Gaia’s Wrath

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I awoke with a shudder, lights were flashing and the air had taken on a frigid chill. “Computer, report,” I said, swinging my long legs off the side of my rack.

There was a pause then the computer responded, with far more static than usual. “Yes Captain. Apollo Drive is offline. Life Support is at minimum required levels and falling. External Sensor malfunctioning. Artificial gravity has failed in some areas. Lighting is fluctuating. All crew life pods have ejected. Only two members of the crew remain aboard. Captain Helena Coltrane. Chief Engineer Nathan Simmons. End of report,” the computer responded.

I felt the usual hot thrill go through my body at the mention of the ChEng, or Chief Engineer. “Computer, are we under attack?” I asked. Again there was a pause before the response, apparently the computer had also been effected. “Sensor data from before the incident would suggest that there were no other star ships in range of Gaia’s Wrath.

However, sensors will need to be brought online to provide more information. Permission to extrapolate from available data Captain?” the computer asked.

“Granted,” I replied. “Self-diagnostics appear to be offline. My core was accessed just before the Apollo Drive went offline. This would suggest that my systems were sabotaged by someone aboard then they escaped with the rest of the crew.

My system requires a hard reset before normal ship functionality can be restored. The ChEng appears to be attempting this as we speak,” finished the computer.

I felt an irrational flush of jealousy that Nathan was fiddling with the computers sensitive systems, when my sensitive systems hadn’t been fiddled with… for far too long.

I started to pull on my bridge uniform then stopped, reg’s be damned.

I pulled on the off-duty ship suit, a tight one-piece that fit very snugly in all the right places. I ran my hand over my suit where it curved around my ‘curvier than regulation permitted’ ass and smiled contentedly.

With or without the ChEng I’d be taking the edge of some of my needs after this drama was resolved.

Exiting my cabin, I was pleased to notice that gravity seemed just slightly less than Earth norm, which was where the compute kept it aboard Gaia’s Wrath. Making my way down the long corridor that ran through Officer cabin territory, then joined the main trunk line that could take you anywhere in the large ship. Gaia’s Wrath is set up like a small village. If you imagine an arrowhead with the point facing forwards you will get an approximation of what she looks like.

Across a relatively flat stern you have the huge engines and the engineering section which took up a third of this ship due to the massive Apollo drive. This included machine shops and repair bays.

Running through the centre or spine of the ship is the ‘nerve cluster’, a large central corridor full of computer bays, sensor rooms, everything that kept the ship functioning, at the very centre was a large open area which housed the computer itself. Running forwards from this to the tapered tip of the arrowhead you will come to the bridge, or Command and Control.

Angling back from the bridge on either side were weapons bays and hangers for the various scout, transport and attack ships. This left two areas on either side of the spine, on the port side of Gaia’s Wrath you would find the crew quarters, with officer country in bow and enlisted in the stern.

On the starboard side of the spine were the officer and enlisted mess halls and lounge sections and the common areas for unwinding. Variously corridors ran through the ship, with the green lines running from the stern to the bow all culminating at the CnC, there were four of these, bisecting the ship.

The yellow lines cut through these from port too starboard, passing through the spine in secured areas.

I took Green Two from my cabin which was just behind the bridge, towards the stern, then took Yellow 4 into the central computing area to check on the ChEng. I found him shirtless at a terminal typing furiously with sweat dropping from every exposed surface of his body.

The spine usually ran quite a bit cooler than the rest of the ship but today it was the opposite, the ship was very cold and the spine was scorching.

“Report ChEng,” I said, angry that a slight flush had sprung from the back of my neck to my cheeks and it wasn’t due to the heat.

Chief Engineer Simon’s swivelled his large frame in the chair and eyed me cooly. “Captain,” he said without the usual level of respect, “the computer was sabotaged, it appears one of your bridge crew decided to get off early and input a command directly into the core.

The Apollo drive was meant to disable itself and… well, your cabin was meant to lock down. However, the AD went offline a power surge went through the spine. Have you been to the bridge?” he asked.

