Gone Fishing

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Clean Pussy

Thanks to turner28 for help with editing. Hope you enjoy it.


Mike squinted through the morning sun as it shone over the Bitterroot Range. He glanced down at the sectional map on his kneeboard and picked out the forest service airstrip that was his destination. Finding the airstrip on the ground below, he made a radio call to flight service to cancel his flight plan and lined up his approach to the grass runway. He throttled back the engine on the Aviat Husky to idle and set approach flaps. He dipped down over the tress and set down lightly on the wilderness airstrip, the big tires of the bush plane bounced down the grass runway as he taxied to the far end.

Turning off the centerline of the grass runway, he parked near the trees. As he shut the electronics and engine off, he noticed another aircraft parked across from him in the shade of the trees. The other plane was a Cessna 182 with forest service markings; a small tent was staked out under the right wing.

Mike climbed out of the cockpit and stretched his back muscles. Reaching behind the front seat, he grabbed his fly-fishing gear and started towards the trail that led to the river. As he locked the cockpit door and turned towards the trail, he caught a sign of movement at the corner of his vision. The door to the tent opened and he saw a lithe, female form emerge from inside.

“Hello.” Called a female voice.

Mike turned at the sound of the voice and was surprised at the sight that met his gaze. The very attractive woman who stepped out of the tent was dressed in very short khaki shorts that barely covered her firm, tight ass. Her forest service uniform shirt was unbuttoned to her navel and stretched tightly over a light tank top that barely contained her large, firm breasts. He could clearly see her erect nipples poking through the thin material of the tank top. He quickly moved his gaze up to her face as he felt himself staring at her unrestrained tits. She smiled knowingly as she caught him staring.

“Hi.” He replied shaking her hand and trying to focus on her pretty face. Sapphire blue eyes flashed mischievously under her shoulder length, dark brown hair. Her full, luscious lips parted in a smile to reveal bright, white teeth.

“My name is Amy.” She said. Her eyes traveled approvingly over his 6-foot, muscular frame. She spent a little extra time gazing at the crotch of his shorts where she detected the beginnings of a sizable erection. She licked her lips seductively.

“Hello, Amy. I’m Mike.” He answered with a smile. “I guess we’re both guilty of staring.”

“It’s only fair.” She laughed.

“Amy, who are you talking to?” Called another female voice from inside the tent.

“I’m talking to Mike.” Amy called back over her shoulder. “We have company, Jess. Make yourself decent and come meet our guest.”

“I’ll get dressed.” Jess replied. “You know that I’ve never been decent.”

Mike and Amy shared a laugh at her bawdy reply.

“Can we offer you some coffee before you head off to the river to chase trout?” Amy asked.

“How can I refuse?” Mike answered gallantly.

Mike followed the seductively swaying ass of Amy across the open space to her campsite. As they reached the campfire, the door to the tent opened again and Jess emerged from inside. Standing to her full 5-foot, 9-inch height, she was a couple inches taller than Amy. With her long, auburn tresses and sexy curves, she evoked memories of the cartoon vixen, Jessica Rabbit. The main advantages that she possessed over her cartoon namesake was that this Jess was three-dimensional and flesh and blood. She wore a sage green flight suit that was unzipped halfway revealing tantalizing cleavage between full, firm breasts. Bright green eyes flashed beneath her long, red curls and her lips had a soft fullness that just begged to be wrapped around the shaft of a hard cock.

“You must be Jess.” He said as he shook her hand.

“Careful, Jess.” Amy warned. “He likes to stare at big tits and firm backsides.”

“You wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of that, would you?” Jess teased. “Besides, knowing you, I’m guessing that your eyes were locked on the sizable bulge he’s hiding in his shorts.”

“I think we’re embarrassing him.” Amy said with a laugh as she offered him a cup of coffee.

“I wasn’t expecting such lovely company this morning.” He said in surprise.

“Just think of us as fellow anglers.” Jess said. She stepped up behind him and wrapped her arms around him pressing her large breasts against his back and kissing him lightly on the side of his neck.

“That’s right.” Amy said stepping close and sandwiching him between their voluptuous bodies. She opened the front of his shorts and wrapped her hand around his stiffening cock. “We’re just hoping to land a nice, big trouser trout. Oh, Jess! I think I found a monster.”

