Girl in a Box Ch. 4-9

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STOP! Don’t read this until you’ve read parts one and two! You can click on my name at the top and the new page will have the entire saga all lined up for you. You’ll also be able to see some of my other brain farts.

Chapter Four

I-95: Next Exit, Hell

Both the sunset and Baltimore’s congestion were behind her as she headed north on I-95. Laura could get in trouble for being out of Virginia, but the old man’s story was the first ray of hope she’d had since this nightmare had begun.

She couldn’t believe that Jim had had a gambling problem. She’d never seen the signs. But the proof was all waiting for her in New Jersey, with the brother of the old homeless man who’d come out of nowhere to help her.

“I don’t know if you remember me,” the old guy had said, “you gave me some money yesterday.”

“Of course I do,” Laura had said, looking in her purse.

“No, that’s okay, ma’am. I’m here to help you this time. I know about your trouble, and a couple things you don’t,” he looked around fearfully, and eased back into an alcove.

“What!” Laura had said.

“I could get killed, telling you this,” he whispered.

She kept speeding up as she thought about it, so she set the cruise control at sixty-five. The missing money at Polytech, the bomb in his plane, they could all be explained by gambling debts to brutal gangsters. It felt as if she was crawling as she drove on in the gathering darkness.

A blue flicker made her glance at the rear view mirror, her speedometer, and back at the mirror. The cruise control was keeping her right at the speed limit, but the cop car didn’t pull around her. It followed her into the disabled lane and parked well off the road behind her.

“Turn off your engine, ma’am,” it was a woman’s voice.

“I wasn’t speeding, officer.”

“License and registration, please,” she said.

Laura could see the woman’s waist, and a heavily laden belt.

“Wait here,” she said.

The equipment-laden belt did nothing to hide the size of the policewoman’s hips, and the pants of her uniform stretched tightly over her ample ass. Laura struggled with a smile as an obnoxious rap song popped into her head:

“I like big butts, and I cannot lie…”

“Where ya’ heddin’?” said the other officer, making Laura jump. She must have come around the front of the car from the passenger side. She was much slimmer than the other one and spoke with a drawl.

“New Jersey,” Laura replied

“Nice night for a drive,” she said, shining her flashlight in Laura’s face.

“Help Mrs. Wesson out of the car,” the first officer said when she got back.

“Sure thing, Helen. Out cha’ go, missy.”

“What’s the matter?” Laura said, undoing her seatbelt as the second officer held the door.

“You’ll have to come with us, ma’am,” said Helen, “Please step out of the car.”

“What did I do?” Laura said.

“Your rear license plate wasn’t visible,” she said, “and you appear to be in violation of a court order not to leave Northern Virginia. Please step back to our police unit and place your hands on the hood.”

“You carrying any weapons?” the second officer asked as she slipped her hand under Laura’s dress and slid it up between her legs.

“No. Hey, watch it!” Laura said when the hand slipped under the crotch of her panties.

She only got part way up before Helen slammed her back down on the hood. She jerked Laura’s arm up behind her back and pressed down on Laura’s neck with her forearm.

“We have to search you before we take you in,” Helen said, “Try to cooperate, please.”

The smaller one had Laura’s dress up on her back and had pulled her panties down to her knees. She was holding Laura’s legs apart with her own, and was twisting a third finger into Laura’s pussy. The I-95 traffic didn’t notice a thing as it zoomed past.


“Let me see,” Helen said, and took the small pistol while her partner put handcuffs on Laura.

“That’s not mine,” Laura said as she was pushed to the back of the police car.

“It appears to be a .22 caliber pistol,” Helen said clearly, turning the gun back and forth in front of the middle of the windshield of the police car.

“We might as well turn the tape off,” Helen said, as she took the next off ramp.

“Hmm, we’re all alone now,” the other one said, turning in her seat. “I’m Rose, and Helen here is my partner. We’re going to have to make a detour on the way to the station. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” Laura said.

“We’re just a couple of public servants, trying to keep the streets safe. A little bird told us we might run across you, and I’m happy we did. You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Rose said, and then licked her fingers, “And you taste good too.”

“I guess looks and money aren’t enough for some people, are they Mrs. Wesson,” Helen said.

“Here we are,” Rose said, as they parked in the middle of nowhere. “You look great on TV, but I can’t believe how gorgeous you are in person. This casino oyna is going to be great.”

