First Time Is a Surprise

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I came from a very conservative home. My parents would not allow me to date until I was sixteen and then the curfew was ten o’clock. My mother had carefully taught me that sex was nasty and it was painful. My father told me that sex before marriage was a mortal sin and I would go to hell if I had sex before marriage.

I was in the second year of college before I confronted with the actuality of sex. At eighteen years of age, I was still remembering what my parents had said.

With all that in my mind, I was confused when my best friend, Myra, elaborately told me of her sexual escapades.

“You need to try it for yourself,” she told me one day. “I enjoy fucking almost as much as anything I can think of,” she added with emphasis.

I had a few dates but they were rather boring. A movie here and a party there, but with no sexual overtones.

It was after a rather large party during my second year in college. Myra and her then boyfriend Jack had double dated with Harry, a rather nice looking fellow, and myself.

Harry was driving and I was hugging the door. (I knew if I sat too close, Harry would try to make out with me)

I glanced toward the back seat. Myra and Jack were kissing. Myra was sitting on his lap with her skirt lifted around her waist. Jack’s pants were down around his ankles.

Myra was grinning and sighing as she moved up and down on his lap.

Jack was grunting loudly.

I was astounded. I could not remove my eyes from the scene. Both seemed to be enjoying the encounter. I watched them as they fucked. To my horror and surprised, Jack groaned loudly and Myra’s eyes grew wide and wild.

“You didn’t cum?” she whispered.

“I couldn’t help it,” Jack answered hoarsely.

“Oh fuck!” she said. “Get down here and suck it out of me!”

I watched spellbound by their actions. Jack began to suck her cunt lips and I could hear him slurping and sucking loudly.

I tried to avert my eyes but I was captivated by the sight.

Myra angrily pushed his head away and pulled her panties back on. “You were supposed to use a condom,” she said loud enough that both Harry and I could hear.

Harry chuckled softly. He dropped Jack off at his apartment. (No pun intended)

Harry drove me home. Myra jumped out and slid into the seat beside Harry. They drove off, leaving me with a wondering mind.

The next day, Myra pulled me aside. “Don’t you tell anyone about last night,” she said threateningly.

I was too astonished to say anything.

“You should have been along,” she added. “Harry is a real man. His cock is one of the longest I have ever seen and he sure knows how to use it.”

I gasped at her words. I shook my head in disbelief. Myra continued to give me the whole gory details.

“He even apologized for Jack’s lack of consideration for not using a condom. We kissed and he began to feel my slippery pussy,” she continued. “I was still very excited after Jack’s little fuck but now I was really hot. I wanted to feel Harry in me more than ever. I unzipped his pants and released his beautiful cock. We climbed over the seat and he took off all of my clothes. I helped him get naked also. He produced a condom that had little tentacles on it and quickly fitted it over his cock. It was the most outlandish fuck I have ever felt. I must have had at least four orgasms,” she said, smiling broadly.

I could not believe my ears. Myra went on and on, giving me every detail of the evening. I felt a strange stirring in my body.

When she finished, she smiled. “I hope you don’t mind that I fucked your date. You don’t seem to fuck and I love it.” She said with a flourish.

I gasped at her statement. “Don’t you feel bad after sinning like that?” I asked.

“Hell no! I think we should enjoy life to the fullest. If that is a sin, I think God would have not made it so wonderful!” she added flatly.

I pondered the statement for quite some time. Myra hurried off to class and I was left with my thoughts.

It was that afternoon that I decided to find out for myself, “but with whom?” I deliberated.

As fate would have it, Jack stopped me as I walked to class. “Can I canlı bahis şirketleri talk to you?” he asked.

I only smiled. “He must be the one!” I thought.

“Can we meet tonight?” he asked.

I smiled and nodded affirmatively.

“I will pick you up at seven,” he added as he hurried down the hall to class.

He was at the dorm promptly at seven.

I smiled as he took my arm and guided me to his car. He was being so gallant.

I slipped into the car and slid over to the center. “No more door hugging for me,” I thought.

He turned toward me and frowned. “I am sorry about last night,” he said apologetically.

He looked so forlorn and scared. I smiled at him and bent to kiss him.

I felt that strange stirring in my body again.

The kiss started platonic, but quickly turned erotic. Our tongues met in combat. His hands pulled me against him. I felt his body shake.

He quickly put the car into gear and drove like a man possessed.

He drove out of town and turned down a gravel road. The gravel hit the underside of the car like cannons. Everything seemed to be accented. The noise of the wind, the gravel against the tires, the birds chirping loudly, the growling of the engine. When he stopped under a huge oak tree, I was jittery and jumpy.

We resumed the hot kissing.

