Foreign Exchange

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My night had started shitty. From 5 to 12, I stand around at the front desk in one of those cookie cutter business lodgings. You know: checking guests in, answering questions and taking phone calls? The majority of our clientele are consultants and salespeople who conduct business in the city across the river. Tonight was mostly business men getting in before seeing their clients in the morning. They’re the worst. Always demanding things and trying to get an upgrade for non existent incontinences.

I’m working my way through college as well as holding this full-time pain in the ass job. I know I was hired for my looks more than my brains. Five four with long flowing brown hair and deep green eyes; my body is still in tone condition from my days as a track and field star. I have a nice round face that hasn’t seen a blemish in over four years. The service jacket I’m required to wear makes it look like my 26C’s are struggling to burst out from their confinement. I keep asking to get a larger size, but my manager doesn’t think it’s a problem.

All night long I get men leaning over the counter, with eyes blatantly turned downward. Without a moral conscience, they leer at my chest as they speak. The desperate ones try to find out when my shift ends and some even suggest I come up with the room service to ‘relax’ them from their ‘long, hard’ journey. Pigs!

Tonight had been particularly bad. Traffic was at a crawl and the local airports were all experiencing delays. Since I’m the first person they can vent at, I was inundated with complaints, accusations of poor quality service, and out-and-out flirting. I kept my anger in check and did my best to move those assholes along without showing any more emotion than a friendly, civil nod. What else could I do? The last thing I needed was ruffling someone’s already bruised feathers and getting fired for it. So when I came home after my shift, I was not in a good mood.

My apartment is just outside the University campus. It’s one of the reasons I work so hard. I like my privacy. No roommates to deal with. No surprises or loud noises in the wee hours of the morning. My fortress of solitude–you might say–after a frustrating and exhausting night. So when I walked through my door to find my brother and a stranger in my living room, I realized my shitty night wasn’t about to end.

Jacob got up from the easy chair to walk towards me, arms extended out and a welcoming smile on his face. The jerk had the nerve to act like this was his crib and it was I who was just visiting. Despite being four years my junior, he’s much taller than me. His hair had been dyed blond, spiked with enough hair gel to serve an entire boy band. His puffy coat looked ridiculous as he had pulled up his sleeves to reveal bony arms. I saw a tattoo of some obscene naked woman and wondered if dad had already given him hell for it. The spoiled brat I remember from childhood was turning out to be an even bigger asshole as a young man. Even from here, I could smell the alcohol and cigarettes from his breath; another thing that will not go well with my parents. “Liz! Sis! It’s so good to…”

“Jacob,” I growled as my temper finally found someone to flail. “Get the fuck out! What ever you’re scheming, I want no part of it.” I kept the door open and stepped aside to avoid his embrace and his nimble fingers. Jacob was the rebel in our family. He didn’t have a job, but always seemed to find the perfect sucker to mooch off. And when he couldn’t con anyone, he would just out-right steal at the first chance. To Jacob, the whole world owed him a living and he liked to live big. The bastard was not bright either for he had no comprehension that his actions were wrong in any way. After all these years, he still didn’t understand why everyone was so distrustful toward him.

“Oh, sis.” He stopped a few feet, out of reach from me and away from the door. He eyed my balled fist with a healthy dose of caution. “I’m hurt.” His smile sank into a thin line of disappointment, but his eyes flashed with cunning. I knew he was already planning to get around my hostility for something.

“You’ll get over it,” I sneered as I thumbed outward towards the empty corridor. “Just go! And take your friend with you.”

“Ah,” he said, looking back at the tall young man lying on his side across my petite couch. It looked as if he had been sitting before he fell over. His large black coat could have been a large blanket, but it seemed to fit him fine. I couldn’t see much of his face as his black hair was shielding it. “You see, I can’t. Felix here…well…he’s the foreign exchange student I’m suppose to be guiding.”

“Guiding?” I eyed him suspiciously.

“Well, yeah. Remember the Patersons?” I nodded. They were the next door neighbors of our parents. Nice couple. They never had children of their own, but they were always having foreign students staying with them. “Well Felix here is the new one and they asked me to show him around.” He grinned. illegal bahis “So I did.”

“You showed a High School student around a University?” The jerk nodded enthusiastically, his devious and arrogant grin unconsciously appearing across his mug. Oh, how I wanted to smack it! “For what?”

