Five Foot Two

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There may be errors in this, but I wanted to get something posted. After writing this, I decided that I should write some more Five Foot something stories. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I am the maintenance person (trying to stay politically correct) in an architectural firm. If something needs, fixed, I fix it. If I cannot, I hire someone that can, and make sure that they do the job correctly. I have been here less than a year so I don’t quite know everything about the building yet so when I get a chance, I explore. This helps me to locate plumbing shut off valves, heating ducts, breaker boxes—anything a maintenance person would need to know. I like my job and intend to stay here a while, unless for some reason, they find a reason to get rid of me beforehand.

I’m pretty much average looking: brown hair, not too long not too short, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, high cheek bones—yada, yada, yada. My arms and stomach are more muscular from doing sit-ups and pull-ups, and pushups. My chest on the other hand never caught up with my arms. I came into this world forty-one years ago and believe it or not, my mom still loves me. Many things have changed since then. Sending texts instead of calling one another, writing emails instead of writing a letter by hand and mailing it. I think the latter makes a more personable relationship instead of socializing via technology. Even architecture. I learned drafting in high school using paper and pencil. Now technology has modernized that art as well.

One of the benefits of working here is a little red haired girl that I see every now and then. There are times that I won’t see her for weeks, and I would get the impression that she no longer worked there. Then she’ll pop up again. She is a beautiful young lady. She stands about five foot two (If she didn’t I’d have to rename the story), has beautiful long apple red hair, pale skin with tiny freckles, a shy smile, cat like green eyes, handful size tits, and the world’s most perfect ass. I know because I’ve seen it in a dictionary under ‘World’s most perfect ass”. My guess is that she is in her mid to late twenties. She is very shy and rarely makes eye contact unless you speak to her. I don’t even know her name. I could have asked her sometime, but when you ask her anything, and you do get some sort of a response, from her, she replies with one or two word answers.

“How are you today?”

“Good,” she says.

“Enjoying the weather?”


“What did you do on your six week vacation in Europe?”


Do you see what I mean? My consolation prize is that I get to watch her ass sway as she walks away from me. Often times it causes my dick to stir.

One day I got a call from the operator telling me that Hulk (I’ll get to him soon enough.) called IT because his computer wouldn’t turn on. IT found that a whole wall of computers were without power, so they called on me to check it out. Hulk worked in the engineering office on the second floor so I climbed the stairs and made my way to his booth.

“Harry. How are you man?” he said.

I reached out to shake his hand.

Do you know how people try to grip each other the hardest when they shake hands? You don’t do that with Hulk. I tried it when I first met him and it took a week before I could feel my fingers again. Hulk got his nickname because he looks just like The Hulk minus the green skin. Monstrous, short black hair and ugly. OK, maybe not so ugly, but his face looked like he played pro football without a helmet. His nose had obviously been broken a few times and his cheeks bones were un-even. His facial features were, more distorted than, ugly. Very nice guy though. Once I saw him get into a bar room fight … Ok so it really wasn’t a fight because you don’t mess with Hulk, but afterwards he helped the four guys get up and made sure they were alright.

I replied, “I’m doing great. Getting ready to move?

“Last day. Just trying to button things up before I leave.”

“Get a better job elsewhere?” I asked.

“Actually my fiancé found one and they had an engineering position at the same place.”

“So she must be special huh?”

“More than special.”

“OK Hulk. It’s probably just a blown breaker somewhere. May take me a while to find it.”

“No rush Harry. I have plenty of paperwork to do anyhow.”

The upstairs hallway was ‘U’ shaped. Engineering was in the large space in the middle and workrooms along the outside. I walked down the main hall looking for a breaker box with no luck. I turned down the shorter hall and found nothing there either. I turned to hall to where all the blueprints were stored. They hung from the walls while others filled boxes sized for the drawings, so I knew I wouldn’t find what I was looking for there. At the end of the hall were two doors, one on either side. The one on the left was another door to engineering, one that wasn’t illegal bahis used except for the engineers to hang their drawings. The one on the right was to the interior design office. I’ve only been in there once or twice since I’ve worked here. I opened the door, slowly and found my pretty redhead sitting at a worktable with her back towards me.

