Gina Ch. 05

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Gina 5: With Sue and Rob, Monday

Gina didn’t know what time it happened but she remembered it upon awaking. The sheet beneath her bottom was still wet. Sue and Rob had invited her to share their bed.

During the night Gina was stirred from her sleep by something. She became aware that the three of them were spooning. Gina was in the middle. Gina was spooning Sue and had an arm wrapped over her with her hand softly cupping Leah. Rob was spooning Gina with his arm wrapped over her with his hand softly cupping Lizbeth. Something was pushing into her bottom. She realized that Dick was up. She scooted around a little so that Dick was lying along Princess. The subtle movements brought on by her and Rob’s breathing captured her mind. Princess started to stir and “weep” for attention.

Gina moved slightly to improve the contact between Princess and Dick. Gina sensed Dick at the doorway and pushed back to let him through. She started to slowly push back and forth. Her motions stirred both Rob and Sue. Rob, realizing what was happening, began to move his body forth and back thrusting to penetrate Gina deeper and he began playing with Regina’s “nose”. Sue turned over to play with Gina, lips on lips. Gina moved her free hand to Sue’s pussy and began caressing her clit. The three just laid there gently playing with one another. There was no urgency. There was no lust. Just three lovers enjoying being with one another, enjoying the shared intimacy. It wasn’t obvious to Rob when Gina and Sue came. They did it quietly. Rob came quietly also but Gina felt his ejaculation and Dick going back to sleep. They all drifted back to sleep.

Rob was the first to awake. He kissed Sue and then kissed Gina awakening them both. He dragged them out of bed, up to the deck and he jumped casino oyna into the water with Sue and Gina following behind. They held hands jumping into the water giggling. Once in the water they emptied their bladders, washed away the early morning activity and swam about coming together every so often for a one-on-one or for a group hug. They were free with their hands, teasing, laughing and enjoying one another. They were frolicking.

They decided to go ashore into a town to give Gina a taste of life on the island. It was a relatively remote town. It was hardly touched by tourism. The town folk were very friendly and reached out to them. They enjoyed having foreign strangers visit. The children were most interested in them and tagged along behind them, chattering among themselves.

As they walked the town they were warmly greeted. They were invited to chat. They enjoyed a reasonable lunch of typical island fare in a quaint bistro in the middle of the town square.

They returned to the sailboat mid-afternoon and sailed for an hour or so until they reached another out-of-the way cove. They did not go ashore. As soon as the boat was anchored they stripped down and dove into the water. It felt nice to be without clothes again. The water felt nice against their skin. A touch here, a touch there also felt good.

They returned to the boat. Rob opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and they sat, enjoying the closeness of one another, chatting about the day and watching the sun set over the water.

Sue took Gina by the hand, pulled her up and led her down to the stateroom saying to Rob as they passed him: “Join us in about 20 minutes.” She smiled at Gina.

Sue laid Gina down on the bed, snuggled partway on her and began kissing her. Gina responded to the kiss. First slot oyna lips on lips, then lips slightly apart with a little tongue and finally wide mouths, wet, with a lot of tongue. They could not get enough of each other. Their range of kissing expanded to include necks, cheeks, eyes, noses and slightly biting chin and noses depending who was on top. They were both murmuring their delight.

When they were satiated with kissing, Gina was on top. Sue whispered: “Please make love to my pussy.”

Gina scooted downward. Along the way she made love to Rachel and Leah. She left them with their nipples wet, red, hard and extended. She left hickeys on the inside of both breasts.

She twirled her tongue in Sue’s belly button. Sue was an “innie”.

She continued to Sue’s pussy. Sue had hooked onto her legs bringing them up so that Gina could have easier and greater access to it. Instead of having to lie on her stomach to get to Sue’s pussy, Gina was able to kneel and bend over to worship it with mouth and tongue. Her bottom was up, at the edge of the bed. She proceeded to kiss, lick and suck on Sue’s pussy and clit. She loved extending her tongue to the very bottom of Sue’s slit and bring it up slowly going side to side, collecting as much nectar as possible until she reached Sue’s clit and stroked it with her tongue, sucked on it with her lips and vibrated it with her tongue and murmurs before doing it over again.

That’s how Rob found them. Dick immediately reacted reaching out wanting to be part of it. Rob always enjoyed taking Sue from behind. His cock was long enough so that he could do it easily and his stroke was long enough to give Sue and him much pleasure.

He approached Gina. Her bottom was at just the right height. As Rob closed in, Dick slid up along Princess’ canlı casino siteleri lips. When Gina felt something she paused in her worshipping and wiggled her bottom backing it up a bit until she bumped Rob and she knew what was rubbing against Princess. She wiggled her bottom back and forth and returned to her worship.

Rob slowly inserted Dick into Princess’ waiting lips. Gina was wet. Dick slid in effortlessly. When he could go no further Rob paused letting Gina adjust to the welcomed intrusion. Then he began a very controlled out and in motion moving his body so that Dick’s head caressed Princess’ inners. Gina’s whimpering further excited Sue’s clit. Climaxing was a series of events, one triggered by another. Sue’s orgasm triggered Gina’s. Gina’s orgasm caused her pussy to tighten triggering Rob’s orgasm.

Sue immediately flipped Gina onto her back and dragged her up the bed. She kneeled between Gina’s legs raising them up and back. Gina grabbed hold of them while Sue bent and began sucking and licking Princess. Sue wanted every bit of Gina’s nectar and Rob’s pearly sweet cream.

Rob seeing Sue’s bottom in the air at the edge of the bed moved to Gina and straddled above her face. She lifted her head and took Dick into her mouth working him aggressively to arouse him to his old self.

When Dick was standing tall and strong again Rob got up, positioned himself behind Sue, rubbed Sue’s pussy with Dick’s head a few times and slowly entered her. She paused in her ministrations of Princess to adjust for Dick’s presence and when she returned her attentions to Princess. Rob proceeded to fuck her in the way he knew she would enjoy. She pushed back into Rob every time he pushed forward. Sue and Rob came together. Gina upon hearing them came.

They joined together in the middle of the bed, cuddling, kissing one another, sharing words of wonder, satisfaction, appreciation and love.

So ended the day. It was no longer (Sue + Rob) + Gina. It was now (Sue + Rob + Gina); a loving trio.

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