“Well, I thought we hit some of the parties, and…” Jacob shifted his feet a bit, realizing that he wasn’t making a good impression with me. He kept forgetting he lost my respect long ago. My disgust grew as I imagine the song and dance he must have put on for Mrs. Paterson to agree to this. “The Alpha Sigma Whatever had this great mixer going on…”

“You went to a Frat party?” My jaw dropped open. That nailed it. He morally incompetent.

“We’re both eighteen,” he whined.

” They serve alcohol there. You’re not twenty-one! You could have gotten arrested!”

“They didn’t stop us.” He shrugged. I groaned as I looked at the unfortunate soul on my couch. Felix had not moved a muscle since I came in. The poor guy must have had the dumb luck of looking well over twenty-one while trusting my scheming brother. Jacob probably used that along with the fact he was a foreigner to get inside. I turned back to give my younger brother a dark look. He shrugged again and continued on. “Anyway, I bet some guy that ‘old’ Russia boy here could out drink a Senior and…um…lost.” A scowl went across his face. It was the first genuine expression from him I had seen all evening and that made me even more angry. “So I found myself with this semi-comatose idiot and no money to get home. I was sort of wondering if you could loan me a few bucks.”

“You are not serious. For what?”

“You know…to get a cab?” He had his hand out, his face set in what I could only describe as his best attempt to look deplorable.

“A cab? Are you nuts? That’s eighty dollars without a tip! You guys can take the bus home. Three bucks each is fine enough.”

“Ooooo Llllliiiiizzzzz,” he bellowed. I raised my hand in a gesture that was half a slap and half to keep quiet. The last thing I wanted was someone calling the cops on me. He promptly shied away, keeping his tone down to a small whine. “That’s too far away.”

“You walk six blocks to the stop and walk four more to get home. Do you some good.” I reached in my purse for the amount.

“But what about Felix? He can’t walk. I can’t even get him awake.” His eyes burned with hope for a more cushy way home. Glancing at Felix on the couch, a surge of emotions welled up in me. This young man had gotten a bad deal with Jacob being tour guide. Now unconscious from this whole disaster, there was no telling what my younger brother might do with the unfortunate exchange student. No, I couldn’t in good conscience let it happen, so I pulled out three bucks and shoved it into Jacob’s hand. He stared at it, frowning. “But…”

“Felix is staying here till he’s better. You can go home by yourself.” I moved my purse around so it was sandwiched between my back and the door, preventing his out reaching hand from snatching the twenties he had seen.

“But!” Jacob’s eyes grew wide with panic as my words were slowly registering in that booze pickled brain of his. “What about…” The hand at his side strangled the meager bills as he continued to grasp for my purse. Finally he was within reach and I clamped both hands down on his scrawny arm. Jacob wasn’t much of a man when it came to confrontation so I wasn’t too worried about him hurting me.

“I’ll call Mrs. Paterson and let her know he’s all right.” I twisted his arm to bring it behind his back. He protested wildly as I steered him toward the corridor outside my apartment. “And if I hear you ever coming on campus again, I will call security on you.”

“You wouldn’t,” he countered as he tried to fight me with as much effort as he took to hard work. “I’m your baby brother. You wouldn’t want to see me in jail.”

“You want a bet.” With a hard shove, I made him tumble down the beige berber carpet. “Oh, and if I catch you in here again, I will tell Mom and Dad about your trip to the Frat. Good Luck explaining that to Pop. Is that clear?” With a growl, I shut the door closed and threw all the locks. Outside I could hear him cursing at me before stomping his feet down the stark corridor. Soon there was no sound outside my door.

With a nod and a mental note to get my locks changed, I turned back to my other problem. Off came my tight uniform jacket and killing high heels as I came next to my couch. For a moment, I wondered if I should get a trash can for him, just in case he would need to puke when he woke. The young man didn’t look like he was comatose from drinking. I brushed aside a few strands of black hair from his face just to check.

Felix looked peaceful. I was taken aback from how handsome he was. A solid square chin rested comfortable on the couch cushion. Full lips were parted slightly as he breathed, causing a prominent adam’s apple to roll illegal bahis siteleri along his thick throat. Long black eyelashes stayed motionless against high cheekbones that frame a stout nose. His pale skin was slightly flushed. My fingers swept across his cheek softly. It was warm and dry with the beginnings of a beard starting to grow. He sighed softly with a deep voice as he shifted his large frame upon my small couch, turning onto his back.

