Finding Goddess Ch. 05

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Who are you? Where are you taking me? How did you know my name? What about my friend?

Those were the questions that should have been circling through Carol’s head. Those were the questions she should have been asking. But every time she found a moment to think straight, every time she worked up the gumption to say anything, the only sound that escaped her lips was:

“Eh heh, heh, heh!”

God, what was wrong with her? She was acting like a giddy teenager getting ready for her first date all over again. No, worse than that. She was acting like one of those super shy, plain-jane-only-because-she’s-wearing-glasses girls who just got asked to the prom by the pretty-boy-star-quarterback-player in one of those stupid teen movies her daughters ate up.

But she couldn’t help it. The second this woman, this Celeste, wrapped her naked body around her own, Carol melted away like butter on toast. Something about seeing her, touching her, just being around her made Carol feel like a kid again, even though she was very certain Celeste was younger than her. Maybe it was the maternal way she was acting, entwining her fingers around Carol’s like a mother would to her little one, assuring her that everything was okay around her.

Or maybe it was because Celeste was pretty. Very, very pretty. Like Maisie and all the other women in the temple, she was nude. Completely so, all the way down to the tips of her toes, and she clearly spent a lot of time that way if her all-over tan was anything to go by. Bare muscles rippled tantalizingly as she walked, which were emphasized by the ambient lights making the shadows fall into their curves and contours like rivulets of liquid darkness. They flowed sensuously as her shoulder blades subtly rose and fell from beneath her skin, splashed calmly along both sides of the valley in her spine that begged to be stroked by a single tender finger, and rhythmically pulsed in the crevice of her buttocks and the shallow dimples above it. But shadows weren’t the only things that dribbled down Celeste’s naked form; every inch of her naked flesh glistened with a healthy layer of perspiration that made her skin glow with an almost metallic sheen. She had been sexing it up with a few dozen girls for a while, and if her graceful movements were anything to go by, she still had enough energy for more.

Carol’s legs wobbled like gelatin as the pleasant tingling sensation that had been her companion for the past hour or so made itself known again like hot breath on the back of her neck. It grew steadily warmer as the naked enchantress guided her out of the main chamber, through twisting hallways, and down flights of stairs. She moved with a seductive gait, bobbing her behind back and forth every step of the way, causing the lights and shadows to dance beautifully off her sleek and shiny globes. Carol’s eyes never strayed far from them. The way they moved, the way they quivered ever so slightly was nearly hypnotic.

Her laser-focused concentration on Celeste’s sweet derriere was broken only when she felt the air turn humid and heard the dripping sounds of water. Carol looked up to see they had wandered into some kind of grotto. Everything, from the walls to the ceiling to even the floor was designed with elaborate stonework to give it the appearance of a natural cave. A natural cave dominated by a pool of very refreshing water.

Celeste finally released Carol’s hand and descended into the pool, stepping into the water first before diving fully in, sticking her rear up in the air and showing it off for a moment before her whole body submerged beneath the surface. Her head rose on the other side as she leaned back against the wall and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

“Mmmm. Nothing soothes the soul more after a meeting with the goddess than a nice bath.” Propping her arms up on the edge, the priestess pulled herself up, high enough to show off her boobs and her fire-red nipples. “Well, what are you waiting for, childe? Come and join me.”

Carol obliged her with an excitedly whispered “Okay.” She practically jumped out of her sandals as she stepped into the bath and swam to Celeste, paddling her arms and legs like an eager puppy. No sooner had she reached the redhead was she suddenly scooped up in the priestess’ arms and sat upon her lap like a child.

“Mmmm, isn’t this nice?” said Celeste as she hugged Carol close to her, nestling the older woman’s head into her breast. “You and I, two women, of different backgrounds, from different walks of life, and yet similar in so many important ways, together like this, with nothing between us. Wouldn’t you agree this is the way it’s supposed to be?”

Carol didn’t know what to say to that. The woman’s words were baffling her, and being in such close proximity to her nude form was wrecking havoc on her concentration. So she just nodded along and hugged her back. “Uh-huh.”