I shook my head, looking above his head so I wouldn’t follow the various sweat paths down his muscular frame. He grunted, one ataşehir escort of those overly masculine noises that can convey almost any emotion conceivable, “It’s a mess, the surge tore up the spine and into the bridge systems. Everyone on duty… well, I’ll be sealing it off as soon as I can reset Gaia,” he said.

He flexed his hands and I shuddered and the muscles across his shoulders reacted. My flush was back and I squeezed my thighs together and hoped he wouldn’t notice.

He tilted his head to the side and gave me an unreadable look then grunted again before turning and going back to typing furiously. I took a step forwards thinking to run my hands over his back and shoulders and stopped myself before my outstretched hands could make contact with that broad expanse of muscle.

I rested my hands on the back of his chair and leaned forwards to watch what he was doing, he flinched slightly and I made sure not to push into him.

“Captain,” both Gaia as the ChEng called the computer and the man himself said at the same time. The ChEng nodded to no one at all and the computer continued, “I am ready to begin the reset, I will be completely offline until my systems can repair themselves, I suggest getting some rest as it could take some time. The ChEng has activated some of the secondary sensor systems and I can confirm that there are no other ships within jump distance. Also, I would suggest that the ChEng showers as his body is exceptionally sweaty and liquids are not conducive to the computer core when it is online,” Gaia finished.

The final statement managed to draw my eyes to the ChEng’s back all over again. I managed to suppress a moan and clamped my thighs together again. “Sounds like good advance,” I said while averting my eyes, “Clean yourself up and report to the Officer’s mess hall when we are turned on… completely online,” I said then left before I made more of a fool of myself.

I managed to get back to my cabin and stripped off my ship-suit, letting it fall to the floor and my feet. My nipples were harder than diamond ore and I don’t think the ChEng’s back had been the only damp area in the computer core.

My thighs parted and I finally let out the suppressed moan. My hand slid down over my stomach, then down further. While on-board I didn’t follow a strict grooming regime so my usually tidy nether regions were slightly unruly.

Where previous lovers would have found what I like to call an ‘age line’ there was now more than enough to keep my throbbing clit hidden from prying eyes. Throwing caution to the wind… or re-circulated air, I leant back against the cabin door and closed my eyes and spread my legs apart.

I was back in the computer core and the ChEng had picked me up with his thick arms and placed me on his terminal.

Then he was leaning forwards, strong arms spreading my legs and suddenly I was on my knees, eyes closed, focused on this sudden fantasy.

My left hand was holding my lips apart and my right was furiously rubbing at my wet, throbbing clit with as much speed and dexterity as I could manage. In my mind the ChEng’s expert tongue was licking my slit from bow too stern and my legs were already twitching.

I let out a moan and slumped forwards, covering my discarded ship-suit in more than enough liquids to keep the laundry bots in work.

After a few minutes I controlled my panting, and managed to drag myself up from the damp floor, kicking the wet ship-suit to the corner where it would be sucked into the laundry suit I allowed myself a wicked little smile.

Even with everything going to shit I’d managed to cum harder than I had in ages. With a lustful shudder I remembered the fantasy that had played out in my mind complete with Gaia saying in an agitated voice, “Captain, the fluids you are producing are not conducive to peak computer core functionality.

Please refrain from dripping into my control terminal,” with another delighted shudder I stepped over the damp spot on the floor of my cabin and into the small bathroom. My skin was so flushed the cold water felt amazing.

Admittedly I had forgotten that with Gaia offline there was no way to keep the water warm or hot so it would be cold showers until her systems were all working correctly.

If I only had showers after intense orgasms like the one I had just had, I didn’t think it would be an issue. With that in mind I decided to try for another.

I mean… what else was there to do on a cold ship with no power. The ChEng? I think that would take some work and the ramifications if he rebuffed me and we made it back to SPAN controlled space could be disastrous. Plus, I wasn’t exactly suffering, at 36 I was well trained in the art of ‘self-service love’. With a consented sigh I leant back against the shower wall and went to work, enjoying the feeling of the cold water splashing across my hard nipples and breasts and flowing down towards the supernova between my legs.

