Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01

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Anal Fucking

I knew that thinking of him in this way was dangerous, having to work side by side with him on a daily basis, but he looked so good on the plane ride over, he always looked good, but I could tell that he had recently had his hair cut and it suited him. A lot. I could tell, with heat rising to my cheeks, that he had bought some new clothes that fit his trim body perfectly. I had to keep my book handy to hide my blushing cheeks and wandering eyes.

We have been colleagues for 8 years, working alongside one another closely and had developed a friendship over the years, our twisted sense of humour drawing us together, while our colleagues shook their heads as we made each other laugh and hoot and holler through their day. Working together was very enjoyable. Early on I had noticed his good looks and charm, but with us both being in long-term relationships, I merely enjoyed the view and never thought twice of it.

But the familiarity of our friendship increased over the years and I began to find that being in close quarters with him was getting harder and harder.

And hotter and hotter.

So going on this conference together was going to be a true test of my willpower. Would I be able to resist touching him? Kissing those full lips? Licking that small area on his neck that begged to be touched? I licked my lips at the thought.

Arriving at the conference, he had left for the afternoon to visit family members living güvenilir bahis in the area, leaving me to my own devices.

Having the time to myself, I decided to crawl into the heavenly king size bed, shut the light out and nap the time away, a luxury I rarely got to partake in anymore.

But when I crawled into bed, I found I was unable to sleep. I was so comfortable in that bed, but just tossed and turned. Afternoons had always been my favourite time of day – for napping, and for sex. And today was no exception. Stretching out, naked, under the cool cotton sheets, my mind began to wander.

And so did my hands.

Grabbing my breasts, I could feel how swollen with desire they had become, my nipples already standing at attention, begging to be fondled. I grabbed them hard and pulled, causing an amazing tingling feeling and increasing the throbbing going on between my legs. I squirmed under the covers, opening up my legs and letting my fingers find their way.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wet I was, and ran my fingers over the silky flesh, inserting one, then two, then three fingers, my thumb rubbing my clit, making me groan quietly, arching my back to feel deeper inside myself and closed my eyes enjoying all the sensations.

His face came into my mind, how he looked this morning, freshly showered and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing special about his outfit, but seeing him outside the traditional suit that türkçe bahis he wore during the week drove me mad. He looked so fresh. He looked so handsome. He looked so do-able.

I closed my eyes and imagined one of the many fantasies I have had about him over the years. We meet in a hotel room, very similar to this one, he asks me to come to his room to pick up some documents, which is of course, totally innocent and plausible. But when I come into the room, he grabs me, slamming me against the door with his body, his hands grasping mine and putting them over my head while his lips and tongue devour my mouth hungrily. I groan at the visual image in my head, my fingers quickening with my breath.

In my fantasy, still against the door, he moves down my body, lips, tongue and teeth, kissing, licking and biting my flesh, making me so turned on and so very wet. He discards my top, ripping through the buttons, pulling my bra off with one hand while the other works on the button and zipper on my pants. Within seconds, I am naked, feeling like a wild animal let loose in the jungle when he lowers himself onto his knees, spreads open my thighs and plunges his warm mouth and tongue into my pussy. My knees almost give out at the sensation, but I find my balance and lean heavily onto the door, only slightly aware of the voices passing in the hallway, which turns me on even more.

Roughly grabbing my ass in both hands and devouring every inch güvenilir bahis siteleri of me, my breathing increases, barely able to stand the intensity of his lips sucking me, his tongue going round and round, up and down, while one of his hands moves to the front and he pushes two, then three, now four fingers inside me. I am so close now. I grab him and run my hands through his hair, wanting to remember the awesome view of him eating me out. But my vision fades and I am unable to focus, my breath becomes shallow and my thighs beginning to shake. Leaning as best I can on the door, I feel the wave of my orgasm, so incredibly intense and ride it, screaming at the top of my lungs, while my lover continues to go at me, giving me no mercy and making my legs like jelly and I begin to collapse onto the floor. He catches me and pulls me down hard to him, his fingers still inside me, feeling the tightening and release of my orgasm around them and begins to kiss my neck. I lay on the floor, unable to move or think clearly, the vibration that rips through my body is such a pleasant one that I want to feel this way as long as I can.

Back in the real world, I have brought myself to cum, the mere thought of what I had in my fantasy enough to push me over the edge. I lay in the middle of the glorious king size bed, my arms and legs heavy and numb and I smile. “Fuck me” I say aloud to no one. If that, or anything like that ever happens with he and I, I won’t be able to stand it. Just the thought of it turned me into jelly.

I lay there for what felt like an eternity, enjoying the pulsing of my body post-orgasm and finally fell asleep, a huge satisfied smile on my lips.

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