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It’s a wonderful summers day, made even more perfect by the fact that you and I have spent the afternoon walking through a tropical rain forest. Its so green, and the sounds of birds fills the airJ) We’ve walked for what seems like an eternity, winding down along the paths toward a lagoon, no one else in site, its like a walk in heaven.

We reach our destination, a small lagoon, the sun beating down just in this area, we are surrounded by dense forest on all sides, its like the sun is only there for us where we are. With us we have brought a basket, filled with wonderful foods, fruit, cream, breads, cheeses and champagne. And we throw a large blanket to the sand meters away from the water.

For ages we sit talk and drink champagne. We laugh, and as we drink more champagne, we draw closer and closer and I move to sit between your legs lying back on your chest, your arms around me. The sun feels so soothing sooo warm beating down onto us. We continue to talk, feels so warm, you resting your chin on my shoulder, I’m feeling dreamy and love just lying with your arms around me, I feel safe.

I begin to become aware of you breathe on my neck as I lie there and I feel a warmth rush through me, down into my abdomen, I’m feeling sooo relaxed from the champagne and my whole body feels somewhat light, as though I’m floating. I think you become aware of my sudden arousal and your breathe quickens a little on my neck and I smile within. But we both hesitate to move as we are in the open, a public place anyone can see us. Still, It seems impossible to control our desire and I feel a heat well up in me and consume my body.

I feel your tongue run its way around my ear, then down my neck, kissing gently, its my favorite thing and you know that. I stretch my neck side ways and you run your lips up and down, barely touching my skin sending shivers through me, you come forward a little to kiss the hollow softly, I can hardly breathe,

I stretch my arms back and around you, raising my chest, tilting my head back towards you, you kiss softly upwards towards my mouth, and I feel your hands slide over my breasts, seeing if my nipples are hard for you, I sense a gasp as you feel them under your palms, through my dress.

You begin to kiss me, sweet touches at first just gentle, small, and I look up at you, stare into your eyes, slowly the kiss becomes more passionate güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and I succumb to the taste of your lips, tongues entwined, hardly taking a breathe. We both close ours eyes as we just taste each other, probing passionately unable to get enough of each other.

I feel your fingers fondling my nipples through my dress just rolling them gently, running your thumb around them, they are soo hard, my senses are sooo heightened for you. I beckon you to undress me, undo my dress peel it away from me. You smile and start to undo each button, peeling the material back as you go, feathering your fingers along my skin. You undo the final button to see my underwear, its white, its fine lace and my skin is tanned, from days in the sun. You gently push me upright and pull my dress away, run your fingers over my back, gently running your fingers over my tattoo, kissing me there while you undo my bra. I’m soo aroused my mind is spinning and I feel faint as you lower me back down, my head in your lap, your hardness pressing into the back of my neck.

For what seems like an eternity, I lie there you just watching me, I feel so vulnerable being looked at like this but love it too, so I reach down a remove my panties, peel them off slowly, raising my legs in the air, you take them from my feet. I look up to you and smile, ask you to pour oil all over me, and rub it in.

I close my eyes and feel as the oil trickles over me, first in the hollow of my neck, then over and between my breasts, then onto my abdomen and finally, between my legs still closed. I moan as I feel it trickle down and into my wetness. I am sooo aroused I can almost feel a second heart beat coming from within me there.

Your gentle hands start to rub the oil over me, caressing outwards, over my breasts, massaging me, squeezing, fondling, I whisper softly “god I want you soo badly” you smile, and continue to rub the oil in lower now. You slide your fingers between my legs and begin stroking. I gasp and arch my back against you as you continue to run your fingers back and forward concentrating on the spot that drives me wild, you slide your fingers softly over my clit then inside of me, moving so freely, and I’m writhing with you lost in those sensations. Each time you move your fingers out of me and over my clit I want to scream but I just whimper and move with you. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri God I want you soooo badly.