Amy dropped to her knees in front of Mike pulling his shorts down to his ankles. His thick, eight-inch cock bobbed in front of her face casino oyna as she licked her full lips. Leaning forward, she placed soft, wet kisses along the shaft of his dick from the base to the tip and back, again. Her tongue reached out and flicked over the smooth flesh and swirled around the swollen tip. Then, she opened her mouth and swallowed his thick organ down to the base in one smooth motion. Mike moaned as he felt her velvet mouth engulf his entire length.

“Does that feel good?” Jess whispered in his ear as she held him close rubbing her tits against his back. “She’s such a good cocksucker.”

He watched in amazement as Amy’s lips slid smoothly over the surface of his dick repeatedly taking his full length deep in her throat with every stroke. Her hands gripped his thighs for support as she fellated him.

“Amy has trained her gag reflex.” Jess whispered as she kissed and licked his ear lobe. “She can deep throat a 12-inch dildo.”

Mike moaned from the auditory commentary that Jess was providing combined with the exquisite massage of Amy’s mouth and tongue on his cock. Her talented tongue stroked the underside of his cock and swirled around the head with each stroke. When she swallowed him deep in her throat, he could feel the muscles of her throat caress the engorged tip of his dick.

He heard the sound of a zipper being lowered and turned his head to see Jess stripping off her flight suit. She stepped out of the crumpled garment and knelt next to Amy. Mike was completely under the control of Amy’s talented mouth as she noisily slurped and sucked his stiff cock. Jess leaned forward to kiss and lick his swaying balls as her partner continued to work on his turgid length. Jess sucked each of his balls into her moist mouth and reached out to stroke the shaft of his dick in rhythm with Amy’s mouth.

“Oh, jeez!” He moaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it, babe!” Jess encouraged. “Fill our mouths with your sperm!”

Amy sat back aiming the head of his dick at her open mouth. Now, both women stroked his cock in unison bringing him closer to release. With a loud grunt, the first blast of his spunk hit Amy’s upper lip, and landed on her tongue in her open mouth. The second blast was aimed at Jess’s 36DD tits coating them with a thick, white rope of sperm. The third spurt of cum landed in and around Jess’s open mouth. Then, Amy swallowed the head of his cock in her mouth milking the last dregs of semen from his deflating cock.

Jess scooped up the sticky cum that glazed her tits and face, licking his sperm off her fingertips. The women held each other close sharing a deep, creamy tongue kiss and swapping his thick load back and forth before swallowing it contentedly. They looked up at Mike with devilish smiles on their sticky faces as they finished cleaning each other off.

“I guess we got our cream without our morning coffee.” Amy teased.

“I think there’s more cream available.” Jess teased. She reached down between Amy’s thighs and unzipped her shorts. Reaching into her shorts, she slipped a finger between the moist lips of Amy’s pussy. She brought her fingertip back up to her lips and slowly licked the pussy juice from it. Amy lay back on a blanket as Jess helped her undress. Her shirt and tank top were pulled off and flung to the side exposing her soft 34D tits and stiff nipples. Jess sucked on each of Amy’s nipples eliciting loud moans of desire.

“You’re driving me crazy!” Amy moaned. “You know how sensitive my nipples are!”

Jess just sucked harder causing Amy to squirm with her arousal. She tweaked and teased the nipple that she was not sucking with her fingers. Then, she began kissing down across Amy’s flat stomach until she reached the waistband of her open shorts. Grasping the shorts, she slid them down over her legs before kneeling between Amy’s spread thighs.

“Eat my pussy!” Amy moaned.

Jess leaned down as her tongue probed out to lick along the moist, meaty lips of Amy’s pussy. The tip of her tongue traced up the outside of one swollen labia and down the other teasing the heated flesh as she purposefully avoided her swollen clit. She plunged her tongue into the steamy opening of her cunt lapping up her tangy juices before flicking it over the sensitive bud of Amy’s clit. Grabbing handfuls of Jess’s auburn curls, Amy pulled Jess’s mouth tight against her drooling snatch.

“Oh, yes!” She screamed. “Make me cum, you slut!”

Mike felt his cock start to stir again as he watched Jess lick Amy’s dripping pussy. Jess was on her hands and knees with her face buried in Amy’s cunt. He watched as she slipped two fingers into Amy’s pussy massaging her g-spot as she sucked on her clit. Amy repeatedly thrust her pelvis upwards humping herself onto Jess’s probing fingers and tongue.

With her face buried in Amy’s cunt, Jess knelt on her hands and knees with her thighs spread and her own pussy and ass on display for Mike’s viewing enjoyment. Caught up in her oral and manual stimulation of Amy’s nether slot oyna regions, she did not see Mike take up position behind her until she felt his face pressing between her thighs. The moist folds of Amy’s pussy muffled Jess’s gasp of surprise as his tongue snaked out to lick her moist slit. Her gasp became a deep moan as he pressed his face between her thighs. She felt the tip of his nose pressing against the sensitive opening of her anus as his tongue plunged between the moist folds of her pussy.

