Fireman Fantasy

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Ai Uehara

After the huge success of the premiere issue of Fantasies for Women, the magazine had thrown a big party to celebrate the joyous occasion. Tessa Williams, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, was amazed at the photos Wendy and me took. She was so impressed she wanted us to take photos for the next issue.

Tessa said the next issue will feature men in (and out) of uniform and Wendy and I will get to take pictures of firemen, policemen, and military men (sailors, army men, navy SEALS, air force men, etc.) while the magazine interviews them. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to take photos of men in uniform.

The next week, we went to work on the shoot. We first went to a firehouse and started taking photos of this sexy fireman named Ryan. Under his fireman’s uniform lies a hunky, sexy, brave, All-American guy. First, I photographed Ryan in his fireman uniform; jacket, helmet, pants, suspenders, and all. He even told Wendy and I of how he stripped and lap danced for charity the week before. Ryan had the sexiest smile. Next, he took off his helmet, boots, and pants. He had short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes that are like little blue pools you can drown into, and a smoking hot body that of a hetero male porn star. Taking pictures of him and his body was so hot, I was afraid my camera would either break or melt. We walked over to the fire truck was he was making sexy stares and poses while standing bostancı escort next to it. Wendy, my assistant photographer and best friend, couldn’t help but stare at Ryan. She almost began drooling at the sight of his ink-free physique. She told me of her fascination with firemen since she would buy a NYFD calendar every year since after 9/11, watch reruns of the show Third Watch, and would have fantasies of being rescued by a fireman and then make hot, steamy, passionate love.

We watched as Ryan slowly took off his underwear, a pair of white boxer briefs. We had finally got to see all of him, including his 8-inch manhood. After that, the three of us took a little 15-minute break. I was reloading my camera.

Wendy said to me “Kristy, Ryan is the most hottest fireman I had ever seen. He’s almost as hot of those New York firemen in the calendar. Can you help make my fantasy come true?”

I looked at her and said, “Let’s make it happen.”

After the break, Ryan was back in his fireman’s uniform and Wendy was ready to be rescued. Once I reloaded the camera, I was ready to take more pictures.

Ryan smiled and said to her, “Ready to be rescued, Wendy?”

Wendy replied, “I’m very ready.”

I started snapping photos when Ryan scooped Wendy in his strong, muscular arms and carried her into the firehouse. He laid her down on the big brown leather büyükçekmece escort sofa and deeply, passionately kissed her lips. He then took off his helmet and rested it on the floor. He unbuttoned her stretch cotton green shirt one by one, revealing a black lace bra underneath. Ryan continued kissing Wendy’s lips while his hands felt every inch of her body. Wendy softly licked his throat as she began taking off his shirt and suspenders. Ryan began kissing both sides of her neck while one hand was running through her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and the other was resting on her back.

Ryan moaned softly as Wendy his front body with her hands. He looked at her body while unzipping her jeans. His lips moved lower to the tops of her voluptuous breasts and kissed her there. Ryan unhooked the front clasp of her bra, releasing them. Wendy moaned and groaned as she felt him licking, sucking and kissing them. He was still doing that once he took off her jeans, leaving her in only a black lace thong. Then, Wendy laid Ryan on his back as she began to leave a trail of baby soft kisses from his face down to his abs. She took off his pants, so he too would be in his underwear.

Wendy stared into Ryan’s blue eyes and said, “Ryan, you’re very hot for a fireman.”

He smiled and then said, “Wendy, you’re so irresistible. Let me make you hot.”

Wendy çapa escort felt herself getting wet, dampening her thong. Ryan began to finger her pussy with two of his fingers when he pushed the thong aside. Her screams of pleasure increased as his fingers were covered in her juices. Once he took off her thong, Ryan replaced his fingers with his mouth.

He kissed her clit and pussy the same way he kissed her mouth. Wendy moaned loudly as she was getting from feeling his mouth on her, tasting her wetness. It was so steamy, I thought my camera lens would fog up, but I kept on taking pictures. Ryan, then, took off his boxers. He was ready to get inside Wendy.

Ryan slightly opened her legs with his hand and deeply entered her pussy. Wendy’s woman lips clamped his manhood as he was swelling up inside her. He grinded his hips against her while moving in and out of her, slow and deep. His hands held on to her body as she groaned and moaned against his neck. Ryan was calling her name as they were near orgasm. She laid on top of him as he came inside her.

I said to them while smiling and fanning myself, “Wow, that was very hot! Great job, Ryan and Wendy.”

Ryan pulled himself out of Wendy and kissed her on the cheek. Wendy said to him, “You were amazing, Ryan. Thanks to you, my fantasy has been fulfilled.”

He grinned and replied, “I’m glad I can help, Wendy. I would to love to see you again sometime.”

Wendy gave Ryan her phone number as he gave her his once they got back into their clothes. After the red-hot photo shoot, Wendy and I went to lunch at a deli. We talked the fireman shoot all day, but we didn’t stop there because we had more pictures of men to take in and out of their uniform.

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