Laura scrambled back as Rose opened the back door and started to crawl in, and then yelped when the door behind her opened. Helen caught her under the arms and dragged her out of the car.

“Get the blanket,” Helen said, as Laura kicked and twisted.

They were very careful removing her clothes. Laura fought them every inch of the way, but they never tore so much as a button.

Rose stood over her while Helen got undressed, and then Helen checked that Laura’s handcuffs were secure while Rose shed her uniform.

“We look like an evolution chart,” Rose said as she knelt on the blanket. “Bing, bing, bing,” she pointed to herself, Laura and Helen, in that order.

Rose was small breasted, slender, with a wiry look about her. Helen was a bit too full figured. Her slim waist and firm body told of long hours at the gym, but gravity was destined to win the battle with her breasts. Between them, in the ‘perfect’ spot on the chart, Laura was struggling herself into exhaustion.

“Have you ever seen tits like this?” Rose said.

“Only in my dreams,” Helen said, gently running her hands over Laura’s breasts.

Laura was exhausted. Each breath burned fire in her lungs, yet the two women had handled her struggles without breaking a sweat. Helen’s armpit held Laura’s face down while she fondled Laura’s breast, the smell of deodorant mingling with the scent it was trying to hide. Rose sat on Laura’s ankles, pinching her pussy and the soft flesh around it.

“You can’t do this,” Laura said, “This is rape, I’ll…”

“Listen carefully, gorgeous. You can say things like; ‘Oh, that feels good,’ or, ‘Please suck my titties,’ you can even say; ‘Let me lick your nasty snatch,’ if you want to, but threats, or anything like them, really piss us off. You might get seriously hurt while trying to escape if we get pissed off. Do you understand?”

Laura was silent. They were going to rape her, and the only question was what kind of shape she’d be in afterwards.

“You’re an incredibly attractive woman,” Helen said, getting off and putting her face close to Laura’s. “I know that you’re rotten to the core, but you look like an angel. Rose and I are going to spend some time in heaven; you can join us if you want, or you can make this your personal hell.”

She sealed Laura’s mouth with a kiss, and Laura didn’t resist the invading tongue.

Laura uncoupled her mind from her body as the two monsters pawed and sucked on her. Helen spent the entire time in deep kisses with Laura, and sucking on her breasts. Sometimes she’d want Laura to suck her breasts, but she’d be back to kissing right away.

Rose would lie on Laura’s leg, rubbing herself on Laura’s ankle and foot while she ate her. When she had worked herself up, she’d scurry up and squat over Laura’s face.

“Eat me, baby. Make me come.”

Laura licked her clit, trying to make her come as quickly as possible, but as soon as she got close, Rose would scramble back down and start eating Laura again.

Despite the horror of what was happening to her, her traitorous body was responding to the tongue craftily licking her labia, wiggling wildly inside her, and giving her small shocks as it flicked her clit. The way they were bringing her so close to orgasm was as degrading as the rape itself.

It was impossible to know how long they used her on that blanket, in a field, within earshot of I-95. Except for the sound of distant cars, she could have been in a field before the dawn of time from what she could see of her surroundings. They must have known that no ears would be out here, because they made no effort to be quiet.

Laura finally forced Rose to come. She sucked the entire upper part of her cunt into her mouth and clamped down on it with her teeth. She punished her clit with her tongue, and shook her bite deeper when Rose tried to get up. The combination of pain and pleasure was more than Rose could stand, and she crushed back down on Laura’s mouth and screamed out her orgasm.

“That was fast,” Helen said.

“She’s a fuckin’ succubus,” Rose said. “I feel like she raped me!”

“My arms are killing me,” Laura said, trying to act lustful. “Take the cuffs off so I can do this right.” She lifted her head and kissed Helen’s chin.

“Against the rules,” Rose said.

Laura bit back her retort.

“It might be more comfortable if you were on top,” Helen said.

Laura had to do something. It felt like she’d been on her cuffed arms for hours, and it had rarely been just her own weight pressing down on them.

“Yes, I want to get on top of you, Helen, help me up,” Laura tried to sound excited, and kept kissing every part of Helen that her lips could reach, chin, neck, shoulder.

Helen simply wrapped her arms around Laura and rolled to her back. She dragged Laura’s upper body on top or her. Laura tried to put one leg between Helens’ legs, so they could get this thing over, but Helen wanted both of slot oyna Laura legs between hers. She never even attempted to rub herself on Laura, she just wanted to kiss and rub her hands on Laura’s breasts and ass. Laura was afraid this bitch would still be pawing her when the sun came up.

