Fun Dares

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15h, I’m in my flat, naked, playing myself. I make me edge…

16h45 I receive your message: “Edge before leaving and edge again in 2hours now half the time between each edge. 1h… 30min… 15 min. Never edge two time on the same place. No matter where you are.”

As I’ve already made the first edge, and only have 15 minutes before the second.

So Quickly, I prepare myself: naked, I put on my geisha balls, a red tight one piece swimsuit (with crotch lining removed, but not to see-trough when wet…), a light summer black mini skirt tied with only a Velcro at waist, small socks, sport shoes. I put in my little bag: blanket, keys, money, pass to the pool and my watch. I don’t take my phone.

I go out of my flat just before 17h, so it’s time to the next edge. I make it on the stairs (people take the elevator, so no one here). I edge fast, thinking of the next part.

So I go out, and walk quietly to the town center. Edge + balls, my crotch is all wet. I buy snack and beverage on road. Not too many people here (to hot: 32°C). I try to be a good slut moving my ass when walking.

I arrive to the pool around 17h55. I go in the cubicle, remove shoes and skirt, and edge. Once again, my crotch was very wet. So visible on the swimsuit. I go to the shower, and rub my body. In the water, it’s a cool down time after the hot temperature in town. Some family here. At 18h30, I go to the toilets, and edge one more time. I was very horny now. Before returning on water, I try to make a good cameltoe on the thin fabric. I walk around the pool by 5 minutes, and go on water, make another lengths. Next I find a corner with no people, turn face to wall, and make discretely my edge on the water at 18h45. I’m now not able to concentrate to the swim, so stay here some minutes, and go to the jacuzzi pool. Here was lots people, but with lots of bubbles, I can rub my pussy with no one notice and edge the last time at 18h53… I’m in very horny mode, seeing all guys (and their dicks in small suits… I want to eat all of them…).

After this one I stay here to cool down, almost asleep.

I go out of the water, and walk on sun a little to dry me (and my suit because I’ve no change option).

At 19h45 I was dry, and ready to return. I put on skirt and shoes, and go.

My way pass near to Sara’s flat, so I’ll see if she is there.

I ring at her door at 20h10. She is here so I rest with her. We eat some (cucumber, melon… light and fresh).

I take the occasion to tell her about you (just the necessary), some games, my bondage affinity, and the denial game. I tell her for the last week activity. And for the actual game (edge at pool) and geisha balls. I tell her that I’m too horny and want to be fucked hard…

She was concerned, and ask some questions.

I ask her if she is OK to be my secure person for some games, she tells OK, and if I need her for some games, she can help.

We illegal bahis decide a safe word, that I can use to call her in emergency.

After she asks me if I want play a little, I say yes.

She goes in her room and go back with remote egg.

She tells me to remove my skirt, and put the egg directly on my clit, maintained in place by the swimsuit. So I spread my lips and put it directly on clit. She tells me that I must not cum. She plays with the remote. Go, Stop, Go… We sit on the sofa and she plays. I edge quickly so she stops. She was good to stay me on edge. Little break and restart…

All of a sudden, the door ring. She tells me to stay here and don’t move, slumped on sofa, legs spread, only in my swimsuit, with an egg on my clit. From here I can’t see the door. She open the door, I hear nothing. My heart beats very fast. Suddenly my fuck boy appear in front of me. WTF!

She tells that she has sent a message to him, that if he wants I empty is balls, he must come here now. (little bitch). She explains the rules. I must not cum, and I must only handjob and blowjob him. No fuck tonight. He must cum.

So he takes my place in the sofa and I knee in front of him.

I suck him hard. Meanwhile she plays with the egg. I try to deepthraot him some times. I use my hands on his dick, and in 5 minutes, he was on edge. So she stays STOP. Some times to cool down, and she tells it was too fast, so she tied my hand in my back, and tell I have only my mouth to make him cum.

So I return at my job. Without hands, it more difficult. I must suck more hard and more speed to obtain result. She always plays with the egg, I was on edge some times that make more difficult to concentrate on the blowjob.

Finally, he cum on my face and mouth. She wipes my face and I swallow all. Some has fell on my suit.

We thank him, and he quit.

She removes the egg, unite my hand, and we sit on the sofa some times, laughing.

It’s about 23h00, so I have to return home.

She tells me a last game. I must leave here my bag and my skirt, take only my key, and go to my flat on 4 minutes (normally 12-15 minutes of walking). When home I must phone her to check my time, And she starts a stopwatch before I have time to speak anything… So I take my key, and quit running.

Running, by night, horny, only with a red swimsuit with geisha balls was very amazing. Balls makings their job, and running with I was always excited. I must run fast, no idea of timing (no watch), so I run very fast.

Arrived at the building I take stairs (no time to wait for elevator). I open the door, I throw myself on the phone, breathless, crotch very wet. I call her, and she says “3m20: Good job and good night”, and she hangs up.

So I drink a soda (clean the taste of cum in my mouth), and cool down watching TV on sofa. Then I remove my suit, balls, and go to shower.

I’m very tired, so I go illegal bahis siteleri fast on bed.