We separated only long enough to catch our breath. His hands found the buttons of my blouse. My hands moved to his shirt. He cupped my breasts gently. I seldom wore a bra because my mother thought it was wicked. He kissed each of my nipples noisily. I groaned in excitement. His hot mouth felt wonderful on my stiffening tits.

My hand found the zipper of his trousers. It screamed as I pulled it down. His pulsing cock emerged from the loosened trousers. I touched it gently. It bounced as I tried to catch it in my hand. I laughed aloud.

His hands were caressing my tits. I felt a stronger stirring but it was lower and more intense. I squeezed my legs together, trying to satisfy the strange feeling between them.

Jack must have sensed my predicament. His hands pushed my legs apart. His hands shoved my panties aside and slowly but deliberately pressed his finger into my wet pussy.

I groaned in delirious delight as he began to move his finger in and out of my throbbing cunt. I squealed in delight when he stoked my clit with his finger.

His finger became two. Now he was moving them rapidly into me. I began to writhe and turn under his manipulations.

He put his other hand under my ass and massaged it harshly.

I nearly fainted when he stopped. “I want to fuck you,” he said softly.

Without a moment hesitation, I cried, “YES!”

He pushed the door open and helped me out of the car. He picked me up in his arms effortlessly and carried me into a bean field. He stripped off my skirt and panties and laid them beside the blanket he had taken from the back seat of the car.

“I brought a condom,” he said softly.

“YES!” I exclaimed.

I felt his body over mine.

Suddenly I felt his cock trying to enter me. I spread my legs wider. Without notice, the head of his cock slipped into my cunt.

I groaned in delight.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked as he began to push more and more of his wonderful cock into me.

I could only nod. It felt so wonderfully good as he continued to press more of his cock into my virgin pussy. I soon felt his balls slap against my bare ass.

He began to fuck me very slowly.

I now knew what Myra had said was true. It was more than just wonderful, it was sensational. I began to move to meet his thrusts. The moon seemed brighter! The sky bluer! The wind cooler! The ground under me seemed to quake as he drove his wonderful, masterful cock into my never before entered pussy. I was delirious with joy. I was now a woman.

His body shook violently. I could feel his cock pulsing in me. He filled the condom with his cum.

I shook with the vibrations of my own orgasm, although I didn’t know what it was at that time.

He withdrew his magnificent cock and arose. He pulled the filled condom from his shrinking cock.

I canlı kaçak iddaa sighed as he helped me to my feet.

“That was soooooo good,” I commented as we rode back toward the dorm. “Will you do it again soon?” I asked unashamed.

“Damn right!” he said. “But I may need to bring reinforcements,” he added with a smile. “You are one tight, hot fuck!”

“OK!” I said excitedly, not really understanding what he meant.

We rode silently until we arrived at the dorm. “You aren’t upset,” he said.

“Fuck no,” I shouted over my shoulder as I hurried into the dorm.

I was delirious with joy. I was now a complete woman. I had been fucked and I really, really enjoyed it.

The next day seemed to pass as slow as a turtle. I wondered if Jack was avoiding me. I was about to call him when the phone rang.

“Jack here!” came his voice. I shuddered and felt my pussy get wet just by hearing his voice.

“Meet me outside!” he said. “I have a surprise for you!”

I hung up the phone and ran down the stairs. When I opened the door, Jack was standing beside a custom built van.

His smile made me feel the excitement in my body. He held the rider’s side door open and helped me inside. “How do you like my new van?” he asked. “No more bean fields,” he added with a smile.

I giggled softly. “I didn’t mind!” I said without hesitation.

“We have to pick up some guys,” he said. “Then we will go for a ride.”

I frowned. “I was hoping for a repeat of last night,” I said blatantly.

He smiled.

He drove a couple of blocks.

He pulled to the side of the street and stopped. To my surprise, I recognized four of the basketball team. They pulled open the back door and jumped in. They were laughing and joking as Jack pulled away.

I looked at Jack. He was smiling when he glanced from the road to me. “I took you at your word,” he said. “These guys are my reinforcements.”

I gasped. “I am not so sure—” I started to say.

Jack frowned at me. “You said it was OK!” he said harshly. “I promised these guys a good time.”

I looked back at them. They were all good-looking guys and very athletically built. I glanced at Jack and nodded my head in agreement. “After all, if one cock felt that good, what would a few more be like,” I thought.

Each one introduced themselves. Jermain Hall was the tall, black center on the team. Sam Coddington was the smallest but very muscular. He was the point guard on the team. I recognized Joe Simons. He was the star of the team. His broad, muscular shoulders were exposed by the muscle tee shirt he was wearing. Terry Timmons was the loud one. He seemed more nervous than I.

I looked toward Jack.

We drew straws on who goes first!” he explained. “Terry won.”

“Don’t I get any input?” I asked brashly.

“We are not going to force you,” Jemain said flatly.

