Ferry Tales Ch. 08

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Again, I thought my ferry revels were ended, with Chapter 7. But, hardly had I begun to prepare for the next advanced English-language course, in Portugal, than I received an email from Sasha (see Chapters 4, 5 and 6), which read,: ‘Norma desperate flood gates open can’t think sleep work priaprick [sic] hand no use need you need in UK Alex USA can you go with return Spain?’

Well, you don’t ignore a friend’s request for sexual release, so an exchange of messages, and booking my travel to Portugal through Spain, ensured that we met on the ferry. And, without pausing for greeting, small talk or refreshment, we went straight to the cabin.

Hardly was the door closed than Sasha was ripping off her clothes, revealing that the knickers crafted by her mother were straining to contain a rampant organ. This was soon liberated, purple, shiny, flexing up and down with the blood pressure and the clenching of the muscles at the base. It is not a large cock but what it lacked in size it made up for in rigidity. It looked ready to explode.

Still without speech, but uttering little grunts and murmurs, Sasha launched herself at me, took me in her arms, shaking, humping at me with erratic pelvic thrusts. As I steadied her, she released me to fumble under my skirt. Down the back of my knickers and up under the cheeks to find my vestibule.

The touch of my vulva induced a series of staccato guttural noises, ‘Uh, uh, uh, yes, yes, it’s there, there, cunt, cunt, uh, uh, cunt.’ Her pelvis bucked against me jabbing her erection against my thigh, until she thrust her penis up my knicker-leg and, gripping me tight, gasping and spluttering, ejaculated copiously into my fuzz.

Still trembling, hips still rocking back and forth, she hugged me hard and said, ‘Norma, sorry, sorry, but thank, thanks.’

I said, ‘Sasha, Sasha, my dear girl, there’s nothing to apologise for. After all, I didn’t exactly fight to prevent a knickerape. You know I’m here to try and give you some relief, and there’s clearly a way to go yet, since that rod of yours shows no sign of shrinking.’

‘Must be something wrong with my hormone balance. Ever since the first time I’m permanently hard and desperate to fuck.’

‘Many of us have known that condition, my dear. Able to think of nothing but getting a cock in your cunt or a cunt or a bum for your cock. Not love-making, just fucking.’

‘All those years of holding back and now I can’t control myself.’

‘And you’ve tried to ease it away yourself?’

‘Five or six times a day, litres of milky fluid and not even temporary release.’

‘Well, if you withdraw from my elastic and help me undress we can have a second go. Unless keeping me clothed would be more helpful.’

‘Norma, I’ve dreamed, fantasised, visualised you nude for so long that if I don’t see you naked soon I’ll explode.’

She hastened to strip me, leaving me slimy with semen about my grizzled mons. As she embraced me again I said, ‘That’s about half a pint in my pants. But why didn’t you contact Alex before she went away?’

‘I know it’s silly, but I was ashamed to use my mother this way. Oh, that’s come out wrong, suggesting I’m not ashamed to use you…’

‘My dear, I’m delighted you want to use me, and I agreed, remember. But Alex would surely love to help her loving daughter in any and sarıyer escort every way, and this way would be special.’

‘Perhaps you’re right. I won’t hesitate in future.’

‘But now, you need to bury that boner somewhere. I’ll lie down. Old ladies like me don’t moisten as much as they did, but some of that gloop in my badgery barnet should get you in. Let the lust take you where you need to go.’

I lay down and opened my legs and she threw herself on top of me, hastily gathered some of her sperm from my dripping pelt onto her penis and forced her way into me. I pulled her in holding her bottom, and with more grunting and groaning, she slammed home, pulled back, slammed home again, a few times, until her whole body went rigid as she came, gasping, drooling and weeping onto my breasts.

Although she had apparently ejaculated, and I could feel it oozing out of me round her still embedded cock, her pelvis continued to thrutch a little, her tool still jabbing into me, though less violently now. I said, ‘There’s much more to come, isn’t there, Sash honey? A second half pint, but we’ve hardly got started. Let me feel under your bottom. Your balls aren’t big but they’re sure prolific.’