Did you ever walk into a room like this and, you know that whatever you did was going to scare the crap out of the person in the room? You say hi and they jump. You clear your throat and they jump. Every option will scare them so I went with closing the door a little louder than usual option, and of course—she jumped.

“Sorry. I was just looking for a breaker box,” I said.

“It’s OK,” she said. It’s just that no one ever comes in here. You just caught me off-guard.”

Again, I said, “I’m sorry.” She smiled. I smiled. It was then that I realized that she could say more than two words in one sentence.

“I think I covered a grey box behind those carpet samples hanging on the wall over there.” “Might that be what you’re looking for?” I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Again, she said more than two words to me.

“Thanks,” I stuttered as I walked to where she had pointed. “So this is where you work.”

“Yeah. It’s my own private space. No one ever comes back here to visit me,” she said.

“Then this is why I rarely see you. You should come out more often.”

“I’m kinda shy so I hang out here most of the time. I even have my own bathroom and refrigerator.” When I walked to the wall that she pointed at she asked, “Are you in a hurry?”

“Some of the guys in engineering don’t have power,” I said. They are probably in more of a hurry than I am.” She stood and started walking towards me. I didn’t know if I was scared or excited.

“Think maybe they can wait?” She asked with a fuck me smile on her face. She walked up to me and put her hands around my neck.

I stuttered, “I—I thought you were shy. You just told me that you were shy.”

“I’m hornier today than shy,” she said as she stood on her toes, and pulled her breasts against my chest. She then pressed her lips against mine. She immediately swiped my tongue with hers. She pulled away and said, “See what I mean?” She batted those green eyes at me that looked like she found her prey. I tried to pull away some, but she had me restrained in her arms.

“Uhm,” I said. “Is this really the shy little redheaded girl that I know? The one that rarely ever looks at me?”

“Not today. I’m the horny kitty cat looking for its prey. Want to be my dinner?” Now my dick was definitely more horny than scared since it started to wake up. She made a purring sound as she asked me, “Have something growing down there?”

I looked around the room towards the door. “OK.” I said. “Shouldn’t we lock the door?”

“I’m not worried. No one ever comes in here. Ever.”

“Today could be the day,” I said. With that, her tongue found mine again and circled it as if she was licking a Popsicle. Then she sucked it into her mouth and my tongue began to circle hers. While we kissed fervently, her hand slid down my chest to my now steel hard cock. My work pants didn’t stop her. She just rubbed it through them. I moaned as she grasped it and squeezed. She released my tongue and stepped back. She began teasing me by slowly unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time. Her hungry smile had me in under her complete control, and there was nothing I could do except give into her desires.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said. As I began to get a little more comfortable with what was going on I said to her, “I’ve jerked off thinking of you like this many times and here it is in real life.” She had her blouse unbuttoned all the way, and she slid it off her shoulders. Her breasts stared at me with her nipples poking through the thin material of her sheer bra.

Again, I questioned, “Are you sure that you are the shy redhead with the nice ass?” She took my hands and slid them over her belly to her tits. I squeezed them as she reached around and unhooked the strap of her bra. Reluctantly I let go of her tits and watched her bra fall to the floor. This was better than anything I could ever fantasize. My eyes got lost in her perfect breasts. Teardrops with her soft nipples pointing up towards my face. I thought that they were begging me to lick and suck on them. They were better than I had ever dreamt about and larger than they looked hidden beneath her blouse. She lifted my hands, and raised them back to her firm, yet soft tits. She reached over to my shirt and began to unbutton it. I was shaking with both excitement and fear, while she released one button at a time until it fell to the floor. She gently scraped her fingernails across my chest and then brushed the backs of her fingers across my nipples. That was my que to play with her nipples. I took my time and felt the bumpy, dark areolas surrounding illegal bahis siteleri them. I started to tweak her pointed nipples gently, feeling them slowly harden to my touch. We both stared into each other’s eyes while exploring each other’s chests. This slow exploration had me turned on more than anything I had experienced in the past. No slam bam thank you maam for her. I wasn’t as sure as she was about visitors coming through the door. I kept glancing over her shoulders at the door.

