Fun with Photos Ch. 09

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Authors note: For any readers who are familiar with the site I am writing about, you’ll notice that I have taken the liberty of making the chat session easier. I removed the annoying delay in the reply. As in real life, that peculiarity of the chat session hinders the flow of the chat. In this story, it makes it more difficult to write and certainly disrupts the flow of the story.

The next chapter will be the same.

Also, if you enjoy this story or have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, please vote and leave a comment. If the concept of a married woman chatting with a married man online bothers you, then please move on. There’s nothing to see here.



It had been a few weeks since Meagan had stumbled upon the amateur file sharing site her husband had been visiting. Todd had discovered it during the lull in their sex life after the baby was born. Meagan was a little surprised to find it, as Todd had never even mentioned it to her.

She was not angry about it, she knew Todd loved her with all his heart and would never run around on her. But she understood that her sex drive had dropped off to zero after she gave birth to her son.

She knew that Todd had needed an outlet, and this was perfect for him. He had been the one who had introduced her to the excitement of erotic photography years earlier.

And they had a file on their computer with probably hundreds of photos of her, and some of him, in various positions and both partially dressed and completely nude. There were photos of her posing and more of her and Todd enjoying various sex acts.

Her first concern was that he’d posted pictures of her without her knowledge. She was initially pissed at the thought of him doing it. But after a quick browse of the content, she found herself excited, and looking forward to posting some pics.

Once she found the site, she had been hooked. And her own sex drive had been reignited. She had still occasionally been horny after the baby came, but it had always been early in the day, while Todd was at work. By the time he got home though, she was usually exhausted.

Since finding the site, she had visited it both with Todd in the evenings and by herself while he was at work. As a matter of fact, they had become regulars on the site with at least one, if not both of them logging in daily.

Meagan’s sex drive had grown back to where it had been before motherhood and beyond. Her and Todd were both now constantly aroused and had sex even more frequently than before the baby. All thanks to that website.

She had learned how to post photos and videos and loved reading the suggestive and stimulating comments that soon followed.

She had learned how to ‘follow’ a member or a post. She had also learned a lot about the terminology of the world of sex, including the term ‘MFM’.

During her first visit with Todd she had learned the difference between a cuckold couple and a couple with a hotwife.

Todd had often commented on the fact that Meagan loved to suck cock as much as she loved to fuck. When she was working herself with her toy while sucking him off he would ask her if she wished it was a real man fucking her. She was always excited by the scenario.

Todd had shown her a series of photos on that first visit to the site together, in which a woman took on her husband and his best friend. Todd was obviously excited by the idea. His cock had grown back to a full erection despite having just been drained.

And Meagan had to admit it was very hot. The idea of two hard men giving her pleasure quickly grew in her mind until she was sure she wanted to experience it for herself.

They now had a few posts, and quite a few followers. They had chatted with other couples and with other men. Although Meagan still avoided chatting with men while she was online alone. She knew it wasn’t cheating. It wasn’t as if she was going behind Todd’s back to actually fuck someone else. She just didn’t feel right about it.

She still remembered the first time she saw a message from a man showing her his cock. She was still embarrassed by her reaction and didn’t want to get into anything like that without Todd by her side. Or in her pussy, egging her on like he was that first night.

She admitted that she did love to see ‘tributes’, and she had received a few of them. That was another term she had grown quite familiar with. She had to admit that it was a huge turn on to see a photo of herself covered in some strange man’s jizz. But she always waited for Todd to be with her when she replied to them.

Her and Todd had followed their first post of assorted photos with the video of her masturbating in his lap. Todd had filmed it during her first visit to the site with him.

She had initially balked at posting it, as she thought that she looked fat sprawled on Todd’s lap.

But he had shown her posts by other members who were even heavier than she was. She soon came to realize that the acts being performed were as much apart of making canlı bahis the posts sexy as the body shape of the individual.

So she relented, and It had brought her offers to replace the skinny vibe with cocks of various sizes and colors. As well as offers of oral sex and offers of cum on her body while she was playing.

