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Rosie and I both have our birthdays on the same day. The year we turned eighteen we decided to have a joint birthday party at Rosie’s place. She lives alone with her dad and he said that he had no objection and would pay for everything with one stipulation. We had to organise everything ourselves as he wasn’t going to. We asked about alcohol and he said that was fine as we were all old enough to have a drink. He did put a limit on just how much alcohol we could bring. He insisted that we could only have wine and beer, no strong drinks. Anyone who showed up with something stronger would be shown the door.

So we arranged the party and made sure everyone understood the limitation on booze. The girls had no problem with this, although a couple of the boys who were coming grumbled a little.

The evening of the party rolled around and we were all having a good time. Mike, being a big he-man as well as an idiot, produced a bottle of vodka. Adam, Rosie’s dad, appeared out of nowhere, confiscated the vodka, and invited Mike to take a hike. Mike promptly squared his shoulders and threw out his chest, ready to fight for his right to get pissed.

Adam just stood in front of him, smiling and gently shaking his head. It suddenly dawned on me that Adam, while being a rather unassuming and unassertive man, was also a very large man, and I don’t mean fat. You could see the realization dawning on Mike, as well, that his would-be opponent was bigger and heavier than him and didn’t seem in the least disconcerted about a possible fight. Mike backed down, apologised, and left.

That little episode was the only hint of any trouble and with that out of the way we all just settled down to enjoy ourselves. I wasn’t sure how susceptible I’d be to alcohol and I’d promised my mother than I’d limit what I drank so that I wouldn’t get drunk, so I limited myself to a single glass of wine. Quite a nice wine, it was, and I decided that I’d have another glass after the party wound down.

At the start of the party Adam had greeted me, wished me a happy birthday, flirted mildly with me, and given me a present, a very nice pair of earrings with a matching bracelet. They probably weren’t real diamonds but even if they were cubic zirconia they were still top notch stuff. I put them on straight away.

I circulated, chatting with my girlfriends, flirting with the men, not that any of the flirting was serious. For some reason I noticed Adam quite a bit. He was also circulating, not noticeably so, but he got around. I’m pretty sure he found time to stop and speak to everyone at the party.

There were two other things I noticed about Adam. He apparently found time to count how many drinks Josie had and cut her off after her third. He also seemed to gravitate towards me quite a bit, always stopping to flirt a little before moving on. I flirted right back. That little confrontation he’d had with Mike had made me see that he was really quite a dominant man. An alpha, I think is the term. He didn’t need to flex his muscles to demonstrate this. The other men just seemed to know and acknowledge the fact.

“I saw you cut Josie off,” I said, holding up my empty glass. “Not going to do that to me are you?”

“No need,” he calmly told me. “You’ve only had the one.”

It was a case of well I’ll be damned. He’d also been monitoring what I’d been drinking. I wondered if he’d try to cut me off if I started having a few glasses canlı bahis şirketleri and from the slight smile on his face my guess was yes, he would. It was odd. I should have been resenting his assumption that he had authority over me, but it actually made me feel comfortable and secure knowing that he was watching.

The party went along nicely. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and no-one got drunk or started a fight. I suspect Adam had a lot to do with that. Eventually people started leaving. Somehow it didn’t surprise me when Adam confiscated a couple of sets of car-keys, arranging lifts for those unable to drive. (Unable in Adam’s opinion, but no-one wanted to argue the point.)

With the main horde gone Josie and I started wandering about, tidying up a little. A couple of the girls who had lingered joined in. I was idly wandering through the house to make sure we hadn’t left glasses or rubbish or the odd person lying around when I ran into Adam. Literally. I made an abrupt turn and bounced off him. Apparently he didn’t just look solid but felt it.

“Always happens,” he said with a sigh. “It’s why I don’t go out very often, all those lovely young things throwing themselves at me.”

“It was an accident,” I pointed out.

“If you say so,” he said in a dubious voice. “Anyway, step into my office for a moment. I was hoping for a quiet word with you.”

He was? Why? Almost before I knew it he’d opened the door to his office and ushered me in, closing the door behind us.

Hand pressing lightly against my back he was urging me closer to his desk. It reminded me of him – big and solid.

“Now if you’ll just bend forward over the desk,” he murmured, and I’m like, “WHAT?”

I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I went red. Very red from the warmth of my face. That, unfortunately, was the least of it. I suddenly had a bunch of butterflies in my tummy and I could feel blood also rushing to another part of my body. Something seemed to catch fire deep inside and I could feel the heat warming me.

“Wh-why do you want me to bend over the desk?” I stupidly asked. Stupidly, because it was damned easy to guess why. He just smiled slightly, lifting his eyebrows up and down and waited.

Self-preservation told me to get the hell out of his office and I mean right now. Do not, not, NOT bend over that desk. So I just naturally bent over the desk, didn’t I?

He lifted up my dress, bunching it around my waist, while his hand started moving slowly over my bottom. I was calm. I could handle this. It wasn’t as though I was going to let him do much more than what he was doing, now was it?

I’ll admit I gave a small gasp when his hand slipped between my legs and started rubbing me a little more intimately. I was way too aware of the fact that I was a woman and that a man was touching me in a very personal way. The heat down there seemed to be increasing, and I was moving restlessly. I wasn’t actually pressing myself against his hand but I seemed to be very aware of where it was at all times.

When he slipped my panties down I had to stuff a hand over my mouth to stop myself giving a little scream. I hadn’t really expected him to go that far. After that I was chewing on my hand as his hand started touching me again and this time his hand was actually touching my most private parts, without even my panties to protect me.

By this stage I was muttering canlı kaçak iddaa into my hand. I don’t know what I was saying but it sounded a lot like whimpering to me. Adam seemed to take it as encouragement and his touches were becoming even more outrageous.