“Relax,” She kept telling me. “Rest assured that no one ever comes back here.”

“Just checking. I don’t want this to be interrupted or to lose my job.” Up until today, this had only been a fantasy. I liked the real thing much better, and so does my cock. I reached down and unbuckled her tight corduroy’s while she reached between my hands to release my work pants. Mine fell to my ankles while I had to kneel down to pull hers slowly down to the floor. This left just her light blue shear panties between her bush and me. I could see traces of red hair protruding from the outside edges. I was excited as hell now.

“Perfect.” I said. My hands shook as I slowly tugged the top of them. Red hair slowly appeared from the top of as I slid them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and I took in a deep breath to smell her excitement in her thick red pubic mound. My long time fantasy was actually coming true, I thought. Her thick red carpet had that wanting smell of a woman that needed to be fucked. I planned to make that wish come true. I turned my head back and forth to brush my face through the fur and brushed it with my lips. I lowered my face breaking through her thick red muff with my tongue. I slid it up between her fur until I reached her clit. “Ohhh.” She moaned. I watched her eyes open and close as I combed her clit with my tongue. Some licks would cause her head to roll backwards or side to side. Sometimes times she would look down and lock her eyes to mine. Her thin lips smiled at me signifying her approval. My cock peaked out of the side of my underwear throbbing excitement. She moved back and lifted herself onto the stool behind her. She placed her feet on the bottom rungs, and spread her knees apart. She showed her excitement as her clit peeked through her fall forest. I stood and pulled my boxers off and went back to my knees to partake in her hairy delight. I slid her swollen labia apart and, slid my tongue into her pussy.

“Oh yes.” She said. Then after a moment, “Stop teasing me and lick my clit.”

“In due time,” I mumbled back while my tongue was fucking her pussy. I stroked her it from her anus to her clit watching her reaction with each stroke. She wiggled her hips back and forth trying to maneuver her aching clitoris to my tongue. I teased her some more … sucking her clit, fucking her pussy with my tongue, and sliding the length of her wet slit. She grabbed her legs, and spread them farther apart.

“Is this what you are waiting for?” I asked as I stroked my tongue back and forth over her love button.

“You know it,” she moaned. I then pressed my tongue hard against it and rubbed my tongue back and forth as fast as I could. I could hear her getting close to cumming all over my face, but I stopped just before she did.

“Damn it,” she complained. I want to cum—now.”

I pressed down as hard as I could and she let out a muffled scream. Then I rubbed it back and forth as quickly as I could. She squirmed, twisted on the stool, and shoved her hips into my face. She leaned back against the drafting table and used one hand to grab my hair and pull me in tighter. That was all it took. Trying not to get anyone’s attention, she screamed as softly as she could. A muffled “mmmmmmmmmaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” left her lips as she leaned forward, her eyes closed tight, and her hips writhing on the stool. Suddenly she leaned back and tried to push me away, but I wouldn’t budge. I kept my tongue going as hard and as fast as I could. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stooooooooooooooooop.” Her hips disagreed with her and starting bucking again as another orgasm went through her like lighting. “Stop—don’t stop—Oh I can’t take this anymore.” She would alternate between pulling my head towards her and then trying to push me away. Another orgasm struck again, but this time she couldn’t stay quiet. Ohhhh. I have to stop,” as she rocked back and forth. “Stop, stop,” she shouted. I slowed down my tongue and let her land from her orgasmic flight while her hips gradually slowed down to a stop. I looked up and asked her if she liked it.

“Oh. I thought I was going to explode or—I don’t know. I don’t know what I felt. I wanted it to keep going, but I lost control of reality. Dizzy. Surreal. Beautiful. I stood up and she kissed my lips painted with her juices and sucked my tongue into her mouth. She leaned over my shoulder and whispered, “That was absolutely the best fucking orgasm ever. I think I owe you something now. Let’s trade places. canlı bahis siteleri We have lots to do yet.”


“Oh yeah. You have yet to fuck me with your steel cock, as much as possible so that I can collect all your sticky seed. I want to ride it like a cowgirl and I want us both to explode over and over into into each other.” I sat up on the chair and she dropped to her knees. “I think I wanna start right here. She looked up at me and asked, “Is that OK?”

