Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Ch. 03

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As often happens, life interferes with love, and it does so when you would least desire for it to interfere. I had met and loved Kristen, and we had loved together, and so many things had been said, and promised, and alluded to and then business called me away for several months of travel. Up and down the east coast and through the southern states with a seeming conspiracy against my ever returning to the Pacific North West. Until one day, early in summer, business would again send me to southern Oregon.

I was concerned about seeing her, though we had stayed in touch, her business and my business conspired together to keep us apart it seemed. Because of the pressures, I had not called, and now several weeks had passed with no contact. I was not looking forward to our initial conversation.

“This is Kristen.” Said the voice on the cell phone “Hello?”

“Hi Kristen, this is Stan.”

“Hi Stan, where are you? And what are you doing, and who are you doing it with?” She spoke clearly into the phone with her business tone, and a smile in her voice.

“Actually, I just landed at the airport, care to have lunch?” I replied.

“Love to, if I can have an hour to get some things off my desk.” Her answer relieved me, I was afraid that she would have other things to do after my extended absence from her life.

“Where would you like to meet?” I asked

“I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

“Great, I will make some calls and be waiting out front.” And closed the phone.

Just over an hour later, her white SUV pulled up and I slid into the passenger seat after depositing my bag in the back seat. “Where are you staying?” She asked as I leaned across the seat for a quick kiss.

“I haven’t decided yet.” I said “Probably the Windmill or one of those places near here.

“Ok, then where to for lunch?” She asked.

“I am at your mercy, M’lady, you pick.”

“Not wanting to make decisions are we?” She smiled

“Nope, just want to look at you while you drive.” I smiled back and settled in to admire her curves. She was wearing a light weight summer dress, a pretty yellow color that contrasted wonderfully with her tan legs that were visible because the skirt had ridden up as she drove. A pair of delicate white sandals and matching purse did much to add to the very alluring picture I was being presented with.

As she negotiated traffic istanbul escort in the small town, she cast me an occasional sidelong glance and finally asked. “So, where have you been?” “And why have I heard so little from you since your last visit?”

“So much going on, and as time passed, I wanted to call, and I kept putting it off, and then I didn’t want to deal with possible anger and hurt feelings and then time continued and slipped away and finally, when the time came to come here so much time had passed that I felt, well, I am kind of rambling aren’t I?”

“Squirming is more like it.” She laughed. “I like that in a man.” “Especially when he is dead wrong and knows it.”

“I truly apologize, there is no excuse and I should have called more often.” I said with a heavy sigh.

“You are forgiven, this time.” “But.” And she looked at me a long time this time. “I want you to know that I am not your occasional blow into town fuck, and I will not be treated like it.” Her tone and the steely look in her eyes signaled that she meant business and all I could do was sit and accept the chastisement. No matter the truth of my feelings for her, I had not treated her properly, and she had every right to be down right angry enough not to see me again. I was certainly pleased that she seemed willing to let the matter drop after that.

Lunch was at a sidewalk café and the time we spent was lighthearted and pleasant. As the after dinner coffee was being served, I asked her what her plans were for the balance of the day.

“Nothing really, I thought we might take a drive, there is a house I would love to show you, just because I built it, not because I want you to buy it.” With that she grabbed the check and would not let me pay.

The house she had built was truly special, custom in every way. As we strolled through it my mind naturally envisioned the last, or should I say, first house we looked at together. The memory elicited a response from my libido that was both instant and apparent. Kristen looked at me puzzled and then smiled and said. “Where did you go?”

“Back a few months.” I said smiling sheepishly.

“Hmmm,” she said “come here, I want to show you favorite place.”

As she led the way out through the slider into the back yard I was truly impressed, in ground pool, deck and against the house a grape arbor kabataş escort with table and chairs affording a cool shady place to dine or just relax. With an adjoining hot tub that was completely secluded from any prying eyes inside or outside the house.

We stood, overlooking the back yard, me slightly behind her with the afternoon breeze sending her perfume into my head and drawing me to her. I stepped up behind her, putting my hands on her shoulders and drawing her back against me. She didn’t resist as I buried my face in her hair and kissed her just behind the ear. She turned and looked up at me, placing her hand against my chest. Searching my eyes she stood silently, appraising me with her stare. “Tell me I’m not.” She said. “Tell me I am more than that to you.”

Those hazel eyes, boring into my soul, seeing the truth, the lips touching mine, then it was like the time had never passed, the kiss, passionate, insistent. Intense fire in my stomach, my loins, my hands tangling in her hair, pulling her to me, deep within my being a craving to possess her and make her mine again. Her passion, biting my lip, tearing at my back, moaning my name as my hands pull her sweet summer dress up revealing her bare bottom to my searing touch. I spin her around and push her back onto the table, kissing my way down her neck to her breasts. The straps of her dress falling down from her shoulders, breasts freed from the restraint standing up for my attention as my lips closed on her nipples first one and then the other, as they stiffen my erection threatens to rip our my zipper. I knelt between her legs as she lay on the table and I began the very pleasurable kissing of her inner thighs as I moved upward to her center. I pulled the little button of her clitoris into my mouth and felt it stiffen. Her breath taken in as a gasp and then her tremors began, her thoughts must have been about our earlier interlude as well, because she was soaking wet with desire.

“Yess, I’ve waited for you so long, do it, now, make me cum!!!” I continued sucking and licking her as she shook through one climax and into the next, then as the next was starting I stood and impaled her on my hard cock. Driving into her, she was rocking against me and milking me until I could not stand any more, I erupted within her as her third climax slammed into her dragging us both over the top into kadıköy escort the abyss that was mutual orgasm.

The kiss was more love than passion now, as we floated back to earth from the heights we had just experienced. I pulled back from her and straightened up, taking her hands in mine to help her up, she slid off of the table and sat in one of the chairs, still holding my hands she drew me to her and engulfed me with her mouth, I had just filled her and she was savoring the mixture of our fluids as if they were the sweetest honey. Pulling me back to arousal she sucked until my hard cock had forgotten that it had just cum and started looking forward to the next one. She stood and with one fluid movement pulled the dress over her head, laying it on the table and leaning on the table, her tight ass beckoning to me as my gaze traveled up the shapely curve of her legs. I pulled my shirt off and stepped out of my slacks, she moved her ass back and forth and hissed, “Now, do it again, now, come on…”

I slid into her in one plunge as she groaned her delight, a deep guttural groaning that was feral in its origin, as the wild side of her captivated me within her and drug me along with her to the next level of eroticism…My hard cock plunged into her as she ground against me until I could feel her ass grasping at my pubic bone, as she was moving against me she reached under her and drew some of her moisture out with her fingers taking it to her ass and coating it with her own juices, slipping her finger in and out, more fluids, more lubricated, hotter and hotter, then she pulled off of me, as I fell out of her, she reached back between her legs and with a gasp she gripped my shaft and positioned it at her back door.

She moved it slightly back and forth, ferreting the head of it into her, as the head passed her sphincter, she placed her hands back on the table and pushed back, impaling herself on me, she cried out in passion as she felt my cock invade her bottom to the point of splitting it open, then she began to grind back against me, faster and faster, reaching for her orgasm, harder and harder as I felt myself burn with desire she plunged forward and back screaming my name and as I erupted she wailed and came, I had my hand under her on her pussy and felt the juices gush forth from her as her climax reached it’s highest point.

Her collapse was total, she fell forward on the table, pulling herself off of me and, totally spent, she lay there breathing deeply.

Some minutes later, she pulled herself upright again, and turning to face me encircled me with her arms and said. “Now, repeat after me, I will never keep Kristen waiting for this long again.”

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