Further Visits to Heaven

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Writers Note: All of these stories are real, from my experiences. I share them here because I have no other place to share them, it would be considered creepy in polite society. I don’t try to describe the details of the girls to the Nth degree. I allow the reader to fill in some details based upon their personal likes and dislikes, that’s what I do when I read your stories… The only thing that have been changed are names and addresses.

This is a follow up to my three part series of Massage Choices in Houston, you should probably read them first.

I feel like I have to circle back and explain that, while I thought My Spa was an exception to the rule, Heaven is currently breaking all the rules. AND I LOVE IT.

When I explained about Heaven, I said that they have the higher door fee, and are in an upscale area, so full service is not (typically) offered. It happened once but it was disappointing and I never saw her again. Well, it happened a few times recently, so I figured I would give a post script.



About two months ago, I stopped in on a Friday afternoon and Amy was assigned to give me a one hour massage. She is younger than typical for this place, and very pretty. She had on baggy clothes, so I couldn’t really see her body.

I thought that her massage would be different, since when she started she used a completely different body position. Typically the masseuse keeps her body perpendicular to you when she is doing your ass and lower back. Her knees will often contact your side.

Amy lined up alongside me, so there was much more skin to skin contact. She wore a long baggy shirt above a loose skirt. When she kneeled she pulled up her skirt, so her legs contacted my body more than normal.

Next, because of this position, she would stretch out when trying to reach my upper back, this would cause her to rub her tits on my back. Eventually she sat on my ass to continue to work my back. I could feel she just had a thong between her pussy and my ass. When my back was done, she slid backwards and straddled one of my legs, while she massaged my ass.

She went right for it. After just a minute or two she started reaching under and rubbing my balls and then my cock. The massage was over, now it was just foreplay.

Pretty soon she had one hand reaching under me, while the other rubbed my back. She had to lean forward for this. I was reaching my hands back to feel whatever I could. It was then I realized that while baggy, her shirt had a big hole at the top for her head, and I was able to reach in and play with her tits. They were encased in flimsy red lingerie. They felt great, really great, I couldn’t wait to see them.

Finally she stopped, climbed off and whispered in my ear what I have been waiting for. “Please roll over.” I didn’t delay, and she didn’t delay in restarting my hand job.

After a few minutes I realized I needed a pause, so I didn’t finish early, so I got up on my knees to face her directly. I reached down and started to remove her shirt. She didn’t stop me, so I continued. I could now see her large D cup tits, in her red lingerie. The lingerie was pretty, but not pretty enough to block my full view of her tits. It came right off with no protest from Amy. While I was at it, I tried to lower her skirt. I said I was going to just keep stripping her until she stopped me. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and thong. This is where she stepped in. She was ok with the skirt, but not the tiny see though thong she was wearing.

Once I got the skirt off she sat back and took one of her hands and started rubbing her pussy. She wagged the fingers on her other hand at me in a no – no fashion. So I knew the limits, the thong wasn’t coming off.

However, this didn’t mean that we were going to go back to the hand job either. She had me lay down on my back and wrapped her tits around my cock. Then she laid down so her tits were on my cock, and her head was on my belly.

She then started a move that I had only ever read about. A full body contact slide. She would slide her tits up to my face, while her crotch rubbed up the length of my cock. Then she would reverse until her mouth got down to topkapı escort my cock. Here she would grab it and stroke it a few times with her lips just at the head. Then she would slide up again. During each slide my cock would traverse her entire body, from her mouth, through her tits, to her pussy.

This body slide kept up for a few minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I blew my load mid slide. Just as her tits were re-wrapping them around my cock. It was mind blowing.

This visit was so unbelievable that I called ahead two weeks later, to see if I could request Amy. I asked if she would be available at three. The guy on the phone said he would have to see and call me back. Five minutes later he called me back and accepted the appointment.

I thought this was strange, he had the appointment book right in front of him. As it turns out, she was not scheduled for work at that time. He called her and asked if she could make the appointment. When I got there I actually parked next to her. She remembered me, and we walked in together.

I paid at the desk, and she showed me to my room. But instead of dropping me off to get naked she stayed with me. I started stripping down as she took her winter gear off. (It was Houston in February – it is never that cold, but people from here still wear winter coats, scarves, and hats…)

She was not in a typical massage outfit. She was in a puffy one piece jumper that did not look like something you would want to get massage oil on. But I stripped, and laid down. She started the massage, but it was only 15 minutes before the hand job started.