It turned her on to no end to think about all the guys who got excited seeing her body. When she thought about all the guys from literally all over the world jacking off to her, she got so horny she had to masturbate herself. Or fuck her husband, if he was home, which she preferred.

One day while Todd was at work she posted the video of her first facial that she had made in the kitchen.

That was another term she learned from the site. It appeared to be as popular for a man to ejaculate on a womans face as in her mouth. It was also very popular for the man to cum on the woman’s tits, ass, pussy or belly. Anywhere really, it was the money shots that were the most popular.

Meagan had always thought it was a waste of good jizz. She had always wanted to feel that cum shooting in her pussy or mouth. She loved the warm sensation up inside, or the taste in her mouth.

But she had seen so many women receive cum on their body or face and love it, that she had to try it for herself.

She had experienced it before of course. She had a boyfriend in college who would pull out of her mouth when he came and spray her face. And just making him cum so hard was exciting to her, but it was always done with her lover saying he just got too sensative.

Meagan now wondered if that was true, maybe he simply had a thing for facials, and couldn’t come out and say so.

So she made a video of herself blowing Todd while riding a dildo in the middle of her kitchen.

It was during this blowjob that she told Todd she was ready to fuck him and his buddy Willy together.

Todd had been pushed over the edge and ready to cum in no time. And when he was about to shoot, Meagan pulled him out of her mouth and jacked him off, until he spewed all over her. She took his load all over her face, on purpose, and found it very hot and nasty. She had used his softening prick to smear his cum all across her face.

The response to the video was amazing. It had soon gone into the Hall of Fame! Meagan hadn’t even known there was such a thing!

Among the hot comments she got from that post was one from a couple called Advntrpr. They were the couple Meagan and Todd had seen on their first visit to the site together. It was the set of photos of the wife having sex with her husband and his best friend.

Meagan had noticed Todd’s erection return looking at the pictures. She knew he was getting turned on by the idea, even though she had just fucked him to climax minutes before.

Meagan had to admit that she was pretty aroused by the post too. The woman in the pictures looked like she was in ecstasy and totally into it. Meagan could imagine having two lovers giving her pleasure at the same time, and couldn’t wait to try it herself.

The comment from the couple encouraged Meagan to try that for real, with two men. That it would blow her mind! And it was signed ‘Tammy’.

She had messaged the couple and struck up a conversation with Tammy and they had hit it off right away.

It seemed that Tammy’s husband Frank was at work too, just like Todd. And both wives were just enjoying some alone time until their husbands’ returned.

Meagan told Tammy about the first time she saw her post of the threesome. She even told her about Todd getting hard again after just cumming. Tammy was excited to hear that, she said it was great to hear that she made a beautiful cock like Todd’s hard!

Meagan explained that they were thinking about doing it with her husband’s friend.

She explained that her husband had often commented on her love for giving head being as strong as her love of fucking. And how incredible it would be if she could do both at the same time!

Meagan said that once Todd had planted the idea in her head, and then she’d seen the photos of Tammy actually doing it, she was sold on the idea!

She told Tammy about her fantasizing about bringing Willy into their sex life during that facial video, and that that was when she had told her husband she was ready to do it. And who she wanted to do it with.

Meagan had asked if Tammy had any regrets. Or if it was awkward with the friend afterwards. She also wanted to know if it had been a one time thing? Or if they still hooked up with him, and how often?

Tammy had listened to Meagan’s description of Todd’s arousal whenever they talked about playing with his buddy. And she said it had been the same for her and her husband Frank. And that they had toyed with the idea for a long time. Often including the fantasy in their play time.

Tammy had explained that they were still very close to the man, and that they had had a serious discussion after the sex in which ground rules were set regarding bahis siteleri any future liaisons’.

And yes, they still occasionally included him in their sex life, but not often. They didn’t want the friend to get the idea that it was a given.

