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She looks around, makes sure no one’s watching, then walked over to where he’s sitting, beckoning her.

She stands in between his slightly spread legs, leaning in to kiss him on the lips, quickly, in case someone sees. He pulls her down for a longer kiss, hot and passionate, igniting a fire in her stomach, spreading through her body.

They hear approaching footsteps, and she quickly pulls away, raising one hand to her face, pretending to fix her hair, smiling, as though nothing had happened, nothing had been interrupted…Nothing to hide.

She turns to walk away, before one of his friends could catch her eye, and starts walking back to her room. She is not impressed with the situation. She doesn’t mind the whole having to hide things bit, in fact, she prefers it that way, she doesn’t want everyone to know, doesn’t want everyone talking about her. What she’s not impressed with is having to walk away, again, after just starting, again.

She’s running out of patience, she just … WANTS him SO bad, and she knows he wants her too, but this is just pathetic, it’s never going to go ANYWHERE the way this way

Like last night, for example: They’re in the theatre, the whole class, it’s dark, he’s next to her, she has one friend on her other side, he has one on his side. As soon as the lights go off, he grabs her hand, and sticks it down his pants. He’s hard. He’s ready. He wants it. She goes for it. They both enjoy it. Soon as the lights are on, it’s outta there for him, not a word to her. She’s left wanting something HERSELF… But getting nothing. Except exceedingly turned on, exceedingly aggravated, and SERIOUSLY sexually frustrated.

Her mind goes back to now, and the fact that she’s walking away again. She thinks about it for a minute, thinks about the situation.

The entire class is staying at the hotel for a week. Each student has his or her own room, to prevent noise at night, and boys are NOT allowed in gurls rooms, and vice versa. Although each student is 18 or older, the three teachers in charge of the trip don’t trust the students… and with reason.

But essentially, giving them all separate rooms means that liaisons such as what she is now planning are much easier to accomplish, and are much likelier to occur…

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her mobile phone. Quickly she types a message.

“If you want me, come to my room in 30 minutes. Otherwise, nothing…” She feels safe making the threat, she’s about 95% certain he’ll come to her room, she knows how much he is suffering too, how much he wants her too.

She gets to her room and heads straight into the bathroom. She quickly showers, making sure canlı bahis şirketleri her legs are smooth and hair-free, and under her arms. She looks in the mirror and decides to go all the way… She pulls out her razor again, and shaves her pussy, leaving it smooth and soft…

She pulls on a short denim skirt, knowing that’s what he likes, but doesn’t put any panties on. She chooses her white button up shirt, leaving the top two buttons undone, and the bottom two undone, showing a lot of stomach and a lot of cleavage. She isn’t wearing a bra.

She just finished brushing her hair when she hears a soft knocking at her door. She looks at her clock. Twenty-five minutes have passed. He’s early. She smirks. About fucking time…

She walks over to the door, looks through the peep-hole, just to make sure it’s him, then slowly pulls the door open.

He looks at her. Takes in the unbuttoned shirt, the short skirt, the bare feet, and the smell of her perfume. He steps inside, closes the door behind him, and grabs her.

He starts kissing her, hard, and she kisses back. Her hands go up and around his neck, twisting in his hair, pulling him closer to her. His hands move down her body, grabbing her ass through the skirt, he doesn’t notice the lack of underwear, and she realizes this in some part of her brain, and can’t wait till later when he DOES realize.

She can feel his hardness through his pants, she pushes her body up against his, grinding her hips against him, pushing herself onto him. He picks her up, she wraps her legs around his waist, she’s so small, he can’t believe it, he groans, knowing if they’re caught they will be in serious trouble, but he can’t stop himself, he can’t stop her, and he doesn’t want to.

He walks with her, carrying her, still kissing, to the wall. He uses the wall to support her, leaving him one hand free, he reaches down, and under her skirt, just to feel her through her underwear, expecting to find her normal attire, a g-string of some sort. His hand encounters … Nothing. Smooth soft skin. He pulls away from her, breaking the kiss, and looks at her. She raises one eyebrow.

“What?” she asks, trying to look innocent.

“Jesus Christ, girl … I …” Words seem to fail him, and he just shakes his head.

“Look. Seriously. I’m sick of this shit. You’re here, I’m here. You want it, I want it. Let’s just do it alright?” She looks at him.

He shakes his head again, but not very forcefully. She leans in and kisses him again; feels him kissing her back, just as hard, lips forced together so hard she’s worried hers are going to bleed. Teeth knocking, grinding, tongues twisting, turning, moaning into canlı kaçak iddaa each others mouth, knowing they’ve gone beyond that point where one can say stop. Neither of them are likely to stop, neither of them could stop, this passion, this lust, burning through their bodies.