I woke from avcılar escort a light doze as everything around me went crazy. Instantly I could feel that the AD had gone offline. I stood up from me nap chair beside the huge drive and rested one of my large calloused hand against it.

I could feel it ticking and the heat was still there, but the warp coils had stopped spinning around each other. Looking around I couldn’t see any of my Engineering staff. Tapping my collar mic, “Engineering crew this is the ChEng, respond,” nothing.

“Again, this is the ChEng, respond,” still nothing. Doing away with the mic I looked up at the ceiling.

“Gaia my dear, where is the Engineering crew?” I asked the room. There was a long pause which shouldn’t happen, Gaia or more correctly, the Artificial Intelligence that oversaw ever part of Gaia’s Wrath, the newest and most advanced star ship in the Space Protectorate of Allied Nations, or SPAN for short.

There was a burst of static and just before I tried again, “I’m sorry ChEng, the only member of the Engineering crew on-board is yourself. The rest of the crew, the entire crew, minus one other has left on the escape pods,” Gaia responded.

My jaw must have hit the floor, rebounded, then hit the floor again before I asked another question, “Gaia, what is the status of the ship?” Again the long pause, without waiting I started heading towards the spine of the ship, making my way to the central computer core. Finally, and after another burst of static, “Apollo Drive offline. Artificial gravity offline in 83% of the ship. Lighting fluctuating. External sensors offline.

Life Support at minimum tolerance levels and dropping. All escape pods away. 2 crew members on-board,” Gaia replied.

Starting to jog I continued, “Who is the other crew member?” I asked. Again the long pause, again the static. “Other crew member is Captain Helena Coltrane. Internal sensors suggest she is in her quarters,” Gain responded. Groaning I muttered,

“Of all the people left I have the captain on her first real assignment. At least she was worth looking at.” Jogging up Green 3 then transferring too Yellow 4 I opened the secure door to the computer core and instantly felt the scorching heat.

Stripping off my protective outer layer until I was left in the sheer ship-suit which I rolled down to my waist I sat in the specially made, ergonomic seat and started to type as fast as I could.

Gaia was in bad shape, I activated camera’s around the ship and saw first the bridge when made me pale then the rest of the ship. Hopefully the captain came here first, she didn’t need to see what had happened to her second string bridge crew.

I started to cool the room and the captain arrived. I turned to see her wearing the hell out of the ship-suit that was favored by off duty staff and under protective gear.

Saying she was wearing the hell out of it didn’t do her justice.

It took most of my will power not to go to here and take her on the spot. I could see her eyes roving my chest and shoulders and almost stood up.

I gave her my report and turned back to the monitor. I felt her move closer and almost wanted to lean back against her breasts which were straining against the front of her suit. In the reflection on the monitor I saw her look down as sweat rivulets rolled down my neck, over my shoulders and down my back.

Even with the heart I could see her nipples hardening. If anyone was to take a vote on whether we were glad the captain had worn the ship-suit over the standard bridge uniform it wouldn’t just be my two hands that would be pointing up.

I started the shut down and the captain went back to her quarters, I could see her squeezing her thighs together as she went and couldn’t wait until they were squeezing around me. Realizing I needed to be more switched on to get through what could be a rather intense crisis I headed towards the gym area in the common area on the starboard side of the ship.

Deciding it was better to thrash myself in the gym than to go back to my quarters and ‘thrash’ myself in a cold shower.

There would be time enough for that later. As I sat back in the leg press I could picture the captain slowly stripping off her ship-suit, hear her gasp as her wetness made in stick slightly to her. I imagined her gasp and moan as I came up behind her, helping to pull the rest of her curvy but firm frame. Tall, with just the right amount of curve in all the right places she ticked almost every checklist box I had.

I could imagine putting my mouth to the side of her neck, hear her moan as my unshaven jaw slightly graved against her jaw line, feel her sag slightly as I kissed towards her throat as my big hands slid around her body until I had her breasts in my hands.

Large enough that I had a good handful but not too much that she would struggle with zero-G combat training I took her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, twisting them softly and avrupa yakası escort making her moan again as she pushed back against me.

