Golden Morning

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Alice reclined on the bed, sighing in the cool morning breeze. The sheet hung loosely off her naked body, a single breast poking out just above the nipple, standing hard in the chilly air. She shivered slightly as it caressed her, and she felt a stirring where the sheets clung between her legs. In the dim, early light she could see his figure lounging beside her, watching her. She smiled as his breath gently quickened, seeing her body respond to the morning. She absent-mindedly slid a hand down her body, beneath the sheet, tracing her flesh down past her stomach to her lowly growing clit. She carefully parted the lips and shuddered as her fingers probed it to full erection.

She barely noticed his own movements, sliding the sheet off his body to free his rapidly growing cock. She watched it swell as she gently played with herself. As it reach full, thick height, the foreskin rolled back to reveal the swollen head. Calvin grasped the shaft of his considerable cock with one hand, the other playing gently over her exposed breast. As she responded to his touch, he slowly began to pump his hand up and down hist shaft, pulling the foreskin up and down, the sensitive head of his cock twitching with each movement.

She used two hands now, stretching her pussy wide with her left hand and working her clit in a fervour with her right. She arched back against his firm touch on her body, biting her lip as her orgasm slowly built. Still he moved his hand so slowly, his cock waving at her, beckoning, God…she cried out as orgasm racked her body, and through glowing eyes she saw the first few drips of precum trickle out his cock like a happy tear. She could take it no longer.

She twisted onto her stomach between his legs and plunged his cock deep into her mouth. She gagged slightly, forcing her throat to relax so she could take in as much as possible. The precum dripped deliciously down her throat and he somehow swelled even more within her. Still, he worked himself slowly and steadily as she sucked on him. She gripped his legs with her hands as his free one stroked the back of her head. She matched his rhythm, slowly lowering herself down his cock as his hand rose, then just before he met her lips, working her way back up. They stayed like this for a while, almost in a trance.

Soon, though, she sensed the urgency creeping into his control. She suddenly slammed her face down, taking all of him down her throat. He responded by gripping her hair tight and thrusting into her. He held her there, gagging, as he fucked her throat. She took it as long as she possibly could, and he offered no resistant as she lent back, his cock exploding from her mouth drenched ataşehir escort bayan in saliva as she coughed and struggled. He lent forward, taking her face in his strong hands and kissed her, gently but firmly. They made out for what felt like hours, their hands gently caressing and exploring, pulling closer and closer together. She didn’t even realise how close they were until he suddenly lifted her straight on to his cock, plunging deep into her in one sudden motion.

She gasped, forcing herself right down against his crotch. His pubic hairs tickled her clit as she ground her hips against him, the thick head of his cock pushing inside her. She worked hard, clenching her arse and pussy as if to strangle him. He forced her onto her back, fighting for control. With both hands he held her down, pulling himself out until only the very tip rested gently against her opening. She moaned, rubbing desperately against him, aching for him to enter her again. He didn’t, instead easing slightly forward to allow himself to rub against her.

He kissed her while thrusting his cock through her folds and against her throbbing clit. She howled with pleasure, gripping him tight against her. Orgasm rocked her, and she bit down on his shoulder to muffle her screams. He expertly slid his hips around her movements to tease his cock against her arsehole. She twitching and moaned, his thick precum gently forcing her open. When he felt her resistance slip, he instead snaked back up into her pussy momentarily, driving himself hard for a few moments, then shifting his cock, now drenched in her fluids, straight into her waiting arse.

On her back, bent so her legs were right against his head, she gasped and nearly forgot to breathe. They’d done this before, but still he strained her limits. She forced her muscles to relax enough for him to enter without tearing her, and soon found herself matching his gentle movement. She worked her clit and cunt hard with both hands, feeling the power of her anal orgasm tearing through her body. He matched her renewed fervour with his own, fucking her with stronger, more powerful strokes. His body twitched along with hers and she was amazed he didn’t explode right there. They raced each others orgasm, but she came first.

Almost with a sense of relief, he pulled out of her and slid down to lick her thick juices. Nearly blind from pleasure, she massaged his head while he lapped at her, pausing every few moments to lick at her crazy sensitive, trembling clit. Each touch of his tongue drove her right to the edge, and it took mere moments before she came again, hard enough this time to spray him slightly. He climbed up escort kadıköy her, letting her taste the cum from his face and mouth as he plunged into her a final time.