I withdrew my hand, shaking my head in disbelief. What the hell was I doing? With a huff, I reached for the flannel blanket on my easy chair and proceeded to cover him. After calling the Paterson household and leaving a message regarding their latest charge, I headed to my room. It had been a long day and I needed a shower. Clothes got tossed in the hamper. The water cascaded down from the showerhead and soon I was in the midst of a warm comforting spray. I took my time, washing myself and letting all the pain and frustration of my night be washed away. Finally I turned the shower off and stepped out, wrapping myself and my long hair up in towels.

A strange deep voice shook me out of my routine. I had forgotten about my house guest during my shower. The sound of his voice was one of anxiety and fear, though his words were too foreign for me to understand. Quickly I grabbed my robe and got it securely around me before rushing out into the living room.

Felix was sitting up on the couch, looking around. I realized that he was much taller than I first thought, and much more muscular as he slowly took off his coat. Even the long sleeve shirt he wore could not hide his broad chest. I came around the couch. He stared at me with terrified glacier blue eyes. I gave him my most reassuring smile.

“Felix?” I asked him, hoping he knew some English. The young man nodded at me. “I’m Elizabeth. Jacob’s sister.” At the mention of Jacob’s name his eyes narrowed and he frowned. “You remember?”

Again he nodded. “Jacob promised good time,” he told me with a very thick accent. “Said was American fun. Took money. Drank bad vodka. Where Jacob?” He took his time as if saying each word was a battle. Most of it was slurred and garbled, showing that the alcohol he had consumed was still in his system.

I sighed. “Home. He dropped you here and hoped I pay for a cab. I’m sorry.” The look of despair swept through his square, chisled face as he looked over at the chair where Jacob had been sitting earlier. His hands clenched into fists repeatedly while the veins in his neck spasmed. For a moment he stared at me, trying to comprehend his situation. But then his eyes grew wide with a desperation followed by agony as the truth hit his sluggish mind.

In a large exhale of breath, he shook his head. His posture was one of defeat, not rage. I found myself inhaling air again and tried to tell my stomach to be still and the warm sensation between my legs to take a hike. He dropped his head in his hands, sighing loudly. “I must get back. Should not have trusted scrawny man. Mrs. Paterson will worry.”

“I called Mrs. Paterson to let her know. Felix, you can spend the night here. I didn’t think you would be awake till morning.” I sat down on my chair, crossing my legs. Seeing him in such distress, I failed to remember what I was (or more precisely—was not) wearing. The front of my robe had slit open to the belt, revealing most of my left leg as well as my hip. “If you would like, that is.”

“Bal’shoye spaseeba,” he said. “Oh, Thank you very much.” Those blue eyes moved down my body, staring at my legs before he closed them and looked away. Felix’s face grew bright red. I tugged at my robe to close it, and tried to pretend I didn’t notice. “May I use bathroom?”

“Of course,” I shifted in my seat, trying to ignore the warm wet sensation erupting between my legs. I pointed towards the main bathroom. He stood back up as he gave me a shy smile, moving around the couch and into the tiny room. When the door closed, I made my way to the kitchen. There I put some ice in a tall glass and filled it with water. I was fixing a second glass when he came back out. Felix came to the bar counter between my kitchen and the rest of my apartment. I handed him a glass. “Here, I think after all that alcohol, you’ll need this.”

“Thank you.” He took it, brushing his hand against mine as he did so. His fingers were a bit calloused. The sensation sent shivers through my skin. He tossed his head back and took deep swallows of water before handing the glass back. “You are very kind, Elizabeth.”

“It’s no problem.” I refilled his glass and watched him down it once more before he placed it on the counter. “Let me get some more covers for you, Felix.” Bending over the linen chest that served as my coffee table, I pulled out some pillows and a comforter. I quickly made a bed on the couch. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him watching me, his eyes roaming my body when he thought I wasn’t looking. He blushed constantly canlı bahis siteleri now and a wave of shame would wash over his expression when I turned to look at him. I realized he was checking me out. Normally, I would feel disgusted. After all I get strange men undressing me with their eyes all the time at work. But with Felix it was different. He wasn’t being perverted about it. No, for the young man it was curiosity with boldness from the vodka. And it wasn’t like he wasn’t unattractive. The opposite in fact. Thoughts of kissing him flooded my brain, making it hard to concentrate. As he stood by, I finished making the couch into something more comfortable and turned to him, only to realize we had moved at the same time. We bumped into each other accidentally. He quickly wrapped his muscular arms around my body as I pressed my hands on his chest.