Jack pulled the van to the side of the road. “It is up to you!” he said. “You won’t regret it!” he added.

I opened the door and got out of the van.

Jack shook his head. “Aren’t you going to live up to your word?” he asked.

I smiled. “I am just changing places.” I said as I opened the door and jumped into the back of the van. “GO TEAM!” I exclaimed as I shrugged out of my clothes.

Terry was timidly removing his pants.

“Naked or no go!” I exclaimed as I tugged at his shirt.

When I looked around, the others were naked in a flash.

Terry finished taking off his clothes. He shoved me down on the rear most seat and quickly moved between my legs. His cock was not very long but quite big around. He pushed his cock into me unceremoniously. His cadence was one of heated furry. He fucked me with hard, fast strokes. I suddenly felt his cock spurting his orgasm into me. He rolled off of me and gasped loudly. “She is a tight fuck!” he told the rest.

Sam was next. His hard, muscular body hovered over me. Without delay, he pushed his seven-inch dick into me. I groaned in delight as he too fucked furiously. His orgasm came quickly and forcefully, filling me with his ejaculation. Then and only then did I realize they were fucking me bare back.

I canlı kaçak bahis tried to get up, but Joe pinned me quickly. His cock slipped into my slick hole immediately. He barely had it in me when he spurted a huge load of cum into my hot cavern.

Jermain was standing beside me. I gasped at the size of his ebony man meat. “It had to be at least a foot long or longer,” I thought. I was stunned at the sight. I tried to move but the others held me down. I groaned, “Condom!” They all laughed. “Too late now,” they shouted. I gasped again when Jermain pressed his huge member against my mouth. “Suck it!” he ordered.

I wondered how I could do such a thing but he forced my mouth open with his hands on my cheeks. I was totally unprepared for the taste. It was quite sweet yet tart. It was a taste hard to describe except it was exceedingly good. I began to suck and pull on the huge cock in my mouth, trying not to gag as he pushed it deep inside my mouth. I coughed loudly and he withdrew the steel rod from my sucking mouth. Suddenly he pressed it against my pussy. It slipped in a few inches only to meet the resistance of my cherry. With a huge stroke he broke thru the resistance and was into me to the hilt. His balls slapped loudly against my ass globes as the other three cheered. My body quivered and shook violently. I had a tremendous orgasm. I then understood what an orgasm was.

Jermain smiled as my bloody cherry and huge orgasm spewed out around his throbbing monster.

He pulled his cock from the confines of my pussy and smiled. “She sure likes to fuck,” I heard him say.

Jack had parked the van and was kneeling beside me. A look of concern was on his face. “Are you OK?” he asked.

I grinned up at him. “PERFECT!” I said without hesitation. It was then that I notice the team had left. Jack and I laughed as I sat up, cum running down my legs in a stream. “I didn’t think they would fuck you without a condom.” He murmured.

It had felt too good for me to be concerned about a condom. I asked Jack to fuck me one more time and then take me back to the dorm.

The next day, I smiled when I met Myra in the hall of the dorm. She winked knowingly. The word was out. I was barraged with phone calls. I had become the good little girl grown up and wild.

Myra suggested that I “get on the Pill!” I was not sure what she meant until she took me to a doctor friend of hers and he explained. I was relieved when he said I would not have to worry about getting pregnant, but I should be careful because there were many sexually transmitted diseases around. “If you are not completely sure, use a condom.” He said bluntly.

I could not wait for the next “encounter”. Jack was more than willing to service me anytime I requested. He began to use the van for my wild escapades. I rewarded him by allowing him to fuck me before we picked up his “reinforcements”. I was the team’s inspiration. I promised to fuck every one on the team each time they won. I ordered them to watch me fuck Harry when they lost. They went the last of the season with only one loss.

I began to find many suitors. They came in all sizes but none quite as large and wonderful as Jermain. He could make me cum quicker and harder than any of the others. I still enjoyed the others but Jermain knew how to ignite my fire. He usually waited until the others had fucked me. He knew I wanted him and didn’t want the others to be left out. He began to meet me at the dorm door. We fucked all over campus. Behind the shrubs at the dorm was the favorite place. It was the quickest place to get to and we didn’t want to wait. I often thought I could see others watching. I began to really put on a show for them. I fucked and sucked Jermain off so many times I lost count. He only grinned when I told him about the others watching. I found out later that he was in demand almost as much as I.

I was disappointed when the end of the year came. The team was scattered all over the states so I didn’t get to see them very often. I married a man with the biggest cock you could imagine. John Homers is his name. No! Not the “John Holmes” of pornography, but a very good likeness in many ways. At least that is what I am told. I never have seen John Holmes, but if he is any bigger than my John, he must have a cock like a horse.

John is a very wonderful husband. He allows me to enjoy my favorite pastime any time I choose but that is another story altogether.

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