First Encounters

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She took her time, as she got dressed, careful to choose just the right outfit. Blue lacy Victoria’s Secret bra, with matching thongs, navy blue skirt, just above the knee, white tank top and a red blouse over it. He would have chosen the same if he had been there. She slipped on her ankle bracelet and her toe ring, smiling, she wondered who came up with such an idea. After checking her lipstick, she remembered to apply his favorite scent in all the right places. Amazing that this woman who always said, she would never conform to what a man wanted of her, was now going all out to be what he wanted. He was nervous, so unlike his typical self-confident personality. He had no clue about the evening he was about to have, they had never actually met, just chatted on the telephone and online, but had known each other’s heart and soul for months. He knew it would be an interesting, peaceful, seductive moment when they first laid eyes on each other. Even with the thought of touching her for the first time, he got slightly hard. He had to keep perspective, what if this first meeting was nothing but conversation. What if there were some kind of circumstance that kept them from getting to know all the areas they had only dreamt about. He was nervous driving to the park where he told her to meet him. As he sat there and waited, he wondered if she would truly be there or if he was going to be disappointed. This was no ordinary Internet relationship, this was more, so many months of history and so many more things than just sex involved.

Typically meeting someone new would send her into a panic attack, but this, was a peace, a part of her that was missing, and soon to be found. As she pulled into the park she saw his truck, her heart fluttered a bit to see him and knew that she would finally be able to touch him. She got out and started walking towards him, he was smiling from ear to ear, both of them could hardly contain themselves.

“Hey Kim.” he said as he held one hand out to her. With his hand entwined in hers he pulled her close and kissed her softly. “Oh my God I thought this day was never going to come” he said. She stood back not letting go of his hands and watched his face.

As he led her to his truck she said to him “I’m starving, lets go find someplace quiet to get a drink and eat.”

The ride along was so peaceful, she still had not let go of his hand, she wasn’t about to let loose of someone she had waited this long to find. He drove her to a little Italian place, close to his hotel. As they walked in the door, she whispered to him “excuse me, I need to find the ladies room” and she did. He proceeded to the booth in the corner, which was dimly lit and very out of the way. It seemed like forever she was gone, in fact for one brief moment he wondered if she would be coming back. His eyes lit up as she sat down next to him. “Brett, I want to hold your hand” she said softly.

He said, “No I’m not falling for that” and chuckled. “Hold your hand out to me, and look down,” as she said it, he held his hand out, and into his hand she dropped a pair of navy lace thongs. The look on his face illegal bahis was one of pure shock coupled with pure pleasure. The waiter came to the table just as he had pushed the panties into his pocket. They shared a secret grin and ordered water, and salads. She slid as close as she could, she wasn’t going to waste one minute of her time being apart from him, physically. As she buried her head in his neck she felt his hands hold her close at the hip. He quietly said, “As soon as we are done eating we need to get out of here and get somewhere alone so we can be together like we have wanted to all these months.”

He kissed her firmly and deeply and could feel the tension flee from her body. The wait seemed forever and while they waited, they just sat body to body enjoying each moment with each other. He couldn’t forget what she had handed him earlier, with his hand on her thigh he watched the look on her face as he slid it slowly up her skirt, resting it on her inner thigh, watching her face as he felt every last bit of skin on her leg. His middle finger had made its way inside her slit, and he was now feeling how wet his touch had made her. She gently pushed her hips into his hand and never said a word to him. ” I can’t believe we waited all these months to get together” He whispered in her ear. She couldn’t say a thing just sit, enjoy his touch, and feel his cock growing while he fingered her pussy. As the waiter appeared with the salads, he said to them, “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“The check would be nice so we can leave when we are finished, we have an appointment soon.” She said, looking never at the waiter, but always into her lover’s eyes. “Not a problem” the waiter said, as he slid the check to them and graciously left them alone. “Eat something” she whispered, “you need to have energy for tonight.” “OK I’ll eat something now, and save you for later.” He thought he was funny in his response. They finished their food, paid the check and walked to the hotel room. He unlocked the door for her and said “Why don’t you run a hot bath and relax, I’m gonna get the truck and your bags.” Before she knew it, he was out the door. When she opened the bathroom door, she was surprised to see candles everywhere, a silk bathrobe, and soft music on the CD player. The bubble bath he left was vanilla scented, leave it to him to make her smell like a cookie. A single red rose was placed lovingly on the edge of the tub.

The soft mild scent of the bath, and the calming music was more than enough to make her drift off for a few minutes of sleep. When she looked up, she was surprised to see Brett standing there completely nude. “I hate to even disturb you, you look so peaceful.” She held out her hand, and replied, “There is nothing you could do to disturb me, get in here.” He sat on the edge of the bath, took a bath sponge and squeezed warn water over her face, neck and chest. He worked some soap into a lather and started to rub it all over her neck, breasts and stomach. She couldn’t help but notice the erection he had building.

“Are you going to join me or do I need to pull you in?” He just illegal bahis siteleri laughed and slid into the bubbles, his legs rested near her chest, and her ankles near his hips. They both laid back, eyes closed for several minutes, as if to just enjoy each other’s touch. She could feel her pussy resting against his balls and could occasionally feel his pounding hard on throbbing against her ass. “In my entire life, I cannot imagine I would love someone like I love you,” he said, slowly rubbing his hands up her thighs each stroke getting closer to her already wet pussy.