“Opps,” I said nervously. “Sorry about that.”

“I sorry. I be…” His hand came to rest on the curve of my buttocks, generating a wonderful heat through the thin cotton robe. Felix’s face grew red. “Sorry. Sorry.” He took them away and backed up. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

“No need to apologize,” I said smiling. “Um, goodnight Felix.”

“Good night, Miss Elizabeth.” As I moved back, turning to towards the kitchen to fetch my glass of water, I could feel his eyes on me. Felix didn’t move the whole time it took for me to go to my bedroom door and close it. I sighed. It was so tempting to just walk back out, take off my robe and fuck him right there. I was certainly wet and ready.

“Oh, fuck Liz. What the hell is wrong with you?” I went to my closet and pulled out a set of pjs, furious at myself. I was acting like a first class slut, and no better than those sleaze bag guests I have to deal with at work. “Just get into bed. Get some sleep and send poor Felix home in the morning.” The warm suede comforter brushed against my overly sensitive skin as I laid in bed. For hours I tried to fall asleep but with no luck. As soon as I closed my eyes, my mind could only think of running my hands down Felix’s buff body, or kissing his full mouth, or sliding his erect penis deep inside my pussy, or…

“Damn it!” I sat up, panting. Hoping to release some of the sexual tension, I fingered myself, but gave up after a while. It wasn’t enough to soothe the terrible ache between my legs. This wasn’t the first time I wished I had enough guts to buy some sex toys. Maybe then I might be able to finish what my twisted mind had started.

Instead, I got out of bed and put my robe back on. I had some OTC sleeping pills in the Kitchen. All I had to do was sneak in there and pop some pills. Then maybe I’ll fall asleep and hopefully regain my sanity.

The moon outside the main apartment window illuminated everything in stark contrasts. I tiptoed out the door and move over to the kitchen. But just as I was about to step across the doorway, I looked back at Felix. He was sprawled on the couch, his leg draped over the edge. The comforter had fallen to the floor below. He was wearing an undershirt and a pair of briefs, both dark gray. I froze in place, staring in amazement.

This was not a teenage boy’s body, but that of a man god. His legs were as muscular as his chest, sporting fine black hairs everywhere. His one arm was above his head on the couch’s arm while the other rested against his body. Strong, large hands with thick calluses on the palms and fingers showed he was a hard worker back in Russia. My eyes moved to his underwear and I felt my face grew warm. There was a large bulge against the cotton fabric.

“I’m crazy. I shouldn’t do this,” I whispered as my body inched closer, drawn to this superb example of a human male. I got down on my knees next to the couch. On it’s own accord, my fingers brushed against Felix’s thigh, coming up to the hot bump at his crotch. It twitched at my touch. His briefs were stretched tight, tempting me to give him a soft caress. I smiled at the sensation of firm flesh under soft cloth. His shaft shifted as I continued to stroke it tenderly.

A tiny voice in my head was screaming at me to stop, get back to my room and forget about it. You’re taking advantage of an unconscious young man, it roared at me. In a role reversal, you would scream rape! What if he wakes and freaks? How are you going to explain this to Mrs. Paterson? Your parents? All these good reasons to stop my exploration couldn’t compete with the wet pulsing need between my legs. I slowly got Felix’s dick free from it’s confinement. The thick meat stood straight up, all eight inches of him, in attention.

Felix moaned in his sleep as my fingers explored his throbbing cock. I was entranced as it took on a life of its own, twitching and growing beneath my feather light touch. I smiled. There was nothing boyish about this massive organ. With devilish delight, I licked his slit and was rewarded with the salty taste of his pre-cum. Felix’s body shifted on the couch as another moan came out. Encouraged, I continued to lick, making each stroke broader on his bulbous head. My common sense was screaming at me to stop and walk away, but I ignored it. Soon my lips wrapped around the head of his cock and I sucked on it gently.

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