Femme Fucks Butch

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Meet Butch, a strong woman living in The City. You’ve seen her around, a chubby, dark-skinned female walking about town with more swagger than the average Man. Butch was raised by her Father alongside her Brothers, and never learned how to be Feminine, whatever the fuck that means. A long time ago, Butch discovered that she likes the Ladies and her Family was totally accepting of her, which is cool.

Butch is the kind of female who can fix your car, or your computer. It’s not a stereotype, it’s actually the truth. For the most part, Butch’s friends are Men, for while she loves Women, she cannot stand gossip or passive aggression. Butch is like most Heterosexual Men, she has sex with Women, and prefers the company of Men for most everything else. Life is much simpler that way…

Butch has a thing for the kind of Women who grace the covers of magazines. The ultra-feminine, sexy ladies from Hollywood and the Fashion World. What most Men lust after. Butch loves those kind of ladies, for they seem out of reach for her. After years of chasing the wrong dames, Butch finally met Femme, the woman of her dreams. The only problem is that while Butch looks tough, she’s actually pretty cool and friendly. Femme on the other hand, well, she seems pretty, and soft and sweet, but she’s real Men on the inside.

Recently, Femme discovered something quite surprising about Butch. Apparently, Butch has been going to an online message board for Butch Women with submissive tendencies and the dominant feminine Women in their lives. Femme confronted Butch about her casino oyna evolving sexual desires, and after much denial, Butch admitted the truth. Butch desperately wants to get fucked by Femme. Can Femme handle this?

“Are you ready to be fucked?” Femme asks, and she stands there, at the bedroom door, a vision of absolute feminine beauty. Femme is petite, and fair-skinned, with long hair and an angelic face. She’s rubbing her breasts with one hand and caressing her strap-on dildo with the other. Flashing that fearless smile of hers, Femme looks at Butch. Tonight I’m finally going to fuck the woman I love, Femme thinks, smiling. It’s about to go down, alright.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Butch replies, and she looks at Femme as she strips out of her Men’s shirt and cargo pants, revealing a curvy yet tough body. Butch is used to running the show and carries herself like it. Tonight is different. Butch bares herself to Femme, and the strength and vulnerability of her partner moves Femme quite deeply. Steeling herself for what is to come, Butch awaits.

“Assume the position,” Femme commands, and her voice changes subtly as she assumes control. In spite of herself, Butch is turned on. She sits up on the bed and rubs her pussy, smiling at Femme. I didn’t know she had it in her, Butch thinks, quietly amazed by Femme’s dominance. This is about to be off the chain, and both Femme and Butch are eager to explore new territory…

“This shit stays between us,” Butch says firmly, and Femme nods. Coming forward, Femme leans slot oyna against Butch, pushing her down on the bed. There’s a brief struggle, for Butch isn’t the type to just give it up. The two Women wrestle, and Femme comes out on top. Butch grins, for she loves this. Femme pushes the strap-on into Butch’s vaginal opening…and just like that, their world changes.

“You’ve always wanted this,” Femme hisses, and she raises Butch’s thick, muscular legs in the air and fucks her with deep, passionate strokes. Butch lies there and takes it, for a change. Butch is moaning softly as her partner finally fucks the hell out of her. Femme’s skill with the strap-on dildo surprise Butch, who finally lets go and learns to relax and enjoy…

“Shut up and fuck me,” Butch demands, and Femme smirks then slaps her hard across the face. Butch blinks in surprise, and Femme smiles wickedly. Topping from the bottom is definitely not okay and whether you’re Butch or Femme, you pay the consequences for breaking the damn rules. Butch licks her lips and sees pure fury in Femme’s eyes as the bossy gal continues to fuck the hell out of her…

“Give me that Butch pussy,” Femme shrieks, and Butch actually squeals as Femme slams the dildo into her cunt. Femme is going to town on Butch, and Butch is absolutely loving it. Femme grips Butch’s breasts and squeezes them, causing Butch to let out a shocked little gasp. As Femme sucks on Butch’s nipples, Butch sighs happily, for she’s definitely not used to being pleasured that way…

“Fuck me doggy style,” Butch canlı casino siteleri pleads, and Femme, smiling, nods in agreement. They switch positions. Face down and ass up, Butch shakes her big round ass for Femme, and awaits to be fucked. Femme admires Butch’s big beautiful booty. Butch has a big and round, gorgeously dark bottom that would make Tennis legend Serena Williams green with envy, but she always hides that ass under baggy pants. Such a shame…

“Twerk that ass for me, Butch, show me that tomboys can twerk,” Femme says as she slaps Butch’s ass. Grinning, Butch begins to shake her ass, putting on a little show for her favorite Femme. Laughing, Femme caresses Butch’s ass and then kisses her derriere. Rubbing her strap-on dildo, Femme pushes it into Butch’s pussy and resumes fucking her. The loud, passionate moan that shot out of Butch’s mouth was sweet music to Femme’s ears…

“Fuck me,” Butch demands, panting and moaning and begging for it, and Femme is happy to oblige her. Gripping Butch’s hips, Femme thrusts into her, burying the strap-on dildo deep in her pussy. Butch squeals and Femme laughs, fucking her partner with gusto. They go at it passionately and the action doesn’t stop until Femme makes Butch tap out. Butch smiles at Femme with tears of joy on her lovely face, and the two women kiss. It’s over.

Dawn finds Femme lying in Butch’s arms, looking all Feminine and soft and sweet. Few in the Hood would believe that Femme just served the hell out of Butch, leaving the strong woman sore in funny places. When they go to the Mall later that day, all will be back to normal. Femme will buy lots of stuff, try on lots of outfits, and Butch will pay for it all, and put up with her beloved lover’s antics until it’s time to do it again. All is right with their world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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