Fresh Contact

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“Shit!” I cried, trying to pull my long brown hair off my chest and not overbalance in the tube. Several people turned round with disapproving looks — although the male ones were quickly appeased; a pretty woman can get away with anything nowadays.

“Is everything alright there?” I looked at the guy who’d spoken from right in front of me, he was tall and lean, dark haired and green eyed, wearing a kind yet amused expression at my outburst. Definitely my type of looker.

“My contact’s fallen out, I’ll never be able be able to see properly to cross the road to get home,” I truthfully replied. “Let me see,” he offered, one hand slipping round behind me to hold up my hair while he bent so close I could feel the whispers of breath on my creamy neck. He smelt good, despite it being the end of a working day, and the hand he placed on my hip to steady himself felt solid and good.

“I can’t see it, but I’m getting off in Camden, I’ll stand with you and keep an eye out… no pun intended” I laughed, more at the coincidence than the pun and told him my place was in Camden, and maybe if he helped me cross the road he should come in and have a drink so I could thank him properly. He readily agreed and we fell into conversation for the rest of the train journey and on the walk back to my flat. He walked behind me with his hands on my waist to steer me, and I couldn’t help putting a wiggle in my walk so he could feel it through my tight pencil skirt, all the time wishing his hands would stray just that bit further up or down.

Back at my place I helped us to a few glasses of wine, thanked him and said it was a shame that we never managed to find the contact, I figured it must have got caught in my clothes.

“A shame we never found it yes, but if you hadn’t lost it I wouldn’t have met such a beautiful, charming woman.” Was his conclusion, well and truly melting my insides. His looks and his obvious interest were definitely causing twinges and flutterings now, which increased as he wrapped his arms round me and guided me to the couch.

“Lie back,” he gently commanded, “I’m going to check it’s not stuck in your blouse… that is if you don’t mind…” yeah right was I going to canlı bahis mind, I just let his firm arms on my shoulders guide me back. He started brushing the front of my blouse with his fingertips, ever so light and soft, a teasing glint in his eye when he let a finger slip into the opening and feel the lace of my bra. I didn’t want him to stop so I encouraged him by undoing a few buttons, and he oh so slowly removed my blouse, letting his fingers drag over my smooth skin, playing round my bra and down to flick at the waist of my skirt causing little fires of bliss to run right through me as I shuddered and closed my eyes.

Suddenly his hands slipped down round my sides and as I arched up and felt him undo my bra and let my breasts be released he planted the softest of kisses on my sternum. He went back to his teasing, now concentrating on my soft breasts, my dark, rose coloured nipples now fully erect and screaming for his touch yet he still avoided them. When he lifted his eyebrows playfully and let the backs of his hands finally brush my swollen buds I abandoned all pretence that we were still looking for a contact lens and with one arm pulled his head down to me to kiss him like I’d been starved for months and with the other clamped his hand to my breast where he happily got to work kneading and fondling, squeezing and pulling on one nipple before switching his attention to the other.

I could already feel myself getting wet under my skirt as our tongues danced together, his hands still trying to hold all of my breasts as mine almost wrenched his shirt from him, causing me to gasp as I saw his silky skin and hard muscles in all their beauty. He sat up to give me a better view, giving me the opportunity to wrap my legs round him and press against the hardness in his crotch and as he headed back down to kiss me again I pushed his head down onto my chest. This guy knew what he was doing, running his hands up and down my bare sides and stockinged legs, sucking and nibbling my beasts and nipples while I pushed up my hips and ground against his still clothed cock and he moved against me, I wanted him so badly he could have fucked me then and there and I’d have loved it.

His hands were bahis siteleri pushing my skirt up, playing round my suspenders and coming so close to where I so desperately wanted him, but he’d made the mistake of raising his hips, so I was able to undo his flies and push them down. Understanding what I wanted he stood up and took everything off as I gasped and panted and fought to shed all my clothes. When I looked up he was standing there, all luminescent skin and long quivering hard on, so tempting that I was rubbing and teasing and stroking it causing him to moan and gasp before I was really aware. In response he let his fingers brush down slowly towards my mound, but I couldn’t stand any more teasing and freed one hand from his bulging cock to clamp his firmly on my throbbing pussy. As his fingers started rubbing my lips, clit, the edges of my entrance I lost it, jerking him off harder and harder and he panted and encouraged me. At last he slipped one finger, then two inside me while I cried out with pleasure, bucking my hips as he moved them inside me, his thumb still loving my swollen clit. I needed him now, and guided his cock to my mouth where I fucked it with my mouth and tongue just as hard as his hands were doing me until the waves of an orgasm shook me and I shuddered and shook as he kissed the insides of my thighs.

Somehow he was still holding on despite the attentions of my mouth, and now he slipped out and turned himself around, kneeling between my knees. I arched my hips up to him and he hooked under my thighs and brought his mouth down to slurp at my juices as I writhed beneath him. As he worried my clit with his lips and let his tongue slide deep inside my sopping hole I could have easily let myself come again, but I didn’t want it that way,

“Stop, I need you… in me… now,” I gasped, pulling him desperately up from between my legs to bring him level with me. He propped himself up on his hands and pressed his swollen head against my entrance, I reached round to pull him down inside me but he held my wrists firmly back, his breathing harsh and ragged. He pushed in with an agonising slowness, thicker and harder than any man I’d ever been with until I thought he couldn’t bahis şirketleri go further but still he did as I called out to him. He pulled out again with the same slowness and got halfway back out when suddenly he lost his restraint, pulling almost out and then suddenly plunging in, fucking me hard and fast, so deep and powerful that I was lost to him from the start, screaming at him to go harder, faster, anything to keep up this unearthly sensation. I could feel him sliding in and out of my dripping hole, faster and faster until I could barely stand the pleasure and the pain.

Just before I climaxed I managed to sit up between his legs, pushing him back down. He got the idea and helped lift my hips so that without losing connection I was sat on top of him, and one of his hands moulded my breasts while the other rubbed my clit. I was so far gone at this point and now I gave into my massive orgasm, riding him, grinding into him, calling his name until I collapsed on top of him absolutely spent. It was obvious that despite being nearly there he needed more and after that I was ready to give him it, so when he slipped out of me and turned me over I understood and went on my hands and knees for him. When he saw my ass and dripping lips all ready and waiting to swallow him up he slid home and began to work me again, pounding into me harder than ever. When I reached underneath and massaged his balls as they slapped against my arse that was enough — I felt his balls contract as his cock grew, stretching me to the max and he slammed himself against me while I felt the jets of his silken cum fill me with every fresh stroke. His hands were busy kneading my arse and guiding my hips back and forth, but mine were free to stroke myself, and the feeling of that and the joy of his juices filling me brought me to my final climax of the session, milking him of every last drop.

When it was all over we lay together, me curled up against his firm stomach and slowly stroking each other, both utterly sated by the wonderful thing we’d experienced.

“I didn’t mean to seduce you,” he apologised, “but you were so sexy as soon as I saw you on the tube, and as soon as I touched you I knew I just had to try or I’d regret it all my life.”

“Actually!” I answered, blushing, “I have to apologise too, I realise once we got off the tube that I’d just had an eyelash in my eye making it go blurry, I hadn’t lost my contact at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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