Football Sunday

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“Wasn’t it nice of the guys to do this for us?” Karen asked her friend Shelly.

“Yeah, leaving us here to enjoy the Soap Opera Channel while they go out to Hooters and watch the game. They are simply so considerate.”

“Yes, leaving us to quietly sip some wine and watch our soaps while they go watch some boring football, drink a lot of warm beer and settle on eating just chicken wings. And all that served by those repulsive tight-assed perky tit waitresses. So nice of them.”

“And then, after all that they’ll come home horny, flop us in bed and favor us with quick roll in the bed while they pop off almost immediately thinking of one of those waitresses,” Shelly added, taking a sip from her wine.

“At least the wine is nice, except this bottle is empty. Guess I’ll need to open another,” Karen replied pulling a bottle out of the wine cooler. “Pinot Grigio okay with you?”

“Yes, pretty much anything will be fine.”

Karen opened the wine and poured it into each of their glasses. They clinked the glasses together and Shelly said, “Here’s to our kind, considerate husbands and their tight-assed waitresses.”

“You know Shelly,” she paused furrowing her brow, “We should do something… something that will make them sorry they left us here and went out.”

“Sounds good, but what?”

“Well it will need to be something good to make them feel bad about drooling over some hot women half their age.”

“Okay,” Shelly replied.

“Something that will make them both wish they stayed here with us.”

“But what?”

“Well, what is everyman’s fantasy?”

“You mean besides young, tight-assed women?”

“Oh even better,” Karen replied holding up two fingers.

“Two women?”

“Shelly, have you ever… I mean did you ever… with another woman?”

“Some fooling around in college, why?”

Karen just nodded, looking square into her friend’s eyes.

“You mean… you and me?”

“Here, casino siteleri have some more wine,” Karen said, filling up her friend’s glass. “Look this will drive them wild. You and I take off our blouses and bras, kiss and fool around a bit.”

“And tell them about it?”

“I’ve got a video recorder. We set it up, video ourselves and then burn a couple of DVDs. Give it to them for Christmas and let them see what they missed.”

“I don’t know,” Shelly said, noticing Karen starting to blush.

“Come on Shel it will drive them nuts.”

Shelly leaned her head to one side thinking, soon a smile came over her face.”

“Then it’s on?”

“Oh It’s on, but let’s not just take off our tops, let’s get completely naked.”

“Really?” she said hesitantly. Then looking at Shelly’s face she continued, “Okay, go on back into the bedroom and I’ll get the camera.”

It took just a few minutes for them to set up the camera and get undressed. They climbed into bed together and sat there for a moment. “What do we do now?” Shelly asked, “Should we figure out what to do first.”

“Look, why don’t we just start kissing and she what happens from there.”

“Okay,” Shelly replied, leaning her head forward.

“Wait, let me turn the video on,” Karen replied pressing the remote.

The two women leaned forward and lightly touched lips. They did it again, this time lingering a bit, until Karen reached up, gently took Shelly’s head and pulled her. This time when their lips met, Karen slipped her tongue into Shelly’s mouth.

As they continued their kiss Shelly moved her hand to Karen’s hip, slowly ran it up her side and then moved it over to her breast. She lightly ran her palm over her friend’s nipple circling as it hardened and grew. She then broke off their kiss, ran her lips down Karen’s neck and onto her breast. She kissed her breast moving to her nipple where she drew it into her mouth and sucked.

Karen slot oyna arched her back pressing her breasts out to Shelly, letting her kiss, suck and fondle them. While Shelly’s mouth worked on her breasts, she slowly ran her hand up Karen’s thigh. Moving her hand onto her friend’s pussy, she worked her fingers between her lips and then eased them inside while her thumb found Karen’s clit.

Karen moaned as Shelly continued on her clit. She then leaned back onto the pillows opening her legs wide. Realizing that Karen was willing, Shelly moved between her friends legs and burrowed her face into Karen’s pussy. She worked her tongue between her lips and then pressed it into her wet opening. Shelly had forgotten what a woman’s pussy tasted like, but the intense earthy taste of her friend took her back to her college days where she had done a bit more than just fool around with some girlfriend.

Shelly savored the taste of her friend, working her tongue in circles inside her pussy before moving up her slit to the tiny nub. She worked two fingers into Karen’s pussy as her tongue began moving over her clit. She continued as Karen responded by moving her hips up and down, pressing onto Shelly’s face until her body tensed and she moaned, “Oh Shelly, I’m coming… God I’m coming.”

Shelly pushed her fingers deep feeling her friend’s pussy pulsate around them. She stopped licking her clit instead just holding the nub between her lips. As Karen’s pulsations subsided, Shelly slipped her fingers out, propped her head up on her hand and asked, “Well Karen, the guys really did miss out.”

“Damn Shelly, that was incredible. You had to have done that before.”

“I told you I fooled around some in college.”

“No, that was more than just fooling around.”

“Well, maybe a little. Think the boy’s will like it?”

“Oh yeah, but we’re not finished yet,” Karen said, moving over and resting her head on Shelly’s thigh. “I haven’t done this canlı casino siteleri before so you’ll need to help me.”

“Look Karen, it’s really easy. Just think about when your husband goes down on you. Then think about what you wish he was really doing when he was down there. Then do that to me.”

Smiling, “What I wish he was really doing?”

Shelly nodded, reaching down and guiding her friend’s head between her legs. She then leaned back and simply enjoyed the sensations as Karen slowly moved her tongue up and down her slit before plunging into her pussy. Shelly wrapped her legs around Karen’s shoulders as she felt her tongue roll up onto her clit.

It only took a few minutes as Karen’s tongue moved over her clit and her fingers pressed in and out of her pussy. Soon it was Shelly moaning and grasping Karen’s head as she came, her pussy clenching and releasing her friend’s fingers.

As she finished Karen lifted her head from Shelly’s pussy and, with her face glistening in her juices, she looked directly into the camera, “Hope you enjoyed the game boys. Just thought you ‘d like to know what you missed.” She then grabbed the remote control and turned off the recorder.

The two women then moved over to Karen’s computer where they transferred everything onto a DVD making two copies. The two of them previewed the DVD.

“Think they’ll like it?” Karen asked.

“It will drive them crazy.”

“What do you think they will do?”

“Well they certainly won’t be thinking of the tight assed waitresses when the try to fuck our brains out. Only thing is, they will be too turned on to last. Bet they’ll cum with two or three thrusts.”

“Yeah, sometimes that’s almost as good as when they do fuck our brains out.”

“I know what you mean, makes me feel so…”



“Shelly could I ask you something?”


“Do you think you could… ah, I mean could you do what you did to me again.”

Smiling, Shelly reached down and took Karen’s hand. The two of them then walked over to the bed and climbed in. They locked in a kiss and then Karen leaned back as Shelly moved down between her legs.

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