‘Norma, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go again. Now!’

‘Go to it, darling. I’m not going anywhere. Pour it into me.’

This time as she drove in and withdrew a little to drive in again she said, ‘Put finger in bum. Yes, like that. Oh yes, coming, coming.’ But although she shuddered, writhed, ground her cock-root into my vulva, and pumped another load against my cervix, I knew she had not sufficiently climaxed to discharge the sexual tension.

‘My poor Sasha pasha,’ I said, ‘We’re not yet draining the reservoir, are we?’

She panted on my bosom, still slowly flexing her lower body, penis prodding between my labia. ‘It’s as though there’s a dam somewhere, holding back the full flood of feeling. The semen flows but the orgasm doesn’t earth the lightning.’

‘Then we must try to make the rod do the job,’ I said. ‘Maybe you need it tighter?’

‘It’s not that your vagina is loose, Norma, but my penis isn’t large enough to get squeezed hard.’

‘Then, dear Sash, we could try another entry. My rectum is usually a no-go zone, or, better, a no-come zone, but now it probably needs to be a port for your storm. Do you want to seek shelter from the front or the back?’

‘Norma, I don’t want to do anything you don’t really like -‘

‘The need to loosen that dam is more important than a little discomfort for me.’

‘I want to go in like this,’ she said, ‘And try to make you come, too. I’ve come three times and you not once.’

She drew her cock out of my cunt, felt for my anus with her tip and the involuntary pelvic movements lodged her within at once. ‘Oh, that’s lovely,’ she said, ‘Gripping me, gripping me. Can I go all the way?’

‘Bugger me blue,’ I said. ‘I’ll squeeze.’

‘I want you to come, too.’

‘That would be good,’ I said, ‘And it might help you. My clitoris is certainly alert.’

Forcing into me and drawing back a little, she gently trigged my clit and a nipple. I’m not slow in arousal, and the action so far had assuredly excited me, so it was not long before I felt the warm glow of the orgasm accumulating within my hard little silivri escort bud and between my legs, even inside my bottom, where Sasha’s penis was swelling again towards orgasm.

‘Yes, let go now, darling,’ I said. ‘Come into me. I’ll come. Make me come.’

With a growl deep in her chest she came, and as I clenched my bum I came, too, which made me grip the harder. So hard that she cried out with the pain which can go with the pleasure and sucked in her breath as if suddenly shocked. Her body juddered to a standstill and she once more collapsed on my now swollen breasts.

‘That’s a bit better,’ I said, ‘Not quite unblocked but only a log or two left. Stay in there and see if you can irrigate me some more, if it’ll harden fully again?’

After a short time she raised her upper body. ‘Can you stand another bottom-bash? If you pinch my nips it’ll help.’

‘Well, I’m well lubed up, so that should help us both. Here I could with those cute little stalks, and maybe a finger up the bott, if I can reach – yes, I can.’

This time took longer, as she chased the elusive orgasm, which was somewhere within but needed rougher stimulation. She kept shifting the angle of entry, seeking to press her glans and harder against my rectal walls, and eventually the climax was hovering, but reluctant to burst forth. So I left my head and took a nipple between my teeth, at the same time driving my forefinger to its limit up her bum. Which did the trick, as another series of spasms ejected sperm into my now rather sore rectum, and I could feel that this time the orgasm was almost taken at the flood to lead on to satisfaction. The pelvic movements ceased as she disposed herself once more on my now flaccid breasts, this time falling asleep, while I reflected on what else might help. Five times of intromission and emission without intermission was impressive, but I judged there might be more.

When she awoke, I said, ‘I suggest we shower and start again, as if nothing had so far happened, and I will be the active one. I will fuck you, Sash and wring out the last drop.’

So, that is what we did, soaping, rinsing and drying each other tenderly, during which her penis relaxed into half-cock stiffness. By washing it I confirmed that it was actually a little sore, which would aid my activity, for there often comes a point at which a penis responds to a little pain.

