Fantasy By The Fire

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We arrived at the cabin around 8 p.m., after a long workweek. We quickly unpacked our bags, and sat down. You said, “Whew. What a week. Could sure use a massage.”

I told you to just sit there and relax for a moment, while I got something ready for your massage. I started a fire in the fireplace, dimmed the lights, and went to get a bottle of flavored oil out of my bag. Then, I went into the kitchen to get some glasses for champagne. I came back into the room, got an afghan and placed it on the floor. Then, I took the champagne and poured some into the glasses. I then got up, forgetting to get the chocolate covered strawberries out of the fridge. Then I came back in the room, and sat down next to you.

I took a strawberry, and fed it to you slowly. Then, I took a glass of champagne, and handed it to you, then took my own. We made a toast to a nice weekend, and drank. Then I looked into your eyes, and we kissed nice and slow….letting our lips part naturally, and softly sighing into the nice, warm kiss.

My hand was on your chest, and I could tell your heart started to beat faster. I kissed you harder, and then sat back and told you to remove your clothes, and lay down on the blanket by the fire. After you did that, I gave you a blindfold, and told you to put it on. Then, I lightly tied your hands together with a silk ribbon, not tight, but loosely, and told you to lay down on your stomach and not to move unless I directed you and that you couldn’t touch me unless I let you.

You did as told, and heard some rustling noises (me taking off my clothes). Then you felt the warmth of my lightly oiled fulya escort hands on your shoulders. Rubbing you slowly, gently, as I kissed your cheek. I heard you sigh and moan….relaxing instantly.

I massaged my way down your shoulder blades in nice circular motions. My hands kneading softly down your lower back…..and kneading your firm ass. My hands moved lower to caress your thighs and balls…and then each calf, and then your feet. Then I went back to your shoulders and massaged you all over again the same way.

You started to squirm a little around your waist. I could tell you were getting hard. I told you to turn over on your back. You did, and I started to massage the front of your shoulders, and your pecs. Rubbing your nipples as they got hard. As I did that, I leaned down and started to kiss you. Softly just on your lips, then your cheeks, then nose, and forehead. Then I nibbled on each ear lobe, as my hands massaged your pecs and abs. You felt my tits against your cock, and I felt your throbbing cock bat back and forth against them. Straining itself to get in between them.

I started to move my hands down your belly button, then down around your cock, but not touching it. I massaged your balls, the inner thighs, then your legs and feet again. Then, I told you to get on your stomach again. Once you were back on it, I started to “massage” your back and shoulders with my tongue and mouth. Exploring your firm muscles with my tongue. Tasting the coconut oil, mixed with your masculine scent. I let my mouth kiss, suck and nibble on your flesh. My mouth and tongue massaging gebze escort your shoulder blades, then your lower back. My left hand moved around you to start caressing your cock slowly.

My mouth moved to your ass cheeks. I licked circles slowly around each one. Then slowly ran my tongue up and down your nice crack for a long time. I could feel you squirm, and your cock was rock hard in my hand. I spread your cheeks with my mouth and started to tongue fuck your sweet ass while pumping your nice stiffy cock in my hand.

You started to pump back and forth, fucking my hand. So, I stopped touching it, and moved my mouth down to your balls. I licked and kissed your balls, and the nice sensitive area between your sweet ass and thick balls. Lightly grazing my teeth around it. Then I licked and kissed your thigh backs, and calves…down to your feet. I licked the soles, and lightly sucked each toe slowly like little cocks.

You begged to touch me, and fuck me but I wanted you to wait……it wasn’t time yet. I told you to turn on your back. You quickly did so! I started to kiss your chest and neck. Then I took each nipple in my mouth, licking and sucking your nipples….making you moan loudly. Then I kissed my way to your belly button and darted my tongue in and around it. My tits again flirting with your cock.

Then you felt my chin against your cock as I held the base. My lips grazed the head as I started to take it into my hungry mouth. I sucked the head nice and slow…my lips making circles around the engorged cock head. My tongue flicked in and out of the tip, seeking sweet gültepe escort delicious cum. Hungry to have my man’s cum inside me. I started to suck your cock all the way…..slowly at first, but then fast and furious. The sounds of my sucking making you start to hump my mouth.

I sucked for a long time while my hands held your ass, and my tits had your full balls in my tits. Then I stopped and straddled your cock, taking it deep inside me. I started to rock back and forth. Riding you slowly. I bent and put my 54-DD tits into your mouth. Feeling you suck hungrily at my tits….making me moan outloud.

I removed your blind fold and untied your hands. As we looked into each other’s eyes, we kissed hard and long. Bucking wildly as your cock was deep inside my hot, wet cunt. As I sat back up, your hands held onto my tits as we fucked.

Then I pulled you ontop of me. My legs spread wide so that you can fuck me deep and long. You fucked me fast and rough, looking me deep in the eyes. I told you to do it harder, and fuck me and make me yours. Then you straddled my tits, and shoved your cock deep between them. As your cock poked out of my tits, I sucked fast and hard on your cock head! God, how I wanted your cum. You had your fingers deep in my pussy, working my clit. Then you turned and we 69’d. You eating my hot pussy, while I sucked that hot cock.

I could tell you were about to cum, so I clenched my pussy around your hot fingers, and we came together. You shot your hot load down my throat, and I sucked and swallowed hard. Feeling the sticky, sweet cum and wanting it more and more. After we were done, you laid on top of me for a long time. We kissed and tasted each other’s cum. Then after a short nap while still entwined, you asked for another massage………saying that you had a “very tight muscle” that needed work. We spent the rest of that weekend with intense physical therapy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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