Fantasy Number Ch. 1

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For BMD…

I’m relaxing at home after a long, hot shower. I’m comfortable, wearing my blue satin sleepshirt and a pair of socks. Nothing else. I’m busy going through my clothes rack and dresser, getting rid of what I don’t use or wear, when you come over to visit. You join me in the bedroom and talk to me as I’m going through everything. The bedroom looks like a tornado hit it. I have all kinds of stuff spread out on the bed, piles here and there.

You come across some lingerie and a black leather case with handcuffs in it. I look over to you, mentioning that I was going to get rid of those because I don’t have much use for them. “You can keep them if you want them,” I say offhandedly. Then I go back to the business at hand, focussing on the clothing rack. It’s a mess. I’m so focussed on what I’m doing that I don’t see you open the case and take out the cuffs and keys. I also don’t notice the evil gleam in your eyes as you watch me.

You then get up off the bed and, with the cuffs open behind you where I can’t see them, you come up behind me. I feel you move my long blonde hair off my neck and start kissing me. I stop what I’m doing, enjoying the attention. I feel you kissing my neck and sliding an arm around me. I lean back into you and reach behind me with both hands to touch you. You continue kissing me and while doing so, bring the cuffs around in front, snapping them around my wrists and locking them. I snap out of the pleasure fog I’m in and try to move my arms. I start struggling against you, asking, “What the fuck…?” You chuckle evilly in my ear, holding my now helpless body against you, telling me that I’m your prisoner and there’s nothing I can do about it. I continue struggling against you until I feel your hands slide over me: one hand cupping my breast and the other finding its way kağıthane escort to my opposite inner thigh. I stop struggling, feeling this huge electric rush shoot through my body. You have my unwavering attention.

I can feel you teasing me through my sleepshirt, touching my breast with your fingers. Your other hand slowly slides along my inner thigh, moving higher. You prop your head on my shoulder and reach around to pinch my nipple through the shirt, making me moan and breathe faster. “Damn, that feels good,” I tell you. You can hear my hands trying to snap the cuffs and grin. “Struggle all you want. It’s not going to help. The keys are over on the bed,” you whisper to me, “Face the facts: until further notice, you belong to me — to do with whatever I want.” Your other hand has found its way between my legs, circling my clit with a maddening feathery touch, rubbing and probing between my lips. My body responds by getting very hot and wet down there. I can hear your sharp intake of breath as you wrap your arms around me, pulling me back towards the bed. I’m turned around and pushed back onto the bed.

Kneeling over me, you lean forward and take my face in your hands. The cuffs are clicking behind me as I try to reach out to touch you. I can’t. I’m at your mercy. I feel this intense heat spiraling through me as we kiss. I also notice a flood happening between my legs. I’m laid across the bed, my bound hands beneath me. You unbutton your jeans and slide them down and off. Your shirt comes off too. I look up at you, noticing that you’re getting very hard between your legs. Smiling at me, you lean down to kiss me.

As we’re kissing, I can feel you unbuttoning my shirt and opening it wide. I’m now totally exposed to you, vulnerable. The kissing continues, moving from kartal escort my mouth to my ears and neck, then down to my breasts. Since my hands are bound under me, my breasts are more prominent — and very easy targets. I’m squirming beneath your much bigger and heavier body, moaning and breathing heavily. I’m vaguely aware of your lower body between my legs, effectively stopping me from closing my legs. I try to and you don’t budge. I can hear you moaning as you kiss and tease my breasts. I can feel your cock brushing against my thigh. I can do nothing but groan in pleasure under you. The cuffs on my wrists are clicking against each other, keeping me from touching you the way I so desperately want to. You take your time with me, teasing my breasts until I’m almost screaming. Your fingers are between my legs, circling my clit in a lazy fashion, as if they have nothing better to do. The tip of your finger slips inside me, driving me crazy. I feel your mouth travelling down my body, licking my stomach on the way to where your fingers have been.

Through heavy-lidded eyes, I watch as you slide your hands along my legs, kissing and nibbling my inner thighs. The day’s growth of stubble on your cheeks scrapes against my over-sensitive skin. You can feel me trembling. I’m almost there. When you lick my clit lightly, I moan. I can feel your hot, wet tongue slowly lapping at me, pushing me closer to the edge. My hips shift suddenly, pushing my clit towards you further. Just then, I explode beneath you, gushing between my legs. Through my haze, I can hear you growling at me. You’re holding my hips tightly now, continuing to lick me. You want me to orgasm again for you, which I do — immediately and intensely. I’m shaking on the bed, almost convulsing due to the intense pleasure. My eyes are küçükçekmece escort closed and I’m breathing very hard, swearing under my breath.

Without warning, you move away, changing your position. I look to you and see you giving your cock a few hard, firm strokes with your hand. You’re not done with me. Your cock is harder than I’ve ever seen it, the head a dark color. You brush the tip of it through my damp pubic hair, teasing me still. You groan at the dampness and heat coming from me. You’re ready to take the plunge.

With a quick glance at my face, you push forward into me. My face flushes a bright red and my back arches off the bed. A huge groan comes from my throat. You’re groaning too, a look of intense pleasure on your handsome face. I’m tight around you, taking you inside my body all the way. All of a sudden, you stop moving, enjoying the feel of my muscles tight around you. You’re breathing hard, your eyes closed. I stay still, though it’s hard to do. My instincts are to move against you. You feel soooooo good: hot and hard and thick inside me.

After a few steadying breaths, you start to slowly move inside me, touching everything all at once, stroke by stroke. I’m moving with you, trying at the same time to snap the cuffs so I can touch you. It’s no use. The cuffs are solid. You pick up your pace. We’re both breathing heavily and moaning freely. My legs are around your hips. I’m feeling a tremendous pressure building up very deep inside me. It’s almost more than I can stand. You’re stroking in and out of me faster. Just as you start to cum, you reach down with your hand and slide your thumb across my clit, rubbing me very quickly. I cry out, cumming again and shaking uncontrollably. This causes my muscles to pulse and flutter around your cock, squeezing you like a vice. It’s your turn to yell and swear then as you cum inside me. It feels like you’re having THE orgasm of your life. Your whole body is shaking against mine, out of your control — not that you care much at this point. After several long minutes, you collapse on top of me, sweating and trembling — breathing hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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