I lay her down and kissed her vigorously, forcing my tongue into her mouth and rolling her nipples hard between fingers and thumbs. She was to be passive now, almost a victim to my ministrations. Then I liked my way down her body, and without releasing the nipples, sucked her half-erect cock into my mouth and mashed between tongue and palate, sliding my head up and down to slot it and abrade it between my teeth.

Her penis slowly erected and I moved a hand from nipple to balls, moulding them firmly within my fingers, pulling and pressing them. I ceased my mouthing of the almost fully hard cock to say, ‘I’m going to suck it out of you, darling. I’m going to come you. I’m going to suckle your spunk. You will give me your ball-milk.’ And I resumed sucking, and gathered her balls within my clenched fist.

She began to moan and raise her bottom to meet my mouth-manipulations. Until at last she murmured, ‘Suck it out şirinevler escort of me, make me come. Suck hard. It’s coming. Suck it out!’ And there was a long moment when she was poised just below the crest of the wave. Then it broke, and her gruel filled my mouth and was swallowed or escaped my lips.

‘Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes,’ she intoned as her penis pulsated, and I sucked ever harder and squeezed it against the roof of my mouth. I knew that this time we had almost completed the mission – she was almost drained, not of semen but of fuck-need. One more time…

We wriggled into an embrace and she kissed me again and again. ‘Norma, you know it all. You knew you had to make me.’

‘It’s early days for you, my dear Sasha. You are finding yourself. Remember you are a girl with a penis, which means so many possibilities to try. You can be top or bottom, sometimes one sometimes the other, sometimes both at one time. Like tonight – you had to slam it in, but you needed it sucked out. And there’s one more left in you, isn’t there? I can feel it lurking deep in your bottom, deep in your prostate, deep in your spirit.’

‘How do you know?’

‘Because I can see it in your eyes, sense it in your breasts, feel it in your penis, know it in your spirit. And I’m going to conjure it, later. For now we are going to dress, without showering, though I shall leave off my spermy knickers, and go to dinner. We need food and drink before the final, shared ultimagasm.’

The buffet was still available in the saloon and we ate, ravenously, and drink litres of fruit-juice and coffee. Back in the cabin we reverently undressed each other, marvelling at each other’s beauty. Sasha spent a long time simply stroking and licking my breasts, and I spent minutes palpating her charming bottom.

That rampaging penis was biddable now, half-erect from my admiration and her anticipation of the promised concluding climax. Eventually I laid her down and slid between her legs. Gently I fingered for foreskin back and forth over the shield, bringing the organ to full ripeness. She winced a little as I did so, and I said, ‘A little sore, yes. Needing some soothing syrup. Can you feel the orgasm somewhere inside? You can, I know. Now I’m going to find your G-spot,’ and I slid a forefinger up her bottom, and crooked it to press the uppermost surface of her rectum.

‘That feels weird,’ she said. ‘As if I need to wee. You’re looking for my prostate, aren’t you? Oh, yes! You’ve found it. Even more weird. But – oh, goodness – it’s kind of exciting. If you go on like that with my cock and bum…’

‘Yes, darling, you’re going to come. I can feel it gathering, and I’m going to soothe it in my vagina, you’ll see. Just relax and let me do it, let me drive it out of you into me.’

I probed harder with the questing digit, lengthened the stroke on the cock, and, as the orgasm blossomed, I stopped the tossing, temporarily removed the finger and moved to straddle her. I impaled myself on her penis and reached back behind me to get a finger back in her bum. I pressed the finger-tip against the arse-wall, into the gland and eased up and down on the fully erect cock. And with a little cry of surprise and joy she spilled herself into me, clenching her bottom round my finger, and, much to my delight, I came, too, answering her tumultuous final access of half-tinged ecstasy.

Quite soon we snuggled down, murmuring endearments and thanks. I said, ‘Next time you get chocker with fuck-need, go to Alex, but if she’s not available, or needs help, call upon me, and I’ll come, and I’ll come, and you’ll come, and she’ll come.’

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