It started with her caressing and grabbing my balls. Soon I was on all fours getting milked. It was incredible, but it was too early in the hour to blow my load. I already knew she would stop the massage after the orgasm, and just cuddle.

I had a goal of getting her naked this time. When I stopped the milking I kneeled next to her and started to unzip the jumper. I started saying that “Last time I stripped you to your thong, this time I want to take the thong off too.”

However I didn’t have to. She was naked under the jumper, so within 10 seconds of starting to lower the zipper, she was on her back with her legs spread wide.

I could not believe my luck. With my and mouth, I went right for the tits, and started rubbing my dick on her slit. Let me describe her tits a bit. She is a relatively small frame Chinese woman, with great D cup tits. The really didn’t sag at all, but they didn’t feel fake. After three sessions I have handled these puppies so much, if they were fake, I would have noticed.

She seemed ready and interested in fucking. I agreed to her outlandish tip request. I asked her if she had a condom, and she said no. It didn’t seem to give her pause, but I actually had one. I got up from the bed, crossed the room and got the condom out of my pocket. I slipped it on, and slipped right between her legs.

She was so young, beautiful, and tight I was in heaven, but I knew it would not last for long. She had been teasing me for fifteen minutes, I was close to finishing. I just tried to pound as hard and fast as I could to get in as good of a ride as possible. In only a few minutes she was cleaning me up.

I would typically expect her to get dressed, and do a little more massage, since we had time left in our hour. Instead, she wanted to snuggle. She stayed naked and laid down with me. This was actually a little awkward. I didn’t want to get up, since I paid for an hour and had a beautiful naked girl in my arms, but my dick was deflated, so we were not going to have sex again.

A month later I had a severely pulled muscle, and I tried to schedule her for 90 minutes. I was hoping for an hour massage, and then sex. But she was not available and I met Coco.

Coco was also way younger than the typical masseuse at Heaven. She was at least as pretty as Amy, however it is hard to say that anyone’s tits could be more perfect than Amy’s.

Coco came in to massage me, and I did my typical move and rolled onto my back and sat up, while naked.

I showed her my radically inflamed left quad, and asked her to tuzla escort spend some time on it. I sat there naked, while the two of us discussed the swelling in my left quad vs my right. She ran her hands from both of my knees up to my crotch a few times. My left leg was in pain, but when she got to my crotch, my attention changed…

I was hoping that she would work on my leg first, and then do the relaxing massage, but that didn’t happen.

She asked me to roll over on my belly in order to start the massage. She spent a half of an hour massaging my back, and the back of my legs. Then she asked me to roll over.

Once I did, she wasted no time to start playing with my dick. I tried to feel her up, and she started saying “This is our first time together, I don’t know you.” What she was really saying is “How much of a tip will you give me”.

Honestly I was in a lot of pain with my leg, so I wasn’t looking for full service. But I really wanted to get her topless, and maybe naked. I kept saying, no sex, just topless. She quoted a really high number but I refused just to get her topless. We negotiated to a final price. It was agreed she would get fully naked – the cost difference between that and topless was about $20.

I got off the massage bed and retrieved the money from my wallet. She was standing next to the bed when I paid her. I spun her around so she faced me, and started stripping her. I lifted her baggy shirt, and was very happy with the bra encased tits that were presented to me. I then went for the yoga pants and lowered them. I took the thong off next.

I guided Coco back onto the bed, but she was really acting strange. She seemed to be trying to protect herself from me fucking her, even though we agreed to not having sex, just having her nude. This was really awkward. All I wanted was access to the tits, and she was curling up in a ball.

I finally ran through the previous negotiations in my mind and realized we were only $20 away from the Full Service price. So while I didn’t come here hoping to fuck her, $20 would make the time more enjoyable.

I said “Hang on, if I pay you the $160 (instead of $140) we can have sex?”

She said “yes.”

I got up again, followed my hard on to my wallet and got out $20 more. This changed the entire experience. She started stroking me and finally laid down on her back with her legs open for me.

I climbed between her legs, ready to push my dick in and then I asked “do you have a condom?”

She said, to my surprise “No. So make sure you are careful.” Well that was a great invitation to fuck her bareback, but caution took over, and I retrieved a condom from my pocket. My experience with Amy made me realize I should carry one…

I put the condom on, and Coco turned into a tiger, which was far away from where she was $20 ago. She grabbed my cock and pushed it into her. She then grabbed onto my shoulders and helped push on every thrust. She was into it so much and so loud I thought management would come in.