The goal was in sight now, and the clung to each other, blind in their lust. She held her hips high, taking all of him inside her and grinding as hard as she could while he thrust again and again, faster and faster and harder. She screamed with each thrust and soon he joined her. She could feel his orgasm pass through his whole body before he gripped her tight, still thrusting through each ejaculation. She could feel his cock throb and balls twitch with each jet, shooting hot and deep inside her.

He came for well over a minute, fucking her the whole time. Their orgasmic fluids splashed all around them, her own orgasm mixing with his as she came twice during his own orgasm. Finally they collapsed, clutching at each other, gasping in the sweat of their love making. They lay a long time as the sun slowly creeped in on them. When it stood much higher, they rose together and showered, gently cleaning and cleansing each other.

She stroked another surprisingly large orgasm out of him as they showered, pressing his cock in between her arse cheeks, she shuddered as the warm cum splashed up her spine. Later, after they were clean, they sat naked on the balcony, watching the rest of the world waking up below.

Later still, as the sun set, he bent her over the balcony and fucked her while they watched the tourists sunbathe below. He slipped out off her pussy as he came, jetting his cum out into the night sky. They both laughed, collapsing on to the balcony and falling asleep under the moonlight, he holding her left hand with his right, and resting his left on her pussy, gently caressing her lips, while she gently stroked his flaccid, cum covered cock.

They greeted the next morning a similar way. She woke first, finding his freshly swollen morning erection still gripped in her hand. She licked last nights cum away, before waking him to her arse and cunt in his face. He wasted no time getting to work, and they both sucked and licked at each other until they were ready to burst.

She slid forward and gripped the balcony railed while taking him inside her. She knew how crazy it drove him watching her arse bounce on his cock, and it drove her wild, too. It didn’t take long for both of them to cum, and the dawn birds answered their passionate cries, masking their orgasm from the waking world.

Much later, they finally packed their bags and signed out of the hotel. They left as naked as they had arrived, strolling confidently past hundreds of naked bodies on the bostancı escort street. Old and young, passionate lovers, family, friends, strangers, all pushed together in this crazy little town. The streets were filled with the smell of love, sex and summer sweat. Couples, even groups of people, fucked right there in the street, but they danced around them, only offering a quick smile. They had already got all they could have hoped for.

They hopped on the first bus, ignoring the glances from the few clothed people, off to other places. Alice smiled to herself — how stunning a few still clung to the old ways. It was not illegal to wear clothes, that law would be impossible to enforce, but it was become rarer and rarer. Humanity revelled in itself — free of shame and fear. True peace was finally beginning to descend on the world. She smiled to Calvin and saw his cock slightly twitch, stirring to a slight erection. She gave one glance around the bus, meeting the confident eyes of the tens of naked people around them, and watching the few clothed ones dance their eyes away from hers.

A couple near them were already well into their love making session. He had her breasts pressed against the window, bouncing on his cock as he lent back in his seat. They were not far from cumming. Alice felt a familiar twitch inside her, and she smoothly swung her legs over Clavin’s lap, grabbing his quickly stiffening cock in her hands. As she did, the couple near them cried out in ecstasy, and the bus rolled into a tunnel, plunging their world into darkness as Calvin plunged himself deep inside her.

Alice shuddered, drawing herself up and down his length. All was finally right with the world. They fucked all the way back to the airport — Calvin bent her into the aisle and came down her back just as the bus pulled into the stop. The bus erupted into cheers (the few clothed people had departed along the journey), and the couple who had been fucking as they entered both bent down to lick his cum of Alice’s back. She shivered as both hot tongues chased down her spine, and gasped a little in shock as they ever so briefly took Clavin’s twitching cock between their mouths and sucked the last of the cum off him. Before either could comment, the rushed past and were off the bus and into the crowd. Alice and Calvin stood their stunned for a moment, before bursting into fits of laughter. They bundled their bags off the bus and soon disappeared out into the new day.

Overhead, a small plane pulled in for landing, the copilot stroking the pilot madly as he expertly put the plane in for a smooth landing. He sprayed thick cum on the dashboard just as he pulled the plane to a stop. His copilot bent down to suck him clean, and in the terminal Alice looked up as they announced their flight had arrived. Calvin turned his head from between her legs to check the flight times, but she quickly twisted him back again. They had time for one more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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