He pulls back, looks at her.



He carries her into her bedroom, she still has her legs locked around his waist, she’s kissing his neck, she bites his ear, he moans, throws his head back, then kisses the top of her head.

They reach the bed, he throws her down, she lands on her back with a soft thump, her short skirt flying up, revealing what’s beneath. He gasps, looking at what he’s wanted, but couldn’t get to. He feels himself hardening even more, he feels like he’s going to blow his load, too soon.

She reaches up, pulls him down on top of her; kisses him. Rolls him over onto his back, and then straddles his hips. She can feel him through the rough denim of his jeans, straining, pushing, trying to escape.

She reaches down and grabs the bottom of his shirt. Without bothering to undo the buttons, she pulls it up, he arches his back to allow easier access, she pulls it over his head, off his arms, so she can see his smooth, tanned chest. She moans in appreciation, liking what she sees, leans forward and kisses one nipple, then the other, each stiffens in turn, he raises his head, pitifully, to look at her, and drops it again as her hands find the top button of his jeans.

No words are passing between them now, they are beyond words, riding this wave of lust, just doing, not asking.

She undoes his zipper, then lifts herself up to start pulling the jeans down. She doesn’t want to lose her position on his hips, his groin, his hardness.

He sits up, catching her body with his arms, so they are pressed together, close, so close. He reaches down behind her, and pulls his jeans off, she reaches around him and kisses him again, hard, then pulls away. With a smirk, she pushes him back, so he’s lying on the bed again, leaving her sitting on top of him, with nothing but his boxers and her skirt between them. She uses one hand to unzip her skirt, lifts her hips, pulls her skirt down, she kneels to pull it the rest of the way off.

While kneeling, she pulls his boxers down, down and off, he springs free, pointing up, into the air, her eyes widen when she sees what she has only felt, and she feels ready to orgasm already, just by looking at his thick, long cock standing in front of her. With a low, guttural moan, she reaches forward, touches it, tentatively, gently, just running one finger down and then up it gently.

He canlı kaçak bahis groans.

“Jesus Christ I want to fuck you now! I can’t wait…”

She moves her body up again, she hovers over him, briefly, so he can feel her heat, her wetness, just above his hard, hard manhood, then lowers herself, so the tip of him is just inside her tight hole.

He thrusts up, trying to get inside her, but she pulls back, teasing him, and herself, knowing neither of them can take much more, but loving the feeling of control she has over him. Loving the feeling of him underneath her, loving the feeling of his hot firm body, loving his smell, wanting to postpone the inevitable as much as possible…

He grabs her hips, breaking her reverie. Pulling her down on him, she is so wet she sinks right to the hilt. She moans as she feels him inside her; thick, hot, reaching deeper than anyone before.

She stops for a moment, again teasing, again loving the feel of him, inside her. But he hasn’t got the patience, he wants her bad, now, and he can’t wait, he doesn’t want to be teased.

He still has hold oh her hips; he picks her up, slightly, just so he comes out of her, then pushes her down again. She starts riding him of her own accord, looking down at him, all the time, she still has her shirt on, he can see her breasts, just out of full view, bouncing up and down in time with her. He takes one hand off her hip to work at her shirt. He pulls too hard and the buttons pop off, the shirt falls open, and he can see her, big, round, creamy white breasts, brown nipples standing up, he lifts his head and bites one, she lets a small shriek of surprise which quickly turns into a moan of pleasure as he does the same to the other one…

He feels her tighten around him, feels her begin to cum, he can hear it in her breathing, and then she cums, one huge orgasm, racking her body, leaving her breathless, then another smaller one, right after the first.

Feeling her walls close in on him sets him off. He shoots his load into her. Hot, wet, their juices mixing, again and again, both of them panting and breathless, hot, sweaty, satisfied at last…

He goes soft, slowly, and gently pulls out of her. She moves of him, lying herself down by his side, tired, but happy.

They lie like this for a few brief moments; they feel as though time has stopped, they are the only two people left in the world, when his watch beeps.

He looks at it, looks at the time..

“SHIT! We have to be in the theatre in ten minutes!” He panics, but she just laughs.

“Hon, I’m not going anywhere till I’ve had a shower. You can run off to class if you want, or you could stay here and help me wash my … back. It’s up to you…”

He looks at her, watches her stand up and stretch, head toward the bathroom, her full breasts swaying, her small, tight ass moving in time to her walk. He makes his decision.

He follows her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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