But she went on to say that it was her who first broached the subject of actually going through with it, pointing out that her husband’s cock gave away his desire to share her. Tammy wrote; “It was pretty easy to talk him into it! LOL”

She also confessed that she had initiated it that night. That her husband, as bad as he wanted it, had gotten nervous and couldn’t make the first move.

She said she had always been attracted to the man, whom she called ‘Chuck’, and knew he was attracted to her as well.

Tammy said that it had been the most amazing sex of her life and she had cum so many times she had lost count. She also bragged that she had made both of her lovers cum twice that night!

“As for regrets?” Tammy said, “I only regret having waited so long to finally go through with it! I always thought it would be twice as good as having one man, well honey, it’s even better than that!”

Tammy asked Meagan if she had seen any of their other posts, and Meagan confessed she hadn’t. She had meant too, but there was so much content on the site to see, she always got sidetracked in the limited time she had online.

Tammy suggested that Meagan check out the other posts with her husband. She was sure they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Meagan promised that her and Todd would visit their posts that evening. Adding; “I know it will be pretty easy to talk him into! LOL”

They both soon had to log off and go on with their day. But not before Tammy sent Meagan a friend request, which Meagan readily accepted.

They promised to keep in touch, and Meagan felt she could chat with Tammy all day, she was sad they had to end the conversation.

Later that night after dinner and after Todd had some play time with Jr, Meagan reminded her husband that it was almost time to bath the baby.

Todd said that he knew what time it was. And asked her why she made a point of bringing it up?

“Well, I made a new friend online today.” Meagan told him with her naughtiest smile. “And I promised her we would check out her posts!”

“Her?” asked Todd, thinking about all the lesbians and bi women on the site. “I didn’t realize you talked to girls online too.”

“A wife!” Meagan exclaimed. “And it’s someone you’ve seen before. She commented on our video today and we chatted a bit.”

“Oh?” Todd replied, still somewhat curious. “She likes the video of you masturbating?”

Meagan had picked up on where Todd’s dirty mind was going, and was tempted to lead him on in that direction. She was titillated by the idea too, but realized that Todd didn’t know yet that she’d posted the facial video. Instead she asked; “Do all guys want to see girl on girl action?”

“Well, I don’t know, it’s just that women’s bodies are so hot. To see two together?” Todd seemed uncomfortable now, embarrassed that he got caught in this conversation by an assumption.

He tried to cover up by asking; “Didn’t you once tell me you were almost seduced by a girl in college?”

Even as she got excited by these thoughts, she realized Todd had never even hinted at a desire to see her with another woman.

“So you want to share me with a woman now?” She asked, “I thought you wanted to share me with Willy?” She questioned.

Before Todd could even think of a reply, she added; “Or do you just want to share me with anyone and everyone?”

“No! It’s just,” Todd stuttered, “I just thought, I mean I know there are women looking for other women on that site.”

As Meagan was enjoying her husband’s discomfort, and resisting her urge to admit an old curiosity about women, her maternal instincts made her scan the room for Jr.

Her eyes caught movement across the room and Meagan gasped when she realized her son was already headed for the stairs. He had heard the word bath and was on his way! Meagan was reminded of the fact that the boy was picking up more words all the time, and they had better start to curtail the sex talk around him!

“Jr!” Meagan asked as she started after him; “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Aff.” Jr replied. He said it so innocently, as if it should be obvious where he was going.

Meagan and Todd had to laugh as Meagan scooped him up. “So you want your bath? You don’t want to wait for Daddy?”

“Aff!” replied Jr. He knew it was time for his bath, and he didn’t want to wait. He loved getting his ‘aff’.

Meagan passed the boy to his father, saying “Daddy is going to give you a ‘baff’ sweetie. We wouldn’t forget.”

Todd took his son from Mommy and hoisted him high in the air. “You wouldn’t let us forget, would you lil’ buddy?”

Todd Jr. squealed with delight as he looked down at his father. He loved getting tossed around, as all children do. But he also knew that he was on his way bahis şirketleri to his ‘baff’.

Meagan told Todd she would lay out a pair of pajamas for the boy as Todd started the bathwater. Before she even got to the dresser in the baby’s room, Jr was already throwing his toys into the tub.