“You’re a real piece of work,” Rose said, squatting down on her haunches and lighting a cigarette. She blew smoke in Laura’s face before getting up and walking away.

Being raped by a man must be bad, but at least it would end. This seemed to go on forever. It felt like a rash where their hot, sweaty bodies kept rubbing together, and the freaky bitch kept kissing, and kissing, and kissing.

“I’m ready,” Helen said, her voice husky and horse. “I’ve never been so ready in my life. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, baby, you’d better not fuck it up.”

She put Laura back on her back, and got something from the edge of the blanket. A soft buzzing filled the air, and Laura smiled in the darkness at the sound of a vibrator.

“When I sit on your face, I want you to stick your tongue up my ass as far as you can, and wiggle it like crazy. Use your teeth if you have to, but I really want to feel it.”

Laura blanched as the smell of the woman’s ass washed over her.

“I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can.”

“I’ll eat you. Let me eat you instead.”

“This night has been a dream come true. Don’t even think about ruining it for me.”

Helen had a fat ass, and a deep crack. Rose came back and held Laura’s head as Helen pulled her meaty cheeks apart.

“Don’t do it. Don’t turn your head,” Rose grunted, her fingers digging into Laura’s face. “Hold still, God damn it!”

“Noooo!” Laura cried until the sound was muffled.

“Tongue,” Helen said, “I want to feel your tongue inside me. If you fuck this up, I’ll make you sorry.”

Laura screwed her eyes shut and tried not to breathe. The tip of her tongue peeked between her lips as the hot sticky ass pressed down. The whole of its depth was greasy with sweat and shit, and Laura fought her gag reflex as the taste flooded her mouth. The tight opening pressed against her lips, and no one heard her whimpers as she pushed her tongue into it. She couldn’t breathe in this dark place, she didn’t want to. She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to breath again. She could hear and feel the vibrator being put to work, and the ass came alive, squeezing and rubbing her face.

Helen had been driving before, but now she was riding in the back with Laura, cleaning her up. She had done all the work, getting Laura dressed, and there wasn’t much left of her big tub of Handi-Wipes.

“Again,” Laura said, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to put Handi-Wipes in you mouth,” Helen said.

“Sure you can. I do it all the time. They taste good. Do my teeth again.”

Helen made a mental note to check the warning panel on the Handi-Wipes as soon as they got to better light, and fumbled around for another in the tub. It was the last one, and it fell back into the tub.

“Hurry,” Laura said, her feet dancing on the floorboards.

Look at her, all concerned and gentle, Laura thought as she waited, suddenly I’m important to her, and she wants to take care of me. I’m almost as important as her vibrator! Where the fuck is that Handi-Wipe?

Something had changed. Rose was chain-smoking in the front, and Helen was jumping at Laura’s every command.

“Fuck,” Rose said, crumpling an empty cigarette pack and throwing it on the floor. “Got another pack?”

“I thought you quit,” Helen said.

“Well I started again. Do you have any cigarettes, Mrs. Wesson?”

“I don’t smoke. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay, it’s a nasty habit. A dirty, stinking, rotten habit,” Rose said, and then fell silent.

“Got it,” Helen said, holding the Handi-Wipe. Then more seriously, “It’s the last one.”

Laura sighed as the fresh, clean taste of the Handi-Wipe swabbed the inside of her mouth.

Succubus, that’s what Rose called me. I have to be a succubus and make them do what I want. I have to be a Vamp, make them want to help me, make them let me go.

Rose took the orders, so Helen must be the boss. She was acting contrite now, but Laura could imagine being strangled to death by this woman and being kissed as she died. She was some kind of domination freak; probably nuts, and her sexual hang-ups would probably send head shrinkers screaming for the door. If she just played it right, this psycho would let her go, let her get back before anyone knew she’d been gone.

Laura kept a smile nailed to her face. She turned her head so her eyes pointed at Helen whenever she talked. She had to become the succubus, bend others to her will, and stop being a leaf in the wind.

The small police station surprised Laura on several counts. First was its size. It was about the same size as her house. Second, it was unquestionably a real police station. That was no small thing. After what they had done to canlı casino siteleri her, driving up to a barn with ‘Jail’ painted on the side, wasn’t that far out of the question.