She sat up with her face inches from his and took his hands and lifted her self up to a kneeling position, straddling his thighs she leaned in and kissed him deeply, he could feel her breasts on his chest and her hair on his shoulders. Natural instinct took over and he guided his cock inside her. “Oh Brett, you feel exactly how I dreamt it would be.” He couldn’t help but tell her everything he was feeling, “oh babe, ride me like you are never gonna stop.” As she slid up and down on his cock he kissed her neck and sucked her hard nipples. She whispered, “Sweetie… I’m gonna cum, I can’t help it.” His hand on her lower back he could feel the heat building like she had told him it did, he held her steady on him while he felt her tremble and buried his cock deep within her. The cum was running down his shaft, and onto his balls. The climax she had reached was just one of many to follow.

He took her by the hand and helped her out of the tub, “Lets take this over here,” he said as he wrapped a towel around her and led her to the floor near the fireplace. So many pillows everywhere, he placed one under her head and said to her, ” Remember that our agreement was to always make sweet tender love? We’re never gonna fuck, but just make love?”

“Yes, I do,” she replied. Not another word was said, he kissed her and held her close, then, slowly he entered her. He knew exactly how to touch her, all the places and at the right time, there was not an awkward moment between them. He spent much of his time with his hands on her hips, and lips to her breasts, sucking hard while he slowly glided in and out of her, each stroke deeper and wetter, she could feel his pubic bone hitting her clit — each stroke making her closer to cumming than before.

He could feel how swollen she was, and how tight she was gripping his cock, he knew he was going to explode, she arched her back as she felt a hard throbbing gush and heard his gasp. “I love you, Kim. I love you a lot.” He kissed her gently as he held her close. Later, in the early morning, when they had both slept for a while, he woke before her. He lay there, gazing at her while she slept. Her eyes closed, her breathing even and shallow. His thoughts drifting back to the night they shared before. He reached up with his right hand, brushing a wisp of hair that was in her face. “God, she is so beautiful.” he thought. She stirred a bit, but not quite enough to wake her. He moved the sheets away from her breasts. He just stared. Her nipples were hard and puckered. He wondered if she was having canlı bahis siteleri erotic dreams. He felt himself start to harden — his cock pressing up against her hip. Sleepily, she rolled over onto her stomach. He rested his hand on her back, moving it slowly down to her ass. The feelings of arousal were making her stir.

Still half asleep, she spread her legs apart a bit — letting him have full access to her perfectly trimmed pussy. He felt her slit, wet with excitement, she let out a sleepy moan letting him know that she approved of his actions. More awake, she lifted up on her knees, her ass way up in the air, letting him have full access to her. Moving behind her, his cock throbbing, he reached down with his face, burying it deep in her pussy, tasting the juices that he loved so much. He always told her what an expert he was at licking pussy, and now she believed him. Her aroma filling the room, making his cock strain so hard he thought it would burst. He ran his tongue up from her wet hole to her ass — using his tongue, rimming her just so. She let out a deep moan, not knowing if she could take much more. She wanted to feel him in her ass so bad. She needed to feel him in her ass so bad. He had her full attention now rubbing her pussy and licking her asshole. “Brett, if you don’t stop, you’re gonna have to fuck me.”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” He replied breathlessly. He crawled up behind her, his cock rubbing up and down her wet slit. She pushed her ass back, hoping to make contact with him – hoping to have that large cock slide in to her soaking wet pussy. With one thrust, he buried himself to the hilt. “OH G-A-W-D!!” She screamed. She had never felt anything so good in her whole life. He thrust back and forth within her, her meeting his every thrust. Kim was in heaven. She had never felt this way before about a guy. “Fuck me harder Brett, I want it harder.” Brett thrust into her almost knocking her off her balance. Kim, moaning into the bed couldn’t wait anymore… “Ahhhhh babe… I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnnggggggg!!!” “Cum for me babe — cum all over my cock — let me feel your juices run all over my cock — cum on baby — lemme feel your cunt grip my cock!!” Still gliding his cock in and out of her drenched pussy. “Oh baby…I wanna fuck your ass! I want to fuck it so bad.”

Rubbing her pussy juices all over his rigid cock, he put the head against her willing and ready ass. As is his habit, he was entering slowly so as not to hurt her. But to his surprise, she thrust back hard against him and took the entire eight inches in at one stroke. “Oh, God!!!! Fuck me hard, baby. Slam it into my ass. I wanted to ride your cock all day long.” It was all he could do to keep from losing his load immediately. Here was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen who has touched his heart, and now his body in ways he’d never been touched, and she wanted him to fuck her as much as he wanted to do it. He kept fighting it back, but when he felt her muscles begin to tense, he knew it was all over with. She sensed him tensing up too, and began to plead with him to fill her with his cum. “Oh, yes, babe, give me your hot cum. fill me up. Shoot it deep inside me..” And that’s just what he did. They came together, then collapsed in a heap. The flush of the first time behind us, we settled down to a long lovemaking session that lasted long into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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