This was an amazing evening.

I think she loves to make me horny, so it can be good for some games.

Nest day.

21h15, naked, I make the harness (Karada mode). I’ve already made it, so I know the good rope to. A 10m white 6mm cotton rope. I put the geisha balls in. Next, the harness, I pass the rope between my lips, and make the only one knot on my back. It’s tight, but not too.

I put on the swimsuit. I have to arrange some ropes to be hidden (the suit has a high legs cut). All ropes are hidden.

When I want to put the egg, I have a problem with the ropes. So I pass the ropes on the sides of my pussy. This make a more bulge. So the egg take his place on my clit, maintain by the suit. The egg is very noticeable.

The skirt, only scratch with Velcro, socks and shoes (again sport shoes, to get a sporty look, and allow me to run if necessary… almost naked, in bondage, by night in town is not the very secure situation…)

With the very hot weather, I take no top.

Put in my bag: the dildo, the remote of the egg, my key, and money.

I take my phone (with my playlist), and put on the ear plugs.

I start the music, and slide my phone on my swimsuit by the right legs, and stick it with the rope. Too bad. The ears plug wire hand up from my head… So I decided to pass it on the swimsuit. Some contortion later, the wire is hidden, and goes by the neck. Now, I’m ready to go.

So I go out, close my door, and go to stairs to make the first edge… To be horny for the walk. I edge rubbing my pussy and clit (replace the egg after). I’m very wet, and horny to go out.

No one in my street, so I can walk. I walk fast, and stop at each corner to see before going. I’m in horny spy mode… LOL…

In my street and some around, there is nobody. But walking on the center, there are bars and more activity.

The black swimsuit and his high neck is not too noticeable as a swimsuit. So no bad look. But all people starring at my can’t ignore the ropes.

So I walk more speed, looking down, balls exciting my pussy, and I think my face is all red.

BTW, the light are low, so in my full back dressing, I’m not too noticeable.

I manage to traverse the center, choosing not too busy streets. I come quickly to the swimming pool. By this time, there is nobody here, and I know some hidden place here. So I make my second edge. No one see, so no vibe. Only my hand. The suit crotch is already wet, and I’m so excited… the edge come very fast.

I breathe 5 min here. Next, I think I can try to get an edge on busy street… re breathe 5 min to mature the idea.

I am thirsty.

So I return to busy center. I know a little snack direct on street, which sale fresh beverage, open very late. I go to this place. Some people here, and more lights. With canlı bahis siteleri the music I can’t hear people but I’m in paranoid mode (I try to not always turn my head to see around).

There is no people on the stand, only the employee. I’m felt not comfortable when I go in front of him. Don’t remove my hears, I order an Oasis. He stares at me and go find the can in the fridge. I take it €2. He searches the money. By this time I place my hand in my bag, and when he looks at me to give me the money, I start the vibe. A shock run all my body. Need 2-3 seconds to recover my mind, take the money, thanks him, and go fast.

He say nothing, but he notices the rope, and maybe the buzzing egg…

I run to an empty street, stop the vibe just before I cum, and cool down. I roll the fresh can all over my body, and drink it a little.

Very amazing.

So I walk low now. Balls are intense when I run. It’s time to send an SMS to Sara. I go to the town hall place, find a hidden place, and take my phone. I send: “You want to see something cool, find me right away from the town hall”.

The town hall place has not too busy by night, but near the center, and with a park just in face.

1 minute later she responds with: “I am on my way”.

So I have to wait she arrives.

3 minutes later she arrived. I put off my hears, and we talk a little.

She was interested by the ropes. So she tells me to remove the skirt to see the whole harness. I remove the skirt and she gets it. So I’m only in swimsuit and rope harness.

She sees the egg, smile and get the remote…

She proposes to walk a little. We walk in the park. Not too many people here. But some which stare at me. We talk, and she plays with the vibe… difficult to concentrate, and some shocks in my body. I’m quickly on edge, and she plays with my edge… then she stops. I cool down a little. I ask her if I can put on my skirt… I’m nervous and very exposed. She is OK with this as we walk to a busy street.

Then she asks me when was the 4 minutes run yesterday. I tell her the balls are intense when I run, but it’s cool.

So we are near his home. She tells me “more hard game”… Yesterday I’ve managed on 3m20 so today, I have 3 minutes to go home. We are outdoor, so I’ve not to down his stairs and about 3 street more near to my home. I look her with big eyes. And she tells: more fun now. She gets her phone, prepare the stopwatch. When she is ready, she run the vibe, put the remote in the back of my swimsuit, so I can’t grab it. Tell me not cum, I must remove egg if to near of cumming, and launch the timer.

On the move to go, I turn, and she grab my skirt, so I run, in only my swimsuit… Starting, she cries me to put on my hears. I manage to put hears running…

Running, with balls and vibe is hard to manage… between sensations and concentration on the road… I’m on edge almost all time.

When I arrive to my building, I slow, so the vibe effect is more intense. I must remove it before go on stairs If I do not want cum. I go up, open the door, put out the phone and call her.

2m50 this time…

I love this dare. Lot of sensations.

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