Amy sat up on her elbows and looked over Jess’s back when she heard her muffled moan. She saw Mike kneeling behind Jess holding her hips as his tongue probed her dripping pussy from behind.

“Tongue her ass, Mike.” She encouraged. “It drives her crazy.”

Her words of instruction were cut short by her moan as Jess shoved her fingers into her pussy and sucked harder on her clit. Following Amy’s instructions, Mike gripped the cheeks of Jess’s ass and pulled them apart exposing the pink, puckered opening of her anus. His tongue reached out and swabbed around the sensitive rosebud of her ass eliciting another series of moans from deep in her throat. Holding her hips, his tongue pressed forward encouraging her tight sphincter muscles to open up to his moist probing.

Jess lifted her face and moaned deeply as he continued to orally assault her anal opening. Amy sat up and leaned forward pulling Jess’s face close to her own. She kissed her softly on the lips tasting her pussy juices on Jess’s lips.

“Does that feel good, bitch?” Amy teased as she sucked on Jess’s lips and tongue.

“Yes!” Jess moaned into her mouth.

“You like the feel of his nasty tongue in your dirty asshole, don’t you?” She teased.

“Uh-huh!” Jess groaned.

“Now, get back to eating my cunt, slut!” Amy ordered laying back and pulling Jess’s mouth back to the moist opening of her pussy. “Make me cum!”

Jess went back to devouring Amy’s dripping snatch as Mike continued to tongue-fuck her ass. Mike slipped a finger into the moist depths of Jess’s pussy working the digit back and forth inside of her and coating it with her juices. Removing the slick finger from her pussy, he pressed it against her anus. His tongue swabbed around the opening of her ass adding more lubrication as his finger slipped inside. As he worked his slippery finger into her tight hole, he rolled onto his back so that Jess’s pussy hovered right over his open mouth.

Pulling her hips down to his face, Mike fastened his lips around her swollen clit as he continued to finger her ass. His tongue flicked over the engorged nub bringing her closer to orgasm as he worked his finger in and out of her anal canal. At the same time, Jess had renewed her oral and manual attack on Amy’s pussy. It did not take long before Amy’s body was shaking with her climax. She wrapped her hands in Jess’s hair and humped her pussy against Jess’s mouth glazing her lips with her pussy juice.

Mike licked a second finger and slipped it into Jess’s ass alongside his first digit. She started moaning louder as her ass was stretched around the two probing fingers. Between his fingers teasing her anal canal and his tongue working over her clit, Jess was soon approaching her own orgasm. Sitting upright, she pressed her cunt down on his probing tongue as her ass swallowed his fingers deep into her grasping hole. He felt the muscles of her ass convulsing around his fingers while she screamed out her climax. Mike lapped up her sweet juices as her climax coursed through her body. Exhausted, Jess climbed off Mike’s face and collapsed onto the blanket next to her partners, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Wow!” Mike said appreciatively. “She really enjoys having her ass played with!”

“Just wait ’til you feel it gripping your cock.” Amy said.

“So, do you really want to go fishing, or would you rather spend the day doing something else?” Jess asked coyly.

“I think the fish can wait until tomorrow.” He replied. “What were you two planning on doing if I hadn’t appeared?”

“We have a collection of double-headed dildos, strap-ons, and vibrators in our backpack.” Amy said with a grin. “Of course, a real, flesh and blood cock is a lot more fun.”

“Let’s go inside the tent.” Jess suggested swatting at a swarm of gnats that had swirled around them. “It’s more comfortable and there’s fewer bugs.”

They scooped up their discarded clothing and headed over to the front of the tent. Jess bent over to open the door of the tent prompting Mike to place a wet kiss on her left ass cheek. Jess squealed in surprise and crawled quickly into the tent.

“Hold your horses, stud.” Amy teased. “We have all day.”

Amy disappeared into the tent followed by Mike who zipped the tent door closed behind him. In the center of the tent, two sleeping bags were zipped together on top of foam pads providing an inviting play area. The two sexy ladies reclined on either side with an open space between them. They canlı casino siteleri patted the top of the sleeping bags indicating that he should lie down between them.

Mike lay down wrapping his arms around the shoulders of his companions as they hugged him closely on either side. He felt them both reach out to lightly stroke his cock and balls as their large breasts pressed against his chest.