When he slipped a couple of fingers between my lips and started touching me inside I knew the time had come to tell him to back off. Enough was enough and what he was doing was way past enough. I was twisting about, feeling his fingers going deeper, and I was really going to tell him to stop. I really was.

Then he did something and it was as though he’d goosed me with an electric current. I don’t know what he did, but oh boy, did I ever feel it. I gave a startled shriek and I heard him give a soft laugh.

“No need to panic,” he told me. “I just rubbed a little too close to your clitoris. See?”

I made an incoherent sound as he did exactly the same thing again. I was now feeling hot and flushed all over, so totally aware of my body that it was frightening.

“Let’s move this along a little more,” he said and I promptly thought, “Let’s not.” Thinking isn’t the same as saying so he didn’t hear my protest.

I could feel him easing my lips further apart and part of me wondered what he was doing. Another part must have guessed because I was becoming increasingly nervous. I was about to give up and ask when my question was answered. Sort of.

I felt something pressing against me, trying to push its way into me. I knew straight away that there could be only one thing he was trying to push into me at that particular spot. Well, it could have been his finger, I suppose, but only if he’d developed elephantiasis all of a sudden, and I doubted that he had.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I said, speaking as fast as I could, feeling highly surprised when he did. Not that his waiting helped me all that much. He pulled his hand away, but not his cock, and I could feel my lips closing lovingly around it, holding it in place.

“Problem?” he asked, seeming genuinely interested.

“Um, you, you’re, ah, that is, you’re going to, um, what are you doing?” The last bit came out in a sort of wail, me not knowing what else to say.

“Why don’t you just relax and find out? It’ll work out. OK?”

“Ah, OK, I guess,” I muttered, but I was quite certain it wasn’t OK and I had no idea how things were going to work out.

He resumed pressing forward. I felt something seem to give way and I could feel his cock starting to sink deeper into me. It was having to force its way in as I guess my passage was rather tight, which is not surprising, SINCE IT HAD NEVER BEEN USED THIS WAY BEFORE.

I was feeling most peculiar. At the same time I wanted to tell him to both stop and go harder. I was scared stiff of what was happening but I also wanted it to happen. Not that I appeared to have any say in the matter. I’d said OK and he was just running with that. Well, not running, but certainly taking slow deliberate action that I could feel right through me, right down to my curling toes.

I was breathing harder and feeling hotter than ever. When he gave one last little push and I could feel his groin pressed against me I didn’t know what to do. I had this ginormous cock inside me. At least, it felt ginormous, but it’s a little hard to tell when I hadn’t seen it and had never felt another one. (At least, not the way I was feeling this one.)

He canlı kaçak bahis just stayed pressed against me while he undid the zip at the top of my dress and brushed the straps off my shoulders. The dress had a built-in bra so just like that my breasts had been let out to play. His hands came round and closed over them, just squeezing them a little, rubbing them at the same time.

“All you have to do,” he said, “is push towards me when you feel me pushing against you. I’ll do the rest.”

Hah. I wasn’t illiterate. I knew what I had to do. Hard not to what with sex education at school and the internet, not that I’m ever doing some of the things they show on the internet. (Odd that, as right now I’m pretty sure I was doing one of those things I swore I wouldn’t do. Or having it done to me, anyway.)

With that he started moving, pulling back and pushing into me again and just like that I was in dreamland. It felt absolutely delicious. Gentle ripples of pleasure were moving through me as he moved, his movements seeming as inexorable as the tide, surging in and retreating, only to return again with another surge, each one sweeping through me and lifting me.

On and on he went, with me moving at the pace he set, making funny little noises each time he drove home. Not that I wanted to make those odd sounds. I just couldn’t help myself. Everything was wonderful and I didn’t want it to stop – not ever.

I was quite surprised and rather shocked to eventually find myself wanting more. What could be better than this blissful state? I didn’t know but I wanted it anyway. Those funny little sounds I’d been making were turning into words, asking (begging?) him to do something, anything, to answer the demands my body was now making on me.

His reply was to start moving faster, pressing in harder, driving me wilder. I was getting so excited now that my pleas degenerated into incoherent mumblings again, my mind not able to focus enough to verbalise my needs. Didn’t matter. He knew what I didn’t.

The heat inside me exploded through me, waves of pleasure racing through me, and I let out a long low-pitched wail. (Not a loud scream for which I’ll ever be grateful, seeing Josie would have heard me if I’d screamed.)

Afterwards I was hastily tidying up my clothes, blushing furiously while I did so. I couldn’t believe I’d let that happen. Just could not believe it.

Clothes straight I was about to turn and bolt, only to find him holding out a glass for me.

“A little champagne to celebrate your birthday,” he told me. “Take a seat and sip it. Don’t go gulping it down as though it was water. A little at a time and savour the taste. See what you think of it.”

There were a couple of small armchairs in his office and I sank down into one while he settled into the other, and I tasted my first champagne. I wasn’t sure if I like it or not, so I took another little sip. Then there was a tap on the door and Josie stuck her head in.

“Have you seen where . . . Oh, there you are.”

“We’re having a glass of champagne to celebrate your birthdays,” Adam said. “I poured you a glass as I guessed you’d come looking for her sooner or later.”

He indicated the desk and I was surprised to find there was another glass there, ready and waiting. Josie picked it up and started drinking.

“Sip it, don’t gulp it,” I told her, feeling rather sophisticated all of a sudden.

Josie blushed and gave me a look but switched to sipping, getting a taste for it. So, I was now eighteen and had scored a number of firsts. First time I was allowed to drink in public. First time I’d tasted champagne. It had certainly been an interesting party.

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