Once Meagan was sure Todd would have a diaper and cream and everything he needed to get the boy ready for bed she went to the office and turned on the computer.

While it was booting up and Todd was getting the boy into the tub, Meagan was debating what to put on for the evening play time.

She often wore sexy lingerie or just her robe when her and Todd visited the website.

Finally she decided that being naked would be quicker and just as sexy as anything else. So she quickly stripped down, and when the computer was ready she found the site and logged on.

While Todd and Jr played with boats in the tub, Meagan started her session by scanning the thirty recent posts. She saw the usual offering of men showing off their dicks, women posing, couples fucking in various positions. And of course blowjobs and facials.

Below those thirty posts were page numbers for way more! There was just an amazing amount of content, all by amateur exhibitionists like herself and her husband. It was still such a thrill to Meagan to see how many people from literally all over the world who wanted to be seen.

She scanned across the top of the page, checking out the notifications and chat symbols. She purposely ignored the red number 3 by the chat box, deciding to wait for her husband to see what was there.

There were 12 notifications and Meagan clicked on that to open a dropdown box. She saw that many were likes and comments from men who saw her posts. She scanned down the list, resisting her urge to click on pictures of dicks that the men used as profile pics. Quite a few were ones she had seen before anyway. They were regular fans.

When she saw a notice of a like and comment by Advntrpr she smiled and clicked on the comment. Her heart raced as she realized that the comment was posted only moments ago.

Her post of her and Todd’s assorted photos came up, so that she could read the comments.

The comment read; “We love this post! You look so HOT and fun! T loves seeing that hard cock. And I am working on a nice woodie looking at M’s hot body!” Meagan felt a tingle of excitement at the thought of Frank getting hard for her body. She looked at the photo of Todd’s erection peaking out of her tight shorts he wore while washing the truck.

The shorts were very snug and soaked through from playing with the garden hose. Todd was fully hard and almost half of his prick was sticking out above the waistband of her tiny shorts she’d made him wear.

Meagan smiled and had to agree that it did look delicious. She hoped Jr would not fight sleep tonight, so she could get some of that cock. Meagan had made sure his nap hadn’t been too long that day, for just that reason.

Meagan clicked the like on the comment before clicking on the couples photo, that took her to their page. Their profile pic was at the top, which was the two of them laying side by side, naked. It showed both of them from the chin to the knees. Meagan clicked on the photo and expanded it for a better look.

The husband was fully hard, and Tammy’s body was flush with her arousal. They were both fondling each other’s genitals and looked so comfortable and natural in the picture. Meagan thought it was taken with a selfie stick. Her and Todd had considered getting one too.

Meagan took a good long look at the husband’s cock. She decided that it looked delicious too, and couldn’t wait to tell Tammy that.

When her and Todd had looked at the post of the threesome the couple had with their friend, she had found both men to be very attractive while completely different.

Now she could see that the husband was the one with the fat cock with the blunt head. He was the hairy guy. The other man had been almost completely hairless, like a swimmer, and his prick was longer but thinner, the head more elongated and narrow.

Meagan could just imagine that fat head on the screen stretching her mouth as she ran her lips over the crown.

She could also imagine what it would feel like as it entered her pussy, which was getting wetter by the second. Her hand travelled there, almost of it’s own volition as she could picture Frank slowly stroking that cock while looking at her pics.

Then she looked over Tammy’s body. She knew Todd had thought she had a great body, and she had to agree with him. Tammy’s body was very well proportioned. Her tits were not very big, but were perfectly shaped and looked fantastic on her petite body. Even laying on her back they stood out nicely with very little sag. Todd’s comment of them being ‘spectacular’ came to her mind. Her pussy was completely shaved, only the blonde hair laying down over her shoulder told of her hair color.

She remembered Todd’s response to Meagan saying she had been talking to a woman.

She knew he had been thinking about her and another woman together, and as she gazed at the photo, she imagined what it would be like to feel that body against her own.

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