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3He sat opposite his wife in the self-service cafe idly watching the queue while she wrote postcards to their married children. On holiday in Dorset for the sixth successive year, he was feeling bored and aware that the years were slipping by.

Debating whether another biscuit would be catastrophic to his waistline, he looked up at the displayed price list and saw the youngster make for a table in the corner.

His pulse rate increased as his eyes registered the vision. Young, a little over eighteen at a guess. Elfin faced, she glowed with the bloom of youth. Long golden curls down past her shoulders, drawn back to expose the ears and a pair of extrovert pendants hanging from dainty lobes. No obvious make-up except a trace of shadow above the big blue orbs that were her eyes.

He watched with fascination as she sipped cola through a straw, emphasising the natural pout of her mouth.

Dressed in a loose, mauve cheesecloth blouse and tight denim jeans she was an absolute picture.

Emotions, long dormant, began to perk up as he began to fantasise about how she’d look without the clothes, guessing she would have well shaped breasts above the tiny waist.

He adjusted his position to take the pressure off the erection beginning to throb between his legs.

Watching, entranced by her natural beauty and enjoying the erotic sensations rippling along his shaft as he clenched the muscles in his groin, he noticed she kept looking around the room like a startled gazelle, as if uncomfortable at being alone. Their eyes locked for a brief second and he smiled before she pouted further and looked away.

His reverie broke as his wife indicated she was done, passing him the cards to read before dragging him away to buy stamps.

He stood outside the Post Office while his partner queued at the counter, and suddenly the youngster was beside him.

“I saw the way you were looking at me,” she whispered urgently. “If you want me, be in the lay-by outside Scott’s camp site at seven this evening.”

He opened his mouth in surprise, but she’d gone long before he’d thought of any response.

The rest of the day was spent on the seafront, apparently admiring the formal flower beds and listening to the music at the bandstand, while his mind was preoccupied with the girl and her invitation.

Was she really mobilbahis güvenilir mi offering herself to him? Should he follow the invitation through? Was it right to go sniffing around such a gorgeous youngster at his age, especially when his wife had forgiven his last misdemeanour a few years ago?

Hell, it’s been a long time since I’ve broken fresh ground, he decided finally, and there’s no way I should pass up this chance if I can get away with it.

After their meal in the rented caravan he carefully manipulated his spouse.

“What do you feel like doing?” He asked innocently. “The weather is so nice, I’d like to go out again.”

“Don’t be silly,” she replied in surprise. “It’s the Oprah Winfrey show tonight, followed by the serial that started last week. Can’t miss that!”

“I’m a bit fed up watching the television every night,” he whinged. “I feel like doing something different.”

“You do what you like,” she snapped, “but I’m watching the programmes.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I went out for a mooch around on my own?”

“No, why should I?” She asked, surprised he’d even contemplate it.

Still not sure how he was intended to interpret the invitation, but excited nevertheless, he parked the car up the road from the lay-by and walked to the appointed meeting place.

She was waiting, dressed exactly as before except that her feet were bare.

“You came then? I thought you would,” she greeted him with a fetching grin. “I was pretty sure you fancied me.”

“Well, you are very attractive,” he mumbled, feeling a bit self-conscious with her direct approach. “I can’t imagine how any red blooded man could resist your charm.”

“Thanks,” she smiled whimsically, “but don’t expect too much from me. Be patient and we’ll both benefit, only I’m not used to doing this sort of thing. Come on, follow me.”

She led him a few yards to a small igloo tent.

When they were both inside she crouched and removed her blouse and jeans. She was naked except for a tiny pair of briefs when she looked up at him with those luminous orbs.

“You will pay?”

“Of course,” he agreed readily as his eyes consumed her youthful body. “How much?”

“I don’t know the going rate,” she admitted, pouting slightly. “I’ve never done this before. I lost my purse mobilbahis this morning and this is the only way I can afford to finish my holiday and eat. Let’s say twenty pounds?”