Celeste’s hands roamed around Carol’s body, exploring the contours of her back, tracing casino siteleri where her muscles rose, where they fell, where her bones jutted, the long dip in her back. She tested the flesh with her fingertips, marveled at how hard Carol felt when she tensed up, looked for where she was most sensitive. And ticklish. A few times, she got a twitch and a muffled giggle out of the mother, and each time, Carol swore she could hear the woman smile as she got the reaction she sought.

As she worked, Carol finally found the wherewithal to look closely at her mistress’ face. She had seen all there was to Celeste’s backside and was not disappointed, but if she was going to make a new lover today, she needed to see the visage that she would likely be kissing. She was not disappointed in that department either. Celeste was as beautiful from the front as she was from the back. She was, as Carol suspected, younger than her, looking to be about in her mid-20s, and yet she carried herself with an elegance often reserved for older women. Her features were regal, with sharpened cheekbones, a pointed chin, and piercing eyes that beckoned Carol to fall into their nearly black depths. She reminded the mother of a queen sitting atop her throne, strong, gorgeous, and authoritative, even in all her nakedness. Or perhaps even because of her nakedness, which she “wore” boldly and with pride.

And just imagining Celeste in such a powerful light was enough to make Carol suddenly feel something she rarely ever felt. Small. Inadequate. Insignificant. Unworthy. Emotions she experienced all throughout her awkward teenage years. She felt am abrupt urge to back away, to cross her arms over her chest the way girls typically did when they found themselves naked. No scratch that, she felt a sudden urge to hide her form and cover it with…with clothes!

Why would a woman as stunning as Celeste have any interest in her? Carol was an old cow compared to her. Her best years were behind her. She didn’t like to admit it, but they were. Oh yes, she worked out, she ate right, she did everything she could to give herself a physique that she liked to think girls half her age envied, but being so close to this…this goddess only reminded her that nothing about her would ever amount.

Her breasts were saggy. Her thighs were thick as tree trunks. Her ass was fat. And her skin was absolutely wretched; she had stretch marks, she had wrinkles, she had crow’s feet that would show if she smiled too widely. She didn’t think about these things normally, hell, she hardly ever noticed them and she was certain no one else did either. But Celeste, pure, perfect, lovely Celeste…she would notice them. Even in this lighting she would pick up every flaw and imperfection on Carol’s body. This woman seemed like she could stare right into you, peel through all your walls, expose every wretched, repulsive thing about you that you didn’t know about. Or didn’t want to admit.

The thought of seeing her disapproving gaze was enough to make Carol’s lip quiver. She didn’t deserve to be here. She didn’t deserve to share such an intimate space with this goddess. Hell, she didn’t even deserve to be nude. Not here. Not anywhere!

But before Carol could so much as push herself away and usher an apology for being such an eyesore, Celeste leaned down and kissed her lovingly on the forehead, cooing kindly as she did so, and giving Carol a good close look at the expression she was wearing. Celeste did not look disgusted. She didn’t look disgusted at all. She was just gazing at Carol with that same look of hers that bespoke of…motherly affection? Carnal lust? Interest? Fascination? She couldn’t be sure. All the while continuing to explore her back, sliding her hand ever lower to Carol’s butt.

Carol suddenly tensed up as she felt the priestess’ hand slide over her cheek, her fingertips almost digging into the cleft, tickling the sensitive flesh within. She gave it a tender squeeze, sinking her fingers into the orb firmly, bunching the flesh daintily up between them. Carol gasped at the contact, half in surprise, and half in delight at how good Celeste’s touch felt. Celeste in turn followed up by burying her nose in the older woman’s hair and taking a deep breath, almost as if she was sniffing it.

“Mmmm, you take good care of yourself,” she whispered huskily. “When I first saw you come in with my wife, I thought you were one of us. But you’re not. You’re a gorgeous woman who doesn’t look her age at all, and feels so nice in all the best ways. You would make a wonderful Zenrist.”

Carol was taken aback. Celeste…thought she was gorgeous? Really? She liked her flabby, 42-year-old self? She looked up to ask the priestess if she really meant that and wasn’t just being polite. However, when their eyes met, she was instead greeted by a look of surprise on the younger woman’s face, who appeared startled by her own words.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said such things. It’s impolite slot oyna to even allude to a lady’s age. Please forgive me, childe. It’s something I haven’t had to consider for a while.”