“Oh yeah. I’m all yours.”

“I love the taste of cum so I want to taste as much as I can before you empty your balls deep inside my hot, hungry pussy.” She walked over to her purse and took something from it. She came back and handed it to me. “Here. Take this so you get hard again after I play with your sperm machine with my mouth.” I looked at the blue tablet and tossed it down my throat. “Good boy,” she said. “Do you like to be teased like you teased me?”

“Oh yes my little red riding hood. Tease my cock as long as you can.”

“I intend to. I want all the love juice that I can get.” With that she covered just the head of my aching cock with her warm mouth. Her tongue brushed that sensitive part, just below its head. It caused me to lean forward, adjusting to the pleasure that she awarded me. She wiped her tongue back and forth, which sent pleasure up my spine like gentle waves all the while she kept her eyes locked on mine. She slowly, gradually took my entire cock all the way in, and held it there. She stuck her tongue out her mouth trying to reach my balls. She started to swallow causing her mouth to grip my cock and then let it go.

“Oh yes.” Those were the only words that I could muster. “I had never felt anything like that.” She slowly pulled her wet mouth about halfway down my wanting shaft and, gulped its length again all the way to my balls this time. Now her tongue could reach them and she was as excited as I was. She sucked, licked my cock, and then licked my balls again until I thought I was going to explode. Sensing this she stopped and kept her warm mouth wrapped around me until my cock calmed down. She slid her hot mouth up my rod until it popped out of her warm mouth and into the cool air. Still staring into my eyes she asked, “Are you enjoying this?”

“You can’t even imagine,” I gasped.

“Yes I can. I’m just returning the favor. I want you to have the same pleasure that you gave to me.” She took my cock with one fell swoop until it touched the back of her throat. She swallowed again while I was inside deep inside. I leaned back, stared at the ceiling, and closed my eyes. She pulled off of me and said, “Look at me. I want to watch your eyes while I suck on your fuck machine.” I tried my hardest, and finally gave into her wish. I stared as she massaged my cock for what seemed like forever. She slid her mouth off with another pop. She talked to me with her eyes telling me that she loved what she was doing as much as I did.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded. “Please don’t stop.” With that, she popped me back in and started to stroke my entire shaft slowly while never taking her eyes off mine. If I closed them, she would stop until I opened them again.

“I told you to keep your eyes opened baby,” she gurgled.

I laughed the best as I could, “Forgive me my love goddess.”

“Mmmmm,” she replied. “I like that.” She tightened her lips and began to stroke me again. I think she wanted my warm love juice soon since her sucking speed had picked up. Still, she would stop when she sensed I was going to blow. Then she would start again picking up more speed. After starting and stopping, she gave up and continued engulfing me to my swelling balls and back. After the last half hour, I thought that she was going to let me explode. She grabbed my balls with one hand feeling them swell with my seed. When she sensed that I couldn’t hold back any longer she let me loose from her hot mouth. She quickly stood up and leaned on her back over the table behind her.

“Fuck me now baby. Fuck me hard and deep. I want all your sperm.” I did as she commanded. I slammed her cunt hard and as deep as I could go. Hard and deep. Hard and deep.

“Is this is what you’ve been waiting for?” I growled.

“Yes baby, yes.” Just as I was going to explode into her womb, she reached back, and grabbed me by my ass.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'” I screamed as softly as I could which was not very quiet. She held me deep inside as my cum massaged her womb with stream after stream of my thick and creamy fuck juice. Her pussy convulsed with every squirt. I could feel me shooting hard down her tight wet pussy.

“Oh,” I moaned repeatedly. “I can’t stop.” I continued to cum as I never did before. I was shooting deep inside her with no movement on my part at all. I couldn’t believe how much spewed out of me. I thought I would never to stop.

After my balls emptied in her, her pussy finally let go of my cock as her orgasm continued. Her throbbing pussy sucked what little I had left in me. She came, I shot, and she came. Her pulsing pussy made me jerk as my orgasm faded away. My cock finally gave up as her pussy came to a rest.

“I never thought I was going to stop,” I said.

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