Her suit hit the ground and she stepped out of it and I turned her around, lifting her body easily, the ships gravity issues forgotten in my lustful haze and I feverishly worked the leg press in time with our movements in my fantasy. She wrapped her legs around me and we kissed, softly at first then like we were trying to consume each other. Before long we were like two cadets stealing a few minutes of passion behind the zero-G generators on one of the flight decks.

I had the lower half of my ship-suit off and she was grinding against me. Suddenly she had detached herself from my waist and she was on her knees looking up at me, maintaining eye contact as she took me in her mouth.

Struggling at first, then getting her rhythm right. Before long I had to stop her, reaching down I lifted her up, and in my mind’s eye I slid inside the captain of the Gaia’s Wrath. Rank and duty were forgotten as we worked each other closer and closer, losing ourselves in out devotion to mutual release. When it happened I snapped back to the gym where it looked like I was trying to shove the weights off the end of the leg press and I pumped harder and harder against it. The need to exercise was forgotten, I needed that shower and the release it offered.

Taking Yellow 7, the number goes up the closer you get to the bridge, the Green corridors are numbered port too starboard. So taking Yellow 7 I crossed the ship to the crew quarters section. Then Green 2 back towards my cabin.

Thankfully my path didn’t take me past the captain’s quarters, I would have been tempted to see how she was handling the situation, and considering my recent fantasy there would have been less talk and more action.

My cabin was the last in the officer’s section, giving me a straight run through the enlisted to my engines. Or I could head to port on Yellow 4, then down Green 1, bypassing the other quarters completely and skirting various hanger bays and weapon areas.

All of a sudden Gaia’s Wrath felt huge. With the captain in her quarters and Gaia shutdown for the rest it felt very empty.

Heading towards the shower I suddenly felt decidedly less amorous, the cold shower relieved some of the stress and cleaned all of the exercise and heat induced sweat and I dressed in a spare ship-suit and decided to wait in my quarters for Gaia to come back online.

Having seen the carnage left in the system I knew it would take a while. I hadn’t told the captain that it had been her XO who had sabotaged the ship, but he had done far more than he had attempted to I’m sure.

Presumably he would enter SPAN controlled space and report that the captain had been lost due to incompetence and that he had valiantly attempted to save everyone but the ChEng had stayed with the ship so everyone else would escape.

In fairness to the XO I would have stayed if it meant everyone else would live, and most of my crew would know that. Still the fact that the mutinous bastard would probably get a promotion just plain pissed me off.

I knew the captain would be the same, on the other hand, she may already know. I’m sure a captain would know if his or her XO wasn’t loyal. Still, this took the usual command issues and threw them out an airlock.

People had died and he had tried to keep the captain locked in her cabin until life support failed. Luckily for us, when the computer went offline a backup oxygen system not connected to the computer core came online. This system had its own sensors which detected where humans were and pumped oxygen into those areas.

The joys of star ships. Thinking of the other systems I headed into my domain, all the engines were cold, the AD was no longer clicking as the coils are spun down completely. The system drive and the pulse drive were both silent, their usual pulsing hum was something that should always be heard on a SPAN ship, its absence was unnerving.

I went around activating the safeties so when the system restart happened we wouldn’t be even further up the creek. The AD was different, there was nothing I could do about her, Gaia would have to monitor it’s restart herself. Not having her calming presence in the Engineering section was even more unnerving that not hearing the drives pulsing away in the background.

Over the next few hours I kept myself busy, monitoring systems that had back up power and trying not to think about the captain and how good she looked in that ship-suit, how hard her nipples had gotten, how much I wanted to take one of them in my mouth while pushing one of my large hands into her suit and down between her legs.

I knew I shouldn’t think about how good she would taste and that I had always fantasized about having sex on the floor of my immaculately clean Engineering section. Even taking the captain up against the AD… I knew I shouldn’t think about it at all. But, these images kept smashing through the defenses I put up in my mind.

Her tall, curvy body called to me from the officer section of the ship. I knew I could hold back for only so long, then I’d be running up Green 2 and knocking on her door. I could feel the front of my suit straining to contain the need I was feeling.

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