Fixing Sherl’s Boiler

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When Sherl asked me to fix her boiler I never realised just what that would lead too.

She was over forty for God’s sake, well above my pulling capability when there were so many gorgeous teenagers plying for my attention.

Hey! That sounds big headed I know but the truth is that Sherl was about to change all my aspirations and I was about to have the most exiting and thrilling episode in my life.

I could never have imagined that was possible with an older woman, well let’s say we are talking 15 years older. I think she had ‘toy boy’ syndrome in mind.

It was in the midst of winter and Sherl complained that she was doing everything just to keep warm in bed but still getting warm was hard; ” I’ve tried everything but you, Steve” she said with that enticing smile of hers and I wondered how she meant.

“well” she whispered with a cheeky grin; ” I am sure you would have warmed me up” and then the penny dropped.

I didn’t pursue that remark but instead told her that she would be alright now, because Id fixed her boiler!

“How much?” she said and I relpied that to her it would cost just £40 for the labour.

“That’s fair – and how much do you charge for your more personal labour” she asked provocatively. I saw she was allowing her her skirt to slide up her thigh where she was sitting crossing her legs in a way I was well able to get a peek of black frilly panties underneath,

For canlı bahis şirketleri a moment I intended to ignore that very charged and provocative remark knowing my reservations, but then I guess it was just the way she looked at me with those deep brown and very expressive eyes, and all at once I was thinking this woman is not to be sneezed at, she is really something for a woman her age and knows how to keep herself slim and very alluring, yes I could go for that so why not let is flow and respond to her overtures.

“For you Sherl I would gladly do it for nothing”

I saw her face flush bright red and a great big smile spread across her face. “Then lets go to bed shall we?”

“But I am a bit sweaty and soiled after fixing your boiler, should I shower first.” I said knowing that for myself I always enjoy close proximity with a woman being squeaky clean.

“I don’t mind you how you are but if that’s what you wish be my guest” she said and showed me where a bath towel and shampoo was.

I stripped and got into the shower, already I was perked up with a half erection with the thought of what was soon to be. Then quite without embarrassment Sherl appeared, me in my starkers, she standing there looking!

She had nothing on but her black bra and panties and looked delicious. This woman knew what she was about alright and without a word she was handling me like it canlı kaçak iddaa was the most natural thing to do to a boiler man in the shower. But who was I to object, Sherl knew the ropes and her touch was simply fantastic. My fervent extremety beating like wildfire as she squeezed and busied herself with the consequences.

“You feel so good, Steve. Janice my friend said I should get myself a really good toy boy to give me a new stance in life,” she whispered going down on her knees and kneading my cock between her palms, it felt good and I was getting more hard and stiff.

I had to ask her was she ever married or anything?

“Was divorced two years back and have never touched a guy until you,” she replied, ” I can’t tell you how much I miss that, you do feel so good baby, like me to suck you?, I crave for that it has been so long since I sucked cock.” He explititness was breathtaking and now she could do anything she wanted with me.

It was the way she was talking made me really dead horny and then I was wanting her fuck and no doubt about it, fifteen years older than me or what, what does age mean anyway when it comes to being attracted to someone you really would like to fuck the ass off!?

I just stood there, she would have seen that my stance said it all, I opened my legs enough for her to slide between and pushed my tackle out for her enjoyment – then that first touch of those canlı kaçak bahis gorgeously teasing feminine lips, her hands squeezing and guiding my length upwards so that she could get a good deep mouthful of hard throbbing cock. She started to deep suck me without reservation and I was soon in my element, there is nothing quite like being really enjoyed that way by a really sexy and willing candidate and watching her suck was a site to behold. Occasionally she paused to take a breath but still tight squeezing my length at the girth, plying it upwards which she seemed to like then moving her mouth below and then licking my balls.

“If only you knew just how good this tastes and feels ” she muttered, half licking – half sucking and I realised by the way she was increasing her hand movements she wanted me to cum into her mouth. I closed my eyes and felt it build, so wonderful and so good, the feel of her tongue working my p-hole, her mouth wrapped around the girth of my cock as she took it deep throat and I was in my element.

I felt the spurt and heard her moan and cry then she yelled “fuck me, fuck me for God’s sake” and I was right there, feeling the deep warmth of her deep hungry and very wet pussy sucking me into her, helping me thrust deep inside . Fucking and fucking her until we were both there.

And there we were on the bed, me not realising it, and she still wanting more and more, I must have fucked her on and off all the afternoon, she was some hungry woman,

And at the end of all that, well “a nice thick meat broth to give me strength for the next time,” she said and then I knew I was onto good thing and had joined the toy -boy scene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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