Once inside, Laura picked up on the body English of the man behind the desk. He was deferential to Helen in a number of subtle ways. Crying rape in here would be the stupidest thing she could do, but bending the woman to her will, might set her free.

“What will they do with me now,” Laura asked Helen.

“Contact Alexandria. Set up an extradition hearing, the regular stuff.”

“What if I’m bad? Try to run away or something? Would you have to punish me? Just you?” Laura leaned into her and breathed in her face.

“Please stop. I’ll be here all night. I’ll do whatever I can.”

Laura could see she was having an effect on her. She was uncomfortable, her eyes were everywhere, but she couldn’t look at Laura.

“I want to talk to you, I’ll come back to your cell as soon as I’m done.”

“Does it have to be in there? Can’t you take me out back?” Laura didn’t let her eyes waver. She kept them locked on her. “You could cuff my hands behind your back, like this,” Laura put her arms around Helen’s waist. Their lips were almost touching. Laura fluttered her eyelids shut and tilted her head. She exhaled softly thru parted lips and waited. “Captain wants to know about the gun you found on her,” one of the men hollered from the next room.

Helen jumped away like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“It was just an old starter pistol, sir,” Helen said, “I stepped on it and thought she’d dropped it. Once we got it in the light, we could see it was all rusted and full of grass and things.”

“Where is it?”

“We left it out there,” she said, winking at Laura, “There were these bugs and worms in it.”

“Get her in a cell. Alexandria is sending a unit up for her.”

“No extradition hearing?” Helen asked, surprised, disappointed.

“Her lawyer waived it,” the captain said.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” she said as she led Laura back to a cell, “I was hoping you’d be here longer. I have to explain a couple things. Get settled, I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

Helen hesitated at the open cell door as if waiting for something.

Laura knew that a truckload of Handi-Wipes wouldn’t get the taste of this woman’s shit out of her mouth. She desperately wanted to watch while someone beat her to a bloody pulp. Some day she’d get even with this monster, some day she’d settle the score, but not today, not now. Too many people wanted to destroy her already; she couldn’t add a psycho to the list.

“I’ll always remember this night,” Laura said seductively, lifting her hand to Helen’s face.

Helen pulled back, and started to leave without putting Laura in her cell.

“Bring her back, they’re here,” a voice came from the front.

“That was quick,” Laura said.

“Too quick,” Helen said.

Laura started for the front, but Helen blocked her.

“That tip we got was pretty specific,” she said, speaking softly, “We knew that your license plate would be bent up, and exactly what time you’d be here. I’d have to deny any of this, but watch your back. Someone’s trying to fuck you up good. Nothing ever works this fast in the legal system.”


“I wish I could do something to help you, Mrs. Wesson.”

“You can. Take me out of here. Just you and me,” Laura said. She half closed her eyes, and made that “I’m in lust with you” face that Julie did so well.

“Stop it! For the love of God, stop it!”

Laura felt a little silly. Her captor had just run away, and she had to walk out to the front desk by herself. She didn’t see hide nor hair of the crazy woman cop.

Chapter Five

Kissing Sanity…

She was back in Virginia and processed before lights out at the jail. Her bail had been revoked, and she’d be staying here until the trial was over.

A thin mattress was on the bunk to the left, the one on the right was a tangled mess of blankets and sheets. The way things were going, she might be living in cells like this for the rest of her life.

“The rest of my life,” she said as she sat on her bunk with the bedding rolled up in her lap, “Might not be that long.”

“Marge,” a tough looking girl said as she stuck her hand in Laura’s face, “What ‘cha in for?”

“Murder,” Laura said, shaking the offered hand. She hadn’t seen the girl come in.

Her eyes got big, “You’re that woman on the news, aren’t you?”

“I didn’t do it,” Laura said.

The girl hadn’t let go of her hand, and was holding it in both of hers as she talked.

“The guy on the radio says you did,” Marge said.

“He’s wrong.”

“I always thought that guy was full of shit,” she said, finally letting go and starting to get undressed, “Are you a lesbian, like they say?”

“I don’t know,” Laura said.

“I do it with girls all the time,” Marge said, running her thumbs back and forth under the waistband of her panties, “Girls are much nicer than men. A girl would be, you know, much better than a man, you know, in the sex thing. You’re very beautiful, even prettier than you are on TV. Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.”

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