking dead ahead.

“Wanna try?” I said cheekily, reaching my hand back to undo your trousers all the way. This time you didn’t pull etiler eve gelen escort my hand away, instead you started grinning.

“OK,” you replied, “but only if you strip first!”

So maybe I shouldn’t have told you about that time I’d stripped while I was driving, but to be fair when I’d done that it was 3am and the roads were deserted, with no street lamps. It was now barely 9pm and we were driving down a brightly lit two lane road and, although there were very few cars, they’d be able to see exactly how much I wasn’t wearing if they happened to glance over.

On the other hand I’d been sitting in the passenger seat for hours now, getting wetter and wetter, craving your cock and being unable to do anything about it. And how likely was it that anyone would look over anyway?

“Deal!” I whispered and you glanced over, looking a little shocked that I’d agreed, before that naughty grin settled on your face as I unbuckled my seatbelt, pulled my dress over my head and threw it in the back seat.

I leant over, pulling your cock out of your trousers and noticing how hard and hot you were under my hand before you slapped me away again.

“You’re not naked yet!” you said, and with a brief hesitation I unclipped my bra, throwing that in the back seat with my dress, before sliding my knickers down to rest around my ankles.

“Happy now?” I asked, shifting in my seat so that I was on my knees, one hand on the seat between your legs and my mouth poised just above you, my tongue darting out to lick the drop of wetness from the tip before lowering my head slowly to surround you with my mouth, not quite touching you with my lips, my tongue flicking around the head before I closed my lips around you and sucked hard.

You let out a soft groan, your eyes falling shut for a second before you remembered where we were and you opened them again to focus on the road. The feel etiler grup yapan escort of my hot, soft mouth and my wet tongue moving up and down while I sucked you were doing bad things to your concentration and you decided to even the score a bit, scratching the fingernails of your left hand down my back and my buttocks before reaching between my legs and discovering how wet I was. Pushing two fingers inside me you used the remaining fingers to slide slowly over my clit and you felt me gasp and then moan against your shaft as I wriggled to give you better access. Your thumb was pressed in the gap between my buttocks and remembering an earlier conversation gave you an idea. Slipping your fingers out of my pussy you rubbed slowly up and down my slit, spreading my juices up before sliding them back in again and pressing the tip of your thumb against my tight arsehole, now slippery with my wetness.

As you pressed harder with your thumb and rubbed your fingers over my clit you could feel me wriggling beneath you and moaning as my mouth started to move faster around your cock. Any doubts that you had about me enjoying this vanished as your thumb pushed inside me to the first knuckle and I moaned louder, digging my fingernails into your leg through your trousers, my pussy tightening around your fingers as you felt how close I was to orgasm. Pushing your fingers hard inside me you jerked the wheel to the left, almost throwing me off my seat as you pulled the car into a lay by and cut the engine.

I looked up at you questioningly and you motioned for me to get out of the car as you opened your door. I jumped out and met you halfway, almost tripping before realising that my panties were still around my ankles and kicking them off. Reaching my arms around your neck I pulled your head close, kissing you roughly as your fingers dug into my buttocks, pulling me tight up against you so I could feel etiler masöz escort your hardness pressing into my stomach. Without a word I turned and bent over the bonnet, legs wide, hands holding my arse cheeks apart as I showed you what I wanted.

You pressed the tip of your cock against my tight little hole, watching as I tensed ever so slightly then you leant over, whispering in my ear, asking if this was what I wanted. I nodded my head, wriggling back against you and slowly you started to push yourself into my arse. It was tight, amazingly so and you reached round to rub you fingers over my clit, unsure if my little moans were pain or pleasure but really not wanting to stop now. I jerked under your fingers, pressing back against you until all of a sudden you slid the last two inches and were buried in me up to your balls.

You stopped there for a second, letting me adjust to having you inside me and enjoying the sensation of being gripped that tightly, before you slowly started rocking backwards and forwards, still rubbing my clit whilst using your other hand to play with my nipples.

My breathing was coming faster and you could feel me twitching, wriggling underneath you as you thrust in and out of me, until with a cry I came, my muscles contracting around you as you thrust deep into my arse and came hard yourself, leaning over to kiss the back of my neck as you caught your breath. Reluctantly you started to pull out of me, aware now that we were fucking in a lay by at the side of the road and someone could come past any second now. You’d forgotten that in the heat of the moment, just wanting to be inside me, and I’d clearly also forgotten I was naked, you thought, as you glanced over to where I lay slumped over the bonnet, your cum dripping out of my arse. Then I looked up and grinned, giving you a wink, and you thought perhaps I’d been more in control of the situation than you’d realised….

After I’d dressed we climbed back into the car, turning it round and heading for home, the image of me with my legs spread and your cock buried deep in my arse never far from your mind. When we’d been driving for a few minutes I’d leaned over to kiss you before climbing into the back seat and falling asleep. You wondered how it was that I managed to look so innocent…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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