“Oh, um, that’s alright,” Carol stammered, not sure what to say. She hadn’t expected to hear the woman make an apology like that. She was honestly still reeling from the compliment she had unexpectedly received. It wasn’t unappreciated, but she still couldn’t help but think that it was more than she deserved. Still, seeing Celeste look so unsure of herself for once, even if it was only for a moment, was enough to break Carol out of her insecure stupor. Whatever was up with this woman, whatever it was about her that set the mother’s heart aflame, the fact remained: she was still human, and she could still be talked to. Carol didn’t need to act so bashful.

That reminded her. “Wait, Maisie is…your wife?” That was not something she ever expected to hear. Was gay marriage legal in this state? And did she do something wrong fooling around with a married woman?

Celeste merely giggled. “Of course she is. All the women in this congregation are my wives. Just as I am the wife of all of them. And we are all wives to the goddess.”

“You’re…all wives to one another? How does that even work? Don’t tell me that’s part of what it means to be a Zenrist,” said Carol. This religion was getting odder by the minute. “And what exactly does it mean to be a Zenrist? And what makes you think I would be a good one?”

Celeste’s features softened up as her expression turned contemplative. “Hmmm, what does it mean to be a Zenrist? It is such a simple question you ask, and yet I cannot possibly provide an answer that you would be able to grasp with words alone.”

She slid her hands on either side of Carol and repositioned the mother so that she was now straddling her waist. Carol stiffened from the sudden movement, as well as from the sensation of feeling the priestess’ bare skin slide against her own, but did nothing to resist or get out of the new, more intimate position she now found herself in.

“To be a Zenrist,” Celeste explained, “is to fully embrace what it means to be a woman. I don’t mean to be merely proud of the body you were born with, or the form you grew into, but to awaken the primal feelings for which you were made.”

Her hands tightened around Carol’s buttocks as she gave each sumptuous cheek a firm squeeze. “You do not know this, and I do not expect you to believe it either, but women, us, we did not evolve from prehistoric ancestors like the fauna we share this world with. We were made.”

Carol felt her body slide forward as Celeste pulled her closer.

“Zenriah made us. She made us to appeal to Her sense of beauty. She made us to feel the same sensations She felt. She made us to yearn for what She yearned for.”

Carol shivered while the feeling of electricity crackled within her as her clit made sudden contact with the priestess.’

“And most of all, She made us to love Her.” And then, Celeste began to rub. She didn’t rub her body over Carol’s; it was more accurate to say she rubbed Carol on herself. She squeezed the older woman’s buttocks even tighter, puller her even closer, and ground Carol over her form. Carol gasped as she felt both her clit run along the groove of the priestess’ sex, and the priestess’ run along her own in turn, massaging ever sensitive fold it so much as brushed against. Water splashed and rippled all around them.


“She taught us all there was to love,” Celeste continued, her voice dropping to a breathy whisper. “To love Her and to love ourselves. She taught us the arts of womanly pleasure, of sapphic bliss, of wet arousal. She taught us all the ways we could express our love for Her. With our lips! With our tongues! With our hands! With our breasts. With our…everything!”


She increased her pace. She upped her speed. She bounced Carol up and down against her form faster and harder than before. Pulled the mother even deeper into herself, and herself deeper into the mother. Carol could feel the priestess’ pulse from all around her sensitive nub. Her moans grew louder.

“And most of all…Zenriah taught us how we could truly connect with one another…before we even learned how to speak!”


And for the third time that day, Carol came. Her body jolted again and again, repeatedly, as she let her pleasure gush out of her. It did not splash and it did not splatter as it did before, for it was underwater, but she could feel it burst out of her like steam from a geyser, and into the open flower of the priestess. She wrapped her arms tightly around Celeste, to keep her stability, to hold on for dear life. Because for reasons she could not fathom, she had the sense that if she fell, she wouldn’t just fall into the water, but into the warm, welcoming recesses of the Zenrist woman’s pulsating core.