I feel that I am losing control and don’t want to, as I want this to last forever, drink the passion that is you, loose my self for eternity in your caresses, I take your hand from me and turn to face you. Crawling over to you my head so light I gently lie you down and start to undress you, all the while you watch me.

First I climb onto your abdomen, my legs spread wide around you I want you to see me now, see how wet I am for you, feel how hot I am on your stomach, I start to remove your top, you help me and raise your self to me. I pour oil on you, rub it all over your sweet chest. I sit for moments and just look at your face, you are so beautiful, your eyes closed, breathing so shallow, I revel in your anticipation.

Tenderly I lower my face to yours and kiss you passionately again, then I kiss you softly all over you chest, reaching your nipples, I take one between my teeth and gently tease, you gasp, I love itJ) I run my tongue around your nipple, and suck, alternating this, driving you wild.

Slowly I reach behind and undo your pants, with me still wrapped around your belly, you maneuver them lower and I slide back, rubbing my self on you as I do, gliding over your hardness until I am perched legs spread over your legs.

I pour oil over you, let it trickle slowly down your shaft, you recoil from it coolness, but I don’t stop, just watch it as it rolls down you, you are so red, so hard, it trickles slowly down onto your balls. I take you in one hand and massage the length of you, then the other hand and move my hands up your shaft, one hand then the other, luxuriously the oil letting my hands just glide over you. You raise your hips towards me with every gentle stroke.

But its not enough I want to taste you, want you deep in my throat, I lean forward, first placing my breasts around you, closing them around you, moving back and forward, allowing my long hair to caress the end of you each time I push you through. Your hips raised in the air I know you love it, and it makes me smileJ) Now I have to taste you and passionately, I’m soo hungry for you, and I take hold of you at the base and place my mouth over all of you, and suck fluently, as my hand moves with me. I flicker my tongue, run it around güvenilir bahis şirketleri you, I cant get enough I feel out of control with desire, and need. Your heat builds after minutes of me tending passionately to you with my mouth, you cant take much more, so you pull away sit up and pull me towards you, ask me to sit on you.

Your upright your knees slightly bent to cradle my cheeks, I stand before you and you briefly but tenderly lick between my legs, I lower my self down you, your tongue moving along my body as I do. I go on my knees, my arms around you and we kiss passionately,my wetness hovering just above you, as our tongues entwine, I lower my self further and you enter me and I bite your lip oh so gently, as I catch my breathe, we are enmeshed.

So tenderly, I start to ride you, I sit back only a little, our faces only inches apart we say nothing and just stare into each others eyes, as we feel the wonderful sensations of you sliding in and out of me. As I build up speed I occasionally slow allowing you to leave me, then I lower my self onto you fast, you moan loudly each time. Our bodies so slippery from oil and sweat we just glide, our arms wrapped securely and tightly, I ride you faster now, my head now on your chest, we just concentrate on all the sensation we feel where we are joined. I feel you writhing and trembling along with me, my hard nipples gliding over you and know we can’t last much longer.

I stand and lie next to you and raise my hips high in the air, you quickly come over and kneel before me. I feel my self before you, run my fingers over my self beckoning for you to enter me again, you are sooo wild with passion you place your hands under my cheeks and thrust your self hard into me and with such force yet such tenderness, you thrust yourself into me harder and harder, you are so deep, so hard I feel you engorge within me and I start to scream with ecstasy, and I rub my self with so much fury, I feel I’m losing control. You watch as I do that and it seems to make you wilder, you tilt your head back and let out a cry, not caring if anyone hears and I feel my self contracting over and over round you as the warmth of your juices flows into me, fills me, each of our contractions heightening both our sensations, so much pleasure, so much passion, sooo tender.

Spent and covered in sweat, our love juices trickling from me now, you lower me gently to the blanket, while you remain inside me, you lie onto me, your weight supported on your elbows and we kiss tenderly for a while, until we both fall asleep, your cheek rested between my breasts, the heat of the sun, embracing our passion. If only we could stay there enfolded like this forever 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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