Goddess Mina: Reunited

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I have been devastated. My banishment from my goddess has been torturous. I have been the walking dead. Writing about my separation from my goddess has helped me a bit. It was almost a form of therapy. I missed her terribly and I had been reaching out to her getting no response. I didn’t want to give up. I made a terrible mistake and I took my relationship for granted. I paid the price for it. It was a separation and loss like none I have ever known. I was truly one hundred percent heart broken. I had no one to blame for it but myself the remorse was crushing me. I had all but given up hope. I contacted her every day and still did not receive a response. I was in my hotel room and my phone buzzed, the last person I expected to see a message from was Mina. I was thrilled beyond thrilled when I saw that my goddess reached out to me to give me an opportunity to explain myself. My heart soared and I was so happy I began to weep. My goddess gave me an opportunity to be heard. She had read the story I posted on Lit and was pleased with it. I took my time and gave her the most heartfelt apology I could. It was sincere and truthful and I poured my heart out to her. I love her I would have opened a vein for her if she wanted me to. She told me that she was considering seeing me. I was never so happy. I was told that she would think about it and let me know. I was so elated that I could barely contain myself.

I got the message that made me the happiest human on the planet the following morning. It read: I am toiling over the idea of seeing you…It could be possible. I was also treated casino siteleri to a message that stated that she missed my level of service and was tentatively excited to see me. I was so honored to see those words. We went back and forth for a few days and finally the date was set. I was so nervous. Would she scold me? Would she allow me to serve her well? I know she was being cautiously optimistic that we could pick up we left off. I was scared she would resent me and the session would be difficult. I had a ton of anxiety as I drove to her lair. I arrived at the appointed time but was told to delay. I waited in my car till I was given the go ahead to come to her. This was by far the most stressful wait I had known. I didn’t know how I would be received. I climbed the stairs quickly and rang her buzzer. The seconds felt like hours. I was so frightened she wouldn’t want me anymore. I would be sent away from her. The door opened and my heart stopped.

There she was, as beautiful as in my dreams. I was allowed to enter her lair. I greeted her with a hello and she told me to go to the living room and get on my hands and knees. She said she would be back in a sec. I was greeted to the view of her beautiful toes as she made her way around me. I stared directly at the floor I did not want to draw her ire. I was asked if I was sorry. I told her how sorry I was to have offended her and that I would do anything to prove it to her. She sat on the couch and used my back to rest her most beautiful feet. I was in agony all I wanted was to cover them in kisses and affection. I craved slot oyna to be under them with every fiber of my being. I was told to lie on my back.

Goddess looked down at me and asked me if this is where I wanted to be. I replied yes, it is where I always want to be. She asked me if I would ever upset her again. I vowed to never let her down ever again. She smiled at me and it made me feel warm inside. I am in love with her, all the way in love with her. She sat back onto the couch and brought her feet to my face and covered my lips and eyes. I love the feeling of her feet on my face. They were warm and fit perfectly on my face. It feels as if my face was made for this sole purpose. I would stay there for eternity. I was breathing heavy and was on fire, my cock was hard as a rock and I was in heaven under her feet her gorgeous wonderful feet. I began to well up a bit. I thought I would never be in this nirvana again. Here I was under her soles in ecstasy. Goddess moved her feet around my face and pressed them hard into my face several times. I was asked to sit up and she had me suck her toes and heels. I was so happy. I did my best to please her. I sucked her toes as sexually as possible. I wanted to service her toes like they were her cock. I wanted to be her bitch and suck them well. I fear no judgement from her and allow some feelings and thoughts into my head I would never have let happen with anyone else. She makes me feel so helpless and I go to places in my head I would never go. She makes me….I have no choice.

After I was done servicing her perfect feet I was treated canlı casino siteleri to some smother play. As I have written many times, my goddess has a beautiful breath taking ass. It weakens my knees. I was treated to face sitting with her ass in a pair of panties. Her bare ass was on my face and her beautiful pussy was rubbed on my face as well. I was awaiting the command to lick…it didn’t come. I would lick her from front to back as often as she wanted and will be ready when and if that command comes. I dream of giving her an orgasm with my tongue. I would consider it an honor to service her pussy and ass. I dream of her asking me to orgasm for her and cleaning her feet of my mess. I dream of licking her from head to toe. I dream of serving her and whomever she wants. I fantasize of cooking dinner for her and a date and then being made to service them both and lay at their feet as they make love. I dream of cleaning her swollen pussy and sooth her after a good solid fucking. I dream of being her cuckold and servant, her foot slut, her property. We finished our session as we do every time. I wash and massage her feet. I gave her a fantastic massage and looked into her eyes as I did so. I apologized prophetically and promised my undying respect and admiration. I was treated to driving her to meet some friends after our session. I have never spent time with my goddess outside of a session. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to seeing her again. We are reunited and it feels so good…LOL

I want to be under her feet at all times I want to be her property I want to serve her in any way possible. I am hoping to see my goddess again soon. I am excited about the adventures await me. I am so ready for anything my goddess throws at me. I am her property and she can do with me what she will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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