Carol’s canlı casino siteleri orgasm did not deter Celeste, did not slow her down. The priestess only continued to rub her body into her, rub their inner selves against one another. “We are holy, Caroline. Every single one of us is descended from divinity. And in every single woman is a lost child crying to reconnect with that sacred being that our goddess intended us to be. Some more than others!”

She paused her speech to bury her face in Carol’s great heaving bosoms, latching her lips around the older woman’s nipples, licking them with her tongue, suckling them with her mouth, scraping them against her teeth. Carol moaned again, already feeling her inner fire build up just seconds after her last orgasm.

“Ohhhh, it’s especially strong in you. Since the moment you were born, you have wanted to run free in this perfect body you were given. No amount of social conditioning could quell that desire. Your need to be naked is the same as our need to be naked, for we honor the Goddess and Her creation of the female body!”

“Yes! Yes!” gasped Carol. “I love to be naked! I’ve always loved to be naked! There’s never been a time in my life when I didn’t want to be naked!”

“You stole every moment you could find to revel in your nakedness,” said Celeste. “Unlike most children, you looked forward to bathing, and made sure yours lasted especially long. You never bothered with pajamas, choosing instead to sleep in your skin. You showered after every class in gym, even when you were not perspiring. And as you got older and further away from your parents’ yoke, you found even more opportunities to bare your true self.”

“Yeeeeesssss…yeeeessssss!” Carol didn’t know if she was confirming the priestess’ words, or reacting to the sheer bliss she was experiencing.

“You met your sweetheart this way. A studious lad named Robert, who enjoyed your liberated self almost as much as you did. You fell in love, cavorted together, married…and bore two beautiful girls.”

“Mmm, mmm, mmmpphh!” Carol’s moaning was muffled as Celeste reached up to her face and kissed her on the lips. The redhead snaked into her mouth and thoroughly explored her inner workings, counting every tooth on her jaw, tasting every twitch in her tongue.

“But then, that is when your fun came to an end,” Celeste sighed as she pulled away, a tinge of sadness in her voice. “You wanted to continue living a nude lifestyle, but your husband, growing ever more enmeshed in his career and concerned for his public image, insisted it was time to be a responsible adult. For what would his friends and colleagues think if it turned out his woman preferred to wear no clothes? What would his family think if they saw the kind of woman who was raising his children? And what kind of role model could she be for her daughters if she did not bother to teach them about ‘decency?'”

Carol didn’t know what to say to that. Or what to think. Or even how to think. She remembered the arguments she and Robert had, about all the pros and cons of her living a nudist life around their children, and being open about it in front of their friends and respective folks. She honestly didn’t think there would be any harm. But he…could never be sure. Unlike Carol, Rob was not a nudist; he just enjoyed looking at and being around her naked self. And she in turn rather enjoyed the idea of being the only one naked between them. It felt good, it felt right. Maybe if she attempted to convince him to give it a try at some point, back when he was still as reckless as her, he would see things her way.

But in the end, it didn’t matter, for she eventually relented, and agreed to cover herself in her own home. And thus died Carol’s dream of living a naked life.

“And that was how life was,” said Celeste. “You lived a clothed existence for his sake, and your daughters.'”

Suddenly, she stopped her motions. She stopped grinding Carol against her form and merely looked at her. With a murmur, the mother looked down at her, half in confusion, and half in the haze that only an interrupted orgasm could bring. She was tingling all over, in her clit, in her core, up her spine, and in her erect nipples, but her fires weren’t being properly stoked. Why? She got her answer when she saw the mist form over her new lover’s eyes.

“I won’t say what happened in the years to come,” said Celeste. “Only that I’m sorry it did. You all suffered a tragic loss, one that can never be regained, and for that, I’m very, very sorry.”

“Wh-whaaaat?” Carol asked dizzily. She didn’t know what came over the priestess, why she was getting so emotional, or why she stopped. Or maybe she did know what she was alluding to…in fact, she had a good idea. But she didn’t care about that! That was not something she needed to think about. The only thing Carol needed…was…her…orgasm!

There was a sudden splash, and then a sensation of being pinned down followed by the soothing sound of water dripping and rippling all around her. It took Carol a moment to realize their positions had shifted; she was now sitting in the pool, and Celeste was hovering over her, straddling her form.

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