“He’s recovered, nicely.” Amy observed as her soft hand squeezed the pulsing shaft of his erect dick.

“Well, make use of that hard cock, or I will.” Jess teased.

Amy swung her right leg over his pelvis straddling his body and aiming the head of his erect cock at the moist entrance of her cunt. Jess’s hand gripped the base of his dick holding it upright and rubbing the swollen head over Amy’s steamy slit. With a satisfied groan, Amy sank down engulfing his thick length deep inside her pussy until the cheeks of her ass rested against his balls. She leaned forward and started to move her hips up and down impaling herself on his erect cock. Her large breasts bounced enticingly over his face as she fucked him. Remembering the sensitivity of Amy’s tits, Mike reached up and began to squeeze the soft flesh with his hands.

“Play with my nipples!” She begged as her hips began to move faster.

Mike pulled and twisted the sensitive nubs eliciting more moans from deep in her throat. He felt her nipples become hot and hard between his fingertips as he pinched and tweaked the pink flesh. He sucked one nipple into his mouth lightly grazing it with his teeth. Moving his mouth to her other tit, he repeated the oral stimulation on her other nipple. The combination of his cock stretching her hot, wet cunt and his oral and manual stimulation of her nipples was driving Amy crazy with lust.

Jess rubbed her wet pussy as she watched her friend fuck Mike’s big, thick dick. Feeling her own arousal growing, she stood in front of Amy with her legs spread. As Amy tilted her head back, Jess grabbed the back of her head pulling her mouth tight against the moist opening of her pussy.

“Lick my cunt, bitch!” Jess moaned thrusting her pelvis against Amy’s face.

Jess spread the lips of her pussy with one hand and grabbed the back of Amy’s head with her other grinding her wet cunt against her open mouth. Mike grasped Amy’s hips pulling her down on his erect cock as he thrust upwards. Laying on his back and looking upwards, he had a close-up view of Amy’s tongue buried in Jess’s pussy.

A new orgasm coursed through Amy’s body. She gripped Jess’s thighs and buried her face in her pussy latching her lips around her clit as she ground her dripping cunt down on Mike’s thick dick. Amy’s climax triggered a similar response in Jess who thrust her pussy against her tongue and coated her face with her juices. Amy and Jess collapsed on the floor of the tent next to Mike. Jess looked over eyeing Mike’s erect cock glistening with the secretions from Amy’s pussy.

“You didn’t cum, did you?” She asked crawling over with her eyes locked on his dick.

“Not this time around.” He answered.

Jess leaned forward and opened her mouth swallowing his cock deep in her throat. Her energetic cock sucking technique was almost the equal of Amy, and she could take all of his length deep into her throat just as easily. Her moist tongue swabbed over and around his swollen length savoring the taste of Amy’s pussy coating his dick.

“My turn.” Jess said rolling onto her back and pulling Mike on top of her.

Jess lay back with her long legs spread and guided the head of his cock into the moist opening of her cunt. Mike thrust forward sheathing himself inside her until his balls rested against her ass. A loud moan escaped her lungs as his thick length stretched the velvet walls of her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned. “Pound me with that big, thick cock!”

Mike got up on his knees and lifted her ankles over his shoulders allowing deeper penetration of her pussy. Holding her thighs, he thrust repeatedly into her wet cunt. His balls slapped against her ass with each stroke as the thick mushroom head of his cock stretched her pussy. Amy knelt next to Jess’s supine form and began to suck and pull at Jess’s nipples while Mike’s prick continued to pummel her dripping pussy. Amy reached down and rubbed Jess’s engorged clit triggering a mind-blowing orgasm.

“Yes! Yes!” Jess screamed. Her pussy squeezed Mike’s cock milking him to orgasm.

“Oh god!” Mike screamed as he emptied a thick, creamy load into her wet cunt.

Mike fell back onto the floor of the tent with a satisfied sigh. As he withdrew from Jess’s convulsing pussy, Amy dove between her legs. Her mouth fastened on the inflamed, swollen lips of Jess’s cunt and her tongue lapped up the mixture of semen and pussy juice that drooled from the opening. Saving the combined secretions in her mouth, Amy moved back up and kissed Jess deeply on her full lips. They shared the mixed love juices back and forth as their tongues dueled in a deep, wet kiss.

“Have a drink, stud.” Amy said. She reached into the cooler and grabbed a chilled bottle of white wine. She handed him the bottle as they all relaxed on top of the sleeping bags.

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