But they didn’t interrupt us and we were able to pound away like this for five minutes, before I came and almost collapsed in exhaustion.

She took the condom off and wrapped it up in tissues and said she would get in trouble if anyone saw it, so I had to take it with me. She proceeded to wrap it up until it was the size of a softball.

We were only about 40 minutes into my hour, so I laid on my back and she started working on my sore leg. I wished we got this over with before the sex, since it hurt so much. She was successful in reducing the pain and the swelling, so I guess it was a win-win.

Since then I have been getting too many massages. They seem to help the leg. I had a 4 hand at My spa (the place that does not give happy endings) I sat their naked explaining to an experienced woman, and a trainee how much my leg hurt. The trainee did the lower half of my body and didn’t realize she was supposed to cover my junk with a towel. When the other woman realized this it sounded like she chastised her in Chinese. I didn’t mind hanging out.

I recently had two more times with Amy. Neither time did we have sex. My leg had almost healed pendik escort and I reinjured it. So I went back in a lot of pain and had her massage it. Yesterday I went back again. She made a lot of improvement at the previous visit, and now my pain and swelling were reduced, but still there.

This time she welcomed me and remembered me. She asked me how my leg was, and remembered how it was wrapped up last time. She left the room, and I got naked and laid on my back instead of my belly.

She seemed surprised when she entered the room, but I sat up to talk to her about my leg. She came onto the massage bed and started feeling up my upper left leg, from the knee to the hip, and reached back to my ass to see if those muscles were sore – which they were from limping. She would also reach over and rub my right leg to compare it. Of course from her angle, she would rub her forearms against my cock every time she reached for the other leg. I wasn’t complaining. I asked her to massage the leg first, so we would have the painful part first, then the relaxing part. She agreed.

She then proceeded to work my quad for at least 30 minutes, without covering my cock with the towel for more than a few minutes total. Every once in a while she would rub it with a forearm. She would make it look inadvertent, but she was just trying to keep its attention.

This massage hurt, but it was needed.

After she finished my leg, she had me roll onto my stomach, and started my back. We only had 30 minutes left, so if she was going to massage my back and give me a happy ending we were pressed for time.

She didn’t disappoint. Ten minutes in she started reaching under to rub my cock. Once she got it hard she rolled me onto my back. I immediately started stripping her, and had her naked in a minute. My god, I will never tire of those tits. They are perfection.

There was no negotiating, so I assumed sex was off the table. Just as well since my leg hurt.

She started giving me a great hand job while I played with her tits and ass. I stopped her a few times so I could back away from the edge of coming. Each time I knelt up to face her. I would embrace her and feel her up some more. The second time I laid her on her back. She kept her legs closed, so I moved up so I was kneeling next to her tits.

All the while she was still stroking me.

I don’t know where the request came from but I asked if I could come on her tits. I have never requested that before. Her face may have been better, but I didn’t ask for that. I assumed I would finish myself off while she laid there, but no.

She got up on one elbow and enveloped my dick in her large pillowy tits. She kept rubbing me with her hands and tits until I came. I almost got it in her face, but managed to contain myself to her upper chest and tits.

Wow, it felt great. I collapsed down onto my back while she got up, cleaned herself off, and then cleaned me off.

A final few visit to briefly discuss…

I have actually been a little less than pleased with the overall experience a few times with Amy, since we got to the point where we would jump to the happy ending with no massage. Once she entered the room with me, stripped down while I striped, and then went right into a hand job.

Recently we went at it for ten minutes, but after I finished all she seemed to want to do was cuddle. After ten minutes, she tried to get me hard again. I wished her luck, I am a little old for that. I instead asked her to do more massage. I flipped on my stomach and she massaged me until the 50 minute mark, and then tried to get me hard again.

This time she was successful. It took more effort than usual, but she did get me to cum a second time in that hour.

I now realize I have to manage her time better. I just booked her in advance for a 90 minute session. When we entered the room and each started to strip, I said I had two rules for the day.

1 Lets use the first 30 minutes to fool around until I cum, and then

2 Lets use the remainder of the time with the massage, but I wanted her to get me to come a second time at the end, since she raised the bar so high the previous visit.

It worked well. In five minutes I was in between her legs banging away. Not in her pussy, but just above it with her oiled hands cradling my cock. With that out of the way, she gave me a great massage, and finished up with a hand job. I will try to effectively manage the time with her like this in the future.

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