“That’s all right,” he agreed, excited by the sight of the slim thighs opposite him, but slightly dejected by her story. “But you don’t have to do this, I’ll help you without demanding sex if you want.”

“No, nobody should get something for nothing. I can see you want me and I need the money, so it’s a fair swop,” she sighed as she looked directly at the bulge in his trousers. “Have you got a condom?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” he admitted in panic, afraid her body was about to be denied him.

“Then I think it’s normal to charge double if you want to go all the way without protection. Am I worth forty pounds?”

He agreed immediately and fumbled for the notes while she bent to remove her panties.

Blood rushed to his head and his heart hammered as he realised he really was going to be allowed to have his way with this wisp of a girl so much younger than his own daughters.

Small firm breasts, narrow waist, flat belly with a slightly proud button, slender thighs parted enough for a glimpse of her intimate slit surrounded by fair hair.

Her physique was perfect. He’d known a few young bodies in his time, but none that excited him to the pitch he now felt as he anticipated how she’d feel beneath him.

His rod throbbed under his trousers like a thing possessed as he watched her spread-eagle herself on a sleeping bag. He gazed at the open lips below her mound, scarcely able to breath as the excitement pounded to the very core of his body.

“Come on then, let’s do it,” she instructed impatiently, opening her legs and fingering her groin.

He shed his clothes quickly and fell down beside her. He kissed each of her breasts, the centre of her belly and the pubic mound. His mouth lingered at her fleshy brim while inhaling the sweet smell of her sex. His hands trembled as they felt the smooth, satin texture of her skin. He wanted to devour her. Fighting his urge to ravish, he made a conscious decision to pleasure her before surrendering to his own craving.

He drooled as his fingers slipped over her thigh towards the gate of heaven, seeking to stimulate the hard little button that he knew must mobilbahis giriş lurk within.

His eyes concentrated on the fluff of fair hair on her outstretched arms as he fought to control himself.

“Stop mucking about,” she whispered, “just give it to me straight. I don’t want any fancy stuff on my first time.”

“First time!” The words burnt into his consciousness. She’d already said it was the first time she had sold herself, but was she now suggesting he was about to deflower a virgin? The thought excited him beyond reason as he obeyed, climbed between her legs and probed for the honey pot with his pulsating organ.

Her touch was like an electric shock as she reached down and guided him in with her fingers.

It was tight, far tighter than he remembered adolescent cunts could be. Her muscles twitched, clenched and rippled along his cock as he fought to drive it in.

He pushed harder and slipped in all the way, bouncing hard against her mound. He withdrew slightly and pushed again. There was no resistance, with her natural lubrication making a slight slurping sound as he pumped back and forth.

Her hips began to undulate, picking up the timing of his thrusts. Looking down into her face he saw her pensively sucking her bottom lip before their eyes met. She smiled, clenched the muscles at her groin even tighter to grip his twitching shaft and gently milked him as he shot his pent up emotion into her warm depths.

They laid still for a few seconds before she pushed him off.

“All right, you’ve had what you came for,” she snivelled, with her eyes moist with tears. “Now get dressed and bugger off.”

Her instruction brought him back to earth with a bump.

What had he done?

Ashamed, he dressed quickly, dropped an additional twenty pound note beside the naked girl and fled.

He sat in his car for five minutes, filled with remorse and started to worry about the girl. Perhaps he shouldn’t have left so quickly? She was obviously upset. Maybe he ought to return and make sure she’d recovered from the experience?

He crept behind the bush opposite the tent.

She was dressed and sitting outside with a youth.

He watched as she handed over the money.

They exchanged a brief kiss before the boy looked at his watch and disappeared into the woods to the left.

The girl went close to him as she made for the lay-by. He followed, staying out of sight, until she walked up to a parked car.

Holding his breath, he strained to hear the conversation.

“You came then? I thought you would. I was pretty sure you fancied me……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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